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Tennis Roger Federer (Barclays Cup)

Thursday, November 13 2014 23: 32


We have arrived hopefully in the last week of this year's tennis season, although the other FA is officially closing the calendar with the Davis Cup final between France and Switzerland.

So here in London we already know 3 / 4 Semifinalists, while Wawrinka will be against 95-100% 4 of the group.

Thus, in the 1st group, Federer finished 1st with 3/3 victories and a score of 6-1 / 7-6 (Raonic), 6-3 / 6-2 (Nishikori) and 6-0 / 6-1 (Murray) !!! ! Behind him in 2nd place Nishikori finished with 2-1 victories.

In the other group 1 will definitely finish Djokovic who already has 2 / 2 wins with great scores while 2 is chasing Wawrinka, Berdych and Cilic, with Switzerland being the one who has the huge chances based on the results. Cilic is practically excluded as he has to win with 2-0 losing a lot of 1-2 games all over the match and losing Berdych while Berdych only wins by winning his own or getting sets from Djoko and losing Wawrinka with 2-0, which is unlikely.

So the normal pairs will be Federer-Wawrinka and Djokovic-Nishikori, and Wawrinka, Berdych, has little chance of taking the lead.

So I go a little upside down and start with the prices. The Serb is given a favorite with 1,5 around while RF 2 is close to 3,25-3,5. Much above and substantially above 10 is Nishikori and even more so by Wawrinka.

So let's see why RF has a tremendous value in its price, no matter if it eventually gains:

1) Playing with a smarter opponent in the semi-final: RF will play in the semifinals perhaps with the player who loves most than anyone to find in front of him and that's Wawrinka. No2 Swiss has done a huge deal over the years with Federer and this is imprinted on 16-2 with each other, with Wawrinka winning only 2 times and even the same tournament in Monte Carlo !!

On the contrary, Djoko has found it dark with Nishikori, which has 2-2 in their last games with last defeat in the semi-final of Us Open. However, Djoko has since risen in his game against Japanese champions, who are clearly out of step and so hard to beat the big favorite.

All the rest I will write will have to do with the very likely pair of final Federer-Djokovic !!!

2) Federer is running this year on the basis of statistics its best year after 2 years (2012 and 2013), which was clearly more modest. So after the good half of 2012, there was a huge fall at the end of 12 and across 2013. So before 2012 for an 4 year ended with S / N at 65 / 14 about every season while 2013 dropped to unacceptable 45 / 17 !!! This year it has reached top levels once 71 / 11 has already ranked the year as one of the most successful ones, but unfortunately it was not accompanied by a grand slam.

3) Federer when he is resting gives the maximum and the differences are minimal with the Serb: He proved this in the last Masters where he passed like a siphon when he came resting while in Paris he came from 2 consecutive full weeks (Basel, Shanghai), he clearly threw performance due to age.

4) The most important thing is this year's H-2-H with Djoko in 3-2 in favor of: The Swiss after many years managed to win more matches in a year than Djoko and I'm talking about the last 3-4year. So he won him with 2-1 in Dubai, while in Indian Wells several days later he lost to 3's 2 set with 1-2. Monaco won 2 for 0 with 3-2 and Wimbledon lost to an exciting final with 2-3 playing 2 a very marginal match throughout. Finally in Shanghai Federer won for 0 this year with XNUMX-XNUMX sets.

5) In the Barlays Cup Federer is the polynic with 6 wins against Djoko's 3rd who comes 2nd. They have met 2 times with the score being 1-1.

6) In indoors hard Federer has long been the best 189-48 record player, against 105-33 of Djoko

7) This year in any of the matches except in Monte Carlo, and especially in 3 last Federer was not outsider more than 2,5 performance. So I find it unlikely to get over this performance again in a supposed final. So 3,5 is a great performance.

8) Federer in relation to DJoko will have one more day of rest, since tomorrow he will not play in contrast to the Serb who will give 3 matches in 3 days, if he reaches the final.


With all of the above it turns out that 3,5 is a huge performance to win and because we are talking about the last tennis bet for this year (rather) I will go to an 7 / 10 anniversary.

Event: Roger Federer (Barclays Cup)
Sport: Tennis
Category: Tennis Barclays Cup
Date: Sunday, 16 November 2014 22: 00
Tip: Win Outright
Units: 7/10
Odds: 3.5
Bookmaker: 21+ | EEEP Regulator KETHEA helpline: 210 9237777 | Play Responsibly
Result: Djokovic
Profit: -7 (Lost)
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