Super League

# Team Form Overall Total H2H
1 PAOKWWWWD131210225+1735
2 AtromitosWDLWD138412211+1128
3 Olympiakos PiraeusDWWDW13832188+1027
4 AEKWWLLD13823227+1523
5 PanathinaikosLDWDD137422212+1019
6 Aris ThessalonikiLDWWL136161716+119
7 Skoda XanthiDLLLW135441110+119
8 PanioniosDLWWW135351516-118
9 PanetolicWLWLL135351718-118
10 Asteras TripolisWWWDL134361212015
11 LarisaLWLWD134271217-514
12 OFIWDLLD132561220-811
13 GhoulLLLDD13256917-811
14 PAS GiannenaLDWLD13328819-1111
15 LevadiakosDLLWD13229922-138
16 Apollo SmyrnaLDLLD130211523-182
Promotion - Champions League (Qualification)
Promotion - Europa League (Qualification)
Super League (Relegation)
Relegation - Football League

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