Gremio - Cruzeiro

The champion of the Cruzeiro championship is tested at the headquarters of the molded Gremio.

Gremio is in very good shape and has won 3's victory in an equal number of matches this time against Crisiuma having an easy away away win by winning with 3-0. 12 preceded 39 in 2 0-66 and 3 0-XNUMX

After yesterday's winning results he can climb 3's position and come out in the Libertadores Cup.

Cruzeiro made a big double at the Santos headquarters winning with 1-0. It preceded the 53 minute and that was enough until the end of the game.

He has the advantage of being at + 4 from his persecutors and at 4 staying matches he wants 5 points to get the title.

The Scorari team is strong at its headquarters with just 2 defeating 12 wins and 3 draws while 12 Anderson counts in 17 races. On the other hand, Cruzeiro has 8 wins 5 wins and 4 defeats having 9 Andter and 8 Over. I believe that Gremio will watch her defense and the guests will look at at least a point and look for the next 4 points in the other games. Closed game with few goals so I'll go with Under 2.5

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Seria A
  • Pick Under 2.5
  • Odds 1.62
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 1-2
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -4

Goias - Corinthians

The Corinthian champion is being tested at Goias' headquarters with the sole goal of winning as they are coming closer.

Goias made 3 her defeat at 4 matches this time against Internacional where she was defeated with 1-0 at 79 minute. Until 79 went well defensively, but there he received the goal and then failed to react and so the defeat came.

4 racing before the end of the championship is 8 points away from the positions leading to the demo.

Corinthians took 4's win in 6 and is undefeated here and 6 racing with 4 wins and 2 draws. Won Baia with 2-1 scoring Renato at 84 minute for 2-1 while 70 minute was matched.

Aim to enter 4 and tie with Gremio.

The hosts may not be in immediate danger, however, this does not mean they will be indifferent to the game on the other hand the guests will definitely want to continue this winning streak and enter the four. I'm expecting a closed game with the home team to defend themselves well and look at the latest 6 games counting 4 Under. So, betting on Goya's defense will go with Under 2.5

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Seria A
  • Pick Under 2.5
  • Odds 1.53
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Stoiximan
  • result 0-1
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +2.12

It is at risk of the undefeated

The new way in which teams end up in the final stage has left enough room for error in so-called large teams. That's why there have been quite unpredictable results since the beginning, and at the same time they have exploited smaller range bands to get to the top.

One of them is Austria, which for four decades tries to find himself in a final phase through the qualifiers without success. They have been trying for years now and apparently their time has come. Having a good alloy of footballers, most of whom were in Hope when she won 4η position in the finals of the World Cup. The Saturday even though it was difficult to prevail with 1-0 on her Ρωσίας and continues undefeated in the group. This has scattered excitement and today it is welcoming her Brazil, in a friendly match. Tickets have disappeared from scratch, with the Austrians never defeating the South Americans. And nowadays they have two good absences in the middle line, as there are two main defensive defenses, including a lot of David Alabama of Bayern. Expected low odds in the double, in general the Brazilians are spreading the terror in their passage, wanting somehow to be redeemed for the summer shots.

With two consecutive four he returned to successes Switzerland and in connection with her defeat Σλοβακίας, found in 2η resulting in the return of smiles to his team again Petrovic. Today he faces in a friendly match Poland and the Swiss-Croatian technician took a breath and sent back to their teams to take breath, the basic Kimper Sommer and her right back Juve Liechtenstein. At the same time, he wants to give minutes to those who have the minimum time to participate. Somehow it will move Poland as coach Adam Navalka wants to try new things, but urgently asks for victory and points to climb significantly in UEFA and FIFA. Fairly split the odds set, attractive the price offered by Over.


