UFC 169

For another year, fc will follow Super Bowl or vice versa, depending on bad weather trends in Newark, New Jersey. Midnight Saturday to Sunday 02-02-2012

Two title fights will bring champions in the Bantamweight and Featherweight categories. The current champions and friends, Renan Barao and Jose Aldo, will give the opportunity to Urijah Faber and Ricardo Lamas respectively, to claim their title. Before we see the battles of the champions, the ufc prepared for us, another 10 battles, from almost all categories, to cover all the fans. Whether some people like the battle of short, fast, technically excellent fighters, or the battle of giants with strong fists, no one will be left complaining.

The "main games" that are shown in pay per view in America, in Greece will be shown by the live streaming of the channel UFC_GREECE on dailymotion.com:

07: 00am. 135 lbs .: Renato Barao vs. UFC Bantamweight Champion Urijah Faber

06: 30am. 145 lbs .: UFC Featherweight champion Jose Aldo vs. Ricardo Lamas

06: 00am. 265 lbs .: Alistair Overeem vs. Frank Mir
05: 30am. 125 lbs .: Ali Bagautinov John Lineker
05: 00am. 155 lbs .: Abel Trujillo Jamie Varner

The 4 "qualifiers" broadcast by Fox sports logically for us will continue to be shown by UFC Fight Pass:

04: 30am. 155 lbs .: John Makdessi Alan Patrick
04: 00am. 125 lbs .: Chris Cariaso Danny Martinez
03: 30am. 185 lbs .: Nick Catone vs. Tom Watson
03: 00am. 155 lbs .: Al Iaquinta vs. Kevin Lee

and 3 "qualifying" matches, which open the yard, we will definitely watch, from UFC Fight Pass (which is free until March) in excellent quality:

02: 30am. 185 lbs .: Andy Enz vs. Clint Hester
02: 00am. 155 lbs .: Rashid Magomed vs. Tony Martin
01: 30am. 170 lbs .: Neil Magny Gasan Umalatov



Let's look at them in detail ...


Renan Barao vs. Urijah Faber

This is their second encounter. In first Renan Barao won by a decision of the judges. We will now see two improved fighters at all levels.
Barao has since lost his mma debut in April 2005. Since then in the next 9 years he has 31 wins and only 10 of them came by decision of the judges. Faber has always been excellent in submission. But now with her an improved team of Ludwig he has grown more in the upright battle.

Expect an ambiguous fight but because Faber will be more aggressive in the standing battle, I think Barao in some crazy reaction, will do a magic spinning back kick back flip back twist upside down scissors and win by knockout.




The biggest favorite of these games is Aldo. In my eyes, however, it is not worth such a small performance. Lamas is a worthy opponent in both standing battle and on the ground. He is even better at wrestling. Unfortunately for him, Aldo has a very good takedown defense. After the 4th round, however, Aldo gets tired and instead of attacks, he wanders in the cage and attacks. If at that point Lamas manages to crush Aldo and fight him, he can even make the big surprise and become a champion!




One of the most anticipated fights in UFC 169 is the heavyweight bout between Alistair "The Reem" Overeem and Frank Mir. Once upon a time there were both very big names in the field of mma, if this battle had taken place 5 years earlier it would have been terribly watched and interesting because they were both champions. But now they seem to be just trying to stay in the spotlight. They have 3 consecutive defeats each other because the heavyweight division is the shallowest of talents and athletes, they do not risk being left out of the ufc, even if they lose catastrophically.

Overeem used to be a champion in the K-1 kick boxing tournament (what Zambidis is fighting for). He then turned it into mma where he became champion in the Japanese DREAM and PRIDE tournaments and in America he became famous when he won the strikeforce title. He has the strongest knees on the planet, which stem from exhausting May Thai training but as the laps go by you run out very quickly and he easily falls under punches and kicks.

Mir was a UFC champion and has faced very good fighters. He is excellent in submissions but lately he also seems to be unable to withstand the wood and coil from the first blow.

Unfortunately or fortunately both will do the so-called TRT treatment that wonders to failed athletes. So you might see them withstand more than one round.


