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  • Jul 2013
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Other League Mitra - Arema (Goal until 28th minute)

Sunday, July 28 2013 14: 45


After we have seen some things about Mitra in the previous series, we have to see what exactly happens with Arma.

Therefore, Arema has the advantage compared to 3 remaining teams to finish under Persephone. Although the off-home games are not the only 4 winner in a total 13 racing, at least it does not lose much, mainly due to its defensive line. This succeeds in lowering its composition with a reinforced center and in the only one promoted by Christian Gonzalez, while the other two aggressors used - Beta, Gobbis and Greg - helped more on the side of the middle line and struggled more like a horseshoot, 4-3-3 looks more like 4-5-1 with a plan to control the match in the first half, trying to keep zero in the defense and to hit the second half by betting that its opponents will be out of focus and will open up in their effort to keep the score. Today they are facing some minor problems due to the fact that 6 players have played with the National Time while Kournia Mega goalkeeper of the team and Viktor Iguenofo the backgammon center played almost 3 90 minutes against Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool are expected to be used normally by the time they were incorporated with the rest of the ship coming from Friday night. By playing and not believing that the game will not be particularly dynamic, and for one more time her main concern will be to keep zero in the defense at least at the start of the match but to hit the match with counter-attacks.

3 will be overwhelmingly overwhelmed by the friendly player with Chelsea, and especially the hassle of the trip, apart from the rest of the players (the reason for Greg who scored the goals of Indonesia, Mega and Igboneho ) and on the basis of Arma's program (by comparison with the schedule of the remaining 2 players and especially Perseb, which seems to be the most difficult one) with a draw will be pleased when it is difficult to risk special early on to take the victory with a risk of losing even this one, which will be slightly less than the other contenders while keeping 5 and Mitra safe. Mitter is not a "fresh" player, but Hanson is able to rebuild them completely.

This one-time defeat during the first half-time, the RD - the proponent of Armenia and the national Neon - has often revealed it in press interviews and before the match against theoretically subordinate teams from their opponents. In the last two matches, he did not "go" against both Sriwjayja and Pelita, but I believe that he will put it back in again once the conditions are necessary.

Anyway, the classic paragraph is missing - at low betting, etc. - as the match that was going to happen on the 31 of the month after the sudden death of Sek Kamaras yesterday is probably going to be postponed.

A and the pit is to get the first goal after 28 ', be careful if the game ends 0-0 the choice is gone!

Event: Mitra - Arema (Goal until 28th minute)
Sport: result
Category: Other League Indonesian Super League
Date: Sunday, July 28 2013 17: 00
Tip: NG
Units: 1/10
Odds: 2.20
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Result: (Spagogol o scout)
Profit: -1 (Lost)
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