Austria - Brazil 2 & About@ 2,02 (Stoiximan) or

Austria - Brazil 2 @ 1,65 (Stoiximan)

Poland - Switzerland About@ 2,15(Stoiximan)

Schinarakis Michalis


Brazil - Germany

The last bet is the point. The basic analysis is found here Neimar is missing tonight as I pointed out at the beginning and until now Brazil played on Neimar base. So there are footballers who inspire you and when you have such as say you will not miss take Neimar or Messi, or Roben etc are players when you have in your team the confidence in yourself is more than normal, if you also remember from your childhood when we played a ball in the middle when we had the "best" we said "do not miss today" and let the others play as best they could. Nowadays this player does not play and the Germans do not "trust" a player but have a set of players who will not miss any replacements. Because I think this absence plays a role of Neimar and the Germans are more "integrated as a team I will go to the right but with X2, because we said it is a semifinals that can go to both the prolongation and the penalty shootout

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Mundial Brazil 2014
  • Pick X2
  • Odds 1.50
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 1-7
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +1.5

Brazil - Germany

I did my analysis hereThe 16 went almost under and it seemed how much the teams liked to qualify. But I mentioned in my basic analysis some things should not be omitted. Germany has put the game in the game so it has patience in this way reaching the area. He has made the fewest shots in the tournament and this shows that he prefers to be in the area. Brazil, on the other hand, was looking at the goal. Besides these, the hosts do a lot of foul. So in such an important fight I do not think to chase the big score and the two teams so we will go with Under 2.5

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Mundial Brazil 2014
  • Pick Under 2.5
  • Odds 1.57
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 1-7
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -4

Brazil - Germany

As an early final one would feature the tonight's game between Brazil and Germany, others see it as revenge for the Germans for the final of 2002 when Brazil with 2 Ronaldo goals won with 2-0 and goes on to say.

Brazil has reached the semi-finals by winning Colombia with 2-1. It was preceded by Silva in 7 minute and 69 made 2-0. He may have played better at times, but he has risked several times. In fact Colombia reduced to 80 minute and could reach the equalizer.

It is a great blow to Neimar's absence, who is injured and loses the match today and if Brazil qualifies, he loses the final. Also outside will be Silva where he is punished.

Looking now some statistics Brazil in 25 last matches before the score has 21 wins 2 draws and 2 defeats.

In the absence of Neimar and Silva I expect the following provision

The Germans, though hard on France, managed to reach the semifinals. Before the fight, the news of 7 players had become unpredictable. Of course, we did not look or did not look good on the pitch. They preceded Chelsea in 12 minute and that was it. Repeat Lew pulled the early back team where he was in danger of paying but fortunately he did not suffer the damage so for 4 the sequential game reached the final.

A statistic for the Germans is that 48 official games where they won won 46.

Absences have not so prolonged the best he can.

I expect to fight with the following figure

Now, making some comparisons between the two teams, we will see this.

So far the Germans in the tournament have made 3577 passes while the Brazilian 2460, this shows that the Germans love the pasing game.

In the whole tournament now the Brazilians have made 24 shots out of the area as opposed to the Germans who are 18 and watch out is the team with your few what does that mean? How in the pasing game they are looking to get into the area and do it well.

Another statistic is the total foul in 2 last matches where the Brazilians have made 59 and the Germans 31 this shows that the Brazilians "are singing" of course this may not be good if I think the laymen where there the Germans are good we saw and France where the ball came from a set ball.

Aggressively now the two teams here almost have a balance after Germany made 221 attacks while Brazil 216.

If we look at the goalkeepers' wounds here, the German goalkeeper has made 17 backs while the Brazilian 6. Here one can think of the Brazilian having an easy task. The easy task is related to what the opponents played in each group where the Germans theoretically had a harder job.

