Cedevita (+ 6.5) - Zalgiris

1 is the 2 round of the Euroleague tournament tonight with 10 games, almost none of which seem to have an unprecedented favorite with all the handicaps being at least one-digit. In 3, where Olympiacos will take part, we will focus our attention more specifically on Croatia where Zalgiris is invited to extend its unbeaten run to Euroleague against Chedtebita.

The Lithuanians have not previously been uninvited only in Euroleague but also in the Baltic to finally get to know the first defeat of the year on Sunday in Latvia from Riga with 77-72 achieving the fewest points in an official game this season. The Latvians, without having a squad of fear - clearly inferior to Olympiacos, Kaka and Efes, who have already won the Lithuanians in their group - hit their "neighbors" where they hurt under the basket winning the fight of the rebounds and easily succeeding baskets in the attack under the basket. Here the Kaunas team has in fact the brothers Lavrinovic and Fut an American who does not trust Plathus and is neither a defender nor a defense nor an assault. There is also Dellas, who is still very few in the Euroleague, playing more in the Lithuanian league match against very subdued opponents. Tonight the twins Lavrinovic are given as doubts as they have problems of back and knee injuries and even if used they will not be able to cope with 100% not having much help in the place they are fighting. With 5-0 up to now, the guests need just one win in the remaining games to go to the next stage to mathematically seal their 5 qualifying matches so they are not "burned" for the win tonight.

On the contrary, for the Croats, this game is "life or death" since the victory against Kaha Lamboral rehearsed the few hopes they had to find in the quartet, while we should not forget that they almost won the Olympic Games in Olympiakos, losing to the last literally seconds. They have left behind the very ugly appearances they had at the start of the season (let's not forget that this is actually a new team created by Bozidar Malkovich) but they do not pay much attention to the Adriatic League and focus in Euroleague with the sole goal of qualifying in the next round. They have improved significantly in the aggressive track with their first violins from Wright and Zelaybale, but also with Bilan and Andric, who have significantly improved their performance under the baskets and are expected to have a catalytic presence tonight and against the notably "tall" Zalgiris especially if Levinovic does not compete. In the first round, the Croats experienced the 90-62 crash because although they were ahead of the frontline, they chose to shoot continuously as 3 points were totally misplaced (5 / 27 three-pointers), so 20 / 30 scored 2 / XNUMX shots while the Lithuanians were extremely pertinent from the region.

Tonight I expect the Croats to pay particular attention to their periphery in the defense and to strike in the attack near the basket where they stand by staying close to the score until the last minute of the game. Zalgiris is still not a foul, he may be weakened and does not play in any match at the same pace and in 40 minutes with Platah obeying the instructions of the team owner by sharing time for all players. The hosts are burned to win, they have motivation, seat and supremacy in the tallest and worst, have improved their play and in the worst of cases they can lose up to 6 points.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Euroleague
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.93
  • Stake 3
  • result 108-106
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +2.79

Cedevita - Armani Milano 151.5 points

Both teams do not go as well as they want this season, based on the expectations they created at the beginning of the year.

On the one hand, Chedtevita, on the basis of the many translations he has made, is a very new team, a feature of Malkovic building blocks (after he has demolished them by pushing the players he had before) to make it easier his own philosophy with players he chose. Meanwhile, although modern basketball has changed, "Bozo" is still fond of the style that he first started in Limoges, that is to say, contracted tempo, attacks at the end of time until he finds the most suitable choice and defensive defense defense. Of course, with the players he has picked up, it is doubtful whether he will do such a thing, as with Bryce Wright, for example, who does not seem to understand from them by shaking at will and not giving so much ground to the defense. 

Milan, on the other hand, started the year for the first time as the predominant to win the title in Italy after weakening Siena but shows not to withstand the weight of the favorite tag especially when it is going to fight away. The quicker and more apt way to show in the races he gives to his other court so slow and with poor choices is when he plays away from it. Reasonably today will be the one who will have the first reason for the win but the match is expected to be very closed and to be judged in the last minutes with the most experienced players of the guests to judge the game.

At the time I was writing these lines, the total number of points dropped further, so without writing much more to mention that I do not see any of the teams approach the 80 points so we have more than 152 requested to "spoil" the bet us. On the one hand Cedevita does not seem to be aggressive and as vulnerable as it is in the defense against 122 Milan's total points in the 2 official games it has so far played away. 

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Euroleague
  • Pick During
  • Odds 1.85
  • Stake 3
  • result 71-83
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -3

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