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  • Jan 2013
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EuroCup Ratiopharm Ulm - Crvena Zvezda (-1.5)

Wednesday, 09 January 2013 12: 37


Matches for the Eurocup "16" phase with the two teams showing that they have enough capacity difference between them. First of all, the Red Star (for those who did not understand the "Serbian name" in the title, is one of the teams that impress this season in Europe.) Although he was in a really strong group along with Italian Sassari, Spanish Kahassol and Orleans With the exception of the last match against the Spaniards who was essentially indifferent, she won all the other games, mainly because of her productivity in the attack, which was not due to any player alone and had 7 players who in almost every match Rachevich's top scorer, who, on his return to the home soil, seems to find his old good and seeks a European distinction in his 34, but also the first prize in Serbia after 14 years since the last championship is dated From Racinevic and organizer of the Serbian game is Nelson, a graduate of Duk's famous college and a short term in the NBA with Worcesh's shirt. Along with him are 1998 Americans, Brown and Macedonian (2 rebounder at 1 1) and Scott Rotary in Europe by 2006 when he graduated from college. Besides, there are some remarkable players from Serbia such as SuBotic, Kacic and Savovits who all together have created a very powerful set with multiple selections in the attack without neglecting the last games - for the Adriatic League - and defense as against Olbia in the most recent one held at 2008 points!
Umm on the other hand does not show anything remarkable this season either in Germany where it has a 11-6 record but not even in Europe since it was fortunate to be in a very good club with the exception of Spartak St. Petersburg had its opponents Cibona (running an amazing series without winning in European competitions) and Sole in France this year. He even reached the exclusion range when in the last match of the group he was losing to Zagreb with a difference of 20 points but with an outbreak in the 4 season he took the victory that sent 16. For this match, several of them were specially heard by Solee, who was the lost of the case. The Germans, in essence, only Germans are not one and with the exception of Genthrer who is their leader being years in the group all the other "important" players come from the US. With the exception of Bryant and Alan (who has experience from several European teams), none of the others (in total 6 number) has no particular parchments. In fact, with the exception of 1-2 players, everyone else is young enough and inexperienced, and beyond Bryant nobody else exceeds 2.08m. 
I expect the Serbs to impress once again this year in Europe - where they are still undefeated offside, with 3 / 3 - against a team that does not scare either as a name or as a material and will have many problems under the basket where and lacks players, and especially if he is fired early, Bryant is fired, which is his most credible attack solution. The handicap is very small and will logically go up during the day. Newer news for the matches in Europe and America will be later on the forum and more specifically here.

Event: Ratiopharm Ulm - Crvena Zvezda (-1.5)
Sport: Basketball
Competition: EuroCup Eurocup
Date: Wednesday, 09 January 2013 20: 30
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Units: 1/10
Odds: 1.91
Result: 95-100
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