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Brazil Vasco da Gama - Bahia

Saturday, 08 June 2013 14: 39


Good evening. good weekend to have in all areas. Today the program is good on the data of the season but personally today I have only picked one point and logically I will not make any further betting washing machine.

My choice, therefore, comes from the country of coffee once again as we have a total of 5 matches for the fifth round of Brasiliereo. The toy that concerns me is that of the much-loved Vasko and Bania. This particular match could not be described as a derby but the two teams do not have the best relationships. Especially after their last showdown that won Bania with 0-4, there was a lot of trouble that brought bulls.

In any case, my choice in the game is not a point, as Vasco can not be a clean favorite against a team that despite the predictions is strong and has gained important points since the start. My bet has to do with the chances of getting a lot of goals in the match. I think the odds are good and I explain why. Initially, both teams have shown that they do not have a particular scoring problem, although they do not have a shrewd name, they score when they find the opportunities, and today I think the opportunities will be many. Both are expected to descend with 4-4-2, so de facto the sites in the center will be more. Also, the absences of the two teams are basically in the defense, so we will have peasants who have to flank the defense to a certain extent. Vasko will miss the Nook and the left-back Yaku and the rest are long and do not affect immediately, although there is rumors that the attacking Tenorio may miss. While for Bania it will be off-the-back and the midfielder Gabriel, who I think does not affect my reasoning and let him be an offensive player.

Finally, I say that tradition in favor of many goals for those who believe in traditions. Odds on Over2,5 are at 2 levels and risk is worth it.

Event: Vasco da Gama - Bahia
Sport: Soccer
Competition: Brazil Serie A
Date: Sunday, 09 June 2013 00: 30
Tip: Over 2.5
Units: 3/10
Odds: 2.00
Result: 1-1
Profit: -3 (Lost)
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1-1 from half-time ...
+1 Alekos Syssovitis
I have an Internet theme in the last few days and I have not been able to send you a clue. I will give you the congratulations and publicity, since you started a furor. I'm afraid I'm doing it, because where I go, I carry the guts together, but I'll risk it ... hoping not to "break" tonight.
To play Biaa seems to be able to double because he is in good shape and managed to do better with Vasko, but because his home-makers "want" so far, I do not exclude the asos when I go and I consider it safer as a choice. 8)
+3 jokito
I agree if I will also get a little Baia dnb ;-)
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