John Lineker vs. Ali Bagautinov

Remember this guy: Ali Bagautinov he had given us money at ufc 167. Now they put him in a better opponent than the last time and they serve him to us in a worse odds. Although I believe he will win I can not say for sure. Lineker has lost just once in his last 19 games. Usually in the weighing he is measured above the limit with the result that people do not trust him. When you go over the limit, it either means that you have a problem in your training-preparation and you did not manage to remove the unnecessary thickness, or that you deceitfully wanted to keep more muscle mass. So we will see them again after weighing .... Indeed, once again weighed overweight. After the weighing, however, he had the opportunity to lose the extra pound in one hour and from what I read on the tweeter, he succeeded, but he was exhausted! In his previous races he did not care much about the extra weight. He remained overweight, simply giving 50% of the match winnings to the losing opponent. But now he had to show professionalism, because the winner of this fight will fight for the title. Overweight fighters, however, are not allowed to fight for the title. 


Abel Trujillo vs. Jamie Varner

Statistically here Varner is the best wrestler because Trujillo has a very poor takedown defense. Nurmagomedov put him down more than 20 times last year. The good thing about Trujillo though is that every time you put him down, he has the power to get up and from battle to battle you improve significantly. In the uprising battle, Verner is technically the most accurate with his attacks, that is, logically we will see him hit Trujillo more times. Trujillo, however, does not need many punches because he throws them very hard trying to knock out the opponent. If the match goes to the judges, Varner will have a higher hit score, but I give Trujillo the same chances to win by knockout.


Alan Patrick in John Makdess

Patric in his first fight went undefeated and faced another undefeated fighter, who was knocked out by the first round, but that opponent seemed along the way that it was not something extraordinary because he lost again and was eliminated by the ufc. Now Patrik is facing a very experienced and excellent striker who has three consecutive wins in the ufc, Makdessi. Makdessi is definitely better in the standing battle but Patrick's long arms and mobility will make it difficult for him to find a target. An ambiguous fight but I lean more on the young, undefeated, talented and dynamic Patrick.


Chris Cariaso in Danny Martinez

Cariaso is a very technical striker with great endurance. His very poor takedown defense let him fall several times with his back to the ground. Martinez is a wrestler with strong punches and logically, like the others before him, he will put Cariaso on the ground. In the uprising, however, he is not very good. Everything will depend on the damage that Martinez will do to Cariaso on the ground. If the damage is small, because our judges have recently become accustomed to favoring the strikers, the victory will be gained, from the points of the upright battle, by the experienced Cariaso.


Nick Catone in Tom Watson

Catone is the best wrestler in this match and has faced better fighters. In uprising, however, he is not good, to be precise, he is very bad. He is used to fighting opponents to beat them awkwardly, unskillfully and inelegantly on the ground. In a recent interview, however, he said he wanted to show us how much he had improved in the uprising. This carries many risks, because Watson has very heavy punches and great endurance. As a race it does not say much because none of them has prospects for great success in the future.


Al Iaquinta in Kevin Lee

Iaquinta may be the best wrestler of this fight. Surely he is the most experienced. But it has a very one-dimensional attack on the upright battle. You rarely move cyclically and do not come out of angles. He is perhaps the best rival that could have a new and inexperienced fighter like Lee, who looks impressive in the videos.


Andy Enz at Clint Hester

Fighters of The Ultimate Fighter 17 (tv show) both. The ens, although it seems undefeated, lost and was excluded early from the show. That defeat does not count as professional. He likes to fight but he is also good at standing battles. Hester was my favorite on the show but lost to a wrestler. There he seemed to have a weakness in wrestling. In his last fights, he won relatively easily and seemed even more improved in the standing battle. But his opponents were not wrestlers. I do not know if the holes he had in the takedown defense were closed or remain open.


Rashid Magomed in Tony Martin

I hate ufc right now! I hate it because I love this fight! These two fighters look so good that if guided and trained properly, they will be able to become worthy title contenders. If I have to categorize them, Martin is the wrestler and Magomedov is the (quite experienced) striker. But it is unfair because it seems that they are already complete fighters, with many weapons. Let the best whoever wins win. I'm just interested in watching the match.


Gasan Umalatov in Neil Magny

Magny in his last fight looked very relaxed in the 3rd round and counterattacked. Umalatov seems stronger than Magny, but slower and makes many mistakes. If Magny keeps Umalatov at bay with his long arms and escapes his ungrateful fight, in the 3rd round he will be able to make the surprise, because Umalatov almost throughout his career, fought in fights that lasted only two rounds . So logically it will be uncomfortably weakened.

