Persidafon - ISL Arema

For one more time I will deal again with the match of Arma, the first time in September the pit was lost, the second was canceled so now it is no longer left to win ...

So let's hope this 2's damn "curse"th position will cease to exist and how the teams that are supposed to be struggling to win will be serious and will get the points needed to achieve their goal. In the specific case, Xarmax 99% with 3 points ensures that it will finish off from Persioura as it definitely ends up against Mitra, while to equalize with Perseb will also lose the next match in Perzimar and Perseb will win both Persicura is out of the league - the match is made the same time - and Perciva is the last game but it also outperforms the finals, and Persebab is not particularly reliable, but rather close to the upcoming ones thlites!

On the other hand, 99% has been downgraded as it should not only win both of the last two games, but 2 will be defeated by Pelita and at least 1 or Persia, while in relation to Pelita it will have to have a better number of goals and is currently down to 21 Terminals where it's unlikely to be able to pass it ...

At Arma's camp, the coach-known as RD from his original name - has all the players played with him in Papua and said he wants to "clean" a cross in the Persian so he can later deal with the National Under 23 to take part in SEA Games. After the failure to claim a title - they have something like a cup before the championship in which they were excluded from Persela - 2η position is the least they can do to satisfy their fans, some of whom will be present and on the pitch, a phenomenal phenomenon for a match played in Papua. He also intends to start with 4 aggressive in the original 11a, with the Gub and Greg in the fins as Beto as a team leader and the Gonzalez Center. The only injury problems he faces are goalkeeper Mega and Siswando but both are expected to be ready with the first being the main goal keeper not only of Armenia, but also of the national under 23 and the Indonesian Men's National.

For the Persian to find new is not so easy, the athletes have realized their fatality and they are almost unlikely to be saved, they have 2-3 talents in the group that are members of the "little national" and on top of them they will rely on their return to the great category. Their great weaknesses and staying as they all are in the defense, which is expected to take advantage of the strike of the attackers of the hosts.

Generally I would expect a 1.70-1.80 in double as a fair performance where each performance over 2.00 is of great value. We just hope to have little training on the children since they have co-edged the gussets by dropping 11 steps.


Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Indonesia Super League
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 2.20
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 1 – 2
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +4.80

Arema - Barito

Although the return has already dropped somewhat from the original prices in most of the companies, it still has value and even more margins to slump up to the start of the match at more realistic prices.

There is nothing special for those who expect to read absent-minded teams, with the exception of Christian Gonzalez, who is a doubt for the home team as he faces a minor injury problem. But we're going to see numbers because I've had enough of the aces.

  1. Shame is very strong in the home with a record 13-1-1 with the draw against Gresik in a match in which it was canceled goal and lost away while the defeat was from the Persian at the start of 2th when the championship was still played. In that match, he lost not two other laps, losing to substance and hopes for the title. Against Baritos clubs with the exception of Gresik, it cleans up relatively easily, while the odds rarely surpass 1.40 in the ace, 1.60 did not come a short time before starting in many companies when it was against the other teams that pretended 2η position, Perseb, Mitra and Sri Lutza, who also won all of them as a result.
  2. Baritone may be impressive as a newcomer in the category, but it's going to be the base for a headquarters team without having any appreciable results away from its field. Once 2 has won and 2ο round against the 2 teams that are at the bottom of the standings and have actually been relegated, that is, with Pekanbarou and Persindafon. She took victories in almost all home matches after May - except for the draw with Persib and the goal that did not count against her in the delays - and reached a point where she is so close to the 5th. Its improvement is due to the support it had from players that it signed as free agents after they left their team that could not pay them with a better addition of that of Makan Konate from Pecanbaru. However, he still cannot be considered a first-rate team in the country, especially if he loses the top scorer of Koulibali, with whom Arema and Persib are already flirting to sign with him.
  3. Shame has the 2 engineth which seems to be leading finally to the AFC Cup, has two consecutive games in the home which after winning in the worst case he will only need a grade in Papua to secure both maths in the two remaining gambling games in Perissafon and Persiram. Mitter has the same points but 2 matches more than both winning and only 6 points to make and Arma in the next two games logically cleaned up because of the eventual difference in the number of terminals and so far the Shame is at + 34 and Mitra in + 10 and OK has to play with Punchbanus but will put 20 on it?
  4. What seems to be more interested in the hosts is to maintain the inertia of their headquarters and if they can overcome the Sriwjayja to raise another position in their virgin year in Surperliga so they will celebrate the last match against her with fiestas in front of the fans their. But who wants to turn this season and the next season into a party is the land of which the expectations were huge after winning the best of the domestic market Gonzales, Beto, Igbonefo, Greg, Gubbs but the title is not came to Malang at least to finish the ideal year is the least he can do.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Indonesia Super League
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.58
  • Stake 6
  • result 1 – 1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -6

