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Other Sports SYRIZA - KINAL-PASOK Handicap

Sunday, 21 May 2023 01: 47


Victory margin New Democracy - K.K.E.

   The time has come for most of the world, especially the elderly (fortunately I don't feel old yet) to sit in front of the televisions and watch their own "Champions League". And after every result that will come that they expected it regardless of whether it is true or not because it is their moment and they deserve it.

The first Sunday of the elections (I think it is more likely that the likeable Asteras Tripoli will win the championship next year than that we will not have 2η electoral process) is a bit difficult for betting companies and they go "a bit blindly". Not that they don't know what is happening to them of course, just maybe in 1-2 cases they have made some mistakes. And we are there to find them.


SYRIZA in almost all betting is given in Over/Under percentages, from 29.50% to 30.50%. With Over always being a favourite. And with the range possibly ranging from 29.01 to 33.00%. This makes me believe that none of them calculates that today's opposition will get lower than 29.00%. Element No.1.

KINAL-PASOK is given in Over/Under percentages, from 9.75% to 10.50%, in almost all bookmakers. With Over being a favorite in the low numbers and a possible range of 9.01%-11.00%. This leads me to believe that none of them expect to get lower than 09.00%. Element No.2.

KINAL-PASOK is in a strange phase at the moment and is trying to get what it can because it will probably fall more in the 2nd election. So from 8.1% in 2019 to +3% points (we are talking about a lot of votes around 250.000) so I think their ceiling is 11.1%. Element No.3.


So if we take the three (3) above basic elements and say that "theoretically":

  • SYRIZA gets the lowest percentage ie: 29.00%
  • KINAL-PASOK the highest percentage ie: 11.1%
  • It gives us a difference of 29.00-11.1=17.90%


But here we got the worst scenario for one party and the best for the other. If we take the opposite scenarios or identical then the rate will never fall below 18.5%

With this conclusion I conclude that SYZIRZA can cover the handicap given to him at prices of -18.5% and I will take it.

Event: SYRIZA - KINAL-PASOK Handicap
Sport: Other Sports
Category: Other Sports Greek Elections 2023
Date: Sunday, 21 May 2023 21: 00
Tip: Special Bet
Units: 6/10
Odds: 1.60
Bookmaker: 21+ | EEEP Regulator KETHEA helpline: 210 9237777 | Play Responsibly
Result: + 8,61 %
Profit: -6 (Lost)
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Profit Draws. Hamm. Profit Yield
2023 58 4 72 -29.82 -5.3%
All Time 506 30 652 +24.73 + 0.5 %

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