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- Thursday, 12 October 2017 22: 10

A first ... look at the G / C games!

Good evening, Thursday night, and it would be good to have an "eye" in our tournaments. An initial study is always important and clearly necessary. Entering the theme, if we had to characterize the program, the word that would fit perfectly with it would be "cascade," as few are ...

- Saturday, 19 August 2017 13: 29

From the Netherlands and Belgium to ... Poland!

To love me for yesterday, bitterness and remorse suffered me long before I slept. Believe me, the greatest satisfaction a "writing" can have is not related to what and how much it can - because it can not catch it, but whether it respects and, most importantly, it offers its readers ...

- Saturday, 12 August 2017 13: 12

Targeting high

Midweek came close, but we did not manage to ... win. I do not have any complaints, but I did not lose (Portsmouth), while in the other I was defeated at 93 '(MORCAM), in a game of "wild" beauty that could after 3-3 to ... sit anywhere. Very few ...

- Tuesday, 08 August 2017 15: 17

Allied with the upcoming "double" Championship.

On your good morning, the machines started to warm up ... and we are here to discuss the current games and finally to bet our quest. The Carabao Cup (a new name for 2017, named after a new sponsorship) is accustomed to being the -the favorite for us- the institution of surprises such as ...

- Saturday 01 April 2017 13: 25


At your very best, the Nationals are at last past and we returned to normal pace. Meanwhile, it was not bad, but 2 / 3 options were confirmed in the Blog column, and whoever chose to go to the GG (Wimbledon-Rochdale) duo - Over2.5 (Peru-Uruguay) is clearly satisfied. But Buri disappointed and defeated with ...

- Tuesday, 28 March 2017 16: 20

With three options

Yours, the Slovenes have been disappointed against the Scots and have been defeated much easier than we would expect. Their tactics were not appropriate, they played for the draw and "paid". Nationals are slowly saying good-bye and we will return to normal pace. But before this happens, we have a small ...

- Sunday, 19 March 2017 11: 55

Sunday "analyzes"

Good morning, I thought so, and I think it is best not to propose something for today, a little ugly moon, a little bit that the toys on the run voucher are not ideally conceived in this decision. Having a chat yesterday with a member in chat on infobeto ( about the negative cellar ...

- Thursday, 16 March 2017 20: 53

With the "look" in ... tomorrow!

Yours today, the eyes of most of them can be found in Cheltenham and the position of "every" Astrakhan (laughs) but we have already approached the M / C coupon and we will make an analysis of the games that come in our voucher. As time passes, the motivation ...

- Tuesday, February 21 2017 12: 34

Let's stop at last!

Good day comrades, it's a difficult time when I decided to stay away for a few days seeing everything that was happening lately and bored with bells. Fortune is a determining factor in the game, it sometimes judges an outcome in itself, but most predisposes situations. Last time, no ...

Good morning, good year to have health above all, luck (key ingredient) and everything else that everyone wants. With the tournament being in a hurry, we have had plenty of time to study and reschedule. There may be no tips to bet, but all this is just as important for future ...

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Tipster Profit Yield
PRAGUE +62.71 + 42.95%
SOLAR +59.13 + 31.12%
Pen +1.13 + 16.14%
RAPTAKIS -7.72 -4.83%
ERTZAN -7.80 -18.14%
KOTAKIS -23.78 -31.29%
TSIOKOS -24.30 -19.60%

Tipster Profit Yield
SOLAR +1057.65 + 13.81%
PRAGUE +231.57 + 21.52%
KOTAKIS +164.25 + 5.17%
Pen +84.57 + 10.09%
RAPTAKIS +67.57 + 1.80%
ERTZAN -2.11 -0.05%
TSIOKOS -82.44 -12.78%

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Freiburg v Mgladbach € 5450571
Gornik Zabrze v Lechia Gd ... € 173151
Selfoss v Snaefell € 88591
Aves v Belenenses € 59451
NK Celje v Rudar € 38938
IR Reykjavik v KA Asvellir € 26652

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