Champions League Predictions (19 / 09)

At yesterday's premiere of his clubs Champions League we may not have seen many goals, but we certainly made some important conclusions.

European champions Liverpool lost at Napoli headquarters (2-0), Inter's' troublemaker 'saved the game against Prague's Slavia, scoring a goal at 90 + 2' (1-1) and a tie-breaker Surprise and won at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea, in a match where the Blue lost a penalty to equalize at 87 '.

In short, we saw several surprises yesterday (as we highlighted yesterday's column), with only two favorites (Salzburg-Ajax) verified. As you understand, special attention is needed now to get started. Let's go - but - now look at today's games.

Olympiacos - Tottenham: Betshop bet on 1.74 g / g

Difficult star premiere for our country's only representative in the top biennial competition.

Η Tottenham - as we know - is the finalist of last year's competition, has great quality in her roster and comes out of her best appearance this year (4-0 at Crystal Palace). Its powerful weapon is the attack, and defensively we think it will face problems.

Ο Olympic at home he draws strength from the presence of his world, against Krasnodar he has scored 4 times and generally finds the goal one way or another at home. The goal / goal in Betshop's 1.74 is optional.

Paris Saint-Germain - Real Madrid: Value in the "double"

The news that emerges in her report PSZ is the absence of Neymar-Cavani-M-Bape. We are talking about the basic aggressive French triple, which is also its biggest advance. In his last home game against Strasbourg, it took Neymar's (now punished) stunning finish to win the race late.

Η Real Madrid has not yet found a solid footing, but it has players such as Cros, Azar, Benzema, Hames and Bale. Players capable of making the difference and certainly (again) an experienced coach on the bench, with whom he has had many successes.

Stoiximan offers the race with 0% rake, which makes the 'Queen of Europe' 'double' on 3,15 particularly attractive.

Atletico Madrid - Juventus: Card betting

A derby premiere at the 4 Group. The two strongest teams in the group clash again after almost half a year, with all that happened last year (with Diego Simone and Ronaldo) in the back of their minds.

In both of their duels last year we had 4 cards, 3 for Atletico Madrid and 1 for Juventus. Atletico Madrid has for years acquired the aggressive style of its technician, Simone, and easily loses control.

We'll deal with the cards in this particular match by betting on "More home cards" at Betshop's well-paid 2,65.

So the time has come to whip up the start of her clubs top cross-country competition.

Coming up with the ... stars we will go all the way to the end of May, where we hope the best is to lift the mug. Many suitors, two for the final, one for the podium.

Who will lift this year's mug?

At Betshop you will find guaranteed odds of winning the Champions League.

Are you in the category of those who prefer the favorites?

Betshop offers Manchester City trophy conquest on 4,40. One of the best prices in the betting market.

Do you like surprises?

Η Tottenham which arrived last year ... a breath of conquest (finalist) is offered on 27.00. THE Dortmund who is the second favorite (behind Bayern) to win the German Championship, pays 36 times our bet.

Is it believed in football miracles?

Are you one of those who backs up your team to the end? The only Greek team to play in the Champions League is known to be Olympiacos, whose conquest will, if it happens, be a football miracle. Like Leicester in England a few years ago. Betshop offers 500.00 the trophy conquest by the Reds.

Current (17 / 09) betting odds


Lyon - Zenith: Score from both sides and confirm 1.77

Lyon is making a new effort this year, with a coach who is a fan of offensive football. It is very likely that we will see "full" games this year by the French, who are currently the most productive attack in the French league (12 goals in 5 matches).

Zenith possesses powerful offensive weapons (Azmun-Driusi-Jiuba) and can pose a threat. Goal / goal is located at 1.77 in Interwetten and is an option, while we seriously considered the home side, with the "double" (5,00 in Betshop) being high enough for the data (Zenit in recent years is well on its way to creating a competitive team).

Chelsea - Valencia: At 1.85 I buy the ace

Chelsea are coming off a spectacular 2-5 win at Wolves headquarters and want a crazy victory in front of their fans, with Valencia buttering on their bread, as the "Bats" are not enjoying their best days.

The Barcelona crash was painful, but it was to be expected, as after the sudden dismissal (at the owner's initiative) of Martellino (he was particularly dear) it created a negative mood and disorder.

The ace in 1,85 is not an opportunity, but with the data available, it can be an option.

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His three games complete his playoffs Champions League, where yesterday we had Olympiacos qualify for the next round with another victory over the Russians. Two of them (today's games) deserve our bet. Following is a proposal and analysis.

AGIAX - APOEL: Corner betting

"Aiantas" found them dark in Cyprus, to the point where he must consider himself lucky to have failed, with APOEL having a beam and significant opportunities in the second half.

