Last big football match this year in distant Lisbon. Champions League final between two opponents who do not just break a nine-minute one. Real Madrid against Atletico Madrid in a literally Spanish civil war as the two teams' relations are not the best. The goal of the goals for both teams with Real to chase its tenth conquest and thus become the first team to have a double-digit number of conquests and Atletico to look for the conquest for the first time after 40 years and the lost final of 1974, with the two Juventus League conquests 2010 and 2012 pointing the way.

  This year's final is being held at the Naluez Stadium in Lisbon, Benfica's natural setting, a state-of-the-art, grand and very beautiful stage. Below we get a taste of this wonderful stadium.

  This year both teams have already won a title, with Real winning the Spanish Cup in the final of Valencia against Barcelona, ​​while Atletico against the same opponent, taking a draw in Barcelona, ​​won the Spanish championship for 18 consecutive years and sealed an outstanding season with conductor Diego Simenone perfecting his orchestra in his third year on the band. On the other hand, Real also struggled for several years with coaches to reach this point and if Jose Mourinho did not succeed last year, it seems that this year Real, led by Carlo Ancelotti, can win because it presents a very good racing person after several years.

  As for the match part, Atletico will go to play with the psychology soaring after winning the championship and Real seems to be fully focused and dedicated to this match, which was reflected in the negative results in its last matches. championship. Although the stress on the people of Atletico and all the fans increased when they saw Diego Costa leave the game against Barcelona, ​​in the end the messages look pleasant as he trained this week and will give the present. Turan will also use special drugs to overcome the pain and play normally, so Atletico's mission can be considered complete. Real definitely loses Jesse, although it is not considered a big loss, while the absence of Pepe is most likely. Benzema and Ronaldo have some annoyances and may not start as key, with Ronaldo being more positive as he trained normally this week. However, the long absence is heard in the name of Xabi Alonso who filled in cards and will not play. However, the truth is that after qualifying for the grand final, Real made a bigger rotation in the league, wanting to be ready and therefore threw the opportunity to chase the championship, while on the opposite bank, Atletico struggled until last week to be crowned champions.



  To see the course of the two teams in the race starting from Real, which started from the group stage where it ended first in the second group:

17 September 2013 Group stage (Group B)





Real Madrid

Referee: Mark Clattenburg (ENG) - Stadium: Ali Sami Yen Spor Kompleksi, Istanbul (TUR)


2 October 2013 Group stage (Group B)

Real Madrid





Referee: Matej Jug (SVN) - Stadium: Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid (ESP)


23 October 2013 Group stage (Group B)

Real Madrid





Referee: Manuel Gräfe (GER) - Stadium: Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid (ESP)


5 November 2013  Group stage (Group B)





Real Madrid

Referee: Howard Webb (ENG) - Stadium: Juventus Stadium, Turin (ITA)


27 November 2013  Group stage (Group B)

Real Madrid





Referee: William Collum (SCO) - Stadium: Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid (ESP)


10 December 2013 Group stage (Group B)





Real Madrid

Referee: Felix Brych (GER) - Stadium: Parken, Copenhagen (DEN)


26 February 2014 Round of 16





Real Madrid

Referee: Howard Webb (ENG) - Stadium: Gelsenkirchen Stadium, Gelsenkirchen (GER)


18 March 2014 Round of 16

Real Madrid





Aggregate: 9-2

Referee: Sergei Karasev (RUS) - Stadium: Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid (ESP)


2 April 2014 Quarter-finals

Real Madrid





Referee: Mark Clattenburg (ENG) - Stadium: Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid (ESP)


8 April 2014 Quarter-finals





Real Madrid

Aggregate: 2-3

Referee: Damir Skomina (SVN) - Stadium: BVB Dortmund Stadium, Dortmund (GER)


23 April 2014 Semi-finals

Real Madrid





Referee: Howard Webb (ENG) - Stadium: Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid (ESP)


29 April 2014 Semi-finals





Real Madrid

Aggregate: 0-5

Referee: Pedro Proença (POR) - Stadium: Fußball Arena München, Munich (GER)


  Atlético Madrid, also started from the group stage, where she finished first in the seventh group:

18 September 2013 Group stage (Group G)






Referee: William Collum (SCO) - Stadium: Estadio Vicente Calderón, Madrid (ESP)


1 October 2013 Group stage (Group G)






Referee: Howard Webb (ENG) - Stadium: Estádio do Dragão, Porto (POR)


22 October 2013 Group stage (Group G)

Austria Wien





Referee: Daniele Orsato (ITA) - Stadium: Ernst-Happel-Stadion, Vienna (AUT)


6 November 2013  Group stage (Group G)





Austria Wien

Referee: István Vad (HUN) - Stadium: Estadio Vicente Calderón, Madrid (ESP)


26 November 2013  Group stage (Group G)






Referee: Martin Atkinson (ENG) - Stadium: Petrovski Stadium, St Petersburg (RUS)


11 December 2013 Group stage (Group G)






Referee: Deniz Aytekin (GER) - Stadium: Estadio Vicente Calderón, Madrid (ESP)


19 February 2014 Round of 16






Referee: Pedro Proença (POR) - Stadium: Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Milan (ITA)


11 March 2014 Round of 16






Aggregate: 5-1

Referee: Mark Clattenburg (ENG) - Stadium: Estadio Vicente Calderón, Madrid (ESP)


1 April 2014 Quarter-finals






Referee: Felix Brych (GER) - Stadium: Camp Nou, Barcelona (ESP)


9 April 2014 Quarter-finals






Aggregate: 2-1

Referee: Howard Webb (ENG) - Stadium: Estadio Vicente Calderón, Madrid (ESP)


22 April 2014 Semi-finals






Referee: Jonas Eriksson (SWE) - Stadium: Estadio Vicente Calderón, Madrid (ESP)


30 April 2014 Semi-finals






Aggregate: 1-3

Referee: Nicola Rizzoli (ITA) - Stadium: Stamford Bridge, London (ENG)



1) Real counts 9 / 12 finals for the Champions League level and Atletico 0 / 1 final.