Mitra - Arema (Goal until 28th minute)

After we have seen some things about Mitra in the previous series, we have to see what exactly happens with Arma.

Therefore, Arema has the advantage compared to 3 remaining teams to finish under Persephone. Although the off-home games are not the only 4 winner in a total 13 racing, at least it does not lose much, mainly due to its defensive line. This succeeds in lowering its composition with a reinforced center and in the only one promoted by Christian Gonzalez, while the other two aggressors used - Beta, Gobbis and Greg - helped more on the side of the middle line and struggled more like a horseshoot, 4-3-3 looks more like 4-5-1 with a plan to control the match in the first half, trying to keep zero in the defense and to hit the second half by betting that its opponents will be out of focus and will open up in their effort to keep the score. Today they are facing some minor problems due to the fact that 6 players have played with the National Time while Kournia Mega goalkeeper of the team and Viktor Iguenofo the backgammon center played almost 3 90 minutes against Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool are expected to be used normally by the time they were incorporated with the rest of the ship coming from Friday night. By playing and not believing that the game will not be particularly dynamic, and for one more time her main concern will be to keep zero in the defense at least at the start of the match but to hit the match with counter-attacks.

3 will be overwhelmingly overwhelmed by the friendly player with Chelsea, and especially the hassle of the trip, apart from the rest of the players (the reason for Greg who scored the goals of Indonesia, Mega and Igboneho ) and on the basis of Arma's program (by comparison with the schedule of the remaining 2 players and especially Perseb, which seems to be the most difficult one) with a draw will be pleased when it is difficult to risk special early on to take the victory with a risk of losing even this one, which will be slightly less than the other contenders while keeping 5 and Mitra safe. Mitter is not a "fresh" player, but Hanson is able to rebuild them completely.

This one-time defeat during the first half-time, the RD - the proponent of Armenia and the national Neon - has often revealed it in press interviews and before the match against theoretically subordinate teams from their opponents. In the last two matches, he did not "go" against both Sriwjayja and Pelita, but I believe that he will put it back in again once the conditions are necessary.

Anyway, the classic paragraph is missing - at low betting, etc. - as the match that was going to happen on the 31 of the month after the sudden death of Sek Kamaras yesterday is probably going to be postponed.

A and the pit is to get the first goal after 28 ', be careful if the game ends 0-0 the choice is gone!

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Indonesian Super League
  • Pick NG
  • Odds 2.20
  • Stake 1
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result (Spagogol o scout)
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -1

Mitra Kukar - Arema Malang

The biggest game of the day is this afternoon tonight in Indonesia between Mira at the 5 position of the score and the Armenia that is at 2 and will judge very much which of the two will continue to benefit or disadvantage particularly compared to the rest (plus Sriwjayja and Persby) to win the 2 position, which is likely to be a part of the AFC Cup of the coming season.