Getting to the momentum of the case now. Everybody would say they have been confused even with the bouks where with the absence of Neumar especially had to be Germany favorite but only that is not. I will get 3 bets. The first one here will be the draw in the half. I think it's going to be hard to get both teams and that's why I will go with X.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Mundial Brazil 2014
  • Pick X (HT)
  • Odds 1.91
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 0-5 (HT)
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -3

Brazil - Germany

The Semi-Final Brazil - Germany seems to have confused the world and the companies for the winner's choice. No one is sure which team is favorite. The amazing thing is that this happens right after Neimar's injury, which we would reasonably expect Germany to be more clear.

Personally, I had predicted Germany before the start of the World Cup that it would be in the semifinals with Brazil and that it would win. Approaching the game I could see exactly the same from the way both teams played. Brazil to expect everything in front of Neymar and behind its central defensive duo. Even with them inside, Germany seemed to be my favorite because they showed that they play with a precise plan and well-thought-out football and with strong players in all positions at a time when Brazil seems to be playing an anarchic style that in my eyes seems like "football". alanas ". So now that Neymar is also missing the driving force and one of the two towers of her defense, Thiago Silva, I expected that Germany would seem to be a bigger favorite. Instead I see an odds of 3,02 for Germany winning at stoiximan and I can not let this opportunity go to waste. So we will move on to a second bet in this match, seeing that the odds for Germany to win have risen to a level that is characterized as extra value.  Germany wins 3,02 at stoiximan.

The analysis for the game has already been made in the other article: PRESS HERE


Match Info

  • Pick 2
  • Odds 3.02
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 1-7
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +6.06

Brazil - Germany (Half with most goals)

We had predicted this semifinals before the World Cup and we do not think we were the only ones as they are one of the main favorites for the mug, and their course here has been expected. Brazil and Germany the world's most heavyweight jerseys will see them in the semifinals with odds being shared.

Estádio Mineirão, Belo Horizonte
Referee: Marco Rodríguez (Mexico)


Everything was trembling, with Selezao ahead of Colombia's 2-1 and holding the semi-finals ticket. It was two minutes for the final whistle of Spanish referee Kalo Velasco when the fatal happened. The Zuniga bang sent Brazilian Ace Neimar outside Worldtick, bringing black clouds over the country. When the whole team was built around the modern wizard of the ball, it is logical to question the question: "And now what?" Will Scolari replace, adapt the system to the new facts? Will the others have mental reserves? Anyway, a big group like Brazilian nationalism will have to find solutions from within. Bernard, Ramirez, Hernan and Willian are candidates for the position of Neimar with the latter showing as the predominant, and it is probably time for Chuck and Fred to take their responsibilities. Besides Neimar, punished Tiago Silva (A) will also miss Dave Bayern to replace him. There are, however, the positive as it is available after punishment, Gostov (M)

He was right to qualify against France, with the machine working exemplary and showing once again that the basket could reach a very high branch. The flu supposed to have hit the team did not seem, on the contrary everyone seemed to be in perfect condition. The only possible misunderstanding was Close, who was completely harmless, in contrast to Sourle who replaced him. This may be Lev's only change compared to the quarter-finals. Besides the injured Mustafa, all the rest are at the disposal of the German coach.

ASSESSMENT: In a world cup semifinals, it is clear that it does not fit in predictions. The loss of Neimar is certainly great for the Brazilians, but in a group of stars this is not an excuse. It may even work beneficial as it will "release" some players. However, however, we do not see that the game can be opened. On the other hand, Germany will rely on the familiar "cold" and unnecessary game play, so over a goal for each team, it's hard to see. Under 2,5 is once again for crying his performance and we have to look at another market. We move on to thinking that in such games both teams are starting to aim for a quick goal in the first half because only then they will find corridors more easily and most of the mistakes are usually made due to more stress (this is because at first all players must adapt to systems and learn the opponent). Logically whoever puts a goal afterwards will be locked in his keg by playing guerrilla warfare. This gives good chances to to score more goals in the first half with odds of 3,75 on bet365

Match Info

  • Pick 1
  • Odds 3.75
  • Stake 2
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result (0-5) / (1-7)
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +5.50

Cameroon - Brazil (Neymar to score 2 + goals)

Many rumors and strange sounds about this game but it's good to keep a small basket. First-time confirmation victory wants Brazil and Cameroon to be ideal as it has signs of dissolution.

