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Betting Predictions for the English League Cup

from / BETTING ADVICE / Tuesday, September 24 2019 14: 10

With the English League Cup will deal with the column today, betting football voucher of the day to include 8 games from the English Institute of Surprises.

Let's go one by one to see the matches:

Arsenal - Nottingham

Arsenal pulled out a character and managed to turn the game around with Aston Villa while playing with 10 players early on. Thus, it has completed 4 games without defeat in all competitions (2-2-0), with its defense still accepting 4 games at 5 in the last two goals. Nottingham may have lost the glamor of recent years, but your name and jersey is still strong and is one of the teams to be considered for ... witches. This year, he looks serious in the Championship running a good enough series and is definitely looking for games to boost his standing. Seeing the busy schedule, Emmer prepares several changes to his decadence, making it quite attractive to him. Let's go with enough risk at Nottingham's 2DNB in ​​5,60 performance at Betshop.

Watford - Swansea

Another clash between the Premier League and the Champions League, where the jersey weight is not far behind. Watford comes from a crossroads (8-0 from the Man City) and will probably pay more attention than we would expect before the heavy defeat, which is a hindrance to any of our thoughts on the favorite. Fold.

Colchester - Tottenham Hotspur

Colchester is a League 2 team that, while running a very positive series, has limited opportunities. The good thing about her is that she gets out of her academies every year. As far as arriving it is overrun (excluding Crystal Palace in the previous phase) and it will be a huge surprise even if it keeps Tottenham in the draw. Certainly the 'Pets' will have a change, but the differences are enormous, and they will want to reach a victory to end their fall psychology. Our Choice 2 & over3,5 on bet2.10's 365.

Crawley - Stoke

Impressive so far, Crowley, who in the previous round excluded Norwich (Premier League). Stoke have not been winning for several months, and on Friday they expect an important game for the championship. We have been thinking a lot about the counter, but the odds of ace are staggering. Currently, we find value in the 3,70 tie at Interwetten.

Luton - Leicester

Luton (Champions League team), good for Leicester who returned to Tottenham in the second half. Rogers said the League Cup is on target and is down to a competitive dozen. The "double" doesn't say much in its 1,50 Stoiximanbut how much to give it with the existing data? Of course, anyone who wants to play the game and improve performance a bit, there is the 2 & over 1,5 on Stoiximan's 1,70.

Portsmouth - Southampton

Hate Derby. Portsmouth kicked off the league but has a Cup vein as a team. Southampton are coming from a home side from Bournemouth and see today's game as an opportunity to return to victory. It doesn't come out of the game as strong, but one thought was over2,5 on Betshop 1,86.

Preston - Manchester City

In the English Cup there are no 1.10 doubles, even though City are in good shape and the quality difference is chaotic. Probably will win, even if he plays with several changes but there is no reason to get involved.

Sheffield Westend - Everton

Sheffield's hard-working team is not as easy to test the odds of playing for Everton, but we can't miss the fact that he takes the institution seriously and is expected to line up a competitive squad. Paso.




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