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Other League Barito - Persib Bandung

Friday 26 July 2013 12: 00


I'm going to start with a prelude that will be on my way from now until the 30 of the month as a "warning" that if the previous predictions did not go so well I recommend betting to be particularly small so that priority is given to the minimization possible damage rather than seeking a great profit. Just a little scary and not so smooth the schedule of the teams at this time, just a few games that have strange changes in the Asian market where they can hide differently and maybe not, or not good psychology of several negative pics in July, are factors that affect me and not to worry that you are betting and it will be very good to restrict your stake. If I could have a minimum stake under 1 / 10 I would have it but that is not the case. For me, if you lose this one, no one else will score, it is good to do the same if you naturally follow to avoid stress if your stake is bigger. This paragraph will be in every pocket up to and including 30 of the month. 31 will change, as does the stake, because there will be a value match.

Even today's match is worth noting because there is a clear favorite, nor does the news favor one of the two teams, since the game is particularly difficult for any prognosis in terms of the final outcome, but the set of returns is especially curiosity and since the balance of the values ​​of those who are theoretically higher than they should not be automatically equalized. This, according to my own point of view, does not mean how well it is right ...

Baritos, though a newly-educated, has gone very well in her virgin participation in the big league and until 3 had the best record in the championship, which now "shares" with her current rival after 0-0 on the other side of the liga, the Persian. In the match there was the best player Djibril Kulibali from Mali, which is 3ο scoring in the championship and already transcribing the target of several teams for the new season. The hosts after the break of the championship May were further strengthened above all with the addition of Octo Maniani who is fighting on the side of the attack and Makan Konate on the middle line. In fact, they do not have any special rankings and are fighting for reasons of prestige, perhaps trying to end up higher than their neighbor Mitra and thus win the innocent title of the island's top group (Borneo Kalimantan for the Indonesians) and preserve top performance in a home match. They can already boast that it is the only team to win this season this season (and on the basis of the coming championship program very hard to get back) in a game that was very lucky, while in general there were many complaints about the conditions that took place in the match and for the team from Papua could not make a training the day before the match.

The team that is really motivated to hit the game is PerspiB, however, it has not shown that it can do just as well with the matches it gives in Bandung, despite the good units that are mainly in the middle line but also in the attack . The hosts have gone to the headquarters of their opponents since Wednesday, having previously been in the mission and the players who were up to the Indonesian team who faced Arsenal and Liverpool since none of them participated in Chelsea's last defeat. After the lap with the draw in the home against Mitra, Percyb has somewhat back in the score for 2's claimth However, having a game shorter than the off-road can overtake the Arma. However, her program is not very favorable either if she wants to have a real hope and an advantage to finish higher than the Arma and Sriwyuzaya should at least not miss this match. An extra move, according to the players' statements, is also the record of Baritos in the headquarters, which will attempt to "break" themselves so that they themselves become the most "loyal" hosts of the league.

I really can not understand the rationale for the achievements at this point. Originally the Aussie was at 2.30 when they first appeared to look quite right with Barito's slightly favorite but they almost started to shake and stabilize Marathon in 1.70 and the Asian when they opened under 1.90 (when I write the text I do not have internet to check for any changes, now that I look back somehow, something that does not stand and I do not think to hold for very much and especially Persebe as Persica has a "stream" and accepts bets on top of one and is one of the most popular teams In the country and the locals prefer it to their bets.

Barito will win the match more with "stealth war" than having the wonderful one. Besides, as a set of players, it lags far behind Persimp, but the fact that it is particularly strong at home (which Arema and Persipura defeated with "tsoukou tsoukou") with the weakness of the team from Bandung, apart from making it a favorite.

Since logically in evobet the odds will have remained stagnant from the moment they came out, I think the double opportunity of the home team has enough value for the minimum bet, which I explain in the first paragraph. Personally, I have "bought" it in another company from earlier, while correspondingly there is a great return in Marathon for those who have an account there and have not already been limited, of course.

Event: Barito - Persib Bandung
Sport: result
Category: Other League Indonesian Premier League
Date: Friday 26 July 2013 17: 00
Tip: X2
Units: 1/10
Odds: 1.87
Result: 2-2
Profit: + 0.87 (Won)
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