2) In general, for the European cups, Real counts 11/16 finals and Atletico 3/6 finals.

3) In their games, Real count 105 wins against Atletico 48, while 46 races ended.

4) Cristiano Ronaldo is 16's top scorer, while for Atletico
more has Diego Costa with 8 goals.

5) Europe has fought three times and Real has 2 wins and one Atletico



  Passing into the betting part of the show, we see that Real is the winner of the victory. On average, odds for winning the regular match amount to 1,98 , with Atletico winning to be released on 3,96 while the probability of the draw multiplies the capital against 3,42 times. With regards to the conquest including prolongation and finale, Real is offered at 1,45 and Atletico in 2,70. The probability of having many goals the final player pays 2,19 times the player's money as opposed to 1,69 the case of having a few goals. Finally to score both teams returns the original chapter against 1,88 times while not scoring against 1,83.

In summary, and returns to specific companies.













































Get in here



Who will bring the trophy to Madrid, the Mereyou know or the Rochieblonde



Schalke - Basel

Let's go to 1 today's bet and here everything is judged in the match.

Schalke only passes a victory while Basel with X2. In 1 between them, Schalke left the 0-1 winner in an unfortunate result. Since then, 2 teams have inversed a similar move, with Schalke having 6 points in its first 2 match and reaching 7 points while Basel has 3 and reaches 8. Schalke, after winning home in Steaua and away from Basel, lost 2 times easily from the Chelsea champion with 3-0 and then led X to Bucharest, while Basel in the group won 2 times Chelsea with 1 -2 and 1-0 respectively and brought 2 draws with 1-1 with Steaua.

If someone sees the score clearly they will see that we are talking about a derby and so 1,7's aces are for laughs, but books abound the name and therefore that performance. A name that has not been proven to be worth this year, since it is already out of Germany's title and in 6's position, and in the difficult games almost never won. Also, one has to remember X with PAOK, although it has changed a lot since then.

But before I go to today, I want to conclude my conclusions about the 2 teams in the group.

Schalke is here to be pure due to luck. He made a normal victory over Steaua, but from then on he is entitled to nothing. In the match with Basel, 0-1 is completely fictitious, with Chelsea being down with trousers down, and little in Bucharest. Basel, on the other hand, is wronged by 8 points and should have already finished the qualification, since with 2 wins on Chelsea as much luck as they want, 2 points to the rest is really out of the box. In Bucharest he played a game, it was ahead and it should have ended, but the ball when you put it on you does not punish you and 89 became 1-1. The same with Schalke and her unique bad match in the group brought 1-1 in with Steaua.

But I keep last year on Europa, and the conclusion is that the team when outsiders are playing their game style with counter-attacks is lethal and so I judge 2 prices unrealistic. It has brought almost all of its matches to the goal (1-1,1-0), but today I expect to see many goals and phases.

And this is not the change of tactics by the Swiss but Schalke's style of play, seeing this year in too many matches, I have found that it has huge defensive gaps. Gaps that almost all groups exploit and punish.
So it's no coincidence that this year in 7 in the home league game (4-1-2) has received 4 first goal from them and then hunts to turn them. And if the small ones manage it, with serious regular teams, this is impossible and it is mocked.

Absentees currently do not exist except 1-2 for Basel (not important), and several long-term for Schalke who has now learned to live without them.

An important element is the many cards that Schalke accepts as it is one of the toughest teams in Germany and when the matches are not going well then the possibility of red is very likely.

With all this I really do not know what is right to play. If I drop X2 (2,2), then I will be sad when I see an 2 that is far more likely than X and gives 5 +. If I play 2 once again and X come, I find it a pity not to win this match, since everything looks right. So I find the best 0,25 solution for 2 or 2 XBUMX and 2 2, so my bets will be 2.

All I hope is not to see a quick goal from Schalke and then get the data backwards.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Champions League
  • Pick X2
  • Odds 2,2
  • Stake 2
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 2–0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -2



AUSTRIA OF VIENNA: She managed with stubbornness and claims in her appearance in Dragoo the previous game to take worthy of the tie, 1-1. Of course, this degree does not help her in the matter of qualification, but it is money in her fund. Money he will want today against Russian tycoons, but having a moral moral from 2-2 in the championship on Saturday with a weak team.
ZENIT: He remains at the top of the Russian league rankings, equals Lokomotiv Moscow, after a relatively easy home win with 2-1 following Ural on Saturday. A great job from coach Spaleti, who only thinks of winning today, having no more room for a glee and not waiting for the Madrid gift.


