Al Nahda - Al Fateh

Much better team last year's champion Al Fateh compared to new-born Al Nahda, who is already packing for the return to second class, and it is logical to have the guests in this game.

Only a few days ago Al Fateh qualified for the next phase of the cup, winning a great victory in the Al Ahli headquarters, a result that somewhat corrected the team's psychology following the unjust defeat for the Al Tawoon championship.

On the other hand, Al Nahda comes from a series of good appearances, since 4's last matches have 3 draws and a lucky defeat from Al Hilal at 90. Of course, despite good appearances and good defensive performance, the best team has managed to draw from the modest and bad teams of Al Faisaly, Al Shoalah and Al Orouba.

If Al Fateh plays seriously and gets a relatively good performance then he should not have trouble getting this victory. She may have difficulty raising the weight of the champion this year, but Al Fateh must be able to win it, having much better players and generally a much better team.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Saudi Pro League
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1.83
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 1–2
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +4.15

Al Shabab (-1 EH) - Al Nahda

An opportunity to return to victories and to heal the wounds from the recent unsuccessful results has Al Shabab, who is welcoming the weakest team in the championship.

The 2011 champions went through a difficult period after being eliminated by the Champions League and Michelle Preudhomme's dismissal, and while the team showed up in the hands of our well-known Emilio Fereira, he was defeated by Al Hilal with 4- 1 and lost a sure win in Al Taawon in the last seconds of the match. However, the interruption for the national teams came as a median, and so everyone in the group had the opportunity to calm down and get ready for recasting.

The fortune is that the Brazilian Rafinha has returned to training, while international and transatlantic Torres have returned without problems. Ahmed Ateef's only doubt, while Fereira said that from now on, all the players are in the pipeline, as the transfer period is approaching, and in addition, space must be emptied into the roster to bring players from the Academy who are ready for the big team .

Al Nahda before the break was impressed by bringing 4-4 to Al Ittihad, in an extremely bumpy game where Ittihad made one mistake after another and underestimated the "blue" after the fast 0-2. But, again, Al Nahda showed some known problems and generally does not give the picture of the group that can stand in the category.

As I see the game, Al Shabab has a golden opportunity to win a good win and start her new effort to go as far as possible in the scoring. If they are serious and do not underestimate Al Nahda then they are able to make a great victory and with a difference in the score.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Saudi Pro League
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 2.00
  • Stake 4
  • result 6–0
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +4

Al Ettifaq - Al Nahda

Enterprise recasting for Al Ettifaq, expected to have a very bad start, but now they can not continue to lose points because they will face big problems with staying in the class.

Al Ettifaq has a golden opportunity to win her second victory in the league after facing the weakest team in the league, Al Nahda. With the new coach, Romanian Eusebio Tudor, had a good appearance against Al Shabab before stopping and during the break of the championship made a mini-preparation to improve.

Al Nahda also did a good preparation, but the quality difference between the two teams is great and Al Ettifaq should be able to win this victory that will give her new sail.

I think under other circumstances we would see a 1.40-1.50 for the hosts, so I value this price.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Saudi Pro League
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.73
  • Stake 5
  • result 2–1
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +3.65

Al Raed - Al Nahda

An aka we say many times is "I will play it and let it go" and I think it sticks a glove in this fight, since the performance for the strong seat of Al Raed is too big to go like this.

The fact that gives power to Ace's performance is that Al Nahda has done nothing to date in the championship. From four to four go and although she has good players, her inexperience seems to cost the crucial points of the race.

Al Raed can not win these games at its stronghold unless it wants to have problems after the championship. She is a better team and she has more experience than her opponent and she has to bet this performance.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Saudi Pro League
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 2.10
  • Stake 3
  • result 0–0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -3

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