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Cricket Pakistan - Sri Lanka (KC Sangakkara's performance: 55)

Friday, 07 March 2014 21: 04


The time for the Asian Cup final was reached and Sri Lanka and Pakistan will face it. One would say, since the big favorite of the event, India, was disappointed in the crucial games.

Sri Lanka was the most stable team in the tournament. Only wins as the final and balanced distribution to its players in both bowling and batting. The great protagonist of the game was the wicket keeper of the team, Kumar Sangakkara, who made a terrible appearance in the batting and basically based on the scoring of the team. 

Pakistan was a strange group. They can not say they have a balance or have some good tactics. But they had the big Shahid Afridi, who took the bat when the team was in an unfavorable position and cleansed the Indians and the Bangladeshians, making 34 and 59 runs respectively, which led to the victory. On the other hand, disappointment was the leader of the Misbah team, who in no way was able to help his teammates.

If there is a favorite for the showdown, this is Sri Lanka, who has clearly shown a more organized and more stable team. But Pakistan is more than unpredictable and in an end everything can be done.

Sri Lanka is expected to rely heavily on Sangakkara. If this player does not do well in batting then they will have a big problem. In the last game with Bangladesh o Sangakkara was disappointing, having just come out with 2 runs. But it was an indifferent play, but it hurt the ego of the superstar. The 55 that gives him can be big and prohibitive, but 67, 107 and 73 runs have been made in previous games. Terrible numbers. A wicket keeper can do some stumping or a catch that will give him more points in the set. I think the appearance of Sangakkara can judge the game and it's worth a bet on his own.

The player gets 1 point for each run, 10 points for each catch and 25 points for each stumping. You will find this market in the player performances category of the Asian Cup.

Event: Pakistan - Sri Lanka (KC Sangakkara's performance: 55)
Sport: Cricket
Category: Cricket Asian Cup
Date: Saturday, 08 March 2014 09: 30
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Units: 3/10
Odds: 1.83
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Result: 30
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