Estadio Nacional Man Garrincha
Referee: Jonas Eriksson (Sweden)

As with the first game against Mexico and against Croatia, Volker Finke's team was disappointing, with the final 0-4 coming completely normal. "Poverty" brings nausea, so we saw some magic moments with Asu Ecomo (KPP) and Mukandzo (Nancy) getting caught in the hands! The first one, which started the episode, is quarantined, and of course neither the Song (Barcelona), which was expelled at 40, will fight. Even the team star, Eto, was injured in the same match.


He did not convince Brazil either in the second game, giving a white tie to Mexico. However, he had a number of opportunities that the distinguished keeper Osoa prevented, but the conclusion that came out of this show is that he does not cause the shock and awe that eventually the whole world was expecting from the hosts! With four points (as well as Mexico) occupies the first place thanks to the better goal difference, but theoretically there is the possibility even to be excluded if he loses today from Cameroon (and X comes the other game) but this is a scenario for him George Lucas and Star Wars. Skarari does not seem to want to relax basic, but intends to apply the shape of the first match with Croatia, re-establishing Chulk instead of Ramirez. Questionable is Fred, who was moderate in both games.


All games of the first round of the groups have been specifically referred to various team / player / referee elements which, from the start of the second round, will not be repeated until we become tired. However, it is available to you in the following articles that were made for your study and your briefing.


ASSESSMENT: The atmosphere in the Cameroon team is heavy and unbearable, which will probably play without the two best players of Sonk (for sure) and Eto'o (doubtful), while the Brazilians have a lot to prove. First to end with the typical issue of qualifying by winning the three-pointer (if they lose they risk being eliminated in case the other game comes X, while with a draw at worst they come out second) and secondly they have to show, to friends and enemies that in this race remain drivers. The "shares", after the first two games, are not at their zenith and it is now clear that a broad victory is needed in order to boost confidence and certify the team's dynamics. Whatever performance and looking at some of the options we thought of we could not find anything worthwhile. So we decided in this particular game to go to a special bet with good odds. We will choose Neimar to score 2 or more goals at 3,10 since it looks like the only one that can score 2 / 2 if Brazil wins with 0-2 and even more sure to score 2 if Brazil puts a lot more. The performance is better than playing Brazil 4 + putting the question ... "If Brazil put 4 +, Neimar will not put 2?". 

Match Info

  • Pick Over 2
  • Odds 3.10
  • Stake 2
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result Yes
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +4.2

Brazil - Mexico

The second round of the group stage starts and Brazil faces Mexico with both teams of 3 points (zero with Croatia and Cameroon) and the lead for qualifying.

CROSS: Estádio Castelão, Fortaleza

REFEREE: Cüneyt Çakır (Turkey)


With a little push from the podium, but also from the arbitration, he made very difficult the resistance of the crooked Croatia, and although he was found to lose 0-1 very early (with his own goal), he achieved the goal of being victorious 3-1). Neumar's two-goal star, while some others (Hulk, Fred) lagged far in performance. It remains to be seen if Scolari decides to make some corrective moves with regard to its initial position. Almost certainly, Chuck, who, due to annoyances, was not properly trained.


With Peralta's goal at 61 'he won Cameroon fairly and took the first step to qualify for 16. However, it could have cleared more easily if the supervisor did not cancel two regular goals, like an offside! The crucial match, however, seems to be the last match in Croatia. Possible change to the finish as the coach had stated that in the three matches of the group will fight all three goalkeepers. The attack is expected to start again with Santos-Peralta with star Ernandes starting again from the world.


All games of the first round of the groups have been specifically referred to various team / player / referee elements which, from the start of the second round, will not be repeated until we become tired. However, it is available to you in the following articles that were made for your study and your briefing.