An important first step for the Cypriots, but Ajax in the Netherlands is extremely strong and will have to play the 'perfect game' to overcome the qualification.

At such a level, no matter how good the quality is, the 1.15-1.20 released by the ace is laughing. Clearly, "Aiant" has a high probability of qualifying, but not such that the ace is given such odds.

We, on our part, as in the rematch with PAOK, will go into the game with the corners. On the one hand Ajax is going to put pressure, on the other it is his play that gives plenty of corners as he develops well from the sidelines. Especially now that it won't have midfielder, Van de Beck.

We will choose over4,5 corner (overall) in Stoiximan's first 1,75 half performance, while it is also interesting "Over3,5 Ajax corner in the first place" on 2,00 of the same bet.

For those who want to risk a little more, the first half over5,5 corner is offered on 2,45.


CLUB BRYZE - LINDSER: Worth the 2,20

Club Bruges took the first step towards joining the Champions League, dominating 0-1 in Austria. Professional appearance, pressured to start, bore and scored from the penalty spot (was not). Last season's championship was a day off and expected fresh. Notice that she has kept zero in all three of this year's games at home.

Lindsay's 'Cinderella' comes from a win over Rapid Vienna with 2-1 and travels to Belgium to claim her maiden participation in top leagues. High barrier to overcome after the defeat with 0-1 in Austria, but it is intended to claim to its full potential.

It is worth mentioning that the 5 series counts 'double' in all competitions this year (championship, cup, championship league).

Fresher Club Bruges has the first word, but 1.65 in the ace is not an opportunity, after all. The score of the first match gives hope to Linser, who we think will go on to steal the game and not play aggressively from the start. Half time draw is quite possible and offered on Betshop's 2,20.

Champions League (27 / 8): Betting on all tastes

Return to European rhythms, with today's betting voucher featuring three rematches from the top two-man competition. 

Krasnodar - Olympiacos

After the 4-0 of the first race one can say that the rematch is procedural. Olympiacos showed his superiority in the first match against the Russians and "finished" the qualification case. Krasnodar lined up Saturday in a draw with Lokomotiv, and will seek a prestigious victory. Olympiacos has "refreshed" his core dominance over Astero Tripoli and is expected to be complete.

1 suggestion: We expect a fairly free match and goal from both sides. Most likely the G / G at 1.63 of Betshop. 

2 suggestion: Big difference between the two teams as seen in the first match. After the injury of Kabelas, the Russians will have even more difficulties in the creative part. Olympiacos has the quality not to lose. Let's go with the X2 to 1.77 Interwetten. 

Red Star - Jung Boys

In Bern's 2-2 "ours" Matteo Garcia, with his first goal in his debut, gave the Serbs hope for a rematch, despite a modest showing in Switzerland. In the first match, they became 36! final efforts. The Serbs had no obligations at the weekend as their match was postponed to prepare. On the other hand the Swiss easily prevailed over Zurich with 4-0. "Maracana" is expected soon.

The Red Star can pass even with a draw with a score: 0-0 or 1-1, thanks to the two away goals (2-2 sends extra time). We think we will see a different game from that of Switzerland, with a very careful approach from both coaches and a few goals. Under2.5 2.09 Betshop.

Rosenborg - Dinamo Zagreb

Finally, we go to Norway and the "frozen Trondheim", as the well-known cliché of journalists says. The Norwegians after the 2-0 of the first match in Croatia are called to find an answer in order to be again after 15 years in Champions League groups. On the other hand, Dinamo Zagreb this year is already running a series of 11 games undefeated at home and abroad. From the possible Over2.5 of the night at 1.85 of Betshop.  

Η top cross-country competition returns today, with its most important matches so far, as it is the playoffs, where every qualification equals a lot of money, but also glory (with club participation).

Three matches are included (from the Champions League) in today's betting slip, with keen Cypriot interest, as APOEL confronts Ajax and wants to achieve the overrun that PAOK failed to make in the previous round. The other two matches are in doubt, with Romanian Cluj hosting Czech Prague Slavs and Austrian Leinscher Belgian Club Bruges.


We don't need to write a lot about "Ayanta", most saw his work last year, and we have recent writing samples of his games with PAOK.

Aggressive team, with terrific quality and many defensive gaps, capable of causing disruption and putting him in trouble.

APOEL - as is well known - is not fully prepared, as the Cyprus Championship has not started yet, but we think he is capable of putting Ajax hard and scoring at least once. It is difficult for Aiantas to stay at the zero with his offensive line.

The g / g on Betshop's 1.75 It is possible, but it is not worth the wait, with betting having taken their ... steps.


