Tennessee - Dallas (Total points 49.5)

I'm also going to the first Beat for Week 2 in the NFL, with the Dallas Cowboys going to Nashville to play with the Titans in a non-conference matchup.

With an away win, the Titans kicked off against Kansas with 26-10, a match in which the team showed a remarkable defensive performance and held Alex Smith at the worst qb rating for the 1 week. Dallas was not good at home against San Francisco and lost 17-28, mainly from his aggressive mistakes.

In today's game I will deal with the whole, as I think we find value here. Dallas, and especially Romo, will probably be more conservative here as the many turnovers have cost them in the first match. I think they will go more into the run game with Murray without having to overtake Romo with great passes. Moreover, the positive that Dallas can keep is that his defense actually did a good job in the first week, since almost all Points that he received came from aggressive turnovers. It is typical that San.Fran has not scored in the second half.

The Titans and the new coach Wisenhut showed a good defensive shot at the opening, and their attack showed a good balance with a low run run. Running plays have written 38 runs and 33 passes, which makes sense when you have three remarkable running backs and a quarterback Locker that is also able to carry that ball. An impressive and explosive attack does not have Tennessee but plays within its capabilities without exaggeration.

In week 1, all non-conference matches remained in the under, and the premieres for the two current opponents stayed under. On trends that stand out, Dallas is 6-2 under 3 last season in a match in September, while Titans 3-1 under under 3 last year at home with sets from 45.5 to 50 points.

Dallas probably feels better that he left his city as he heard a lot of the week's show on the premiere. I expect them more conservative here, while their defense has shown me to be able to stop. Defensively the same applies to the Titans, and I think we will have a pretty strong match here without much risk on both sides. I hardly see any of the two attacks have a long day here, so I find good value in the pretty big set of points here. Bet8 and Paddy offer the set at 49.5 points and I'll go under here.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) NFL
  • Pick Under
  • Odds 1.90
  • Stake 4
  • result 10-26
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +3.60

Dallas (-8.5) - Cleveland

On the NBA floor I'm going for the current proposal with the Dallas Mavs to host the Cleveland Cavs.

5-19 away from home, Cavs will give their third consecutive match away from home after two defeats in Houston and New York with 20 + points. Both of these defeats also show the poor match condition of the team as it has lost 7 from the last 8 of the match with their only victory coming against the weak Bucks, while the rest of the defeats did not cover any handicaps while they accepted about 100 and + points and in each match. Doubtless also for today's game, Varejao has lost to 3 last game and his absence has cost Cavs enough. 7-17 this year's ATS for Outside Cavs and 2-8 against teams with a record of over 500 away.

Dallas is strong at 16-8's headquarters, and such opponents usually clean them up. It comes from a home win against Sacramento and today's match is quite important for the Mavs as they then have to make a pretty tough game which includes 12 off-home matches in the next 18, while 3 from within is against Miami-Indiana and Portland. Marion is doubtful today for the Mavs. Dallas has this year's success with teams from the Eastern Conference (12-6), with ATS's home team against negative-record teams at 8-5.

The two teams met at 20 / 1 with Dallas going through Cleveland 102-97 with the lines being picked and Varejao in the show having good numbers, so his eventual absence is particularly important today. More recently, Dallas has been hitting Cleveland as 6 has been defeated by 7 in their last game, 11-4 straight up from 96 'and 3-1 at 3 last year. There are a few more negative trends for the Cavs this evening, 2-14 this year, after non-conferece matches, 0-4 vs. 99 + points. 5-0 at Dallas vs Central this year, and 12-6 in non-conference matches.

As a team, Dallas is better, with the psychology being bad on the Cavs side. The upcoming difficult program for the Mavs will logically push them to a good performance tonight against a passable opponent, while the recent defensive presence of Cleveland is also worrying since today it will find a very capable offensive team against it. The Mavs are able to open disputes against such teams this year and settle the final difference in the match. So I think today's big handicap is fair as it is the clear favorite for me here and maybe the Cavs will leave with another heavy away defeat tonight. At -9 to -9.5 the spread in most companies, I will buy half a point, with -8.5 being offered at 1.83 by Bet365 and Stoiximan.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) NBA
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.83
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 124-107
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +2.49

New Orleans - Dallas

A move to the NBA for a proposal from the current program, with Mavericks making their visit to the Pelicans tonight.

Second consecutive home match for the Pelicans after the most recent defeat by Wizards 102-96. The team counts three consecutive defeats and 4 in the last 5 matches, and it seems affected by Anderson's absence in the scoring. In today's game he will also be deprived of Jrue Holiday, who was injured in the last match and will be out of control for 14 (8, 9 Assist) for some time. These two absences greatly reduce the capacity of an already modest group, and will find it difficult to find solutions to these problems. 6-7 their record this year, and 8-1 ats, while 4-5 is straight up in the last 0 and 5-95 ats at the same time as the team stays below 105 points and accepts about XNUMX defensive on this five.