ATLETICO MADRID: He has the right to boast that this year he is at the same level as Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and he can even win these away from home! That was what he did in the Real Madrid championship, while he was still in the summer when Barcelona away for Spain's Super Cup, closing her in the frame and hammering for 90 minutes. Nobody, of course, expected that with a secure first place in the group and with absences in St. Petersburg he would take the tie there. Today she is celebrating this insignificant gradient derby for the world.
PORTO: Huge lace for the Dragons champions in the league with the home draw 1-1 with the Nacional Madeira fighter. New ghetto against the easier team of all Champions League, Augusta, while continuing to defeat Academica for the championship. Fortunately, coach Paulo Fonceca saved his position by winning Braga on Saturday easily with 2-0, with Jackson Jackson's great protagonist.


122. MARSEILLE - Dortmund

MARSEILLE: In Marseille's fall after 0-1 from Lille continued with a new defeat losing this time within the Nad with the same score. Again bad was harmless aggressively betrayed in a counterattack at 16. As a result of the defeat and after the meeting with the president of the club Vinski Lamprin, the coach Eli Böh will be prosecuted. His post was upgraded to the next day by technical manager Zosue Anigo, while in the break of the championship, the replacement of the dismissed coach would be sought. 
In addition to the fight for the French, the imprisoned Nicolas N'Kulu (a., 17 / 0) and Romano (m., 17 / 0), while injured are Valbueenas (16 / 1) and A. Ayiou 10 / 2).
 (4-1-41): Madantas, Fani, Enkoulou, Diatvaras, Medi, Roma, Toven, Linias (46 'Kalifa)
 Defeat from Leverkusen within 0-1 and -6 points from the undisputed favorite. Just in 18 the 0-1 attempt for equalizing then having supremacy on the field but without effect. At 2th minute of the delays they lost Papastathopoulos with 2 a yellow card.
Sven Bender and Nouri Sahin were injured in the match. The first one was left out and the second one was ahead. And also outside Houmells (10 / 0), Submitic (10 / 0), Smelter (9 / 1), and Gudongan (1 / 0).



MILAN: She did her duty in Glasgow, 3-0 Celtic, but there was not the expected Barcelona gift that would automatically send it to 16. In her hand finish it the job tonight and all she has to do is not lose it from Ayak. Faced with the team from which they started, Emmanuel and De Jong will be placed. Long-term absences do not affect Alegri's choices.
AGIAX: Despite absences, he was surprised by the previous match by winning Barcelona in Barcelona and now holding the qualification stand on his feet. This, of course, is to make a victory in Milan, even with half goals. In any other case, he will descend from the plane and continue the European Journey with the Eurobus train. It is aggressively aggravated by the return of Sighthorsson (E, 13 / 6), while Cap de Jong (M, 10 / 5) will be missing again.


BARTSELONA: He needs a point to finish in the first place regardless of the outcome of Milan, as 1-2 lost in Amsterdam from Ayak. However, she will chase the absolute at its headquarters where this season has not yet lost its mark. Messi (E, 11 / 8), Alves (M, 11 / 2) and Valdets (GK) will be missing,
SELL: The defeat of the previous AC Milan in combination with Ajax's victory over Barcelona has also wiped out the final math probability for the third place that would give it the right to continue the European trip, even in the Euroleague League. Brawn and Bitton were punished, Isaughyear punished (A, 13 / 0), injured Kayal (M, 5 / 0), Matthews (A, 8 / 1) and Mougialo (A, 1 / 0).



NAPOLI: In the 15th game, Napoli lost other points as they were forced to 3-3 by the incomplete Udinese. He paid dearly for every defensive mistake he made that consistently equalized first 2-0 and then 3-2. 
Bridos (a., 8 / 1) who was punished in the championship will logically come back but not by the leader Hammic (12 / 6) while the Suning (4 / 0) and Mesto (6 / 0)
Napoli: Rafael; Maggio, Fernandez, Albiol, Reveillere; Dzemaili, Pandev, Inler, Callejon, Insigne; Higuain
ARSENAL: After a very good match, Arsenal handed 1-1 to Everton. In 80 Mesut Ezel, he gave the hosts a lead, but four minutes later, a bad defense in the defense brought the tie. He had a stake with Zirou.
Bahar Shangha, Alex Chamberlin, and Lucas Ponolski are not ahead of the game.
Arsenal: Szczesny; Jenkinson, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Gibbs; Walcott, Arteta, Ozil, Ramsey, Cazorla; Giroud.



SALKE: It comes from two sequential shields. He was initially eliminated in the Cup by Hoffenheim on his court, and last Saturday in the championship, he lost 1-2 in Gladbach. Most of all, he was troubled by the appearances, with the administration sending an ultimatum to coach Keller in view of the current final. N / g all matches in the group. Denied Jones Defendant. Constantly out of five long-term. 
REIGN: Undefeated in the last eleven, he was lucky Saturday in the championship. He equalized to 93 'and kept the draw in the Grasshoppers match at home. He travels for two results in Gelsenkirchen, after 1-0 on Chelsea, the last game. Finally for this year, Dijaz (middle) and Safari (back).