The Romanians have been pleasantly surprised, and it's no big deal to exclude Celtic, as well as going well in the Romanian championship. Overall, 11 matches remain unbeaten in all competitions.

Prague's Slavia started strong in the league too, with 5 wins and 1 draws at the start. Of course, away from home it seems to be difficult (Karbina tie / marginal win with Zlín) but so far he has found ways to get what he wants in most cases.

A game that gets a lot of chances to draw, with "X" given to Betshop's 3.03. We wouldn't say no and in the halftime tie, at Interwetten's 1,93.


The surprise of the event is a step ahead of the clubs, which if we can manage to talk about, as in recent years has made its ... away to the Austrian Championship. Of course, Glasner (her former technician) left for Wolfsburg, but his work has remained impeccable so far, with 2 winning the Basel (both with g / g + over).

Club Bruges has the experience, but in recent years it does not seem the same momentum it had in previous years. In the championship he started with 3-1-0, while excluding Dynamo Kiev in the previous round.

Linscher has nothing to lose, he has already overcome and goes without fear and anxiety. So, we expect good play and goals from both teams. The g / g on Interwetten's 1.85.

Rich today's bet slip, with both the Champions League and the English League Cup games gaining players' preferences.

Clearly, the top inter-club competition is the one that catches the eye, but also has a special interest for the Greek fans, as two Greek teams (PAOK & Olympiakos) give their battle for qualification to the playoffs.

The work of Olympiakos against Turkish Basaksehir is easier, especially after 0-1 in Turkey. It is extremely difficult for PAOK, but he does not put it down and will claim every chance he has at the Johann Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam.

At this point, let us remind you that expert (and molded / started the season with 3 / 3) in our turkey tipster, Ertzan has made an early bet on Olympiacos 'game against Basaksehir, betting on the Reds' victory. See his analysis.

Ajax - PAOK: Value at halftime

Most likely over on Betshop's 1.40, but now the market has downplayed the odds and is obviously not worth the stake. The opportunity was in Tuba's first fight, where he (initially) played at an outsider. Point suggested by the infobeto team in the column. See here.

Studying the game, we believe that PAOK will try to avoid a quick finish that will give the Dutch a boost and with a defensive tactic they will want to play the game at a low tempo.

Of course, Aianas can find a goal in every way possible, but considering that he will push from the first second an opponent who will probably play indefinitely, we find value in the corner. The firstX over4.5 corner is offered on Stoiximan's 1,88. Ajax is a team that plays well off the sidelines and raises its sideways high enough. Over5,5 corner kick in 2,75 first half.

Finally, it is a fact, the week that thousands of fans across Greece have been waiting for so long.

Absolutely European Week, With the PAOK to be the first to battle today against Ajax and Olympic to follow tomorrow, competing in Turkey against Basaksehir. In the Champions League playoff qualification battle and APOEL, who also has a difficult task against Karabagh.

At this point, note that in a possible qualification of PAOK and APOEL, the lottery brings them back against the ... sheets. Here's the draws yesterday in Nyon, Switzerland: Champions League & Europa League.

With the goal of winning by half, APOEL

In the previous round, APOEL easily outscored Sutjeska with two wins (with no passives) and set the same goal and against the team from Azerbaijan.

Of course, the barrier is quite high, but the Cyprus team has proven in recent years that it has ... its way to such teams.

In a very good shape, the high-waisted pavilion (formerly Copenhagen / Rapid Vienna), who scored a hat-trick in the previous game. Increased chances of scoring a goal even today, benefiting from good contact with the nets. offers the special bet: "anytime scorer Pavlovich" on the attractive 3.00.

From the point of view, note that Ace is offered on 2.00 by Interwetten.

Worth over2,5 at PAOK - Ajax

Continue with PAOK-Ajax. There, where the Biceps of the North collides with the ... Ajax babies. The ones that drove Europe crazy with their performance last year.

Again in the offensive triple Nera-Tadic-Zijek, a ... triple killer who can score against any team. It would be a surprise if PAOK withstood the pressure of the Dutch and kept its focus intact.

A PAOK that in the days of Ferreira proved much more aggressive and with the help of his thousands of followers (today Tuba will be ... hell) he is very likely to find at least one goal.

Between g / g and over2,5 we will select the second, in 1,95 performance at Betshop.

Champions League: A few minutes ago the draw for the playoffs was over. 


In the third qualifying round of the competition, the Greek champion is called up to face Ajax, with the first game taking place tomorrow at 20.00 in Toumpa. If qualified then his next opponent will be one the winner of the APOEL-Karabak couple.