Why (fortunately) there is not Europe

"Once upon a time, Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs were faced with the NBA finals ....." If there was no internet, it might be that a narrative could begin some years later, by a man who was happy to seeing these finals in another who is not our generation and of course he would not have this possibility. A dreamlike series of finals from the best basketball fairytale that he did not miss out on anything. With close games offered for cardiac episode, eruptions on both sides, tripos bombardments, triopled record (1 and 6 final), extra time (6 final) great shot to be left in the story (Ray Allen in 6 final) are just some of what we saw in these fantastic seven races.

However, if one of the above is more intense, this could not be more than the tremendous three-pointer achieved by the top three-pointer in the NBA's history, sending the game to 95 (95-5.2) before the end and the famous yellow ribbon and trophy are already in the pitch for the award. What finally did not happen after the match was considered in favor of the Heat in the extra time and the debates on whether Popovich should have commanded fouls in the last attack of the Florida club, Still, these things for those who have seen even a minimal NBA in their lives are very clear about the attitude they have in America in such cases, with the Italian journalist of Gazzetta Dello Sport not surely in between since otherwise he would not have even thought of asking the technician of the "spurs" why he did not order a foul. The latter could not have misunderstood the question, saying: "That's one euro a question for play, right? ", to continue (screaming) the Italian saying," We (in Europe) are fooling "and end the conversation with one of the very great coaches to say to him: Yes, you are fooling We do not do here. "

Did the Italian, following the words of Pop, understand why this foul has never happened? We probably will never know it, unless one was found to explain to him that in the top basketball championship of the planet, what counts above is the and how the whole game will make it more appealing in order to "sell" it to the viewer. And the Americans unfortunately or fortunately know well ... the art of "selling something to the people", as of course and of the spectacle.Here (in Europe in general) we would still perform (with 1-2 points difference in the match) to find a player who will just throw the ball behind the center, and then .... Then, afterwards, for years they will remember Ray Allen to score one of the biggest shots in the NBA history at 5.2 before the end and to send Miami out of the hell of a lost league to the paradise of his 7 match. Here (especially in Greece) years later they would still talk about why the Spurs did not fool them, and there they were this is never going to be heard, because there they leave the protagonists of the sport to talk and who do not look like they will "steal" a match that can not be judged (as has happened and has been infinite times) in favor of the team that is ahead with three points, sending the opponent to the shots and then the opponent. If you are better you will win, if not win, so simple, you do not need any shot to judge a game or even a title, so we have lose the "big shot" account you have you are going to find a target in the NBA. Because this is the essence in the sport, the spectacle. Because that's what you will remember after years, a big shot that has passed in history and not two players going from one side of the stadium to the other. they are making shots.For simply, this is the NBA ...

YC If you have a different viewpoint, just think about why you stay in the evenings to watch an NBA match and what you expect him to offer you.

PS 2 Because the signatory wants to say it all, he has been a fan of the Heat for about a decade. This of course does not play any role in the view I have and which I mentioned in the above article. The same I would write and in the opposite case .

PS 3 I also wanted to express my opinion on LeBron James, but in order not to spread a "bed sheet" I will make it directly to another article.

Rivers "freezes" in Clippers

A great disaster has been created yesterday on the other side of the Atlantic since it saw a scenario that sends Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to Clippers. But that does not seem to go away, as everything has been "frozen" since the name of Eric Bledsoe fell on the table. Specifically, the LA team seemed prepared to do everything so that in the first phase the next coach who would sit at the counter would be Rivers and second to take with them KG and Pierce. A goal that only easy is not considered since the "Celts" to agree to this demanded DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe in exchange for 37forwardforwardcentre and at least one first-to-the-minute ticket to compensate for 51time technician who has another three years contract against 21 million dollars.

That's how it all seems to fall into the gap, as "Hollywood" judges Boston's demands, which in all of the above has also put the absorption of the contract of one of Jason Terry or Courtney Lee by the Clippers. this is the least, since the latter are not even discussing the possibility of giving Bledsoe. This is because they are rumored to be in exchange for a "pack" that together with Blake Griffin will convince the Lakers to move on to a sign and trade that will send Howard to become sympathetic with Chris Paul, as both superstars want. In addition to that, it is obvious that Clippers have been involved in discussions with Magic and Pacers to bring one of Afflalo or Granger to Los Angeles respectively. The case of the guard of Orlando is clearly easier as Indiana wants to keep Granger, who comes from a knee surgery, and has another one year contract with 30, who is looking for a healthy life expecting to break her the dominion of Heat in the East aiming to "build" an even more competitive team that will obviously have its presence in the NBA finals, with the ultimate goal of convincing Chris Paul to remain in the team renewing his contract even if Clippers fail to bring him "Superman".

