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World 2014 Australia - Netherlands

Wednesday, 18 June 2014 14: 14


The impressive, terrific and unique Holland in the first match defeated the Spaniards and gave them a good lesson about the arrogance and laxity they showed in the game from the beginning of the race, but also about the way they opened the score, a non-existent penalty shootout.

But reality is quite different in my own eyes. Obviously it was a huge result of the Dutch, but it was quite conjunctural, since they equalized in an unlikely way in a counterattack and then they made the 1-2 in a counterattack right after the enormous opportunity of Spain for 2-1. Then they found Spaniards dissolved psychologically and stressed as much as possible and hit them in the counter-attacks, exploited the tragic day of Casillas and reached the score at very high levels. He reminded me slightly of the Panathinaikos - Olympiakos 1-4 on the Avenue, except that Panathinaikos had pressed Olympiacos until 1-2 was made, the Spaniards just turned the ball. Which goals again went into a counterattack after Vasje's beam. So it is football though. A moment is enough to make an ace double game and a hero player in a robe. That's why we love it and that's why we're watching it and that's why we ought to avoid excesses about football.

The Netherlands-Australia game is no longer a World Cup match and in a match of this level, as we saw in the first round of the first phase, there are no teams that give 1.25 a win or a huge handicap of -2. Obviously the Dutch are better than the Australians. So what; He does not always win the best. This is a completely different game for Oranje and they have to show a completely different way of playing in relation to the fight with Spain.

I do not expect Australia to come to the offensive, I do not expect to give space to the Dutch, I do not expect Roben to run 30 measures undisturbed, I do not expect him to drop him down on the first chance they will find and scare him. The Netherlands should find a way to break the defense and make combinations that will put the ball in the area. The fact that he was unable to do so when he was back to the 0-1 score. 

Australians do not give chestnuts. Against Chile, things made it difficult for them early, but they managed to react and had the chance to turn the game from 2-0, but the Chilean goalkeeper kept his team up in critical phases. Cahill has shown himself to be in excellent shape and once again he is the leader of the team. 

Yes, I think Australians can score against the Dutch defense. In a counterattack or in a set phase they will find the target. Of course, I do not know if anyone other than Cahill can score, but everything is possible. It is almost impossible for the Dutch to fail to score. I think 2.30 for the goal / goal is very high and has to be wagered.

Event: Australia - Netherlands
Sport: result
Competition: World 2014 World Cup 2014
Date: Wednesday, 18 June 2014 19: 00
Tip: GG
Units: 2/10
Odds: 2.30
Result: 2-3
Profit: + 2.6 (Won)
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