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CHL Zenit - Atl.Madrid

Τρίτη, Νοεμβρίου 26 2013 16: 51


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Units: 3/10
Odds: 2.2
Result: 1-1
Profit: -3 (Lost)

Everything in the bet is a matter of odds, and that is the main demand of each player.

Another is to play the same match with the same information and data in 1,9 and others in 2,2 and so a value game can automatically gain some value.

So the data is the same here for some hours and days and they do not change.

These are the following:

1) H Atl. Madrid goes to Russia without 6 its main players, not ordinary players, but the polish. That is, apart from staying the main aggressive duo Costa, Villa 2 players who have scored 22 / 36 goals this year (I'm talking only about Spain) and 3 / 12 in CL. Besides 2 4 is still its main defender, although Spain has not scored in the league, and 2 has scored goals together. Finally, 2's main players (Tiago, Turan) and 2 players have scored 2 at CL and 3 at the Spanish Championship.

So 25 / 36 goals are left in Spain and 7 / 12 goals at CL !!! But it's not just the goals, as long as the backbone of a terribly bound team is left out, with 6 new executives excluded from the same consistency.

2) 2is the fact that Atl.Madrid has already been the first and so is "indifferent" to the next.

3) 3 is that Zenit is fighting 2 for 16 and qualifying for XNUMX, and a victory will now be embraced by qualifying, after Porto will have to win in Madrid and not win this indifferent Austria. So a victory today equals practically qualifying.

4) Zenit is the first in the championship and spends a very good season and will have the advantage of the weather as the Spaniards are not accustomed to such conditions.

All the above are the positive aspects of the case. Let's go now to the negatives.

1) Zenit is coming from 3 for the first time this year with unsuccessful results in Russia with the latter being painful with her defeat within Rostov. However, there is a clear justification, since most of its key players have been completely unprepared, with few hours of rest, the most and heavier trips on their backs than the qualifying matches or other friendly matches. So it is certain they will not play the same badly.

2) Zenit usually has poor results with teams equal or better.

3) Atl Madrid comes from deafening 7-0 with Getafe.


Anyone can therefore rely on any of the above items to justify 1, Counter or No Bet.

But I say that when we had the ace in 1,9 a few hours ago, it was playing again, in 2,2 why not play it?

And so I get the ace now without any hesitation. But I do not overlook the negatives and I go to a moderate bet.


YK: For the late matches, if there is a bet, it will be written after 7: 30-8 since then I will be off ...

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