Should they fail to overcome the high barrier of the Dutch champions, they will continue in the Europa League playoffs. There his potential opponents are:

→ Ludogorets / TNS

Τι Sutjeska / Linfield

→ Astana / Valletta

→ Slovan Bratislava / Dundalk

Ρά Sarajevo / BATE Borisov


Play PAOK-Ajax legally in the betshop 


The "reds" will play with her Basakacheh in the third qualifying round of the Champions League. If they qualify, then they will be called upon to face the winner of the Porto-Krasnodar pair. The worst case scenario and Olympiacos fears were confirmed, as the second case involved the Club Bruges-Dinamo Kiev.

It is worth noting, however, that if he is excluded by the Turks for the Champions League, Olympiacos qualifies directly to the Europa League clubs without having to play a game. 

The Champions League playoffs will take place on August 20-21 and 27-28.


Play Basaksehir - Olympiacos in Interwetten legally

Repeat matches for him 2nd qualifying round of the Champions League, with strong Greek interest (Olympiacos-Victoria Plzen at 21.30 time in Greece), a couple (Basel-PSV) reminiscent of ... clubs (we saw it in the exciting first game, where 3-2 ended) and smaller club competitions on each side of Europe. Let's go into detail:

What applies: First matches for the Champions League 2nd qualifying round. The away goals are valid, the next week the repetitive games in the home of today's scorers.

APOEL Nicosia - Sutzeska Niksic:

Apollo did his job in the first game and with the 0-1 took a clear qualifying lead, judging by his opponent. An easy evening is expected for Cypriots, with Interwetten to offer the ace to the 1,20, a point of support for lovers of the genre.

Basel - PSV Eindhoven:

Full of game, unsuitable for the heart we watched last week, with PSV taking the lead (1-0), Basel overturning the situation (1-2), but the Dutch reaching a boyish victory with two goals in the delays (3-2). Not much has changed in a few days, with over2,5 rightly being offered as a favorite (1,45 in Interwetten). There is a good chance that more than 3 goals will be scored with Betshop to offer over3,5 to 2,23.

Olympiacos - Victoria Plzen

Important note: offers race with 0% rake

Olympiakos in the first game got what it wanted, bringing the qualification to Athens. Nevertheless, he did not seem to be at the desired level, but with the strength of the headquarters and the thousands of his fans who will be in the stands, Georgios Karaiskakis is able to qualify. At 1,73 the ace in Stoiximan, is experiencing a fall in the last hours. Best case the 1 + over1,5 combo that increases performance on 2,05. A finish will probably open the pace and give the Reds an extra boost.


Particularly interesting matches include the current one football coupon of the bet.

Continue to the European Championships with 7 matches for the Champions League qualifiers and one for the Europa League qualifiers (the main dish is served tomorrow).

Of course, there are not many friendly matches missing, as are scatters from second category championships (Russia / Sweden), Scottish Scottish League and Copa Libertadores.

In fall the "double" of Rosenborg

Norwegian Rosenborg travels to Nicosia to face Bate Borisov. The latter managed to get to the next stage with two goals in the last 10 'of the match with Piasta (lost with 1-0 as 82').

The performance of the "double" in the opening of the odds was up to 4 (!) And it was worth playing there, as Rosenborg is in a fantastic situation (5 has won wins in all competitions) and has a higher quality than her opponent. Bate Borisov showed weaknesses towards Piasta, which the Norwegians can exploit.

In her 3.20 Interwetten the "double", more secure the choiceAsian 2 (0) to the 2.15 of the same bet.

Atl. He left for Copa Libertadores

The first match for "16" by Copa Libertadores who finds the host at the championship pace and the guest in the preparation stage.

The Brazilian league is in the 11 racing, having returned to full pace after the end of Copa America, in contrast to Argentina's starting this weekend.

So, this is the first official game of the season for Boca, which gives the advantage to Atletico Paranáse. In fact, at its headquarters it is very strong and comes from a positive turn. Inside everything and the absence of Goleador Benedetto for Boca does the Interwetten 1.97 ace attractive.

Read also:

The curtain opens for him 2nd qualifying round of the Champions League, with a strong Greek interest (Olympiacos), a pair (PSV - Basel) that reminds ... playoffs and new entrants. Let's look at them in detail:

What applies: First matches for the Champions League 2nd qualifying round. The away goals are valid, the next week the repetitive games in the home of today's scorers.

Predictions for the Champions League

Victory Plzen - Olympiacos:

Viktoria Plzen started the championship with 2/2, both combined g / g & over2.5.

In his friendly games Olympiacos showed positive elements in the attack (scored at all), but also defects in the defense (only 2 / 8 kept zero in the defense).

