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Euroleague OSFP - Armani Milano (+ 7,5 AH)

Wednesday, 05 March 2014 22: 04


Scenes like this in the photo will be seen several times tomorrow in a match that will judge a lot for the top8 qualification and also the occupation of 2 position that will give the advantage.

The CPVO for tomorrow's match in the SEF will have a huge loss, that of Vassilis Spanoulis who has not managed to overcome his injury and will be on the platforms to watch. Although Kill Bill is in terrible deformity, he is far from being the player with the most basketball capabilities and the only player who can change himself, the flow of a game. Besides being in the match in Turkey, and although everything went well for the OSFP, he could not get the pink sheet. Not that with Vasilis he would do something different, but the opposing team plays more liberated and knows he has to face a lesser headache and this gives her a huge psychological abilities.

Besides, in this match the data is completely different, as the Armani coach now knows in advance that he will not have the main bomber the opponent and so he can better design the defenses in Slouka and Mantzaris.

The CPOF is in 4-4 and I think tomorrow it will not be interested in covering the 30 point handicap (which is not covered) but simply winning the 2 hunt. On the other hand, Armani, seeing 5-3 and 2 only, knows that she is given a tremendous opportunity to go to 6-3 by treating the SPOF without Spanoulis and thus being one step ahead of the big goal.

2 teams show that they are not far from quality and Armani after defeating XOUMX in the 1 match where it lacked 1 basic gear, impressed top16 having lost only 2 away from Barcelona (10 points) and Efes with the incredible 3 of Planinic which is a defeat that so far costs him a lot.

Although the CPO has won very easily (apart from defeat with Barcelona), I believe tomorrow understands the criticality of the match and will go to basketball control because if Armani escapes to some point 1 will not be the key to the well-known of the twists and turns.

Maybe the biggest match of this match for the fire-group, maybe along with Barcelona-Fener and the handicap I think it is great, given that Armani is at 2's position in the group and outside the match with PAO has shown that difficult will lose game. In the absence of Spanoulis the handicap becomes even more enticing at 7,5 points.

However, because in the SEF, the CPVO is another group and because it can open the gap, I will not open much.

I get the Unibet bet on 1,9, while there are several companies at the same price, although it is starting to fall to 2 but I will go to Mybet with a slightly lower price

Event: OSFP - Armani Milano (+ 7,5 AH)
Sport: Basketball
Competition: Euroleague Euroleague
Date: Thursday, 06 March 2014 21: 00
Tip: 2
Units: 4/10
Odds: 1,85
Result: 86-88
Profit: + 3.4 (Won)
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Profit Draws. Hamm. Profit Yield
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