• 29
  • Nov 2012
  • 14:45

Other League Al Jazira - Dubai club

Thursday, November 29 2012 11: 20


Race against 10 in the league of the United Arab Emirates. First of all, I would point out that we have not had any prizes like this at all until the moment the Amira giving us the impression that in not so famous competitions companies often make mistakes and there is great value in many outsiders if news is of course encouraging. I believe that such a match is the one with home team Al Jazeera will be a big favorite for the victory but having a team that is still undefeated in the away games he has given so far. They are probably drawn from the undefeated 5 races run by the home team in November, but have faced the teams that are in the last positions of the score, so it can not be said with certainty that it is in a special form.
On the opposite side, the Dubai team comes from a home away from home against Al Ain, who is at the top of the scoring and can not be compared with today's opponents. Beyond the undefeated team so far, when it struggles away from its field, it should be noted that 2-0 won the last time it was confronted with Al Jazeera away. It is relatively easy to play mainly with Kangaroo, the Uruguayan with Australian Root Door (formerly Uruguay's first Uruguayan goalkeeper with River Davis of Montevideo and Nacional) who has 7 goals in equal games but is just as easy to finish and is therefore no more high on the score. But he seems to be best suited to playing away from home with the counter-system by scoring 7 times in the 4 matches he gave. I will bet to keep her unbeaten run today, as she did against Al Dhafra, Al Ahli, Al-Wanda, and Al-Shaab.

Event: Al Jazira - Dubai club
Sport: result
Competition: Other League UAE League
Date: Thursday, November 29 2012 14: 45
Tip: X2
Units: 1/10
Odds: 2.50
Bookmaker: 21+
Result: 1-1
Profit: + 1.50 (Won)
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Absolutely acceptable and understandable, the two responding dear friends.
I am not discriminated against because I am not an unfair man.
Now I have this and I wrote it. good afternoon to everyone.
Perhaps it is my omission that I did not mention it specifically yesterday, but from now on I will greatly limit the size of my stakes. Already 3 yesterday had the same bet if you watched while generally betting so far 3 at most 4 units on all the pic with the exception of just one I think I had 7. I accept the championships that Amir is turning not necessarily and the system with which he bets no matter if he has earned him great profits. I wish you could continue at the same pace - of course, to the benefit of all of us - but you will allow my friend Dimitris to be very conservative and to go safely at least at the time that he believed in what I am putting here fully corresponds to what I really bet. It goes without saying that it's a good idea to double.
As for Suri's comments, I agree with the simplest that everyone is "playing" in their own style, it would be good to have greater "transparency" with regard to some choices (and I have been "inspired" by other choices in the past and I can not exclude doing it again in the future), for bets on the other hand there is a variety of what stake everyone here chooses in the main. I welcome Zorian's tactics on one hand and on the other hand the system according to which you do not have to raise your bet if you win.
In short, let's look at some basketball now that unfortunately the odds do not help ...
Mr. Dimitris, keep other measures and other levels, unless you've got 1 or 2 / 10 on the main page just by sacking today. In essence, I agree with you and it is one of the first issues I have written in writing through my column. In the moral part, however, the sacking I see is joyfully drowned, judging from his foreword. Good luck sacking and good noon in both.
Good morning I have nothing with you and do not let it go ...
because I always have good intention,
but suggest x2 double point, meaning you play 1 / 10.
You get the impression that you do not believe it and if it is better not to climb it. What will 1 / 10 say ...
Anyway, good luck, I've played it myself, but some things were badly hurt. Personally, of course ...


Comp. Event Tip Odds Units
Hapoel Iksal - Beitar Tel Aviv Bat Yam 1 2.45 4/10
Al Tadamon - Al Shabab 1X 1.85 3/10
F. Amager - Viborg new 2 DNB 1.80 3/10

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