CELSI: He has secured the qualification and is asking for the win to secure the first place. The last game, despite its supremacy, lost 0-1 in Basel. First defeat, after two successive wins in the league, 2-3 in Stoke, retreating. He scores five out of six. Reasonably returns, Oscar (average). Excluding David Louis (skater), van Ginkel (midfielder).
STEAUA BUCHAREST: He favors the group and Europe. He can not even claim the position that leads to the Yuropa. Without win, it comes from three consecutive draws, 0-0 with Schalke, the last game. Unbeaten in the championship after fourteen races, comes from four successive 1-1. He completed cards, defensive midfielder Burcheanu. Except, Philip (A).

Match Info

  • OPAP 120-2,121-1,122-2,123-OVER,124-4/6 GOALS,125-NO BET,126-G/G,127-NO BET

Benfica - PSG

Many times I have said many matches are clearly gained from the interest shown and has a team for each particular game but here the prices are unrealistic to defy anyone.

Yes, Benfica wants the victory to pass, but at the same time the OPHP must not win, who with 1,3 performance and playing with the worst CL team at home, even without Mitroglou and Maniatis, is not excluded from the half-time to have secured qualifying with an 2-0.

Even if this is not the case, Benfica can be a favorite of 2,2 when CL has won only Anderlecht this time, and even 2 is completely unfair to 90 when he was not even X when the home team got a lucky 1-1 should have been 0-2 at least, and when away from home although he was the only match he played well, he lost; And when it comes from 2-2 in Portuguese by the weak Arouca?

And how will this be when Cardoso's best player and exponent of most of her aggressive acts is missing?

PSG is unsettled and definitely 1, but you can not buy a 2 3,5 with players like Pastore, Lavezzi and Cavani, even when Ibrahimovic, Silva and Alex are missing.

I will take it and not with a small bet for my cubes and I hope to see a deaf 2.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Champions League
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 3,5
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 2–1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -3

R.Sociedad - Leverkusen

Under normal circumstances, 2 values ​​are completely wrong, and 2 should be running at about 2,2-2,4.

But here we are not talking about a match under normal circumstances, but on the contrary they are very special.

Sociedad pays the club its very bad start this season but also its great misfortune to play its important games early, and it has been particularly unfortunate. And in the match with Shaktar inside and on it with Leverkusen out, he did not deserve defeat in 2 and so he stayed in the final position definitively and today's match is clearly ungrateful for the Spaniards.

Anyway, if we get the statistics we are talking about a team with only 1 draw on the group and goal 1-9 !!! Of course, the only thing to be sure is that it does not have to make the team level in something with the picture of the table and this is shown by 5 / 7's last victories in the Spanish championship and 6's position.

On the other hand, Leverkusen is at exactly the opposite. A very qualitative team that although we are definitely debating, this is not reflected in its results and it is a train from victory to victory culminating in the away game at Dortmund which kept it at 2 with a difference from 3.

CL is very close to going after looking for the victory today and not winning Shaktar in Manchester, which is not very difficult. And do not look at the fact that Man.Utd has passed. If it misses today, it has huge chances of being blocked in the next round, since the top teams will definitely be 7 supercars that are currently better off. So I think Man.utd will easily or hardly get 1X, so Leverkusen is playing today.

So to pass, she only wants a win and I was ready to bet it from yesterday, but I thought it best to lose 0,1 to see the racing news.

And this is good, as Leverkusen will play with 2-3 known absences of the last matches, while Sociedad will have at least 4 basic with most being in the defense (goalkeeper, 1, 1, 1 def , 1 wings).

With the above data, I am willing to buy a performance, although it is worthless, but I rely on the German team's need for 3potion, as well as the potential indifference of the hosts combined with the few absences of the Spaniards and the particular effectiveness of Leverkusen it gets results even when it does not play well.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Champions League
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1,85
  • Stake 4
  • result 0–1
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +3,4



PLZEEN: She continues to be in the hunt for Sparta Prague, after her 2-0 prevails on Prribram and is at -5 from the top. 7 last has two defeats from Bayern and the City. End time for technician Pavel Vrbas, who won 2 championships and 1 Cup with Victoria and from 15 December officially takes over his duties as a federal coach. There are no problems for the Czechs. 
CSKA: He reached the three consecutive games in which he ignores the victory. Her last defeat at Krasnodar by Kuban with defeat 0-1, plunging into fifth place. Even her draw is enough for the Czech Republic to come third and continue in the Europa League. The average Jagoev (8 co.) Is back. Normally the precious midfielder Honda (18 / 1), who will give his last game with the colors of the Russian team (goes to Milan in January). White the abscissa.



GALATASARA: Despite the heavy defeat in Madrid, the Turks have managed to keep their hopes for qualification. It is enough to win in their "hot" headquarters the unstable games in the away games of the Italian team. Racing news and form go to second place, 90 minutes are, they will give it all and hope.
JUVENTUS: As he did, he played qualifying at one of Europe's most "hot" seats. Of course, it has the advantage of making two results, since the draw ends second, regardless of what is going to happen in the Copenhagen match, but that does not guarantee it. But psychology is good after the weekend results in the championship and will not be closed by waiting for the Turks but will come out aggressively by hitting the match



COPENHAGEN: He did not make it to Torino and he was defeated by Juventus with 3-1, taking the first two goals in the penalty shoot-out and having scored in midfield with Oloff Melberg in 53 '. As a result, he lost all hope of qualifying in the Champions League, but he has hopes of going to third in the Europa League 32. Something that is definitely a victory, while a draw wants to lose Galatasaray from Juventus.
REAL M..: The Spaniards first and by far did not have any problems throughout the group stage. They managed to secure early qualification and although they did a rotation, they were not particularly threatened. It goes without saying that they are not going to do anything, so any thought of a relaxed fight is utopian.