Whatever - and returning to the issue of exchange with the Celtics - according to what they say in the US, the landscape will be fully clear within the next two days, when it will be seen if either side is willing to throwing water in her wine. At the same time, if the exchange gets flesh and bones, then the Celtics' flag, Paul Pierce, will join the game, with Clippers trying to reunite the Massachusetts trio club , but this time in Californian. At this point it is worthwhile to make a parenthesis we have to say that the Celts have not yet decided on the future of 35 charm forward, who still has one year contract. So, Danny Ainge will have to clear the management's intentions by the end of the month as to whether pay the 5 buyout of the dollars and release it by saving 10.000.000 or going along in the last year of his contract by paying to Pierce 15.300.000. Closing the parenthesis, if anything is not true in the next few days, then administration of the LA team will turn to Lionel Hollins and Brian Shaw, who have already met Clippers in the past week (as was the case with Byron Scott), with the former being the favorite if it is not successful the attempt to acquire Rivers.

Free Iguodala

Andre Iguodala has decided to make use of the term in the last year of his contract, which gives him the right to remain free, thereby enhancing the already "hot" market for the free (Howard, Paul, Ellis, etc.). ) Iggy, wanting to secure a larger contract that would provide him with security, left aside 15.9 millions that he was expected to receive for the coming season and will now look for a new four-year contract with another team or a renewal with the Nuggets keep him in Denver for the next five years. This, because without using the special term, would have the right to sign no more than a three-year extension with the "bullets".

Naturally, there is no question about the intentions of the club's administration, who earnestly desires the 29 Chardonnay in Denver, and he was aware of his intentions, with Josh Kroenke revealing: "We were aware of his intentions André and himself know for his part that we want him back. Andre is a priority for the club. "

After this development, many teams have already seen the case of the former Sixers player, with the Hawks (who will be ... worn so much this summer), Cavaliers, Mavericks, Rockets, Pistons and Pelicans to be some of them . This is only good for the Nuggets, who recently lost the top manager of the season that they spent, and then stripped their technician, George Karl, a few days after he became coach of the year. However, Kroenke is convinced will have time to find the right GM and a competent coach to take over the fortunes of the team, giving a five-year vision to Iguodala that will persuade him to remain in the club. Elsewhere, Arizona's graduate himself, he said in the past year that he felt very well in Denver and thanked him for playing, this team and his teammates. Finally, it is worth mentioning that he has a deadline until June 25 to submit the necessary documents that will give him his freedom.

9's draft 2004 draft 9 in 80's 13 career season fought 5.4 Nuggets jersey, averaging 5.3 points, 1.7 assists, 34.7 rebounds and 18 steals at 8 minutes per race. In parallel, he made the best postseason his career with 5.3 points, 2 rebounds, 40.5 assists, and 6 thieves in 4 minutes of participation per match and a set of 2 matches that ended up with the Warriors (XNUMX-XNUMX) in the first round of the playoffs.

"Duet" Paul-Howard (;)

Chris Paul and Dwight Howard are in constant contact by writing, examining possible scenarios that could bring them together in the same group, according to sources cited by espn. The two stars will undoubtedly be the most sought-after free agents this summer and the scenarios that will emerge around their names will follow each other. For the sake of the foregoing, it is the fact that they are seriously considering becoming a teammate and a desire for both of them to stay in Los Angeles, but for sake of the Clippers.

Of course, this case encounters many obstacles, most importantly, it concerns the minimal space that the Clippers team has in the salary cap and who would certainly not have a contract like "Superman." That way, the only solution imagines a sign and trade, with the Lakers signing Howard and sending him in exchange for ... their fellow citizens. Here, obviously, most will be wondering what Paul's current team is going to offer. A possible package that could entice the "Limnathropos "you know it would be Blake Griffin and Eric Ble dsoe, although - as reported by sources of espn- o "Snake" is one of the players that would in no way be included in an exchange pack for the Clippers. However, that could be said to be one side of it. . If we believe the rumors that some of the Clippers administration wanted to exchange Griffin for Howard before he moved to LA for the Lakers, then there is definitely the ... opposite.

