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Asia / Africa Al Arabi - Al Rayyan (DNB)

Wednesday, December 04 2013 18: 47


Category: Soccer - Asia / Africa Qatar Stars League
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The derby between Al Arabi's sworn enemies and Al Rayyan steals the show at 11 in the Qatar Championship, and maybe the time has come for Manolo Jimenez's first win with his new squad.

The Spanish technician had a good deal of satisfaction with Al Rayyan, who began to play more smooth football and managed to pass almost unceremoniously during his adaptation to the team, since after the first chase and four by Al Ahli he brought two white draws. Jimenez himself admitted that it took him a while to adapt, but now that they have returned and most injured are ready to try to bring the team back to the top half of the table.

On the bench of sworn opponent Al Arabi, the well-known Uli Stilike, who is in a difficult situation, once again the team is badly in the championship. This time his mission is extremely difficult, since in addition to the long-term absences of Wanderley and Al Sulaity, he has other 5 absences of key players. Some can be replenished, but Khouki Boualem's absence from Algeria is unrealistic since he is probably the best player in the team, doing 5's work on the pitch and being the soul of the team. However, German says calm and that "all teams face problems in the season and have to overcome them."

And Al Rayyan is not complete. Maybe Tabata leader has returned, but he certainly wants a little time to replicate his high standards. Argentina's defending Forlin will be absent, not something special, but perhaps disturbing the balance in the lush defense of the lions.

Before 20 days, the two teams met in the Cup, where they played with several absences, but Jimenez's team won the 2-0 victory. It shows that the crew has reached the time and the first victory of the Spanish in the championship. It will not be easy, but at the moment Al Rayyan only plays better, while Al Arabi seems to have little to give yet. 

Anyway, we have a big derby and because in these games everything is possible, I'll go with the DNB.

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