MANJESTER YOUNG: He made a demonstration of strength in Germany by passing a sneak from Leverkusen's headquarters to 5-0. Moyes's team was unbelievable and had a hard time trying to score. They scored four different players. Thus he was kept at the top of the group. Everton and Newcastle are coming from 2 consecutive defeats in the league, both with 0-1 and a strong concern. The average Feelyans realized. Except average Carick. 



BERGEN: Scares fear and terror in Germany and Europe. In another game he played a high-profile football show, spreading Werner to Bremen with 7-0. In Moscow, 3-1 prevailed in CSKA and loses the first place only by defeating three goals and more. He has not scored in the last three games. Except Arien Robben (12 / 6) until the end of the season. Absentee and Swainstagger (M, 10 / 1) and Bunckumber.
MANSESSER: It has been a problem in another away game for the Premier League, staying at 1-1 with Southampton and its difference remained at + 6 by Arsenal Champion. In the previous European game he had been comfortable with 4-2 in Manchester B. Plzen. Punished Yaya Toure (15 / 7). In addition to defending Klisi (8 co.), Nastasic (9 / 1) and striker Jovanic (3 co.).



BENFIKA: Benfica is confident 3η (Europa), will look for a better result than what Olympiacos will bring to another qualifying match. With his mind in Paris, he stayed at 2-2 with Aruka for the championship, equalizing in the last 10 minutes. We must win, Jorz Zesus said. With 19 players on the mission and important absences on it. In addition to Cardo scorer, the good winger Salvio and the basic Siegeira Backgammon. Outside is the substitute Ruben Amorim.
PARI: Absolutely indifferent, being the first to be sure the Parisians who were in yet another championship match, defeating 5-0 with Soso. He left a number of key out-of-the-way missions, Blaan, who said he was not worried about the Greeks, we go for the victory. Apart from the very Ibrahimovic, the central defensive duo Alex - Silva and the main backdoor FC Van der Ville. The Veratti cutter is punished.


OLYMPIC: Olympiacos with victory is definitely in the next phase. Otherwise he will expect an equal or better result than what Benfica will bring, superior to the tie. He has made a difference in the championship then and from the new win with 2-0 on Star Ter, which was not accompanied by good looks. Two great absences, Maniatis (M, 5 - 1 assist) punished while top scorer Mitroglou with 22 goals this year (3 in the institution). We have to make it, we do not expect gifts, but Mitchell said he did not know if Saviola would play the game.
ANTERLEXT: He fought particularly against Benfica but in the end he was defeated with 2-3 and lost any hope of qualifying. In the championship, defeated the Vaals easily with 2-0 within. We are not going to play to ... we are outspoken, among other things, Fan de Brom, we are professional, we will play for the victory, said leader Proto. The main left-wing defeat was injured and he was out, punished by the base of Buro, a long-time defector of the Suarees. 



SOCIEDAD: In a boxing bag he turned to Ukraine after defeated by heavy 4-0 from Shakhtar's headquarters. So it remains a stalemate without yet winning the group. In the championship, he did not have any debts at the weekend that he spent after he gave a fight for the cup at the Algeciras headquarters, pointing to 1-1. Average midfielder Bargara Marke. Except the average Graner. 
LEVERKUSEN: He fell from second place after the disgusting home defeat from United with 0-5. The Germans were only physically present and seemed helpless to react to the waves of attack by the guests. In the German championship, however, he managed to make it well, having remained in second place after winning at Dortmund's headquarters with 1-0. Doubtful mean midfielder Sam and right back Hilbert.  




Match Info

  • OPAP 100-0/1 GOALS,101-1X,102-OVER,103-G/G,104-1,105-OVER,106-2/3 GOALS,107-2


As the best team in the world, Bayern is the CSKA technician, Leonid Slowski, so "we must play to the best of our quality." With 8's Dubbi's goal, 1-0 defeated Spartak in the local derby on Saturday, a game that was judged in details. However, the African player (11 / 9) is doubtful about today's confrontation. Surely outside the middle Jagoev (8 co.), Who returned to training Monday. In the previous match of the group, 2-5 was defeated except for the City.
BERGEN: From 27 / 8, when he lost 2-4 from Dortmund for the Super Cap, he has not been disappointed since then. On Saturday, though he was in difficult times in Westphalia, he cleared Dortmund briefly, winning 3-0. "Pyrreus" was the victory, as Madjukic was injured and will be absent from the match of Moscow, as well as the injured Riberi (M, 11 / 4), Pizaro (E, 2 / 1), Swainstagger (M, 10 / 1) Shrike (M, 6 / 1), Condento (A, 2 co.) And Banduchum. Excuse Guardiola for news spill from Bayern's locker room. In the previous match for Europe he had passed 1-0 from Plzen's headquarters.


