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  • April 2013
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Asia / Africa Persibo - Yangon

Wednesday, April 24 2013 01: 00


After long days of absence and old in the finishes - I hope I can write them - 3 predictions for Wednesday. Both of these include the Asian Cup and even the same group matches that include Persibo, Sun Hei, New Radiant and Yangon from Indonesia, Hong Kong, Maldives and Myanmar respectively.

The situation in the group is as follows. Persibo has just 1 rank and Yangon 9. Guests with only 1 will win the qualifying but hope they will be hopeful for the first to win and later that New Radiant can not win in Hong Kong with which it is equalizing at the top of the group. The homeowners have become the corporation not only of the group but also globally. In the first match 3-0 was defeated in Myanmar by their current opponent, 2 receiving the Maldives champion with the same name at 1.25 defeated with ... 0-7 provoking by appearing - a ride from youtube will convince everybody who has been unscrupulous about the "honesty" of the particular match - and then receiving Sun Hei all over the world having won the 3-3 doubles in a match that I "had the chance" to watch live with the two teams they lose opportunities for more goals than just the defenses although completely lacking. In the next match and with the sponsorship of the federal country, the Indonesian team traveled to Hong Kong with only 12 players and was found to lose half-time with 7-0 and 8-0 at 60 'with their players dropping down one and the match to be permanently discontinued 30 'before its regular end as Persibo had only 6 players to continue the game! To God or this game had some suspicious support ...

Generally, the Premier League member of the country's worst championship team has huge financial problems, 3 has lost its last match on paper and is unable to move to different parts of the country - the distances generally here in Indonesia are enormous, travel to cover the cost of "hospitality" related to diets / observers, etc. At least in order to save Indonesia as a whole some punishment would be deprived of the right of each group to participate in a llontikes organization of AFC's say let's items will be UEFA Asia-the federal pay some amounts required for both the conduct of the particular match and for the latter you must travel to the Maldives. Also, Persibo has managed to get some players from the area where the match is held - not in its physical location but in Solo which is quite far out there when it is like playing behind the doors with some 20 fans supporting it, the heroes of the game - and has reached 14 in the totality but is unknown in what situation they are in since most of the only players who have given the last 40 days were 3 for the AFC even though their training did not do just as much as the previous images days most of them were convinced and signed contracts for an end of the period.

Yangon does not have any particular problems at all, since under normal circumstances it is not expected to encounter any difficulties in this match, having a team that has a lot of difficulties to deal with. His coach Ivan Kolev is hitting the bell that things will not be as easy as he did in the past and for 6 for years he worked in Indonesia (having also been a coach of the National Team) and knew faces and situations.

At the moment the only company that has odds for this match is paddypower and a Leonbets -which I do not even know who it is- with the second one even having over / under (like betfair) with the limit being at 6.5 goals !!! Bet365 had opened first odds but after the "posting" of a tipster in betrush the 2.40 of the double became 1.91 and after 5 minutes it disappeared completely. However, there is a case for the match to open somewhere for live betting and it would be good if this is done so that someone bets on the goals to pay his bet and in case of a stoppage of the match his bet).

However, because we are talking about pregame betting on the common sense, I will play with the hosts.

Event: Persibo - Yangon
Sport: result
Competition: Asia / Africa AFC Cup
Date: Wednesday, April 24 2013 11: 00
Tip: 2
Units: 4/10
Odds: 1.73
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Result: 1 7
Profit: + 2.92 (Won)
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