In Tel Aviv with 2.24 Olympiacos

In Tel Aviv with 2.24 Olympiacos

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Code "reset" for Olympiacos against Maccabi. The analysis and the Matchcombo bet of the match.

Olympiacos is in Tel Aviv with the goal of rebuilding and returning to good basketball after the recent pandemic. Opposite him he will find a captured Maccabi who is trying to get out of the prolonged quagmire.

Last week we took a first sample of how massive cases can hit a team's web. The image of the two "eternals" was typical. Both of them found it difficult to follow their opponents (teams that also had problems but also a better game pace plus the above training sessions), they did not have the automation, the breaths and the overall conditioning to follow.

The red and whites had a bad second half in Polis. Their defensive collaborations were poor while their abstention from the action had dealt a major blow to their spiritual endurance. Olympiakos "fell" easily when the match started to go awry. The competition is close to the table and the victory in Israel seems necessary at the moment so that no more ground is lost.

Giannis Sfeiropoulos' Maccabi is experiencing a difficult situation this year from which it is unable to escape. He has been in a quagmire for a long time, under great pressure from the world and the media in Israel. Central to these discussions is of course the Greek coach who is trying to turn the team switch, with the chances at the moment not looking in his favor.

It is true that this year Maccabi is a poorly made team. And for that, even such a capable coach finds it difficult to change her image. Giannis Sfeiropoulos, in the model of the teams he had built in Piraeus, wanted to load the line of tall players with the ability to produce by having the ability in the personal phase in the low post, with the obvious goal of shifting the center of gravity of his production process to painting. framing Wilbekin on the periphery with good athletes who can defend and act as facilitators.

The experiment did not work and Maccabi's image has long remained poor. The Israelis are arteriosclerotic in the attack, they shoot badly and they are weak in the transition part. Here may be a good opportunity for Olympiacos. The whole of Giannis Sfeiropoulos is not very effective when the field is running, whether we are talking about the offensive or the defensive part. And this is a problem for this year's Maccabi who wants to run.

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More specifically:

- Maccabi together with Fener has the most possessions in the transition after Unix (No. 1 in the tournament) and Monaco (No. 2). However, it produces only 1.051 points per possession, a performance that places it at 13η position of the relevant sector.

-The things are just as bad in the defensive transition (No13 also). The "team of the people" does not have the tall people who stand out in this part, nor the guards who will control the ball.

-Olympiakos in turn is the most efficient transition team of the tournament with 1.301 points per possession. The red and whites can and must hit the open field.

 Maccabi is a post up team. It has been made with emphasis on the low post-game and the nature of its tall ones signs the above conclusion. The Israelis are distinguished for their effectiveness in painting on both sides of the parquet. They will try with the Reynolds-Zizic-Williams trio to impose themselves on the racket, giving balls to their very capable productive tall ones. Olympiacos is one of the strongest low post-defenses of the tournament. He can also gamble in some cases with the peripheral shot of some players of coach Sfeiropoulos to strengthen his defense in the "painted".

Scotty Wilbekin will of course need a lot of attention. He is an athlete who can inspire his teammates and stir up the field, having the green light from his coach to take on more energy. Thomas Wookup will have a lot of work to do. Maccabi is not a very productive team and is very dependent on its leader. If he stays in the shallows, it will not be easy for her to follow the Greek team.

Also note that the Israelis made a very good move by signing Khyri Thomas (played a bit in Bilbao) to replace Nanali. The former Creighton star could potentially evolve into a quality 3 & D wing at this level.

We wrote in the Spring of 2020 about him at Hoopfellas:

"Thomas has an excellent 3 & D-package that can be easily absorbed by a good European team. In contrast to the NBA environment, in Europe it is considered a wing. His very strong body combined with his long limbs (6'10 ”wingspan) help him defend both lines. His ability to turn defense into a direct attack is proverbial (overall he is excellent in the backcourt). Controlled player who plays the sport on the right basis. Excellent three-point shooter with very effective off-screen action and execution after dribbling. Reads the defense correctly with or without the ball. He is not very productive in 1on1 situations - minus the NBA where he was considered a guard - although he has shown that he knows how to finish after contact (in college he finished painting much more often than his teammate Marcus Foster).

The fast pace of Creighton's attack, which was based on spacing and ball movement, can be a good training background for him in case he crosses the Atlantic and joins the game from here. It has the specifications to develop into a 3 & D-Shooting wing in the style of KC Rivers in Europe ".

Maccabi comes to this match counting 8 consecutive defeats. Her last victory came two months ago when she beat Monaco in Tel Aviv. Olympiacos in no case should underestimate the Israelis. It is something that is often done unconsciously, which is why it is difficult for coaches to control. The memory of the last night in Polis can help the Greek team to reach high levels of concentration and determination, in order to return to victories at an important point of the season.

Matchcombo with Under 161.5 and Scottie Wilbekin Points 13+ at odds of 2.24 at Stoiximan

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