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Other League Persiba Balikpapan - Persib Bandung (DNB)

Monday, July 29 2013 23: 00


So I will write a lot about this particular match that is really your life's death. Persina will win to untie from the positions near the demo zone, while Persebe will only be victorious to ride Arma and re-turn the favorite to win 2 and - logically - take the ticket for AFC Cup of the coming season.

I may not be objective but I see as a favorite for winning the hosts who in the match with Baritone showed character when they left behind the score - but unfortunately only after the beginning of the match was different for another - managed to equal, they saw the referee to he does not give a quintessential pint and the culmination was the annulment of the goals in the delay that among others would fall and the inaccuracy of Baritos in his seat.

Persina can also be particularly competitive inside the headquarters, but generally speaking, it is not convinced, it has almost no player to make the difference, it has even lost 3-4 key players during the break and, despite replacing them and showing them to go especially in the second half, so that the downfall and the threat of downgrading came as a natural consequence.

There is a lot of news about the match, but I think that the performance set somehow underestimates Pescib after the slaughter that passed on Friday and the scabbling it caused with the mafia statements that run the league for many years at least will not even hurt because who knows what they are capable of doing next to a protest. Besides, the owner of Percyb is generally quite picky and can make ends meet.

Personally, I believe the double will be closing in at 2.00, I was looking forward to the opening 2.30 of Marathon, even more to DNN's 1.74, thinking that it would fall gradually when the rest and the rest. So when I saw Paddy Power 2.00 returning to the draw, I did not even think about it. It does not even mean why it's so high, and for example, the 1.73 has no draw and I expect it to fall a bit when it comes out asian handicap picks tomorrow.

In the match, the goal is to score in one way or the other way Persebe first goal and not to break the old score. Generally in counter-attacks it is "manoula" since it has very fast slopes and can quickly and quickly take balloons one by one, reaching the 2-3 area with balloons and not sons as they do in the "organized" attacks. It is a group of higher classes, but it is time to begin to prove it both in the home and outside, aide!

Event: Persiba Balikpapan - Persib Bandung (DNB)
Sport: result
Category: Other League Indonesian Super League
Date: Tuesday 30 July 2013 17: 00
Tip: 2
Units: 2/10
Odds: 2.00
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Result: 1-1
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