ANTERLEXT: It has one of the youngest and most inexperienced teams in the CHL, honorable 1-1 in Paris last season, unrealistic hopes for 2nd place, will chase that of the Europa League. The defeat by Charleroi on Saturday was a setback, while it seemed that it was finding a rhythm. Without the key midfielder Klestan, who is punished. Long time out the striker Suarez. Van de Stock's crowded with 26.000 spectators.
BENFIQ: In Portugal, he has a good four-game winning streak, struggled against Braga but won on Saturday and was a stone's throw from Porto. Good performance in Piraeus, created several phases but fell on an excellent Roberto and so was defeated by Olympiacos and now hopes for a miracle for 2nd place. "A lot is at stake in the match against Anderlecht," said Jesέs meaningfully. Apart from the main midfielder Amorim and the "ten" of the team, the Argentine Gaitan, returns the basic no. buck Sigeira.


JUVENTUS: "We have to win if we want to have hopes of continuing in the institution," Anton Conte said in a cynical and self-critical manner about the current match with the Danish champions. Indeed, given that Real Madrid will not lose from Galatasaray, with victory Juventus goes second and then retains its fate in her hand. Except for injured Stefan Lichstainer and Andrea Bartzali, while Mauricius Isla and Jovinko remain unavailable.
COPENHAGEN: "It's a very important game for both teams. I have unlimited respect for Juventus, but I do not have the slightest fear. He is an excellent team, he has good players, jersey and experience, but we have done well and if we did not make the silly mistakes in the Real Madrid match, we would have been much better scorers, "said 45time technician, who will have one and the only problem. In particular, injured Norwegian striker Daniel Broten (4 / 1), who has a problem with his thigh and lost his Sunday match as well.


: He was in second place after 0-0 at the Shakhtar headquarters. Goalkeeper Leno was found on a stunning day and had to do at least six salvo interventions in the first half, as the game was more balanced. In the German championship it was second in the winner's seat at Hertha with 1-0. Bobby Boss and right back Hilbert are doubtful. 
MANSESTER JUN.: He missed the opportunity to "clear" the first, since the only one that managed to get away from the home of Socidad was the "white" draw. Ernadez lost an unprecedented four times, while Fan Persie saw twice the bar to stop his efforts, the second from the penalty spot. In the league he got stuck at 2-2 at Cardiff headquarters. Punished the average Feileans. Except defender Jones and average Carrick. 


Catching space-based performance, 6-0 raced to Tottenham on Sunday, with Aguero and Nova fired, scoring two goals. Pelegrine will bring Joe Hart under the beams. He returned to the training session, but will be left out of command by Commander Kumbani (defender, 4 co.). Except for Jovec (E, 3 co.), Silva (M, 7 / 3) and Rodwell (M, 1 co.). In the last showdown for CL, 5-2 released CSKA M.
PLZEEN: Together with Marseille are the only teams that have not yet managed to score, having received 12 goals. In the championship he defeated 3-1 in Brno and remained in second place in the Czech championship. In very good shape, Formel, who scored two goals on Friday. Last match in the Champions League for technician Pavel Vrbas, who agreed to take over the Czech National Team at the end of the year. No racing problems are reported. He fought at the last against Bayern, losing with honorary 0-1.


PARI: Clearly, the boss of the group. With any victory over Olympiacos, it is the first place. In its championship, it remains at the top with an away win against Evian with 3-0, harder than the final score. Some basic (Lavetzi - Kavani) were resting without any problems. Absolutely pleased with Blair's management, plans to renew his contract with increased earnings, ie XNUMEX. euro per year. With the journalists, the French technician put them at the press conference.
OLYMPIC: Realistically, it is with one and a half ... leg in the next phase of the game, winning the last game is sure 2os, probably only need the draw. Without anxiety he traveled to Paris. We have hopes, we will try to have possession and if we can win, Mitchell is optimistic. With no problems the Piraeus returns the demonstrator Mitroglou with 22 so far in all the games.


REAL M..: He cleaned up with the qualification case since the previous game and will play freely and with a lot of testing of players and systems. Of course, as Carlo Ancelotti says, there's no chance of seeing the game loose. "We are professional and we owe ourselves and our followers a complete gathering."
GALATASARAI: And while he seemed to overturn the rational prognosis and take a lead over Juventus, he made it soaked in Copenhagen, losing with 1-0 and now not only risk losing Juventus qualification, which he faces in the last game in Istanbul , but also in third place if Copenhagen overcame the two remaining games.


: He missed the opportunity to climb to second place as he "stuck" to 0-0 in the home match against Leverkusen. He had the absolute control in the first half and created many opportunities, but found a formidable golfer. The Ukrainian championship remained at the top after the comfortable win over XIVUMX-4. Known defensive defender Tsigriski. 
SOCIEDAD: Took first place in the group, while keeping its home intact for the first time since the 0-0 win against United. She stood decently in the first half, but in the replay she went through difficult moments with the beams saving her twice (once from a penalty). The championship comes from a 4-3 home victory over Thelta. Punished midfielder Bergara Markel. Except for the midfielder Granero and the main right back K. Martinez.

Zenit - Atl.Madrid

Everything in the bet is a matter of odds, and that is the main demand of each player.

Another is to play the same match with the same information and data in 1,9 and others in 2,2 and so a value game can automatically gain some value.

So the data is the same here for some hours and days and they do not change.

