Ενα γκολ της Βουλγαρίας μας στέρησε το απόλυτο στην χθεσινή στήλη. Οι Βούλγαροι δέχτηκαν 6 γκολ από τους «σεληνιασμένους» Αγγλούς, αλλά δεν κατάφεραν να απειλήσουν σημαντικά την αντίπαλη εστία. Το Κόσοβο επικράτησε εύκολα των γειτόνων του, ενώ το under2,5 (που δινόταν άνω του διπλασιασμού) στο Γαλλία – Τουρκία επιβεβαιώθηκε. Ελλάδα…

- Monday, October 14 2019 12: 46

Euro 2020 Qualifiers: Bet on Goals and Stand

The Euro2020 Qualifying Round for this month is now complete, with 7 games included in our betting slip. We are three games ahead of the qualifying round and now we can see more clearly the things about the teams that are in the qualifying vault, but also…

Two big surprises came yesterday. Initially, the Czechs' victory over the English, putting ... fire on the qualification of the First Group, as with the victory over Kosovo on Monday against the indifferent Montenegro, we will have three suitors for two positions. Andorra's victory against Moldavia, as well, made sense…

- Friday, October 11 2019 12: 50

Euro 2020 Qualifiers: Day Forecasts

The majority of them were the strong favorites yesterday, where the big surprise was in the Netherlands-Northern Ireland, with the Northern Irish standing extremely ahead of 75 '(!). Somewhere in there, however, the Dutch class spoke, with Kuman's team overthrowing the latter…

Options where the action never stops! Cheltenham - West Ham U21 We start with a couple who are very likely to score goals. Cheltenham are the best moon of this season as they completed 1 unbeaten matches in all competitions (1-6-4) with Saturday's draw at Oldham (2-0). Within…

- Thursday, 03 October 2019 14: 51

Europa League betting odds

After the absolute (for a second consecutive day) column in yesterday's Champions League, let's look at today's Europa League selections. Celtic-Cluj In the summer of qualifying for a great match, Cluj dominated 3-4 at Celtic headquarters (1-1 first match) and ruled it out…

Yesterday was a great day, with 3 / 3 in our top picks from the top races to greatly increase column profitability. Check out yesterday's options here. Let's go straight to today's program, where we've spotted two combo bets. Liverpool - Salzburg Last year's winner…

- Tuesday, October 01 2019 15: 26

Champions League Betting Predictions (01 / 10)

Good evening and good month to all. Return to top league days, with the second leg of the Champions League. There, where the first race saw a lot of favorites breaking down, a sign that the competition remains at the top level, with the distances of the teams even narrowing, as…

- Monday, September 30 2019 13: 57

Euroleague 2019-2020 Tribute

This year's Euroleague is expected to be the most exciting of the last few years as on paper, at least, most teams look much stronger than last year. The increase in teams at 18 has added extra races to the already overcrowded racing calendar with clubs now called upon to give the…

- Saturday, September 28 2019 15: 12

Saturday Forecasts (28 / 09)

With three clashes today the column deals, all from "island", playing goals but also an outsider. Chelsea - Brighton We do not need to write much about the fantastic offensive line of Frank Lambert. Mid-week added other 7 finishes to this year's impressive assets…
15 Oct 2019
A Bulgarian goal deprived us of the absolute yesterday's column. The Bulgarians received 6 goals from the "lunar" Englishmen, but failed to significantly threaten the opposing home. The ... Read more

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