Exceptional absence for Olympiacos by the average / leader Fortunus. The g / g in Betshop's 1.81 is an option.

Note: offers the race with 0% rake.

Saburtalo - Dinamo Zagreb:

Sampourtalo (Georgia) was surprised by flying out of the Sheriff in the previous round. The away win with 0-3 gave her the qualifying, as the defeat was defeated at home with 1-3. Georgia's championship is 2, a point behind the first Dinamo Tbilisi.

Dinamo Zagreb won the championship last year and this year it has been shown to start off from the preparation already (4-0-1 in friendly). The good image was transferred to the first two officially, defeating 1-0 in the Super Cup of Rijeka and 3-0 in the Lokomotiv Zagreb championship. No doubt about an unequal battle, as the quality difference is enormous.

We're going with it 2 & No goal at 1.75 by Interwetten as Dinamo showed seriousness in the back in her first games and we will trust her.

New Sands - Copenhagen:

New Sent advanced to the next stage, winning 0-1 at Feronikeli (Kosovo), with the first match ending 2-2. Copenhagen is a huge obstacle that started the season strong (2/2) and has a lot of experience. A game that is extremely likely to have goals and spectacle, with over2.5 being offered at 1.68 by Betshop.

Good case looks like anytime scorer Dame N'dove at 2.08 of, with the Senegalese (known to us from his transfer from OFI in 2007) scoring twice in the premiere with Odense.

PSV Eindhoven - Basel:

The first official game for PSV, which last year lost the title from the terrible Ayiax and this year starts its European trip quite early compared to previous seasons.

Both have European experience, a pair that resembles more playoffs than a qualifying phase.

The Swiss Championship kicked off the last round, with Basel winning with the impressive 1-4 at Sion's headquarters. Few additions to her roster, generally minor changes to her last year's roster. Let's recall that last year he was eliminated from the Champions League qualifiers from PAOK and from the qualifiers of Yiropa from Apollo Limassol.

PSV lost to De Jong (Sevilla) and no. Baker Anneville (Man City), while the average Swabian left. However, they came from Broumma (Leipzig) and Afelai (free) and Boskal (Lille) and Lato (Valencia). Its main transcriptional movements.

Sutisska - APOEL:

Sutiecka (Montenegro) qualified for the penalty shoot-out against the big favorite of the pair Slavova Bratislava (1-1 and the two games in their regular time).

The championship starts at 3 August but its preparation has started much earlier due to its European obligations. Note that last year he won the 2 championship season.

First official game for APOEL, with the Cypriot Championship late to start (24 August). Permanent Champion of Cyprus, celebrated the seventh consecutive title.

His friendly image was not good, but the victory with 1-0 on Shakhtar Donetsk on the rehearsal cheerleaders made the situation better. Italian Tarmetan continues on his bench. It was aggressively upgraded with the additions of Pavlovic (Rapid Vienna / 4 goals) and Helenius (Sudaval / 6 goals). Good midfielder Matic of Vienna (31 / 5).

Closed play is expected, as no team will want to risk too much at such a level. Unpublished APOEL will not say in a score of the 0-0 or 0-1 score that gives him many hopes of qualification having the repeat in Cyprus. Under2.5 on XETNBX of Betshop.

Odds ... go to the final of the Champions League!

The Champions League final between Tottenham and Liverpool is taking place at Madrid's Metropolitan Stadium

WHAT APPLIES: Final of the Champions League. In the event of a tie, a half-hour extension, and if necessary, the penalty shootout procedure. In the prolongation the teams will also be entitled to 4 change. He is the first final Champions League to use the VAR.

The time has come for the biggest match this season, when all the football fans of the world and of course the fans of the two teams expected. The racket of the match is Slovenian Damir Skomina. 

42 Slovenian slogan this year was a Champions League referee after he whistled in four games, two in clubs and two in the 16 phase, as in two other in the Europa League.

Let's note that Skomina has never whistled a final of the top European cross-country competition. Of course, VAR will be used. The odds ... escape to the Champions League final!

Spain is dressed in England and Madrid welcomes the two big contenders of the trophy. Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool. Potterino's surprise team overcame the obstacles of Manchester City and Ajax, even proving in Amsterdam that nothing is over before the referee whistled for the last time. And if the "fens" made a great reversal in the Dutch capital, then what the Liverpool "reds" did was impressive.

Clop's team overturned Barcelona's 3-0 and, despite absences, qualified with the imposing 4-0 of Anfield.

Special Stats:

♦ First final in Tottenham's history, first for her technician, Poketino.

♦ In any of her 12 European games Tottenham has not managed to score in the semifinals. 0-6-6 its account.