There is also the ... opposite destination so that the two superstars can make their wish come true and become teammates. Who is he? But of course the choice of the Atlanta Hawks, with the "hawks" having a big ... air in the salary cap so that they can both fit. However, this possibility also encounters obstacles, since the 27-year-old center does not want to return to the city where he was born, but would do it if he had the 28-year-old guard by his side, with the last This is because his priority is to stay in Los Angeles and especially after overcoming any differences that had arisen with the management of the club, as he likes the city and the living conditions in it.

1's draft 2004 drafts and 4's NOXNX 2005 began early in the season, as the Lakers were eliminated in the first round of the Spurs play with 4-0, while the Clippers were defeated by 4-2 by the Grizzlies. Howard finished the regular season with an average of 17.1 points, 12.4 rebounds, 2.4 blocks and 1.4 assists in 35.8 minutes of participation per match and a total of 76 Matches, making the third worst year of his career - after the first two - at 9 years is fighting at the NBA. Paul, for his part, completed the season with 16.9 points, 9.7 assistant, 3.7 ride and 2.4 steals at 33.4 minutes per match and 70 set of matches found on the parquet, and also won the All Star Game Award at the Houston All Star Game.

New technician of Nets o Kidd

Jason Kidd is changing his headline in his NBA career, and a few days after his decision to withdraw from acting, he convinced Nets to be ready to take the next step, with the former calling him the new head coach of the team. The information says he has signed a three-year co-operation agreement, but we will certainly know that in about four and a half hours, when the scheduled Barclays Center interview will begin.

40's former Knicks guard did not conceal that it was a craving for the dictator's counter:"It's a tremendous opportunity for me to be a Brooklyn Nets coach and a role that I had studied a lot during my career" Kidd said initially and continued:"The championship teams are being built during the preparation, they play selflessly and they are responsible, that's how I will train this team. I am really excited about the new page in my basketball career."

It is worth mentioning that Brian Shaw met with the Brooklyn executives during yesterday's day and after talks that lasted about four hours seemed to have the lead in taking the technical leadership. However, the owner of the Nets, Mikhail Prokhorov , he was convinced that Kidd is ready to make the leap in his career, from the moment he saw him actually coming "read" to the appointment of the two sides. In particular, he got up in the discussions to explain his philosophy, to design in the table, various tactics he has in his mind and reveal what his plan is for the attack of the team, proving that he has full knowledge of the roster in general and of each player separately. got on with Frank Vogel's assistant to Pacers, it is the fact that he is a future Hall of Famer, but also the excellent relationship he maintains with Deron William. Once with the news that Brooklyn's new coach will be Kidd, Deron hastened to tweet:"I'm excited to be working under the direction of Jason Kidd, a leader with excellent basketball to become a fantastic coach."

As for the "teammate" Jason Kidd as assistant, the name of the former coach of Detroit Pistons, Lawrence Frank, is very much heard. The second ... 12.091 assistant in the NBA's story is said that in discussions with Billy King, the general manager of the club, proposed Frank for his assistant coach position to offset his experience as a coach. Note that he was succeeding PJ Carlesimo on the "net" had replaced Avery Johnson amid the season-who led the Nets to a record of 35-19, knowing but blocking the Bulls in the first round of the playoffs.

Finally, let's say that Jason Kidd in 19 years of career in the top basketball championship on the planet, fought at Mavericks (94'-96 '), who had chosen him in 2's Draft 1994, then wore the Suns jersey from 1996 as 2001 to move for a seven-year period (2001-2008) to the group that loved and loved more than anyone else and will train from this year. 2008 returned to Dallas to win three years later his first championship with Mavs (2011) and finish his career with Knicks a year later. winning the 1995 rookie of the year prize, is 10 times All Star, was found five times in the NBA's top five and one in the second, as well as four times in the top five, and five in the second. was a member of the US national team when she won the gold medal at the 2000 and 2008 Olympic Games. She completed her career by marking 17.529 points (with 12.6), sharing 12.091 (8.7) assistant- staying behind only by John Stockton-and picking 8.725 (μ.ο 6.3) rebounds in a set of 1391 matches (105) and Oscar Robertson (138). He is also a third in a triple double in the NBA history with 181 (!), behind Magic Johnson (XNUMX) and Oscar Robertson (XNUMX).

