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In Greece, the bet was legalized in March of 2000 with OPAP and INTRALOT, initially participating in the state-owned betting company OPAP SA.

The main betting game was about betting tips and was named "Let's Go Betting". Pame Bet was played at the agencies with the special vouchers of OPAP.

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In the early years it included only football matches and the limitations were in favor of the players who could not bet on less than 4 points! At the same time, the rake was by far the biggest compared to those of the respective betting bets on the outside.

Later he joined the OPAP coupon, betting on basketball, tennis and some special bets, and later on players were given the opportunity to bet through systems such as the R group, etc.

Strong competition from illicit botmakers and internet companies has progressively led to improved wagering conditions and odds, and the organization of the game by the public Football Progression Organization after 2007 played a role.

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Today, OPAP is no longer a state-owned company, having gone into the hands of a multinational trusts investor, without losing its competitiveness in relation to betting online consortia.

The OPAP Bet offers a large number of single accepted games, while in OPAP's agencies it is possible to play live with a betting slip in the matches of the most important European competitions.

At the same time, betting via OPAP is predictable and bets for several sports such as basketball, hockey, tennis, baseball, and 2013 has also entered the internet.

At infobeto we provide instructions and predictions for smart betting on Greek and European championships, basketball, etc.

More News:

- In Canada, a bill voted by the House of Commons and legalizing sports bets, a market of about 14 billion, is in danger of going through the senate out of fears of game set-up and dependency on players. The contradiction is that individual bets have been a reality for years, being done everywhere, and that they would regulate illegal activity by creating jobs and allowing cross-border bets from US tourists.

- Bets for Prince Charles to take on a monarch in the UK froze as the odds of 1 / 5 became 6 / 4 within an XNUM time, leading companies to look for the causes by freezing betting.

- One of the most popular betting methods is betting against the stream. The philosophy of the method is that most of the time (many) are betting wrong, and the more excited and charged the mass to the favorite, the more likely they are that they have chosen the wrong side.

- The Brussels Group has a different view from the MINISTRY regarding the licensing of gambling providers via the Internet. Hopes for this measure have been trimmed by BG due to estimates of poor financial revenues, as well as potential legal consequences from licensing operators.




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