- Wednesday, April 24 2019 21: 54

All eyes turned to Manchester's dingbar

Pamestoixima.gr: Ξεχωριστή προσφορά στην ντερμπάρα του Μάντσεστερ Σπουδαία παιχνίδια περιλαμβάνει το σημερινό ποδοσφαιρικό κουπόνι του στοιχήματος, με παιχνίδια όπως το Βέρντερ Βρέμης – Μπάγερν Μονάχου, Μίλαν – Λάτσιο, Γουλβς – Αρσεναλ και φυσικά το ντέρμπι του Μάντσεστερ, μεταξύ της Γιουνάιτεντ και της Σίτι. Η φετινή Πρέμιερ Λιγκ κόβει την ανάσα…

- Monday, April 22 2019 21: 42

Giannis proves why he is MVP!

John Adodokunbo is one of the main candidates for this year's MVP. Until this is decided, the Greek ace leads his team to the NBA playoffs. Baks are ahead of the series against Pistons and Giannis is firm in every match of the best for ...

- Monday, April 22 2019 22: 22

Two "doubles" and two over the island!

As we all know, the English people experience Easter days as Catholics and have a tradition of celebrating them on the stadiums. Thus, after the race of last Friday, there is a new (racing), the so-called double, this afternoon. Today's football coupon contains games from almost all categories ...

Premier League Manchester United continues to hunt one of the two places leading to the Champions League next season. Not at all easy since three other teams "crack" on the high "shelves" of the scoring. Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea do not want to lose the European train of the biggest cross-country ...

- Saturday 20 April 2019 21: 16

For British rematch, South!

Tottenham looked Manchester City, defended London's 1-0 and despite defeat at 4-3, a huge qualification in the semi-finals of the Champions League. The feast may not have stopped in the ranks of "fallen", but they are invited to visit Manchester again for the championship ...

- Friday, April 19 2019 23: 42

Ready for a bracelet by Panathinaikos OPAP

The Panathinaikos OPAP missed a great opportunity in Madrid to make 1-0 and become that guide of the series against Real. The greens approached very close to the end and preceded even six points, but the hosts smiled at the end with a final 75-71 score. OR…

- Thursday, April 18 2019 23: 15

Napoli must be open for qualification

After a two-day Champions League match, where we saw terrible football, real football, it's time to go to the Europa League games. Great matchmaking adorns our football betting coupon, with today's games of the tournament gathering large volumes, having a universal preference ...

At Pamestoixima.gr you will find super odds in today's Champions League matches. Two tickets are looking for the semi-finals of the top league tournament tonight. Manchester City hosts Tottenham Hotspur at 1-0 and Liverpool travels to Porto to defend England's 2-0. Which teams…

Pamestoixima.gr: Juve, City and Panathinaikos OPAP prize in super odds! The week we are running is "fire" in soccer and basketball! Repeating champions and Euroleague are expected to slam the betting public, as the eight best Euroleague teams start fighting to qualify for the ...

- Monday, April 15 2019 21: 18

Secondary coupon with interesting choices

Several interesting matches include Monday's football coupon, with three of the top European championships. Arsenal is being tested at Watford and Real Madrid in Leganis, while Atalanta seems to have an easier task (as it is fighting at home) against Empoli.
24 Apr 2019
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