♦ "Cats" have never won on Spanish soil, counting 0-3-3

♦ This is Liverpool's 9 final. Only Real Madrid (16), AC Milan (11) and Bayern (10) have more entries in the Champions League final.

♦ Liverpool is unbeaten in the past five times when it came across English teams in Europe (3-2-0).

Jürgen Clop vs Maurizio Poetino

Battle between two top technicians. Today will be the tenth game between the two. Klop won the four, Pocetino just one, while another four ended with a draw.

Son vs Salah

This year's final is an English affair. Effective Shon, who scores 4 in the Champions League, is the one who takes over most of his final efforts. Against him the demons Salah and he with 4 goals and most Liverpool finals.

Harry Caine vs Sadio Mane

Gary Harry Kane (first goal scorer with 5 goals) against Buffalo Champion Santo Mane (Liverpool's first scoring in all 26 finishes, which of course Salah). Which team will pick up the Cup?

Tottenham vs Liverpool at with even higher odds and unique combo bets *!

  • To score first and Tottenham to win the trophy in enhanced odds
  • Kain to score first and Tottenham to win the trophy in enhanced odds
  • Salah to score first and Liverpool to win the trophy in enhanced odds
  • Manne to score first and Liverpool to win the trophy in enhanced odds
  • Exact 1-1 or 2-2 or 3-3 scores on enhanced odds

Get to and find the great Champions League final in the odds you wanted!

Predictions for the Champions League final

Huge game, an English "civilian" that is sure to hold us in anxiety until the last second. Four out of six finals between teams from the same country ended up with draws, with three of them being judged in the penalty shootout and one in the overtime. We will not go that far, as it is likely to play the role as well tie in the regular time the fight is a result of pays well (3.60) to

Y.K. invites its readers to vote which of the two English teams will be crowned European champions.

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions. Markets are available in "OTHER" Tadic or Shon will open the score in Amsterdam

Performing a great feat, Liverpool is the first Champions League finalist to be the champion, with 4-0 in Barcelona at Anfield.

The current football betting coupon includes the big game between Ayak and Tottenham, which will judge the pair of the final of the big league tournament. As logical, having the preference of the world, he is first on the list with the biggest turn of the day.

Ajax and Tottenham Hotspur have already made their way to the top league match and there is still one step ahead of the Madrid final.

"Aijanta" has taken advantage of qualification after London 0-1, but "fens" do not give up easily, as they proved in Manchester City for the quarter-finals.

Cain's absence is certainly important for Pottsino's team, but Shon's return to the eleven will give aggressive breathing to the guests.

The hosts will again rely on the shaky demon, Tadic, although the Serb has scored in Europe by doubles in Madrid.

Tottenham did not make it to the first match of London (0-1) and should compete in Amsterdam against Ajax and look for a goal that will increase its chances of qualifying. In the last games she seems not to be standing on her legs (she won only Brighton with 1-0), defeated in five out of six last for all the events. Even 4 did not even score from them.

It should be noted that Ayakas has not won any of the three most recent games at his Champions League headquarters, but with great teams such as Bayern Munich (3-3), Real Madrid (1-2) Juventus (1-1).

Who will open the score in Amsterdam? offers Tadic and Soon to score first in enhanced odds *!

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions.

"Hold" the 1.95 of the race at "Anfield"!

Major European competitions enter the final line. Repeating matches in Champions and Euroleague will determine which teams will see the finals in Madrid and Baku respectively.

For Champions League, Tottenham did not make it to the first match of London (0-1) and must compete in Amsterdam against Ajax, while Liverpool chases the overrun at Anfield after 3-0 in Barcelona. Deficit performance in English finals!

In Europa League, Arsenal and Chelsea have been ahead of Valencia (3-1) and Eintracht (1-1).

The current football betting slip includes the big game between Liverpool and Barcelona. As is logical, having the preference of the world, he is first on the list of the biggest turnover of the day.

Klope's team comes from a tough victory with 2-3 at Newcastle headquarters, where he preceded twice, equals and took a goal from Origie in 86 'to stay alive in the title fight. A title, whose chances of winning it fell to a minimum after yesterday's victory against City against Leicester (1-0). Inside all, she lost her best player, Shahlah, with injuries. For nowadays neither the Fiorentin is available, but the game and the talented Keita are losing.

Four English teams claim their entry into European finals. How likely are the four of them to do? Enter now at and see the incredible performance * with English clubs in the Champions League and UEFA Champions League final!

