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  • Feb 2013
  • 21:45

CHL Shakhtar - Dortmund (+ 0 AH)

Wednesday 13 February 2013 16: 52


2o and last match for today and time to go in a match for CL.

Being ready to dare Juventus 2, but how to play it against such a good seat? Eventually it passed like a sip. In the other match I was expecting it all, and a huge victory for the PSG came in, which actually gave the 2 qualification.

In the current match we have Real with Man.Utd that is only for watching although the prices are attacking the English team and somewhat worth the match, while on the other hand we have Shakhtar from Ukraine and Dortmund from Germany.

In this pair the prices are really bizarre, and I do not know if many people seem wrong, but in my eyes it really is.

Dortmund is perhaps the team that made the biggest bam in the 1 round of CL and I'm not talking about bam because he was first qualified by the toughest group, but why did he play the best ball in all of his games. Being in a group with Real, Man.City and Ajax and passing yes is a feat. But playing 6 matches and having a 4-2-0 account, we are talking about something more. If you add to 3 / 3 at home, and 2 / 2 with Ajax, he did FIND X at 2 off-home matches with Real and Man.City, which was clearly better and equaled to 2 match in 90 ', then we are talking about feat.

And if in the eyes of many of them this is another feat for the 2 model team last year, if 2 and XNUMX are added consecutive championships in Germany with a major opponent of the huge Bayern, then here we are talking about a team that really deserves and has worked much to succeed.

It is a team with a new coach, with new ideas, but also a youthful team that parades in the center with her possession, since I personally can not remember when Real lost her possession in her match apart from Barcelona!

On the other hand, Shakhtar did not go back when he passed 5 with Juventus and 2012 Chelsea, but this can not be compared to anything with Dortmund, since Chelsea is not scared so much, but also with Juventus actually redeemed the long away X with a team that entered CL after many years of absence.

A common feature of 2 teams is that in the past few years, they have made great strides in their championships, especially Shakhtar, but also that they have not been hunting for the domestic marathon this year, since Shakhtar has cleared the title while Dortmund is over with the league going to Bayern after 2 for a year, and losing the CL exit will be a feat because with Leverkusen they show 2 a huge favorite for 2-3, and after chaos, not so much but mainly racing.

In addition to the difference between 2 teams and their presence in the 1 round, it will be of paramount importance that the home team's absenteeism will be a real match since the championship was stopped well before the festivities and will begin after enough space. So as well as friendly preparation, they can not be compared to the energy that Dortmund can make with such a powerful league in action.

Having lost 1-4 from Hamburg now, this has to do with the relative indifference of the team because she can not hit the title but also because she played with 10 in the first few minutes. However, although it did a bad display, 2013 has 3-0-1.

Apart from all these, there are also racing themes that favor Dortmund. So while the host will have its defensive defensive title, and perhaps her left back, Shakhtar has a number of defensive defenses. Thus, apart from the cards, she is one of 2's main pockets, and besides her injury is her main right back. There is a great chance of not participating, and his main defender has caught chicken pox and lost many training sessions. However, playing will not be at 100%. Also from the above player, he stuck the other basic stopper and although he will play he has lost some training sessions. Finally, Willian's best hacker was given a transcript and thus loses one of her key executives. However, he got a very good midfielder, Tyson from Mettalist and so things sort of get balanced there though he will play for the first time and no one knows how to tie with the rest of the team.

To steal the 2 teams they do not have the best defenses that make a lot of mistakes, but for me the point is that Dortmund has a much stronger center and is likely to have more ball possession and has players who can take advantage of absences in defense. If this is combined with the inertia of the host for over 2 months, then buying an away DNB victory for a team that excelled and was not defeated in the first round and comes from a clearly superior league at prices above 2 is an opportunity.

I'm just not going to do much because I'm afraid of the cold weather and the possible bad weather that Shakhtar players are most used to


Event: Shakhtar - Dortmund (+ 0 AH)
Sport: result
Category: CHL 16 round
Date: Wednesday 13 February 2013 21: 45
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Units: 4/10
Odds: 2,07
Result: 2-2
Profit: + 0 (Draw)
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