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  • Mar 2013
  • 14:00

International Matches Indonesia - Saudi Arabia (-1.5 AH)

Saturday, 23 March 2013 02: 00


The match is under the 2015 Asian Cup and is part of 2's racing group in which Iraq and China are still participating.
For Indonesia, this game is a landmark, since after one year FIFA has decided to allow the national team of the country to call players who compete in the top league of the country, Surling, ending the blockade up to the preference since it did not recognize it as an institution because of the fact that it was governed by the same groups and not by the federation. Thus, enthusiasm prevails in the country as everyone hopes that the team will become competitive and that it is hoping to conquer even one of 2's first positions in the group that will lead it to the next stage. Tickets would have already been exhausted but have not yet circulated since it will be on the morning of Saturday few hours before the start of the game. The addition of the Dutch - even with Indonesian origin - Fan Dyke in the attack as well as the Nigerian Iguenne in defense helps the optimism of the fans waiting to win in today's game. But is it so easy for this to happen? Of course, no, the preparation was not under the best conditions for a number of reasons. Initially, 51 players called out 2-3 4 (!!!) since the rest of them had racing obligations with their teams. Thus, the majority of the players were in the lap for just one week, during which 51 became 28 (with most of them leaving the Premier League, who preferred the national round because of the blockade) to finish Friday 23. The coach of the team is already trying to justify any shame by saying that he did not have the right time to work with his players and that in the next match against China the situation would be much better. But will he be in the world of nationalism until then? In February, the federation announced the recruitment of Argentinean Blanco as the coach but who, after removing 14 players from the National Division, was appointed by the federation to the post of technical director, while outside the group he was found the full service he had with him. His post was handed down until someone else Darmaguan, who was preferential in the world of Armenia, has been a former assistant coach in the national team and coach of the Elvises of the country.
But let's leave the last piece to the extreme and let's deal with purely racing themes. Saudi Arabia is one of the traditional great powers in Asian territory with frequent presentations in large organizations. He has a very competitive league with "petrodolara" attracting big names of the world football but also big players in the ages who want to close their career by doing a good "tang" before the retirement. The Saudi Arabians were preferential in their entirety, who was dismissed after the club's bad performance in the Kolp Cup, and Lopeth Karo was the coach of both academies and Real Madrid, coach of the Spanish National League of Hops. In Saudi Arabia he was originally a technical advisor, but he was coached by Gennaris after removing Rafard from the steering wheel of the team. Karo shows confidence to the young players and has made a whole that blends talent and experience. The results so far are particularly encouraging as the team won China in the first game of the group with 2-1 and in recent friendly to Malaysia prevailed in its national country relatively comfortable with 4-1. The Malaysians are somewhat on the same level as their neighbors - and their fanciful enemies - from Indonesia, having a lot of recent successes against them (before the time of the "blockade" of Surprise players). The hosts are very well prepared for the game as they are preparing for this one month and a month in Malaysia to get used to the weather conditions that are similar in the neighboring country.
Unfortunatelly until the winners of all known soccer picks companies have already won the victory, and nowhere else 1.50 is losing its full value. However, there is some value in the victory of Saudi Arabia with two or more terminals, possibly having a lot of chances since there is a clear difference between 2 teams. Besides, the optimism that exists on the side of the athletes can very easily turn bummer into a racing field when they see both players and fans alike that things are much harder than they imagined.

Event: Indonesia - Saudi Arabia (-1.5 AH)
Sport: result
Category: International Matches Asian Cup
Date: Saturday, 23 March 2013 14: 00
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