The Clippers are in a "fever" of meetings

4 / 4 aim to make this week the Clippers, who are looking for a coach, having already met with Brian Shaw and Byron Scott. Frank Vogel's assistant has passed from the Los Angeles office yesterday day, while the former coach of Cavaliers had a meeting with the club's administrators today.

However, these will not be the only candidates to go through Holywood in order to hear what the club's agents have to say, as there are scheduled appointments for the next two days. Tomorrow the former Memphis coach will take over. Grizzlies, Lionel Hollins, who will not continue with the Grizzlies, after the latter decided not to offer him a new contract. Glass had cracked by about the middle of the season and did not manage to "re-stick" even with the excellent course that Memphis had this year, which was the best in its history, reaching the finals of the West.

Finally, the "fever" of meetings will end (?) On Thursday the former Seattle Supersonics player and coach, Nate McMilan, who was on the bench of the NBA team for the last time in the 2011-2012 season and specifically that of the Blazers, with Portland showing him the exit door before the regular season even ends.

However, as espn reported a few days ago, the favorites to take over the technical leadership of the Clippers are Brian Shaw and George Karl.

"Door" Ellis in Bucks (;)

Bucks is waiting for the coals to wait for Monta Ellis to decide what to do next season. The "deer" is keen on the eve of their first scorer this season, and according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel have filed a proposal of $ 36 million for a three-year contract, with the same one being negative at first, with the priority being to examine the free market.

The 27-year-old guard kept a condition in the six-year deal he signed with the Warrios that would bring him $ 66 million - before the latter gave him in exchange to the Bucks in exchange for Bogut and Jackson - which gave him the right to The last year of his contract was $ 11 million, with Milwaukee still offering $ 11.8 million for the 2014-2015 season and another $ 13 million for the 2015-2016 season However, that does not seem to be the case at the moment, with Ellis and his agent Jeffrey Fried having until June 20 to decide.

The former Golden State player in his 8 NBA season had an average of 19.2 points, 6 assists, 3.9 rebounds, 2.1 steals, and 0.4 blocks in 37.5 minutes per match and 82 aggregation. It is worth noting that 11 qualifies for the scoreboard this season, but also the fourth in steals.

Naturally, the scenarios of the next station of his career-if he did not eventually remain at Milwaukee-could not be missed, with the first talking about Kings' interest. From what does this result? Sacramento has now a new coach, who is called Mike Malone and who was assistant coach to the Warriors, with Ellis having excellent relations with him from their joint trip to the Golden State.

Finally by Nuggets o Karl

Whatever was voted NBA coach of the year, George Karl after nine years in the Nuggets is a thing of the past, as the management of the latter proceeded to end its cooperation with the experienced coach. A move that caused great surprise to both his fans. Denver, and in general to the fans of the top basketball league in the world. With one more year left on his contract and the team retaining the right to expand for another three, the 62-year-old coach was pushing for a renewal, setting -according to information- However, the president of the team Josh Kroenke decided not to give it to him and based on the possibility of a possible dissatisfaction on the part of Karl for the next season, he proceeded to terminate it. their cooperation.

Meanwhile, rumors say that the glass - at least on the part of the administration - had cracked a long time ago, as the coach's "wants" were different from those of the managers, with the former wanting immediate results that would end in a good run in the playoffs, while on the contrary the latter focus on a further progress of the roster and specifically of the young players. In fact, one of the reasons that brought the "divorce" -apart from the fact that there were differences in the terms of a possible expansion- is said to be is also the dissatisfaction caused by the club's agents not using JaVale McGee in the starting five, who last summer signed a four-year contract for $ 44 million and went on to take no more than 18.1 minutes on the floor, as George Karl seemed to trusts much more Costas Koufos. A player that the Nuggets managers believe in a lot, as is the case with Evan Fournier, Ga The other guard fails to gain the trust of his coach and plays an average of just 11.3 minutes per game.