Forecasting for the winner is not very easy as the match is expected to be particularly ambiguous as it will consider much for the future of both collections. The athletes did a good year for their "cubic" but they were expecting a lot of money to boost their team. Having a Swedish coach have many players in the middle and in the middle, but especially on the second round - which have been further reinforced - they are facing scoring problems. Franjipane, Bustim, Zoulam, Jazang, Matimo is a very tough four, but very rarely all of them are on the field since the first one is often facing serious injury problems, Zoulam is coming to a halt with his coach, with the exception of Matimo the rest do not have as good relations with defense. In the attack dominated the names of Esbana Erera and Ilija Spasojevic, who nevertheless show that they have not "got" between them and the second has come to the club in June, marking already several crucial goals. The paradox is that in general Mitra does not face any adversarials of lesser strength in the last months, he does not play especially aggressively especially when he is fighting outside. Anyone who saw the match against PerspiB in Bandung would understand that he only made 1-2 opportunities while defending himself throughout the game. The most paradoxical thing is that he started the championship by playing "all out attack" scoring the following - with Zoulam being the revelation of the championship after he appeared from nowhere - and seeing the early peak mainly due to 3 outside of the winning championship, for the Indonesian data. From the beginning of the 2 round and after stopping with 5ara from Bariton - with the double falling very low before starting the match - out of the seat it seems to have shorted and thus lost many of the hopes which had previously terminated 2. It only makes sense to win the match but I doubt how much it will do on the basis of what you have seen last. In order to get an idea with Mitter in the first 5 games, 16 ends -1 against Persina and 3 + on the rest of 4 - while the 8 following managed to score only 11 times. In recent games, however, he has a particular problem with strong defenses, and even when he wins, he succeeds with the soul in his mouth, and he ends up in the end of the match, mainly by relinquishing Spasojevic, who justifies his squadron as Spasogol.

Tonight I am waiting again for a game with the hosts to be parallel and very careful, having against them one of the top teams in the league - here is an analysis for it in a short time - which with great difficulty will be able to score comfortably. Arema will probably play first for X and will emphasize how to ruin the home team's game and I see the few goals being more fortunate than the odds given which are particularly high. If he is there shortly before the start of the match, man 3 in any bet365 is much safer since he gives 1.75-1.80 if of course he decides to make odds. If not, the "under 3" goal can be bet "manually" by breaking the bet on under 2.5 and under 3.5 in such a way that if 3 goals are scored, there will be no damage at least.

Follow a second analysis for the match by writing some things about the Shame this time.

Once again low stakes, personal and 3 choices as a whole are less than 2 / 10 to understand better.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Indonesian Super League
  • Pick Under 2.5
  • Odds 2.40
  • Stake 1
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 2-1 (in progress)
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -1

Malang Arema (IPL) - Persiba Bantul

Finally I found in some "co-operating" with the central company the specific match I had found for a long time and aprons yesterday in the match thread in the forum but of course with different performances that they still show to have value.

Without doing a lot of analysis this time, I do not even copy / paste from what I wrote, I will just say a few things in a nutshell. Armenia should not be mistaken for anyone with the same team that excels in the Super League. Not even a subsidiary is basically just about dividing the two champions as much as the corresponding team of Persicza sent to the Premiers a representative total because they did not know how things could evolve in the future. After finishing the landscape and the Super League was recognized by AFC and FIFA, the Premier League is looking for minimal teams to be valued while most are at the brink of economic disaster and dissolution as some of them will cease and exist. One of them is the native who after April and the victory over her fellow countryman Percema (who is in the face of financial problems) the players of ours say that they "went on holiday" and especially those who do not stay in Malang and the surrounding areas themselves outside of a group -while discussing these foreign players have left for a long time-with the administration trying to persuade at least "locals" to gather to be able to compete in today's game.

In Persia the financial problems are not lacking but it is much less, no player has left the club while there are many hopes that the team can finish at 4 first places and compete against the time in the joined liga and at this stage is 3 in the ranking. Inside, she is simply impressed by dissolving all her adversaries, but outside her seat she still has not done anything good. However, he has been mitigating that he has not fought against any of the "disbanded" teams and nowadays he is given the opportunity to make his home away from home (he also defeated Perciza midfielder with 3-0 formally outside the home but when the game took place in Badoulos, a match that you will not find anywhere, it is superfluous to say that I was looking for a vain company to bet when there were no livescore and even today it should not appear in the "previous games" of the guests) having completed a full mission is membranes from 18 players. In fact, she has a goal to play aggressively, exploiting the weaknesses of her rivals, who are months without a training, her remaining players have no experience of such agonies and will very hardly be able to brace them specifically Ezzekel Gonzalez - synonyms with Eki - who is the leader of Persia.

