From the Netherlands and Belgium to ... Poland!

From the Netherlands and Belgium to ... Poland!

from / PROVISIONAL PROPOSALS / Saturday, 19 August 2017 13: 29

To love me for yesterday, bitterness and remorse suffered me long before I slept. Believe me, the greatest satisfaction a "writing" can have is not related to what and how much it can - because it can not catch it, but whether it respects and, most importantly, it offers its readers. Having this in mind, the ... crack becomes more intense.
Traditionally, in the last 5 years I'm in the field, Fridays have the biggest workload. Somehow, one brought the other and with the pressure of time I did not manage to refresh the column, with a point I did - what we say - a "click" from the first moment, a point bet from Thursday afternoon, having my eyes always - the greatest value in the whole coupon! A point of 5.00 that was verified by a score: 0-4! Apparently, I refer to Zulte Baregem, another big point from Belgium, after Beβeren's last week.

Well to be wounded, this year's bouquet started with a lot of mistakes in the Belgian league and I hope this will continue in the next few games.

Do not be disturbed anymore, time to go to ... fresh buns. The truth is that there is no point similar to yesterday, but there are points worth considering. The final screening brought 6 surface options.

Underwater: Xenum (4,00) from the Netherlands, Krona (3,40) from Poland, Xorum (4,33) from Belgium, Karup (3,60) from Turkey

Fabory: Brann (2,4) from Norway, Odense (2,60) from Denmark

These were distinguished from a relatively large initial screening. Let's see them one by one.

In the Netherlands, Fenlo, though a newcomer, showed at the premiere that he has nothing to fear at the given time. Twente is much changed compared to last year and we expect to have trouble building up after leaving good units mid-spec. Fenlo on the other hand makes homogeneity (almost the same team that won the championship in the second category) and this always counts in the early races. Double in 4.00.

On our Belgium I will meet Club Brugge, I have seen her in almost all of her games, in addition to not being coached by coach Leko, last year's winner can win but leaves room for questioning. Kratrakik traditionally at its headquarters is a lucky day, and has won 8 / 10 in recent years. With the OMA to play, the Ace at 4,33 is a clear choice.

At Poland the 3.40 of the Crown is considered excessive. She is undefeated away from home, looked in the eyes of the best team in the country (Legea: 1-1) and opposite Arka: 0-0 was quite unfortunate, as in the most recent game against Jagiellonia where she was pretty good despite defeat (2-3). It suits the title of the underdog and in the offensive attack fires creating many final adventures. Piasta has started very badly, easily accepted goals and has the pressure to manage. She will also miss her organizer, which makes things even more difficult. From there, the weakest Slaska and Szeczyne left positive, so it's purely in the hand of Korona if it ... escape with the double.

Karabuck in Turkey started the league with a draw, a positive result since last year's away from home was too much and at home is very strong. On the other hand, Basaksehir has the game with the Sevilla and may be making changes.

Finally, Odense beats Middeland with the mind at Juropa (defeated with 3-2 in Cyprus) and with weaknesses away from home, while Bran may be able to win again ... the class deck, Viking that he sold and that he had the best in Rosenborg.

That's all. Now the most difficult time of chemistry. After a lot of thought, I came up with a patent and a double. Obviously I will leave outside of Turkey, more because I have not seen it yet but also because Basak has little chance of overcoming the barrage of Sevilla after 1-2 last Wednesday.

So, in the souma ...

Patent: 2 4,00 (1) - 4,33 contour (2) - 3,40 crown (XNUMX)

Bundle: Brand 2 - Odense 1 (6,25)

Good luck and good profits!


George Siomos

George Siomos

Born in a soccer family, with his father having been in charge for many years with the football activities of his area, he was rather unhappy that he would follow a similar course and stick to the microbe. He is the guy who likes to see the ... Baroque-Eorded (we are playing Yannis Makratzakis) from Barcelona-Real Madrid. The above is not populism, but it fits perfectly into his theory ... "The underground is the view." His acquaintance with the bet was made during the years of high school in the time of Ancient Greek, he as a well-known Handyman (Mechanical Engineer) snobbled and used to study ... points. Since then things have come to themselves, to really do what they love, and at the same time not to forget to say at least one thank you to those who have learned a lot (they know).

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