After this development the scenarios of who will be the next stop in the career of 62hron coach, but also who will be the one who will succeed him on the Denver counter give and take. One of these states that the "pellets" will ask for permission from Grizzlies to speak with Lionel Hollins (who is also on the exit door from Memphis), while it is worth mentioning that the top of Kroenke's list is also the name of Brian Shaw (Frank Vogel's assistant in Indiana ) Already already sounding that "bears" have approached the former Nuggets coach, whom Nets and Clippers also have in mind.

As far as the ... farewell of the latter is concerned, he has to say goodbye to the fans of the former team of tweet:"I want to thank Nuggets' friends for supporting these 8 years. Denver will always be my home."For his part, George Karl's agent, Warren LeGarie, stood in the way Josh Kroenke handled the whole thing, telling ESPN that:"Surely that was not the ideal ending. Obviously George wanted to remain in the team. But I could not praise the way in which Kroenke handled a really difficult situation for both sides" to conclude that:"He was always simple and honest in every step and every decision, while he was clear about what he was willing and what not to do."

Finally, Denver's boss had only good words to say about the man who led his team to third place in the West Region this season:"George has been a key part of our successes over the last decade and we appreciate what he has done to keep us from the top teams in the West. He's a coach of the Hall of Fame, whose legacy in Denver will last for years. George is a legend in basketball and I could not not respect him as a man and coach. "

For 62time technician, it is worth noting that in his 25 years of presence as the first coach of the NBA, he keeps a record of 1.131-756 and 80-105 in playoff matches. At the same time, in his tenure in Denver, ... conter wrote 423-257 in regular time of the championship and 21-39 in the postseason, while the 21 consecutive season that they found on the bench is the top in the history of the NBA, along with that of Phil Jackson

That's how Nuggets is not only in search of a coach, but also as a replacement for Masai Ujiri, who won the top prize for this season. However, despite the club's desire to renew their partnership, 15 millions that the Raptors offered him were banned for Denver's cashmere, and the streets on both sides split.

Infobeto Rankings Orlando Magic 2012-13

After the "Magic" that we were last to deal with and even fought us solemnly as 2 made wins against the New York teams as "magic", tonight the Magic Series is the name of the Orlando team. Maggie, after releasing two best-preserved players before the start of the season, Howard and Anderson, looked in the eyes of the experts as the predominant team to have the worst record this season. That was because their material seemed to be probably the poorest in the league, with team managers having as their ultimate goal the gathering of young and talented players and releasing space in the buzzard to have a strong team in the future.
The results initially denied the "specialists" since Orlando took advantage of the fact that they underestimated it and was found to be along with the other team from Florida State, Hit, the only ones who had a positive record against groups in the West, while at the same time they had many hopes to get into the playoffs. But somewhere there is a number of problems with "delivering spirit" and 2 has won 24 last game with 12 consecutive defeats, every hope for the playoffs seems to have been lost and that is why some players have not been pushed to come back from their injuries, especially Renic, who is involved in various transcript scenarios and is likely to be given in the next few days to not get lost in the summer. However, there was also some positive for Jacques Vaughn's team, one of whom was the coach himself making his first steps in the field. From the players' point of view, the team mostly gets points from their five-way players (although Reed is mostly off the bench but has increased time to participate in relation to Harkle who usually starts) without having the necessary help from the rest. The top scorer is Afallo, in his first year as the "first violin" in a team, while besides Redic who is doing his best year, revelation is the Montenegrin Voutshevich -ruk last year with the Sicers - breaking especially in the field of rebounds and even more so than when the improved as well as healthy Davies was injured.
What is missing from Orlando is the complementary players who have quality from the bench, something that they might do in the future if they develop - but not least - Harkleys, Nicholson and O'Kwyn, who do not prove themselves as much "sea bass" choices as a rune. It will also take some play maker, especially if Pendik leaves because there is no one to replace Nelson, which in any case is not the most stable "buzzard" despite his upgraded numbers this year.
In the next few days, just one Magic game follows, tomorrow against Portland, with the set of odds at this time being at 1.91-1.91 thus presenting the absolute balance. But with Orlando counting 12 with a continuous defeat and despite the returns of some players, I expect the Blazers to go down and become the underdogs for the home side, so for anyone who expects Portland to be better placed to bet if it is possible - just bwin has returns so early - to do so by now. For me more value has it over 191 which, based on what both teams showed in their last games, will logically be overtaken and we may even see here going up the limit when the other companies open the odds.

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