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Before we deal with the racing we have before us, I want to remind you that Wednesday / Thursday follows a racing match in both the Super League and the Football League. This means that the teams come in one one process mini-championship of three racesuntil the break for Christmas and New Year celebrations. Keep this, we will need it.

Kalloni in its last three games (Platanias in, Niki Volou, Xanthi off) calculated at least 6 points (according to her players' statements) and won only one, while until the end of the championship there are fights in Genoi Koule (with OFI waiting with wild moods, as well as he has a very difficult schedule and comes from home defeat) and Tarla with Olympiacos. Do you understand that in the team of Lesvos they want in any way the three points in the game with Panetolikos and the positive for Yannis Matzourakis is that he does not face any problem.

Panetolikos on the contrary, it comes from winning against Panionios, and there are clearly more difficult matches on Wednesday and next Sunday with Platanias inside and Niki Volou off, respectively. In Mytilini he will be lined up with great absences, both in the defense (Becarano, Malezas) and in the attack (Vivafanii, Moreno). In no case do I say that the Agrarians will not "strike" the game, though their absentees, little Kalloni's great need to come back to victory, lead me to the 2.30 ace.

Panionios will have Marina Ouzounidis for the first time in his technical leadership, he does not face any major absences (the chaos of Hatzisiaia, but the valuable midfielder Kolovos is probably coming back) and he wants a victory at all costs as he comes from two defeats (in Corfu and Agrinio) and follows Olympiakos games except Atromitos.

In OFI, no one deals with the team and the game with Panionios. Fans, players, coaches and managers are waiting for the Italians to complete the transfer and make transfers. In Nea Smyrna, the team of Crete will be literally decimated. The only remarkable goal scored by the roster, Tripotzeris, is punished and Meite - Andeley will fight in the center of the defense (to laugh the world that will go to the stadium). On the left side will be the fierce (but only this) Moniakis, as Millias is punished, while a big problem is also in the middle line with the injuries of Razak - Kalaidzic and the departure of Aponio - Frangoulakis. Problem and the ends of the attack, as Koutsianikolis, Perugamvrakis are injured and Siskic has left.

2.05 opened the ace, who quickly retreated to 1.95 and is now in 1.85. I personally rate 1.75, so from 1.80 and up I'm positive.

Most likely overof the racing is in Pancretan, as Ergotelis wants only a victory and finds against him the molded and very aggressive with Lutscheu in the technical leadership of Xanthi. For the defense of the Heraklion team I have written them many times, do not get tired. There are, however, two problems for that over. The first is the absence of the super-styled intermediate Clayton (punished) for the guests. The second comes from the fact that Dermitzakis changed the group system in Komotini from 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-3, which is essentially 4-6-0. Practically he put another medium (Boginov) in place of the only one (Noskovic or Pamlidis). Now the three foremen will be Yusuf, Hadi, Halkidakis, but none of them are not ...

In the South League of the Soccer League there is a possible low ace in Patras, with Panahaic to welcome her Kallithea. I would, though 1.55+, as the guests again have Nikos Pantelis in the technical leadership and the psychology of the players is soaring. The Paneygyalos - Acharnaikos I do not see how he can get out of it for. Murat Seropian vs. Giorgos Vasakas scored a total of "0-1 goals". On Apollo we have Bosnian's return to technical leadership and this fact alone is able to give players the necessary impetus to reach the 2.25 against AC Chania.

On the north, I distinguish the potential Ace of Pierre against Aiginiakos, at the local derby of Pieria. Let me make it clear that the guests have a qualitative and experienced roster, but I see a team completely absolutist, without a racing orientation, without psychology and without motivation. A little seat, little jersey, somewhat the greatest momentum I see in Pierico, lead me to equal to 2.25.

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