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England Shrewsbury Town-Wolves U21

Tuesday, October 05 2021 16: 38


Shrewsbury last year had a very bad first half of the season where even with its poor results it showed that it would be in serious danger of relegation. Somewhere there the management of the club entrusted the fortunes of the club to Steve Cotril who came and changed the team immediately (he suffered a lot from Covind19) making a championship course until the end of the year came the normal emptying of the players something that did not bother anyone since the stay had long ago been secured. In the transfer market, she did not come out weakened and everyone was waiting for the team to show early on the possibilities similar to last year and to be placed somewhere in the middle of the scoreboard. On the contrary, it started with 4/4 defeats and caused problems. In the course, however, something is going to show and in the next seven she wrote 2-2-3 with the defeats being from Akrington out with 1-0 and with the strong Wickom and Bolton both with the marginal 2-1. Still, of course, she wants a job as she is in the penultimate position and her schedule is stressful. Crucial is the exit that follows in the deformed Ipswich, its need to build a good series and start its climb in the standings is imperative.

The little Wolves show good signs of the little we can learn when it comes to the developmental sections of the clubs. In the Premier League 2 they are in the second division and in the fifth place with 3-2-2. They showed a sample of their talent during the previous interruption of the national team when for the first match of the Trophy they got a strong draw at the headquarters of Wigan (champion in Ligue 1) with 1-1.

Shrewsbury also played last week for their championship and going with a strong squad for a fourth match in eleven days seems prohibitive. It will certainly be an extensive rotation and will not throw the weight on a relegated institution like that of the Trophy, especially after its defeat by Crewe which makes it less likely to qualify. In the 4.00 the double of bet365 but with 1/10 as the bet does not cease to concern a u21 team.

Event: Shrewsbury Town-Wolves U21
Sport: result
Category: England EFL Trophy
Date: Tuesday, October 05 2021 21: 00
Tip: 2
Units: 1/10
Odds: 4.00
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Result: 3-1
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30 Nov 2021
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