- Tuesday, February 25 2020 13: 21

Champions League Predictions (25 / 02)

H κορυφαία διασυλλογική διοργάνωση επιστρέφει στους δέκτες μας με δύο παιχνίδια που αναμένεται να μας κρατήσουν σε εγρήγορση μέχρι και το τελευταίο δευτερόλεπτο της διάρκειάς τους. Ας τα δούμε αναλυτικά: Νάπολι – Μπαρτσελόνα Η Νάπολι κέρδισε την Μπρέσια την Παρασκευή πετυχαίνοντας την 4η σερί εκτός έδρας νίκη της σε όλους…

- Monday, February 24 2020 12: 08

Triple draw in SuperLeague-Winner by lottery

Great fight was given to the winner of our competition in the 25th SuperLeague competition, with Savrinio, Loco-3 and tsitoni having exactly the same number of points totaling 26 points !!! Incredible and yet true, as you can see in the picture below: Both had 4 correct predictions in total…

The pioneers of the Greek Supeleague will be called upon five times within two months. Act first today at 19:30 pm in Tuba for the ultimate derby of the Greek championship. PAOK is at -2 from the top and hosts Olympic champion in a Proof of Derby. THE…

One of the busiest Saturdays of 2020 is today's, as all our leagues have now returned to their winter break. Always in the midst of European action, which continues next week, the teams are tired and many crossovers hide traps. Of interest are the latest…

- Thursday, February 20 2020 12: 47

Betting Predictions: "The Battle with Arsenal"

Thursday and today at the main plate of the coupon we have the first matches of the '32' phase of the Europa League. We have Greek interest in Faliro where Olympiacos welcomes Arsenal. Olympiacos' big battle is playing with 0% rake *! WHAT APPLIES: First match between the teams for the phase of…

The Champions League came back yesterday and finally there were many days of his absence from our lives, judging by the interest of the players (betting) and the fans of the competition. And here yesterday, at ... our house became the first chat site chat for live ...

- Tuesday, February 18 2020 11: 53

Predictions & analysis of Champions League matches

The UEFA Champions League ('16' phase) returns after 68 days to our lives and seems capable of keeping us mouth open until the end of this year's event! The eyes will be on tonight in Madrid where Atletico Madrid host Liverpool but not…

Will AEK make the first 'double' in derby? Will the Thessaloniki score? Will Larson score again against AEK? How much foul will Livia do? How Much Will Fatfatzidis Win? Popular special bets * for players Fast markets * and cashout * on live The big match of the match ...

- Saturday 15 February 2020 13: 27

Saturday Predictions: Combo bets game!

Our betting coupon is getting bigger and bigger as we have had several championships resume yesterday (Czech Republic / Austria plus Ireland). We are in the final straight, with some leagues (like ours) approaching the end of the regular season (following the playoffs). In Super League the program opens with the…

- Wednesday 12 February 2020 11: 25

Betting Predictions: Goal for Quadrant!

Wednesday with our betting coupon mainly involving cup matches. The most important game of the day is the rematch of Panathinaikos - PAOK in OAKA. WHAT'S APPLICABLE: The 'clean' 2-0 rematch of last Wednesday's Tuba stadium for the 'Phase 8' or otherwise the Greek Cup quarter-finals…
25 Feb 2020
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