Sunday is associated with a stadium, football and betting chats. Traditions are hard to break, you see, and we go for a long ride on European and non-European stadiums. In the Premier League let's make a reference to United's win in yesterday's Manchester derby against City. Because, in the bet ...

- Friday 06 December 2019 12: 43

Odds, Contest and Day Forecasts

Good evening and happy birthday to the celebrants (Nikos-Nikolets etc). Friday is usually a day of preparation for the weekend and as the schedule seems to be particularly interesting, we decided to take a look at the odds of the big leagues. Important Update: Infobeto continues to distribute gifts to its member readers through…

Midnight coupon with emblem in English Premier League and 1 and French 2 League, as well as Cup ... fights in several European countries. In the Premier League, Manchester City travel to Burnley's home base and the gela is banned after striking out in Newcastle last Saturday. The shear ...

Last month (November) proved to be a great month for Infobeto's tipsters, with a net gain of almost 80 units, which was followed by extremely high Yield rates. To make it easier to understand the magnitude of success, we will open a little bracket on what the word Yield in betting is…

Return to the battles after a short few days off for the column. Sunday with major matches in our betting slip. Of course, in our discussions, there is a big derby between Olympiacos and PAOK in "George Karaiskakis". Let's look at what we kept from today's program. Top Derby at…

The European Week ends today with the Europa League matches, where opportunities arise based on team motivation. Before we go into the proposals, you will allow us a comment on yesterday's ... orchestrations of our NBA draft picks. Giorgos Kotakis and Giannis Pennos have confirmed the absolute…

- Τετάρτη, Νοεμβρίου 27 2019 14: 49

Betting Predictions: Qualifying for the Champions League

With 8 games the action continues on Wednesday at the top cross-country event. Qualifying and first-team games. Let's go see them one by one. Zenit Saint Petersburg - Lyon Down with the decline of the Russians who are strong at home and tonight will play only…

- Τρίτη, Νοεμβρίου 26 2019 14: 14

Bet Predictions: Champions League Goal Night

Over in the Basque derby (Aybar - Alawes) we missed the Sunday double. A game in which the home side had 17 final attempts, with 7 in the end and unable to score. If the score had opened in the first place, where Alaves had a beam, I think ...

- Sunday, 24 November 2019 13: 16

Bet Predictions: Sunday double

Yesterday's day was great, another absolute ... Prizma (second in the last three columns), a sample of the hard work done by the Infobeto team. See here: Recommended Odds: 2,51-2,15-1,72-1,85. It's been a long time ... nice things. Looking back, we will see that 15 has been verified by…

Finally the Euro Qualifiers and a return to regularity. However, a period that was successful for the column, as most of the points proposed were confirmed. Other data is now in front of us and we have to comply with it. Any coupon after stopping is at least ... weird and a lot of risks ...

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