For greater security, X2 has the double chance of avoiding any 0-0 that corresponds to the Persian one few days ago, however, the prices are quite high and I will risk a slightly lower stake in the double double that its real value should be to be down and from 1.75 I believe.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Indonesian Premier League
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 2.85
  • Stake 3
  • result 1 – 3
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +5.55

Arema Malang - Persiwa Wamena

The very purpose of this analysis is not simply to suggest the specific point in my proposal simply to show some of the things that are happening here and how the traders of the companies are totally black in the middle of what is actually done in Indonesia.

Shame up to the previous day of the match against the unpredictable and pervasive Persephone measured 8 at 8 in the headquarters and her defeat with 1-2 from the apparently future champion came because 2 failed in PALATH executions. In this match before his start, the odds were lower than 2 when it was confirmed that the athletes would not be away at the end. One prisoner, let's now see what happens to Persia which is totally opposed.

The hosts, as I wrote and in the analysis of the match against Gresik, are considered the black sheep of the category for many reasons. First of all, they had financial problems by losing some of their players to the mini-transfer period, while they did and did not get the coaches with only 2 weeks before their previous match, which they had difficulty with 1-0. The match was a team that was just over the demo zone (with a win in the last 13 matches) and with the ace before the game falling below 1.2!

Fifth Night opens first payouts for the Saturday Matches Marathon class with the Ace at 1.60 but as ever with a relatively low limit on the maximum bet expecting to make some bets to alter the odds - almost always its original odds are relatively "generous "To the favorite - to raise the maximum stake later on when the other companies get started when it starts and kicks off the odds. Friday is coming from bwin for AA, 2.00 (!!!) I'm looking to find news that so why is it not justifiable to be so high. The hosts are the second worst team away from their seats and are even weaker in relation to the first round. The rest of the bookmakers went to 1.75 as the shooter and I then started the lap at the end of the game before the match was released under 1.20 and I wrote it in the forum. Even now, 1.55 is even more valuable in Asian -1, but there is currently no "partnering company" and when this possibility exists, it will probably be less likely than that of the alien at that time.

The "dear" bwin, however, is clearly out of the line and at the over which has many chances for that reason. Shame is intended not simply to win the match but to rebuke its adversary for two reasons. The first one has to do with what happened in the first round match less than a month ago. He was in front of the 0-2 score being very close to breaking Persia's inaccuracy on his field (he had 6 win in an equal number of matches so far with 1 passive goals) and would have done it without playing the referee's role. The followers of the field led to the supervisor who was stunned for a few minutes, and when he did not dare to raise his flag in 2 off-side casualties, which led to the same goals and the tie for the friendly hosts. The second reason is that Shame is a 3 match without a win, after that 2-2 got a draw in the Perseusers seat with 1-1 accepting the balance in the last minute (from there she just did not make a living and winner I will analyze it another before the specific analysis was made) to follow her defeat with 1-2 in the match above. So it is not just the victory that will keep it in the top positions of the score but also an outbreak and it is against it the ideal adversary to achieve it.

Aremma has perhaps the most fanatical fans in the country, the field will be crowded, probably with a lot of spectators, with some being near the field (another background and that is expected to be punished for it since it happened in the past I have no idea but because the game will be televised will be broadcast outside the country (I do not have an idea because they will show it in Katar, in particular, there is no player from Cat).

I am waiting for the guests' radio so wherever you find the ace with a handicap at -1 with odds of 2.0 and above it is a gift, the hosts alone are capable of scoring 3 goals and I have the impression that their descent will continue with their final relegation destination. Besides, they have caused many times with their presence this year, apart from the incident with the stones and the supervisor, their player punched a referee and was expelled from the league forever, while earlier in February, Persigua refused to "go down" in the match against Perfe from the island of Papua) under the pretext that there were no guarantees for the conduct of the match (he lost it with 0-3 but without suffering any deduction of points). There is another fact that is related to the team but I will reveal it in the next game so as not to affect the odds (after all, the daily matches that do not have many matches and Stoiximan matches from Indonesia, on the weekends seem to "forget us").

