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Giorgos Borovilos is the new president of the Super League. The well-known former referee. To comment? Can I say my opinion "openly"? Let's leave it better because I've already put pressure on it. This choice confirms, however, what I have been crying for many years about Greek football, that the racing and moral outpouring in front of the ... intellectual. I give up. Let's see the racing game, because the pressure is still rising ...

* 16 March, last year's championship, Kalloni is indifferent to the 7-0 defeat by Platanias who ... was crouching for victory, and Yannis Matzourakis writes a story about players outside ... a socket. It is not worth the Lesbos team so high and the performance of the team is not satisfactory. 9/9 forand 4 / 4 at home No.goalfor Kalloni, 4 / 5 games with a total of '0-1 goals' is coming from Platanias.

* Before the end of the championship, Panetolikos was the most "hot" team, with 4 Vidafanias - Martins - Capel - Moreno doing ... orgies in the attack. The lack of playing pace, the injury of the Moreno and the rumors that bring the Martines close to AEK, combined with the Gradient's need of Levadiakos, have a dissuasive effect on the double. I would not give so high (2.10) it goal/goalhowever ...

* Sa Pinto slowly puts his "seal" on Atromitos, with Napoleoni - Papazoglou being one of the super aggressive twins of the Super League. And Xanthi, however, with Lutscheu clearly plays more attractive and aggressive football. Ace can only stand on PRO-PO as well 1.55 has no value.

* Olympiacos will try to entertain the impressions from 4ara in Madrid, with Mitchell heading to make many changes to the original shape. 5 / 5 wins in Corfu for "red-white". Several absences, as well as obstacle preparation for the Michalis Gregoriou band, as several players did not train because of high fever in the last few days. Double from half time and double with handicap.

* Ergotelis, who has the worst (after Niki Volou, who is only a typical Super League team), has no home defeat in the category. Dermitzakis fights him, but the summer defense options were tragic. Meanwhile, there is speed and quality, which was also shown in 2-2 with Veria. In spite of the exclusion from the continuation of Yuropas, in Asteras psychology is heights, as the group's image was excellent. The absences of Bantibaga and Role are important, but the Arcadians are "deep" on the bench. Let's go with it goal/goalin 1.95 performance, as I personally would not give it over 1.80.

* Loss at Niki Volos, with the big shareholder Andreas Patsis putting on a ... shop (600.000 euros), having taken care of his team earlier by saying that he has no world and dynamics. The disciplinary misconduct of five players and the many racing problems in a small roster are simply the icing on the cake, for a team counting backwards to return to the Football League. Any result other than victory will be suicide for Panionios. From 1.50's low mark, I would prefer the XCUMX (-1) to 1.85 (refund of Panionios with a goal difference).

* To avoid the PAOK ace with the Panther. Fatigue from the trip to Belarus, coupled with the difficult weather conditions encountered by the "bicephalos" mission and the absences of Katsika, Gioi, Mac, Athanasiadis make the 1.15 of the Ace sound like an anecdote. New coach to Panthrakiko, Manuel Roka, former goalkeeper of the team and serving on the bench of Olympiakos Volos last year.

* "Barouti" smells the climate in OFI, with the fans rising up and preparing to get the situation in their hands. Administrative developments are soon to be expected, with the bad climate being transferred to changing rooms. Gatuzo accused Sicic of lower yields against Xanthi and the administration resolved the Slovenian contract, which responded with an appeal. There are also important absences, as George is punished and Kalaidzic, Aponio, Perugamvrakis injured. In PAS, things are clearly better, but the team does not deliver soccer that matches the quality of the roster. Excellent relations are the two teams at the administrative level, while the link is the coach of PAS Yiannis Petrakis, a registered friend of OFI and passing 2012-13 from the Cretan counter. And because the ... good friends in the hard side seem and the team that has the most need (to calm the situation a little) is OFI, I can not rule out anything.

* The probable overtime of the game is on the Avenue (followed by Pangratio), as Panathinaikos with the return of Berg has again found its "paws" and creates many phases, while Veria with Kaltsa - Dumitru - Ben - Georgiadis - Kambora has the speed and quality to threaten. I'll take a little more risk, choosing the combination overand goal/goalin 2.20 performance.

At Football its showdown stands out Panayachis with AEK. Alexis Kougias continues to provoke with his statements, but the truth is that he has made a team with low-budget, youth and speed, you are looking forward to seeing. AEK will not have an easy task, and double odds at 1.80 do not say much. That's itgoal/goalit is more likely and it pays better. Ο Aharnaikos was the double of the race, but it was ruined by the recruitment of Nikos Pantelis in the technical leadership Kallithea. The experienced technician knows the changing rooms from the outside and has already put the weight on the players' psychology. The most likely draw in the game is in Ermionida - Hercules of Psachna, with the quality of the score being balanced by the home. At the rally derby Panayogalou - Apollo, I will give a lead to the ace, but only to 2.20 + odds. The main reason is that I consider Murat Seropian a much better coach than Nikos Kosthenoglou. Armenian will find the way to "lock" the blue-eyed trumpet, "push" it and its headquarters ...

To the north the point that stands out is its double Olympiakos Volos in Katerini. 9-4-0 the recent tradition of "Red-White", 4-3-0 in Katerini, when they have a new coach on the bench, the promising Giorgos Koutsis. With several fans on their side and without racing problems, the Voloiotes. Nothing special Pieric, will fight to prevent demotion. From 2.00 and up we are good. The most likely draw is in neighboring derby of Renaissance Karditsa with Lamia, with the hosts having a powerful seat and the guests a more experienced and qualitative roster. Finally, I will be surprised and I will go to the national league with Zakynthos, but only from 2.30 and up. And I say surprise because the islanders have 4 wins in equal number of matches, without having yet to score goals, while the Serbs are still unaware of the victory. I consider the position of both teams fictitious and perhaps the confrontation between them is the turning point. It reminds me very much of a game of National Gazoros - Fokikos before 2 years, with Fokico to start impressively then the championship and the National to be a lame after the first races. But it was obvious that the situation would change soon. 3.10 opened the ace then, 4-0 the final result, with the Serres finishing much higher in the score ...

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