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CHL Country to win CL (Germany)

Monday, March 04 2013 17: 51


2o is the bet on which country team will win the CL?

And here things are very layered, but the data is mainly based on a group.

The 2 countries that are a huge favorite (2,65-2.8) are Germany and Spain, while the other countries are far behind.

The fact that I buy this bet at this moment is a risk, but I prefer to take it now, since I want to play and let me lose it from buying it the other week that 2 can have and below.

And it all depends on whether Barcelona goes or not. And my opinion is that it will hardly pass. So as 15 has played in the last 2, Barcelona is out of pace, losing 2 times from Real, and if this is not a big surprise, losing 0-11 from Milan without having created huge phases, that's it. If someone also puts just the XNUMX goals this season in CL, and some odd defeats with Celtic, then you will easily understand that going through Barcelona is really difficult. And the hard one will be unlikely if Milan scores the way he's got it, it's not hard.

So if Barcelona does not pass then automatically, that is to play in the ManUtd-Real match, our bet will be of great value and the performance will be dropped to 2.

This is because Germany is represented by 3 teams at 16, and in addition to BAyern that has already passed and the other 2 teams have a huge chance of qualifying 8.

Schalke finds strength and goes up the last 10, and in 1 the match with Galata should win 100%. However, 1-1 is a qualifying score. On the other hand Dortmund got what he wanted in Donetsk and with 2-2, he goes to 1X in Germany to pass on to 8.

So if Barcelona does not pass (2,2-2,3 has its preference), whatever passes through Man.Utd-Real, and if Dortmund and Schalke pass, which are the most likely scenarios, then Germany will have at 8 3 teams, with Bayern being the 1 favorite and Dortmund 3 !!! And Schalke is definitely not the last one.

I could write other scenarios, but everyone understands how fluid things are.

However, with Bayern at the moment 1st favorite with 3,75 and Dortmund at 8, but also with Schalke being with one foot at 8, getting a German team the CL, with 2,62 I consider it remarkable and that will become more valuable if Barcelona does not pass.

I do not know if I underestimate the Italians who have shown that this year they can do bam but I bet the bet with a belief that for 8 2005 will not have a Spanish team for the first time ...

Event: Country to win CL (Germany)
Sport: result
Competition: CHL CL Winner
Date: Saturday, 25 May 2013 00: 00
Tip: Win Outright
Units: 5/10
Odds: 2.62
Bookmaker: 21+
Result: Germany
Profit: + 8.1 (Won)
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All Time 579 65 691 86.64 + 1.94 %

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