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Indonesian Super League
  • Pick Over 2.5
  • Odds 1.75
  • Stake 3
  • result 5 – 0
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +2.25

Arema Malang (IPL) - Persema Malang

Championship for the Premier League of Indonesia, in other words the fully degraded category (for more information in the previous Thursday picwith both teams facing financial problems, players leaving as they did not pay in their day and generally disappointing appearances this season. However, it is clear that most of the problems are the current host as it is "hanging out" with young people as the majority of players, comes from a busy 13 bus journey to and from Bandoul where he knew the crash with 5-0 from Persia and is now called to fight at the defeat of Malang City under even worse conditions than the Thursdays.

Certainly, Arema is not Persia to be so prevalent against her fellow countryman, but she is quite good when she is in the league (generally in Indonesia and much more in the Premiership, the team plays a very important role especially when the teams do not have enough big differences between them) and given the many problems of the guests, it will be a great surprise if they manage to "sting" even one grade today.

In order not to interfere with someone who does not know about Indonesian this is not the "known" I have mentioned in the past but is in essence like her daughter who is fighting in a different championship from 2 so far in Superleague " its surname ". However, he will have the support of some fans - the "authentic" Passion is perhaps the most popular in the country with supporters not only in Malang but in various parts of Indonesia - since he plays against Persema with the same city as her only followers some girls who are like a fan of a group member who is kind of a "star" simply because it comes from Germany and does not show up in Indonesia that makes him very popular.

For more predictions, you can check the page of the day on the forum, and the same games that you see for today, there are already some of the above choices for Indonesia today, while it will be followed later on at the central point of the day from the same country.

ΥΓ. As long as I wrote the bwin 1.91 analysis I made 1.75

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Indonesian Premier League
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.75
  • Stake 2
  • result 3 – 1
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +1.50

Arema Malang - Srwijaya

For the match that's what we have said in the forum from the very first moment that odds were coming up I was hoping to open up a well-known company to raise it here as an option.Arema is the club with the most fanatical supporters in the country and has traditionally one of the most powerful seats in the championship.This year has even been struggling to fight even for the title, having in their ranks Kristian Gonzalez and Kith Gobs with the first to be the symbol of Indonesia (first scorer of the championship many times but also the first scorer of the National Team, acquiring citizenship despite Uruguay and the second to hold the title of both the champion and last year's top scorer of the league with the colors of his current opponent.If Arema improves her performance away from Malaga then she can have headlines for a title. however, home defeats its opponents with 14 in 4 matches, 4 against her opponent for the title Mira Koukar.
For the guest - with the hard name - the opposite is true, although last year's title was relatively comfortable, this year seems very weakened with several players having left and already in the two games that has given away from its court has received as many 4ars while inside does not impress having 3 wins and 2 draws so far.
Generally with Indonesia's Super Cup often happens the same phenomenon, the odds on the ace or the favorite are open at very attractive prices, but by approaching the time of the race they get the slide and arrive shortly before they have no value at all. Surprisingly for this particular match, even though between two of the most well-known teams there are still no returns from many companies. But I think the best performance is around 1.70 and I will not be surprised if the Ace is really so low.
Personally, it is the month's bet, with the NBA not going well (but that's why NBAer who is going through a fantastic month with his choices) so the win of Arema anyway is the last choice I'm writing for the February Independent Score and I will bet it too strong for my own data believing to close a good one if not another not so perfect month!

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Indonesian Super League
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 2,15
  • Stake 6
  • result 4 – 1
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +6.90
02 Oct 2022
Sunday (02/10) full of action and great matches ahead of us in terms of the football coupon! In the Premier League schedule, the Manchester derby between City and ... Read more

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