Barcelona was defeated with 2-0 at Celta's headquarters (he had earlier won the championship), with Valverde resting all his basics, wanting to have them fresh in today's game. You see the last clash with Roma (he had won by three goals: 4-1 in the first match, as in Liverpool and traveled tired in Rome where he was defeated with 3-0 and lost the qualification). is left engraved in the memories of "Blaugranna" and they do not want to repeat anything like this, so Valverde is taking action.

Prediction for Liverpool - Barcelona

It is logical for Liverpool to be disappointed with the victory in the championship and the Champions League, as it is very likely at the end of the season not to win anything from what he dreamed a few months ago. On top of that, he also had important absences while he was in trouble with Newcastle. On the other hand, Barcelona is more ... fresh, is in good shape and will play for victory. We think it is worth a bet, based on all of the above, on the underdog "double". More prudent solution, 2DNB at 1.95 at


PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions. The market is available in the champions league's "LONG-TERM" category

The entire football world is waiting for the big semifinal between Barcelona and Liverpool. Two of the biggest teams in the world collide in Barcelona for the Champions League against a backdrop to qualifying in the final of Madrid. Separate bid for Barcelona's victory

Η Barcelona with the victory over Levante, he also mastered the Spanish championship and is now turning to winning the Champions League, having a high hurdle ahead of her. Her aim is to make the thrumble, with the "Blaugranna" being in the final of "Copa del Rey". Eight consecutive wins at home, with only one last pass in 5 last (for all events). The last time he qualified for the final and won the trophy was four years ago (the 2015) and just the previous four years ago (2011). Barsa runs an amazing undefeated racing game against English teams (8-4-0) *. In the previous round Manchester United (0-1, 3-0) was relatively impeded.

The top European matches are played with great odds, and makes a unique offer for the "Camp Law" game: Barcelona's Win with 1-0 or 2-1 or 3-1 at amazing odds *!

Η Liverpool is in the Manchester City hunt for the championship, but the Champions League is a great craving. Kokkini is the only team that has won twice at Camp Nou, the last time 2007, but since then the Spaniards have taken ... the English (*) of the English (in general). He arrived here, having excluded Oporto emphatically (3-0, 1-4).

Prediction of the match between Barcelona and Liverpool

Barcelona has always had the lead, but the Spanish Spaniard has begun to take the downhill. At 1,87 now at, it is up to everyone to include him in his game. An alternative is live when the ace gets a bit over it. We, we will take the half-time draw at 2,25 at We do not say no to 1's "Chemical-4,65 final".

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114

Tottenham and Ajax made the surprises in the quarter-finals and earned a decent place in the semifinals of the Champions League. Tottenham survived the English Civil War against Manchester City and after a dramatic repetition (sweet defeat with 4-3) in Manchester celebrated the qualification.

Three defeats in the last four games (all games) for the "Petinos", which seem to have their minds for today's games, is logical as the Champions League final is at stake, with Tottenham not having managed never in the past to take part in the final of the top club competition.

Note that Tottenham won 8 from 10's last home games (8-0-2) in the Champions League (from 2016 to the present day). In fact, her 6 / 8 wins scored at least two goals (5 / 6 just three)

Great appearances from "Ajax", who ruled out Real Madrid and Juventus. Ten Hack's kids have once again proved that they are ... screaming out of seats and then "Bernabeu", and "Turin's Allianz Stantium". Especially in the second part, the performance of her players was ... an eyebrow. makes you a super offer with the aggressors of both teams: Shon and Tadic to score first in incredible odds *!

If he succeeds and gets the same or similar performance to Torino, Tottenham's work will be extremely difficult, and remember that the players of "Ajax" come from a week's rest (postponed in the Dutch league) as opposed to the opponent her who played normally on the weekend that passed to us.

Undefeated "Ajax" in 9's most recent trips (from 2017 to today) at the Champions League level (4-5-0). He also counts three consecutive hits (AEK-Real Madrid, Juventus) and has not scored in either of them (Dynamo Kiev-28 / 8 / 2018).

Prediction for Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham is not experiencing her best days, and it will be missed again by Major Cain. Ayakas is not just an opponent, he chokes you with his constant pressure and if he does not defensive, he has good fortune to pass at least undefeated from Tottenham headquarters. On top of that, he is even more rested than his opponent. Choose us it 2DNB at 2.15 at

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator.

Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions. Juve, City and Panathinaikos OPAP prize in super odds!

The week we are running is "fire" in soccer and basketball! The repetitive Champions and Euro Cup are expected to snag the betting crowd when the eight best Euroleague teams start fighting to qualify for Final 4. puts you on European stadiums with 2 super offers.

Start with the Champions League. Where Juventus and Manchester City failed to win in Amsterdam and London, respectively. Now they are called in front of their audience to qualify for Ajax and Tottenham to be in the semifinals of the top league competition.