These are the following:

1) H Atl. Madrid goes to Russia without 6 its main players, not ordinary players, but the polish. That is, apart from staying the main aggressive duo Costa, Villa 2 players who have scored 22 / 36 goals this year (I'm talking only about Spain) and 3 / 12 in CL. Besides 2 4 is still its main defender, although Spain has not scored in the league, and 2 has scored goals together. Finally, 2's main players (Tiago, Turan) and 2 players have scored 2 at CL and 3 at the Spanish Championship.

So 25 / 36 goals are left in Spain and 7 / 12 goals at CL !!! But it's not just the goals, as long as the backbone of a terribly bound team is left out, with 6 new executives excluded from the same consistency.

2) 2is the fact that Atl.Madrid has already been the first and so is "indifferent" to the next.

3) 3 is that Zenit is fighting 2 for 16 and qualifying for XNUMX, and a victory will now be embraced by qualifying, after Porto will have to win in Madrid and not win this indifferent Austria. So a victory today equals practically qualifying.

4) Zenit is the first in the championship and spends a very good season and will have the advantage of the weather as the Spaniards are not accustomed to such conditions.

All the above are the positive aspects of the case. Let's go now to the negatives.

1) Zenit is coming from 3 for the first time this year with unsuccessful results in Russia with the latter being painful with her defeat within Rostov. However, there is a clear justification, since most of its key players have been completely unprepared, with few hours of rest, the most and heavier trips on their backs than the qualifying matches or other friendly matches. So it is certain they will not play the same badly.

2) Zenit usually has poor results with teams equal or better.

3) Atl Madrid comes from deafening 7-0 with Getafe.


Anyone can therefore rely on any of the above items to justify 1, Counter or No Bet.

But I say that when we had the ace in 1,9 a few hours ago, it was playing again, in 2,2 why not play it?

And so I get the ace now without any hesitation. But I do not overlook the negatives and I go to a moderate bet.


YK: For the late matches, if there is a bet, it will be written after 7: 30-8 since then I will be off ...

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Champions League
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 2.2
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 1–1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -3

Celtic - Milan

Game without tomorrow for Celtic home team tonight in Glasgow. With victory today he keeps mathematical hopes for qualifying for the next phase, but he is mostly in the third place hunt to continue in the Euroleague League.

On the other hand, Milan with a victory today secured the qualifying in the next round because Ajax will not get more than a draw against Barcelona. If they get both three-pointer then AC Milan will be the game to judge everything.

As for today's showdown in distant and cold Glasgow, the two teams descend with some absences, especially for Milan, however, which will be deprived of the services of Muntari and Mexes, which are the last losses, and long-time El Sarawi, De Siglio and the goalkeeper Amelia. As for the hosts, they will be deprived of the services of the punished Brown and Bitton and Matthew who are injured, while Forest has picked up and is on the mission for tonight. 

The match will be crucial and Celtic Park is always a tough place for everyone. Celtic does not have the glamor of other years this year, but it's a fortunate and hard-core set with some quality. All three of her defeats so far are her head crooked if you want my point of view. With her image she was not worth losing to anyone. Milan this season is the team that does not remind you of anything of the glorious days of the past. The championship is now unlikely and looks like a team playing for the stay and not for the trio. But she always has the jersey on such games and do not tell me that they do not play a role. They are happy to play, here other teams have raised trophies with the width sometimes made by jerseys, names we do not say ...

I will go to ACE because AC Milan thinks she will be playing for not to lose and not to win, and this often turns boomerangs. Also, Celtic's passion and thirst for discrimination always gives her an extra boost especially at Parksend. At underdog prices I will take a small risk for the ace.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Champions League
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 3.00
  • Stake 2
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 0–3
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -2



He remains in the top position of the Russian Championship, in a tie with Lokomotiv Moscow, despite his embarrassing home defeat on Saturday by a modest team such as Rostov. Of course, the mind of everyone was in this big derby of the group against the mighty Atletico Madrid. Great work from coach Spaleti, who only thinks of winning today.
ATLETICO MADRID: He has the right to boast that this year he is at the same level as Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and he can even win these away from home! That was what he did in the Real Madrid championship, while he was still in the summer when Barcelona away for Spain's Super Cup, closing her in the frame and hammering for 90 minutes. Nobody, of course, can expect to be pounded even today, having already secured the first position of the group but also with absences in St. Petersburg.



ARSENAL: Arsenal continued its lead, defeating Southampton with 2-0, raising the gap from the second Liverpool to the four points. Starring Olivier Zirou who scored 2 goals in the best defense of the category, that of "Saints". However, if Jack Willers and Aaron Ramsey were more accurate and did not send the ball to the bar, they would not need the penalty shootout to "lock" the match.
This is what Flamini has to say about "cannons", who did not play on Saturday because of cards, and Teo Wolcott looks ready but probably will be a bench. Mikel Arteta had an injury, but was frivolous and available. Apart from Pontolesky, Sandogo, Chamberellin and Diaby. 
MARSEILLE: Marseille defeated 3-1 of Ajax in "Francois Cotti" in a match for 14 in Ligue 1 and is at 4η in the 24 score against 28 of Paris. Marseille could be arrested without Rod Fani and Andre Ayou, but he was delighted to have Andre-Pierre Ziniack on a very good day. 
Dmitry Pagene with 27 on the move, Andre-Pierre Ziniack at 39 volley gave the lead as 31 had become 1-1 and Florian Töven with 58 viewing "cleaned" the match. Thus, the Ellio Bo team reached the four away games in eight games. 
The French will go without the aggressive Andre Agiou who will be out for two months and without Rod Fani who has a muscular problem. Reasonably ready is Lucas Mendes coming from injury and entered a change in the match with Asazio.