ASSESSMENT: It seems that early deductions have begun if judged by the 1,30 performance on which the Brazilian victory is offered. But having a fresh look at the two teams from the first game, we can not help thinking about the favorite. But even if the hostess wins, we do not think he will do it comfortably. However, because we do not want to support our money at points that are likely to be affected by ... external factors, because it seems that Brazil should take first place, we will leave it as a final proposition and instead promote a proposal with a total goal. Brazil, despite the scoring, has shown that it has difficulty creating several phases for goals. Mexico is very dangerous in its attacks, but this time it will not be opened to leave empty spaces in the back and not give the opportunity to take advantage of the mana in Brazil. I do not see how the score can escape. Goal will definitely go but no more than 4. Even the prehistory of the two teams' bets favors this bet. We choose the 2-3 goal with 2,14 at Nokibet.

Match Info

  • Pick 2-3 goals
  • Odds 2.14
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 0-0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -3

Sun Jou vs. OPAP

For a long time there were rumors that the great General Shun Yu did not die but was pulled out of Tibet somewhere. Is it that we did not grow up? Elvis, Bruce Lee, Jim Morrison for all those grown-ups who have suddenly died, rumors have been cultivated that their death was fictitious and they were just taken away from life to live life!

Isolated for years Sou Sun has lived through perfecting the strategy of war, and in the last few years the same rumors have wished him to come out of obscurity and to give vastly the knowledge to the world. Because strategy is not just to succeed in the war, it is also a life recipe. If you do not have a shot at your life, it's gone!

The reason why the Mathousalas General is concerned is that he has long been interested in giving advice on betting - but he did not make the mistake of betting and told him about Kino, Djoker and the casino, he had a stick-and- for those who, with such foolish games, falsely hoped for the people. "Cannabis and laymen must now rule the world," he said, "where the factor of luck dominates, there is no capacity and strategy, and where the people are left to chance then the rulers do not love the people."

But for betting he said this game is a strategy game. He admired the boo, but he did not think he was invincible. The mistakes of the world are to give them this supremacy. He believed that the following tips, given before 2500 for about a year, fit a glove on the betting players.

- If you know your enemy and you know yourself, do not be afraid to beat 100 battles.
- If you do not know your enemy but you know your own potential then you have equal chances of winning and losing.
- If you know your enemy and you do not know your own potential, then you will be defeated in every battle.

The "knowing it" self-awareness is more important than a hundred spies that will bring you information about the enemy. We've been learning it well over the years. Ourselves;



Until someone had a voucher of OPAP. As soon as Sun Jou saw the doubles and triads and the rake minefield missed them - "it does not fight," he said. She flown the coupons, keyboards, pencils and rulers that made his rafts and started running like a madman and sparking "If the battle does not come to victory then you must not fight, even if the ruler orders it".

Cold and pungent found him sitting after an hour on a rock, with difficulty he managed to pee: can you send your soldiers as sheep to a slaughter? Is it possible to educate your men with effort, struggle and accept instead of fighting to be judged all in Russian roulette? Only the enemy has a bullet in his revolver mills properly and you are full. Chances are against you! Do not you see it?


But since we are in the unity of the World Cup, let's say a few words about it. The more people who play in the World Cup will be sucked for Sung Chu and his bosses - give them the favorites, let them hold the revolvers and let them turn themselves to themselves enough to take part in the battle. Who cares about strategy when there are favorites?

You want to play favorite brothers but you can only play a lofty favorite, favorite you can and you think is a favorite and not that they make you a favorite! Not this year's Manchester Circus (England) my child or the tragic Barcelona (Spain) of the last two months.

I said Barcelona and I remembered that when the ball from Barcelona began to be lost, football was nationalized in Spain. This year Barca was a shadow of herself. Chavez, the Barcelona and Spanish champions have grown up and can not be so high at this level, Fabberg can not replace him, so Barca will eat the shot. Do you say this will have no impact on national Spain? We will learn it after the musical. However, this Dutch queen looks out, if it makes a profit that in the hell I can find it in a tournament that is done every four years.

