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Other League Persia Jakarta - Sriwijaya

Friday 26 July 2013 13: 30


I'm going to start with a prelude that will be on my way from now until the 30 of the month as a "warning" that if the previous predictions did not go so well I recommend betting to be particularly small so that priority is given to the minimization possible damage rather than seeking a great profit. Just a little scary and not so smooth the schedule of the teams at this time, just a few games that have strange changes in the Asian market where they can hide differently and maybe not, or not good psychology of several negative pics in July, are factors that affect me and not to worry that you are betting and it will be very good to restrict your stake. If I could have a minimum stake under 1 / 10 I would have it but that is not the case. For me, if you lose this one, no one else will score, it is good to do the same if you naturally follow to avoid stress if your stake is bigger. This paragraph will be in every pocket up to and including 30 of the month. 31 will change, as does the stake, because there will be a value match.

I'm reluctant to repeat the first paragraph but see it as a warning but we go to the match now. Persina is one of the biggest teams in the country and surely only playing in the capital that counts over 10,000,000 residences is the one that has the most fans, as well as Jakarta beyond the corresponding "annex" does not have another team in the city. Their game in the first half of the season was more than miserable but with the change of coach and the arrival of several players, the team changed their face completely, and after continuing positive results they managed to escape from the teams that were in the relegation zone. However, the last positive results of the low-ranked teams brought back the risk of the team again facing the risk of playing a barrage afterwards, and its negative results - a poor program and injuries - did not help her totally - but my personal opinion is ultimately he will not be in danger. A great ally in this effort will be its fans who will only have the chance to play for 2 this year, except for the match with Perseusra, all the rest being either behind the doors or in another city - all without fans under the fear of episodes. Of course, they would also punish their team when they attacked the touring team that carried Persyb to the field but in some way has not been announced anything in their own right and reasonably only the match with Persby will be held outside Jakarta or without the world or both together. It is also a great advantage to return to the Kemoghegy attack that has completely overcome the injury problem he faced and will strengthen the attack on the team.

On the other hand, things in Sriwjayja are not as happy as there seems to be a problem with the coach - who is going to leave but remains in his position - and the players who only have not got what they see in the field as if they were doing an angry . They made it with Persela but they escaped with 2 PALAT and they came 2-2, paid with Persepame crossing with 0-4 in Palambang with their seat, while with Pekanbaru, if they wanted to score 4,5 at idiots defeated with scoring scoring in the last XNUM minute of the match and then changing the scuffles until the end. Negative of the team is also the fact that he is playing a fourth game during the "Ramazan" when several teams of the league have not even played a match in the same period. It does not seem, however, that they encounter problems with their strengths but how to do intensive coaching in the face of competitions under particular circumstances, especially when the climate is negative is not even the best.

Here's the curiosity of the odds that they came out first in this Saturday's match in most of the companies but for the match of Baritos with Persbi on Friday. The right price is now in 2.00, which is quite likely as in all the matches of Persicza to get farther from the moment that Asian companies will give off. This 2.50 +, with which Marathon opened, does not particularly appeal to the situation of last year's "champions" who do not seem to be particularly interested in the second place, which they would have a great advantage if they did not have their last legs last.

Event: Persia Jakarta - Sriwijaya
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Category: Other League Indonesian Super League
Date: Saturday, July 27 2013 17: 00
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Odds: 2.40
Result: 1-0
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