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Hungary Kecskemeti - DTVK (+ 1)

Friday, November 02 2012 14: 42


Category: Soccer - Hungary Hungary NB I
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Odds: 1.90
Result: 1–1
Profit: + 4.50 (Won)

We are dealing with two teams that have so far had the same account in the championship (5N-2I-5I).

Kacskemeti started the season very badly. Before 4 racing changed coach and has since made a 4 / 4. I have to say, however, that the 2 off-home victories were with weak opponents and homeless just with teams of their level. In the last in against Haladas he won a victory that was not worth it, since Haladas was right ahead with 1-0 but was accepted red and played in the second half with 10 players. Kecskemeti did not manage to create a net opportunity and it seemed very difficult to avoid defeat but was lucky after he scored in two phases at 84 'and 93'.

DTVK is a good team but lost to 2 last games. Against Debrecen away was mediocre, but it was at least worth the draw. The big surprise was the previous home game after losing to Kaposvar, which led to the punishment of the players. It is a team with strong management, a good fanbase with a hot seat and aiming to win a position leading to the Europa League (last year they lost it for a while). 

Several weeks ago, he completed the deal with our acquaintance from his passing to Panathinaikos, Gergely Rudolf, but he did not play the previous game because his cards were not ready. Today, however, it is available.

DTVK may not be a special offside but needs to make up for the lost points to be within the goals and 4's other winning streaks for a team like Kecskemeti are already exaggerated, let alone 5. I choose + 1 European handicap of DTVK equivalent to X2.

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