Argentina is given many favorites even to win the trophy. He is also an easy theoretical group, why not take it, since Messi plays there too. That's the problem. Argentine with Messi in his goodness - when he worked - did not do much. Now that Messi has come from a modest year and especially in the last months did not play but ???? walking, "no-favored favorite" you do not say. But you will tell me it sounds a bit relaxed to give everything to the musical. From listening to a weary brother, if you can not be in his head, how do you put your bio in Argentina?

Y.Y. the sources for Sun Chu are from the website "The art of the Sun of Judge".

The fact that Opac came out on the internet in the way he came out we will tell him in the way of the General, do not put it on his feet again ...

The art of war on betting

400 e.g. around, Sun Jou lived a Chinese general who wrote a book with 13 chapters "The art of War" one of the oldest military strategy books in the world, which was the reason for him to watch and take him to the court of King Ho Liu and to make him the commander-in-chief of his army. In the years that followed the king's army under the orders of Sun Jou never lost any battle.

Well you will tell me the next week begins the World Cup, struggles, laughter, betting and you are writing about Sun Jou and Lohou - since you did not put us and Thou Vou well again - for the mumble will be filled with experts - newspaper experts, site specialists, agency specialists , buses specialists, now with so many specialists the hare of the world in the bet we saw! Let's see better what this great general says and you know he can to help us in the bet because by conventional means ...

"Do not swallow the bait that the enemy throws you" 

So, believe that the war relies heavily on deception, do not sting on the tricks the enemy will make to deceive you. In order to get this Sung-jow's sentence and put it there in the center, in the opening game of the World Cup. Brazil vs. Croatia, home Brazil, named Brazil, will wear Brazil, get a 1.28 tells you the buck and you go into battle. Is it worth it or is it a bait that the enemy throws you? Is it worthwhile to start the hostilities with a battle that if you win is going to be a pyre win, and if you lose, we'll talk about a defeat?

"The general who wins a fight has done a lot of calculations on his head before it is held. The general who loses a fight has made few calculations. "

This should go above the machines at the agencies while the unsuspecting player throws his foursides after we have assumed that the World Cup resembles a battle the player has done for the victory of his battle to be victorious? Will he have planned each move before or will he wake up one morning and try to tell him? Will he have his plan? What will it play, what will it leave, what will it ask for and what is it to do? Or take the gun and whoever takes the charm. Studies have shown my friend that without a plan, without having studied the slightest movement in the bet, our own head is falling with yursues, no buck is defeated:

"The one who takes his opponents unconcerned, is sure to be prey to them"

Sung Jou says that a war machine such as the buck is made so unethical that as many battles as ever lose will not lose the war. They have tremendous superiority in the army - how much money does the average player have to throw in the battle? With the rake they can make you think you're winning battles but in the end you lose the war. They go beyond knowledge, information, technology, give their battles where they know how to get better. They have the best and most important partners in cheating, they have convinced the crowd that the bet counts only to find out who will win. Today Brazil, tomorrow England - and performance? Still do we think betting is not a matter of performance?

"Choose when you fight and when you will not fight"

I will not get my quiver for the World Cup, this daily game is not for my tastes, without excluding that one can not win this battle as well. I just know that when a large part of the mass sees light and gets the buckets they take their measures - throwing the favorites out of the box and leaving great odds to the underdogs who know that few will play them. There is value in Croatian 12 but I do not know if the team is lucky and in the middle of the year I will not stand looking!

Caught my brother, took time, asked, searched, learned from your mistakes, do not go like a sheep to the slaughter, look at the turnovers - where the many gather, for the truth is absent. Is not that the case in life? Why is life not to be a marker for betting? And if you decide to give the fight to the World Cup, but to sell your tomato. And away from those who urge you into a nuclear battle with snorkeling and slinging!