Prediction for Juventus-Ajax

Η Juventus recently proved with 3-0 at Atletico Madrid that at its headquarters it is not .. joking and will want to .. clean up the qualification case as soon as possible.

His kids Yahya have a football thunder that sometimes comes out in good, sometimes bad. Given that he will come down to play his game, look for the goal he needs to qualify and then come out. The fact that he managed to get here is a success.

In the thought of a game of good rhythm and several phases in front of the two hearths, we will choose Over2.5 at 1.75 at offers you the Juventus and Manchester City qualifiers in enhanced performance *!

Betting does not stop here. Panathinaikos OPAP is thrown into the battle of the Euroleague playoffs, aiming to be at the Final 4 of Vitoria. Will the Greens take revenge from Real Madrid and last year's blockade?

See's long-lasting performances * at the "Clover" Qualification at Final 4.

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions.

Manchester City - Tottenham Hotspur

English civil part 2nd for the 2 teams and I think that somewhere here the dreams for Tottenham end (unfortunately for me who is a fan of it). City in the first game showed an arrogance, believing that one way or another they would leave the match victorious. This boomeranged her and conceded a goal in the 1nd half which based on a second half image might have been worth conceding. Pep may have realized his mistake and left many key players on the bench to review now. I believe that the Manchester team will be much more focused on its goal and will enter the match strongly from the beginning. Tottenham, on the other hand, after escaping in the 2st part from the repulse of Gioris' penalty in Aguero, took measures, balanced and justly prevailed in the end with a goal by Sean. The bad thing for the team, however, is that in the summer the team did not make a single transfer. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Just with the roster he has and with the obligations he had now he has run out of solutions. Dyer, Kane, Janssen & Lamela are definitely out. While Alli, Winks, Aurier & Liorente are all very difficult to catch the match. This creates a problem in the training of the team, especially midfielders. Based on what I saw in the first match and in general the image they have shown, I decided to take the bet1 option and make a purchase with many options.

The Juventus and Manchester City qualifiers are played at Enhanced Performance * at! *Terms and conditions.

I think City will win the match and even qualify. Then I think the game will definitely have 2 goals and above. Also believing that City will have the initiative of the moves we will have several corners and I choose the 8 and 2 teams. Tottenham will try to break the tsunami and delay as much as possible in the match and for this I will choose the 2 and 2 teams. Finally, considering that we will have cards, I will choose to accept a card with a player who will surely be passionate and because of the position he will be under great pressure and very likely to suffer a tough foul and it is Tripeir to accept a card.

Summing up I choose 1, City Qualification, Over 1 goal, Over 2 cards, Over 8 corners & Tripier Yellow card.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Champions League
  • Pick Win Outright
  • Odds 13.00
  • Stake 2
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result No
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -2

Week "fire" in Champions League and Euroleague!

The week that comes is "fire" in soccer, basketball and tennis. puts you on European stadiums with many betting options.

Repeats at the Champions League and the Euro Cup steal the show at football coupon.

Champions League (Third Games)

Juventus - Ajax

Juventus after 1-1 in Amsterdam has the upper hand in the qualification, with offering the Great Lady in 1.70 performance to win the victory against Ayak and to "lock" the qualification.

Barcelona - Manchester United

The same applies to Barcelona (after 1-1 in Manchester), with its winning performance still falling to smaller levels (1.40) compared to Juventus.

Champions League (Wednesdays)

Manchester City - Tottenham Hotspur

Of particular interest is the English Civil after 1-0 Tottenham in the first match, while changing the balance after injuring Harry Caine. At you will find all sorts of choices regarding how to qualify City or Tottenham, Respectively.

* Qualification at 90 '

* Qualification for extension

* Penalty penalty

Porto - Liverpool

The seat of Porto is a difficult obstacle for each group, but the Reds of thefts have taken the first big step for the qualification to the next phase (2-0). The possibility of finding the nets at any time in the game the molded Salah offered in 2,75, while for those who want to take risks a little above, the performance of the Egyptian star of Liverpool rises in 6.00 when scoring first in the race.

Panathinaikos' attempt to qualify for Final 4 is expected to lock everyone's eyes. Stephanos Chitsipas will fight hard on Monte Carlo's pitch.

??????? ??? ??? : ?? ??? ?? ??? ????????? ?????? ??? ?? Monte Carlo Masters |

Which teams will qualify for the semi-finals of the Champions and Euro Cup? Which team is the favorite to pick up the mug? Will the Greens Eliminate Real Madrid at the Playoffs? Can Stephanos Tsitsipas reach the final?

At betting action does not stop with unique offers at top sports events.

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114

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