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  • May 2021
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Italy Spal (-1) - Cremonese

Monday, 10 May 2021 10: 13


Our favorite habit is to make conspiracy scenarios and when it has to do with Northern Italy we throw away our hat. So let's see the project that will concern the races that I will propose. The same text applies to all matches.


Motsa - Brescia. Monza wants a victory but at the same time Salernitana can go wrong in the indifferent Pescara to climb it. I admit that Salerno will not go wrong. So there is the possibility, leaving the bad mantas, to leave the match to Brescia, which wants it to enter a draw. Value therefore exists only in the double.


Spal - Cremonese. Spall wants to win and turn one of the Brescia or Kiev to enter a draw. We put in the equation the bad relations of Cremonese with Brescia, so here we say that Cremona will open her boots so that she may feel joy from the possible evil that she will do.


Kiev - Ascoli. Kiev wants a victory outside and Spal or Brescia go wrong, so they draw. Ascoli is saved and seemingly indifferent.


Pescara - Salernitana. Pescara has sprouted and is being dismantled. Salernitana with a win automatically goes up a category so I do not think to sit and look for what Monza will do with Brescia.  


This is the work of a chain, which wherever it breaks we will go (that is, I will go) to prison. Let me hope the Italian kitchens that will definitely be there are in my best interest. Of course, it would be more correct to set up live and prepare the scripts there, but we will do that as well. My choices to get something more worthwhile will definitely be in the handicap with the risk of course increasing.

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Event: Spal (-1) - Cremonese
Sport: result
Competition: Italy
Date: Monday, 10 May 2021 15: 00
Tip: 1
Units: 4/10
Odds: 1.69
Bookmaker: 21+
Result: 1-0
Profit: + 0 (Draw)
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