24 / 11 BRAZIL


PLEASE PREPARE: He only wants victory if he wants to hope for a stay in the class. He has been fighting violently lately, and he has been very aggressive in taking the away game against champion Cruzeiro, 2-2! But it seems to be of great importance to Sudanerikana, he is very close to playing final, having put São Paulo in the semi-final!
GREEMIO: Her great motivation in these last races, she definitely wants to keep 2 the position that gives the direct exit to the Libertadores. It comes from a difficult home win against 2-1 on Flamengo. Coach Renato Gausso does not make changes to the original shape. 


SANTOS: Inexpensive in the middle of the scoring, could not do better "training" in these last league matches in view of the Intercontinental that follows and which is the great motivation. That's why the easy defeat with 2-0 in Vitoria Biaa in the previous game. From one goal to each half he did not have any resistance. The players are not expected to put their feet in the fire either in this Flush derby, with the stadium being borrowed for the same in Prudente.
FLUMINING: Immediately threatened with demotion, with 89's winning 'managed to win home with 2-1 the second of São Paulo despite the support of the public fanatic. After two consecutive wins, coach Dorival looks for the third to bring peace. Except the Gum Pump, the only change to the original shape. 


FLAMENGO: He fought vigorously in Gremio, he could equalize to 80 ', but a few minutes later he accepted the goal of defeat, 2-1. Not mathematically saved, he wants victory in this derby to end with uncertainty. That is why coach Almeida extends his basic juncture and despite the fact that in three days he follows the crucial derby, the repetitive final Cup with Atletico Paraines. 
CORINTHIAN: Without much incentive at this end of the championship, coach Tie's time on her bench is over, one of his last derby. He did not hesitate to cut grades from Vasco, 0-0 home despite the fact that the opponent was burning for victory. 


INTERNATIONAL: Once 4 grades divide it from the dangerous zone, its fans boil asking for a recovery. It comes from an offensive defeat with 3-1 from Goias. He was ahead early, was equalized immediately, red in 2 half did not leave her room. Except midfielder Zorze Enriche. Coach Klemer, however, has a significant return, Forlan. 
KORITIBA: Dramatic the situation in Kosa, dismissed coach, assistant, but also 4 key players. A former player, Ceko, is running for her. Tragic home defeat from Crisium, 1-2. Changes the system, go with 3 stop.


BAIA: Just one degree above the danger zone, the good thing is that it depends only on her own stay in the class. It comes from a huge win at 1-0 in the already fallen Naoutikon, with the goal coming from Fernando in 82 '. Massive action by fans, 11.000 tickets were sold only on the first day. 
PORTUGAL: In a very good shape, the "Lousa" comes from easy home winning 2-0 of Atletico Mineiro, who has entered for chore and indifferent to the match. Traumatis and the famous Dogo. 

Sao Paulo - Botafogo

SAO PAOLO: All the significance was given to the Copa Sudamerican, which was an alternative to the away match with Fluminense, where he was eventually defeated by 2-1. But also in Sunday's Sunday in the first semifinals, he appeared inferior to circumstances, against Ponte Preta. With repetitive follow-up and fatigue obvious, coach Mourisi is expected to again guard a host of key players. 
BATHROOM: He broke against Parainesse's "second" and 4-0, with his emphatic headquarters at home, was back in warm at the bay of the quartet. Even Zeedorff entered the scoreboard. Except Bolivar. Returns average Marcello Matos.



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SOLAR +156.66 + 29.34 %
FOUNTOULAKIS +51.14 + 2.06 %
RAPTAKIS +11.24 + 2.23 %

Tipster Profit Yield
SOLAR +1270.27 + 12.07 %
RAPTAKIS +109.91 + 1.86 %
FOUNTOULAKIS +33.20 + 0.65 %

Tipster Won Draw Lost

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