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  • Jul 2013
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Other League Mitra Kukar - Arema Malang

Sunday, July 28 2013 14: 10


The biggest game of the day is this afternoon tonight in Indonesia between Mira at the 5 position of the score and the Armenia that is at 2 and will judge very much which of the two will continue to benefit or disadvantage particularly compared to the rest (plus Sriwjayja and Persby) to win the 2 position, which is likely to be a part of the AFC Cup of the coming season.

Forecasting for the winner is not very easy as the match is expected to be particularly ambiguous as it will consider much for the future of both collections. The athletes did a good year for their "cubic" but they were expecting a lot of money to boost their team. Having a Swedish coach have many players in the middle and in the middle, but especially on the second round - which have been further reinforced - they are facing scoring problems. Franjipane, Bustim, Zoulam, Jazang, Matimo is a very tough four, but very rarely all of them are on the field since the first one is often facing serious injury problems, Zoulam is coming to a halt with his coach, with the exception of Matimo the rest do not have as good relations with defense. In the attack dominated the names of Esbana Erera and Ilija Spasojevic, who nevertheless show that they have not "got" between them and the second has come to the club in June, marking already several crucial goals. The paradox is that in general Mitra does not face any adversarials of lesser strength in the last months, he does not play especially aggressively especially when he is fighting outside. Anyone who saw the match against PerspiB in Bandung would understand that he only made 1-2 opportunities while defending himself throughout the game. The most paradoxical thing is that he started the championship by playing "all out attack" scoring the following - with Zoulam being the revelation of the championship after he appeared from nowhere - and seeing the early peak mainly due to 3 outside of the winning championship, for the Indonesian data. From the beginning of the 2 round and after stopping with 5ara from Bariton - with the double falling very low before starting the match - out of the seat it seems to have shorted and thus lost many of the hopes which had previously terminated 2. It only makes sense to win the match but I doubt how much it will do on the basis of what you have seen last. In order to get an idea with Mitter in the first 5 games, 16 ends -1 against Persina and 3 + on the rest of 4 - while the 8 following managed to score only 11 times. In recent games, however, he has a particular problem with strong defenses, and even when he wins, he succeeds with the soul in his mouth, and he ends up in the end of the match, mainly by relinquishing Spasojevic, who justifies his squadron as Spasogol.

Tonight I am waiting again for a game with the hosts to be parallel and very careful, having against them one of the top teams in the league - here is an analysis for it in a short time - which with great difficulty will be able to score comfortably. Arema will probably play first for X and will emphasize how to ruin the home team's game and I see the few goals being more fortunate than the odds given which are particularly high. If he is there shortly before the start of the match, man 3 in any bet365 is much safer since he gives 1.75-1.80 if of course he decides to make odds. If not, the "under 3" goal can be bet "manually" by breaking the bet on under 2.5 and under 3.5 in such a way that if 3 goals are scored, there will be no damage at least.

Follow a second analysis for the match by writing some things about the Shame this time.

Once again low stakes, personal and 3 choices as a whole are less than 2 / 10 to understand better.

Event: Mitra Kukar - Arema Malang
Sport: result
Category: Other League Indonesian Super League
Date: Sunday, July 28 2013 17: 00
Tip: Under 2.5
Units: 1/10
Odds: 2.40
Bookmaker: 21+ | EEEP Regulator KETHEA helpline: 210 9237777 | Play Responsibly
Result: 2-1 (in progress)
Profit: -1 (Lost)
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