Stoiximan Master: € 10.000 every day & 1.000.000 big prize completely free *

Stoiximan Master: € 10.000 every day & 1.000.000 big prize completely free *

from / PRESS RELEASES / Saturday, 12 June 2021 13: 08

This Euro is unlike any other: The Stoiximan Master and the Lucky Rounds wheel came to make your game better completely free *!


The European is here and no one misses it at Stoiximan! Because he can claim every day completely free * up to € 10.000, with the big prize reaching € 1.000.000! And how will this happen; With the Stoiximan Master that came to make your game better in the big football celebration.


How does Stoiximan Master work?


Every day of the Euro match, you are asked to guess in a specific match the score and the player who will score first completely free *. For example, in Belgium-Russia you guess that Lukaku will score first and the final score will be 3-0.


In case these two events happen and you are the only one who has predicted them, you win € 10.000! If there are others who have predicted the same, you will share € 10.000, while if there is no winner, the amount is added to the next race in which you will now claim € 20.000!


In terms of the overall prize? The total of predictions is 44 (22 games, top scorer and final score for each game). If you succeed and find 32/44 predictions you win € 1.000.000, while if others are found you will share the big prize.


And all the above completely free *!


Stoiximan Master with a grand prize of € 1.000.000 & € 10.000 every day, completely free *! (CLICK HERE))


 Lucky Rounds: Every day you claim a free * super prize!


The surprises at this Euro do not stop at Stoiximan Master. The Lucky Rounds wheel is already available, where every day you claim a super prize for a bet or casino, completely free *!


So in this European you become the Master in the predictions and claimed every race day up to € 10.000 but also the big prize of € 1.000.000 completely free *, but also a super prize every day on the Lucky Rounds wheel, also completely free *!


Lucky Rounds, every day you claim a super prize completely free *!


Nobody misses this European in Stoiximan!


* Terms and conditions apply. The Contest is free and no deposit or participation in the games is required




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