Several interesting matches include Monday football coupon with Copa Africa games (read analyzes and suggestions here), Copa America, Sweden's second division, Women's World Cup and Euro Under21 held in Italy. Sweden B: Odd-Evening Odds Match Erster-Vamberg ...

Πρεμιέρα του E' Ομίλου στο Κόπα Άφρικα απόψε, με δυνατά φαβορί (Τυνησία και Μάλι), αλλά και ένα αμφίρροπο παιχνίδι (Δ' Ομίλου) μεταξύ Ακτής Ελεφαντοστού και Νοτίου Αφρικής. Μακροχρόνια στοιχήματα Κόπα Αφρικα στον Stoiximan.gr. Τρίτο φαβορί αυτήν την στιγμή η Νότιος Αφρική με απόδοση 8.00 στον Stoiximan.gr. Η Αίγυπτος που κέρδισε…

The value value value should be A and Z in the betting vocabulary of each betting player. A concept so special, from other incomprehensible and many so misunderstood that has an impact on our own lives, our markets and our transactions. Value bet, ...

- Monday, 24 June 2019 11: 29

Seri is here every week!

Its exciting Seri Stoiximan.gr is being held every week, giving the opportunity to anyone who makes the absolute streak to win completely free * 10.000 €! We met him every month, but he is here every week for more fun and more opportunities! The reason for his Seri Stoiximan.gr, a game you're calling ...

After Colombia, Brazil and Venezuela were taking their tickets for the next (knockout) phase of Copa America. The Venezuelans surprised and passed Peru, which will have to wait until tomorrow (perhaps today depending on the results) to see if it will succeed as one of ...

- Saturday, 22 June 2019 21: 17

Copa America 2019: The "stand" and the goals

Great games include the current football coupon of the bet. Peru - Brazil (22: 00) At the top of the list is the top-flight derby between Brazil and Peru, a match that will judge the first of the first group in Copa America. Both share first place with 4 grades, with almost identical ...

- Thursday, June 20 2019 17: 09

Euro U21 2019: Special bets with value

Today, the second rounds of the Euro Under 21 final group are held. In the first game we had Germany prevailing with 3-1 from Denmark and Austria with 0-2 from Serbia. Only the first of each group and the best second of the three clubs qualify for the semifinals. In…

- Wednesday, 19 June 2019 21: 30

Copa America: Requirements for goal and sight

With the second round of the second group in Copa America, the column will be dealt with today. Colombia, following the impressive victory in Argentina's premiere, welcomes Qatar, while Messi's company faces Paraguay's Cardo. Argentina has no room for new losses and will ...

- Tuesday, June 18 2019 23: 48

Copa Africa 2019: The curriculum

Copa Africa will be held from 21 June to July 19 in five different cities in Egypt. 24 teams will be divided into six groups of four, the top two of each group will go straight, just like the four best thirds. Analytically the countries that will receive ...

Copa America's 2 racing game offers exciting games! In the impressive "Marrakech" of Rio de Janeiro for the 1 tournament group, Peru faces Bolivia. With Ricardo Gareca in technical leadership, the Peruvians have made progress in recent years and are ...

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