Al Ittifaq - Al Ittihad Bahrain

The truth is that the value at this price is too big and must be bet on, even if I'm not sure that Al Ittihad will win. But here we are dealing with a couple that has a clear difference in quality. Al Ittihad is a class over Al Ittifaq and is essentially the only team in the category that can match the three big ones.

What makes the race more interesting is that at the same time, the East Riffa - Al Bahrain top-notch and if East Riffa wins, then Al Ittihad can win to 3 points from the second place. This racing is extremely important for the climb.

The bad thing about Al Ittihad is that he is now playing without the first scorer of Ahmed Abed, who went into the big league. But that did not seem to have her brakes in her last games, since she has a good number of good players in general. The very good for Al Ittihad is the tradition he has with this particular opponent. From 2009, both teams have been counted on 10 games with Al Ittihad counting 10-0-0. Neither X has managed to get Al Ittifaq.

Traditions are about to break, but let's hope it breaks some other time.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Bahrain Division 2
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 2.22
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 2–4
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +3.66

Al Kharitiyath - Al Muaidar

Game "your death is my life" between two teams fighting for salvation. In fact, the game is very important for Kharitiyath since Muaidar can only miraculously avoid relegation and more or less has accepted its fate and tries to have as much fun as possible in its last moments in its maiden participation in the big category.

Kharitiyath has been embroiled in adventures out of nowhere, as some recent bad results and the results of other teams in the danger zone have brought it close to relegation and it no longer has room to lose points to a team like Muaidar .

Muaidar faced several problems in preparing for the game after having suffered several injuries and only 14 players were available by Thursday. Things are tough as her coach admits, but they will give their fight as long as they have hopes and where it is.

Kharitiyath has quality in its team and players like Algerian Kadioui, Yahia Kebe from Burkina Faso and Jaycee John from Bahrain and Domingos in defense. These players have the experience and the class to be able to give victory to the team and a breath in view of the last difficult games to come.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Qatar Stars League
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.73
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 3–2
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +2.92

Al Suwaiq - Al Quadsia

Our doors hit the Asian Champions League, which is expected to offer great emotions and good betting opportunities this year. The first phase consists of the qualifiers, which are divided into 3 rounds and will show the teams that will take the vacancies in the group stage.

An interesting game is held in Oman between local Al Suwaiq and Al Quadsia from Kuwait. Al Suwaiq has a ball to play since December of 2013, after the Oman Championship has been interrupted. During this inaction, he gained two foreign players to boost the team, Iraqi Nadim Karim and Brazilian Emmanuel, who made his first coaching with the team on Friday and has not yet decided to play from the start of the match or he will help when needed. 

Al Quadsia, on the contrary, continues normally at full pace after running the championship in Kuwait. In fact, on Wednesday, he won one of the cups organized by the country, winning in an episode final with 2-1 Al Arabi. The final stopped almost 20 minutes. The reason was the penalty kick that Al Quadsia won and essentially gave her the cup after opening the score at 80 and 82 made the 2-0. Of course, a penalty kick has never been, a terrible mistake by the referee, according to Al Arabi's agents, overflowing the cup of hostile arbitration. Al Arabi retired for 20 minutes from the field before being convinced to continue the final, while Saturday did not come down in the fight to protest and her fans did not allow the referees to enter the court.

All this has started a terrible debate about whether the Quadsia was worth the cup, several categories of the media for failing to adhere to fair play, straightforward questions to players if they are happy to steal a cup and more. The reaction within the team and the players is that they want to make a very big win at Oman to prove they are right to winning victories and that they can bring great distinction and success to the country.

Al Suwaiq was not something special as a team before the break, nor can he now say he is a giant. In its last friendly preparation, 4 received a goal from Oman's Al Orouba in a heavy defeat with 4-1. Indeed, it was supposed to be the rehearsal game with the super defensive 4-5-1 to be used against the Kuwait team. Both opponents do not have a serious absence, Al Quadsia has a defensive defender.

The only element against Al Quadsia in this game is the fatigue it can have from the final cup on Wednesday. Otherwise, it is a better team, with better players and full racing, so it should be a favorite of 1.90 and not a performance on 2.55. Oman has never been a terrible venue for the guests and in the last adventure to Al Suwaiq, Al Quadsia has won 5-1 in Oman. 

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) AFC Champions League
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 2.55
  • Stake 3
  • result 0–1
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +4.65

Iraq (-2.25 AH) - Indonesia

Race for 1 in the Asian Cup qualifying round, held in Dubai within the 3 Group. In the next round 2 first teams are eligible automatically and the best third (5 groups in total) with China and Saudi Arabia are 2 other groups that complement the group.
Indonesia is by far the weakest team not only in the group but also in general in organizing one, and apart from the fact that it never constituted any particular force, it is forced by FIFA not to use players from the Super League. You see in the country there are two championships, the Premier League and the Super League, with the second one being the one that attracts the biggest names of one and has more sponsors. The national team is essentially the "Olympic" team in the country since it is mostly composed of players who are under the age of 23. That's where the biggest problem is in the attack where it is made up of young players with little experience of international races. The only thing pleasant about Timna, as the locals call their national team (by Tim Nasional), is that it will have in its ranks after a long time Irfan Bachtim, "Beckham of Indonesia" (originated from the Netherlands ) who is one of the most recognizable athletes in the country but not necessarily for his racing performance. The reason is that Iphan is now a member of Tsunburi who plays in the Thai-recognized FIFA championship. In the last friendly preparation, Indonesia was defeated by Jordan with 5-0 despite the fact that the game was played on a very bad pitch and under heavy rain. Even if the weather conditions were better, the defeat would be even more severe.
Iraq on its side is made up of players who have experience with many international entries with the national team and are generally among the most recognizable teams in the continent. The Iraqi will chase the victory but also the many scoring to take precedence either in the event of a tie with China or Saudi Arabia for a place in the double or worse case to be the best third group of 5 clubs to qualify for 16. In their last friendly, they faced Malaysia (a group of similar capacities with their Indonesian -monglings and beloved neighbors, and probably better after the embargo imposed) and without encountering any particular problems they were easily enforced with 3-0. Similar and perhaps easier prevalence I expect in their official game as the motivation will be much greater.
For this game, many companies have not raised odds for special handicaps, but I expect when the odds are low enough since they are already in decline. So I will bet in Iraq to win with 3 goal difference by returning the bet if they beat 2 goals.
Since Wednesday many international fights are expected to make predictions from many at the forum or on the prognostic page either in the Forum Tipster League section where they will be accompanied by analyzes.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Asian Cup
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.65
  • Stake 1
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 1–0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -1


Comp. Date Event Tipster
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 to reach the semi-finals
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 to reach the semi-finals
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 1st & 2nd places of group E
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Top scorer of the competition
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Ronaldo & Kane goals
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 BetBuilder with England & Kane
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Top scorer of the competition
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Goal Dombryk (Ukraine)
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 To reach the quarter-finals
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Netherlands goals
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Semi-final four
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Semi-final four
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 First groups
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 First groups
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Top scorer in Group E
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Top scorer of the competition
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Final Pair
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 To reach the semi-finals
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 team with the fewest goals
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Over 0,5 cards
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2025 Over red cards
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Over yellow cards
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Total penalties
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Winner & 4th place Group F
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Winner & 4th place Group D
16/06/24 19:00 Euro 2024 to finish in the first two places of the XNUMXth group
18/06/24 19:00 Euro 2024 Georgia points

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