DORDMOOD: Wounded through Zignal Iduna Park in the German klassiker came the team of Clop who lost from upper Bayern Munich with 0-3. He played with ten players behind the ball to avoid the fat, but he did not. He had good times in the 0-0 and 0-1 scoring match. Eventually she was defeated by her former own child, Mario Ghecse (the pitch wildly defeated the "traitor") who opened the score at 66 and then everything went their way.
"I do not care about the extent of our defeat. We have Napoli in front of us. I told my players that I was giving them five minutes to be sad. I repeat, it does not matter the extent of the defeat. We want to win the last two games tomorrow, "the coach said. 
The Germans will look for the victory without having Marcel (defense) Smezler and Gadogan (midfielder), defending Mats Hammel and Nervan Suobic have long been (and for a long time) and Manuel Frindrich is not eligible to take part. 
NAPOLI: After 16 match in undefeated came Parma to break the Napoli turn that lost with 0-1. Poorly the team's image of Rafa Benitez received the goal in the repeat and a good foul came in the lead by Driss Mertens. 
But apart from the defeat, Napoli, in view of the current match, also lost the Slovak midfielder Marek Hammis who has been struggling with Parma. He was changed but injured a few minutes later. Not even the injured Mestos and Juan Juniga. For Napoli now is a draw to pass to the next phase of the institutions. 



REIGN: He took a break in the break and returned victorious, winning 4-1 in the championship. The double surprise at the premiere with Chelsea did not have the sequel, In the last two he stayed at 1-1 with Steaua, in-out. He has scored goals in all four games. They recovered, the midfielder Delgado and the main Capper Sper. Finally for this year, Dijaz (middle) and Safari (back).
CELSI: From a lace to a lace in the championship, he returned with wins from the break, 3-0 outside West Ham. After the cue at the start of the clubs, he has three wins in the same number of matches. With the same score, 3-0 defeated in - out of Schalke and actually wants a draw today to ensure qualifying. He has scored in all races. Torres questioned, except for the long term.



: Huge lace for the Dragons champions in the league, with 1-1 home draw with the Nacional Madeira fighter. Generally last time seems to have ups and downs in their performance, the mind, of course, is in the Champions League. No one will tolerate a new lace today against the easier team of the entire Champions League.
AUSTRIA OF VIENNA: Austrian coach Bjelicza said his team was unfortunate at home with Porto, will attempt to score points in Dragão in any way, taking advantage of the dissatisfaction that exists in the ranks of the Portuguese fans. 


STEAUA BUCHAREST: He even claims the second place, though he continues with only two points, of the same draws with Basel. In the championship on Saturday he stayed at 1-1 with Puntouri, off. Third consecutive 1-1, eight games undefeated. Except, Philip (A), Pindili (M), Tatu (E) and Parvulescu (M).
SALKE: Two-piece stays at 3-3 with Eindhracht Frankfurt on Saturday. Although 2-0 (14'-18 ') was preceded by a blackout in the replay, he scored three goals in twelve minutes, just equalized to 86'. It comes from two consecutive defeats with 0-3, inside-out, from Chelsea. With just six points in assets, open all the odds, he can qualify in the doubles up to being totally blocked. New problems, except Kimber Hildabrad and the average Gorezka. Umbi (M), Draxler (M) doubtful. Constantly out of five long-term.



SELL: Very modest in Amsterdam, he lost 0-1 right from Ayiax and now needs two wonders to qualify for the next stage, or even a miracle to continue at the Euroleague League. Today he will try for the most feasible since the last game he travels to Barcelona.
MILAN: Seven races (five in the league and two in the CL) ignore the victory of the team of Massimo Alegre who travels to Glasgow with the aim of retaining at least the lead for the second place. With the permanent no longer (El Sarawi, Pazinini etc) the Italians.


AGIAX: With the victory over Celtic in the previous game, Ajax took third place and hopes at least the same results as the Scottish champion to continue at least in the Euro Cup. Wounded are the key Deyong (M) and Sighsuron (E)
BARTSELONA: Formal procedure now qualifies for the next round of the Champions League for Barcelona, ​​which this year remains unbeaten in all competitions, while the club has lost points only to Milan (2-2). Possible changes in the line with certain injured Messi (E) and Valdi (T) injured.



Comp. Date Event Tipster
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 to reach the semi-finals
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 to reach the semi-finals
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 1st & 2nd places of group E
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Top scorer of the competition
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Ronaldo & Kane goals
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 BetBuilder with England & Kane
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Top scorer of the competition
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Goal Dombryk (Ukraine)
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 To reach the quarter-finals
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Netherlands goals
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Semi-final four
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Semi-final four
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 First groups
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 First groups
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Top scorer in Group E
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Top scorer of the competition
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Final Pair
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 To reach the semi-finals
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 team with the fewest goals
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Over 0,5 cards
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2025 Over red cards
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Over yellow cards
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Total penalties
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Winner & 4th place Group F
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Winner & 4th place Group D
16/06/24 19:00 Euro 2024 to finish in the first two places of the XNUMXth group
18/06/24 19:00 Euro 2024 Georgia points

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