It may not be Dallas outrage except (8-10) but it has a good record ATS 11-7 away from its headquarters. He has shown this year that a level-four match takes but is having difficulty with the most qualifying teams in the league. Good chance is to get two wins in a row as he will play again with the Pelicans back to back at the headquarters of tomorrow. Dallas is defeated in San Antonio, a normal 112-90 with most players on a bad day. Theorist hard to repeat a similar look and will want to make a better person today against a rival opponent. Marion will be absent today for the Mavericks. Improved in recent times away from home with 4 wins in their last 6, with victories against Houston-Chicago-Minnesota-Washington, teams better than today's rival.

4 / 12 / 2013 met the two teams in New Orleans with Dallas winning 100-97 as 2.5 underdogs. Overall 3 last year in New Orleans Dallas has won 4 wins in 5 last match, and 3-2 versus spread. 4's wins counts Dallas right now against the Pelicans.

Pelicans have more problems to solve for the current match, especially with their absenteeism, as they have a lot of influence on their aggressive shot, but there are no special solutions on the bench. Dallas I think he will return to victory here after the ugly show against an elite squad, while he has also seen an improvement in the away games lately. I am sure that Carlisle has scored the two upcoming games as victories against a rival opponent who have been successful and in trouble. With the spreads in circulation there is no reason to spread bet here, and I will go with the Mavs in a money line I find in 1.83 on Netbet.


Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) NBA
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1.83
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Stoiximan
  • result 90-107
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +2.49

Dallas (-7.5) - Memphis

I'm going to the NBA for a match in a match I like today in the West. Dallas (14-10) welcomes Memphis (10-14) to a difficult encounter for the hosts.

Memphis comes back to back in today's match, after yesterday's Lakers defeat at 92-96, and has now topped 6 with 7 last 4 matches with 18 at home. Teamless in most of this year's matches in both the defensive and the offensive, with the injuries also affecting the team. Besides Marc Gasol for a while, and Conley (0 points) has lost the last two games and is both day to day and for today. In the medical bulletin I also add Pointdexter that was lost for the rest of the season while Memphis will be deprived of Miller's services tonight another forward who left with ankleback on the ankle yesterday. Their yesterday's picture was bad and if the Lakers were not against them playing back and back yesterday, the score would have gotten bigger. 6-7 ATS this year against Memphis against teams from the Southwest Division and 15-XNUMX their total ATS record for this year.

Dallas relaxed for today's match as he had about 3 days away from his previous match. Enough time for Dirk to be ready who had a little resilience but was trained normally these days and returns tonight. A remarkable return to Branden Wright's previous winning match of Mavs, who turned from last year's injury to 19 points and 6 rebounds. against Bucks on Saturday. 106-93 ended that match with Mavs covering for the second consecutive match the home spread and 7 the last time 9 within. This year's home game is good enough with a record of 10-2 this year. Another strong feature that stands out for Mavs tonight is the 6-1 record when they play with more than two days of rest this year.

3 last years at the 4 Matches that the two teams have given in Dallas, the Mavs have taken 3 to cover the handicap.

Dallas may not be superpowered but at home this year they play good basketball with most of their wins coming relatively easily with a good points difference. The Grizzlie, on the other hand, are not a team of trust this season, with several absences that have cost the team. Unlike the Mavs, the Grizzlies in most of their matches this year have not been competitive and in their defeats the differences came with a good difference when they found a remarkable team against them. Teams that are usually in this phase and competitive situation need a few days to find themselves without a match, the fact that they go back to back tonight in Dallas in a good home is not a good omen for the bears. Not all companies have opened lines yet, Bet365 and Stoiximan are asking for -9.5 while Evobet -7.5 at 1.85. Good case the second line as I think the handicaps will move from 8.5 and up.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) NBA
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.85
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Betshop
  • result 105-91
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +2.55

Dallas - St.Louis (5.5 Total goals)

I continue the effort today in the NHL with a showdown that will be held in Dallas between the local Stars and St.Louis Blues.

From Edmonton, both come, with St.Louis winning 4-2 while Dallas lost with 5-1. Beginning in the road trip for the Blues in Dallas, in a critical series of races that will be found in LA later on and then in Phoenix. The 6 / 2 / 0 / 1 team is well trained except 3 / 0 / 1 in the last 4 away, achieving 3 goals / innings while receiving close to 2.67. Aggressively there is talent while the end is not and that more stable there is at this time. Overall the team is 12-6 this year in the overs, and 6-2 in off-the-univers.

Dallas continues to be the height or the depth. 4 / 4 / 1 / 0 this year at home has not managed to make a good run yet. The Stars follow the same schedule, so they will leave after this match to the west. And here the goal is problematic in the home after receiving 3 goals around while the attack usually ends with the goal being 2.80. In 6 last game Dallas has received 23 goals and has achieved 19, with its total being at 10-8 and within 6-3.

In late January, the two teams met in St.Louis, with the Blues winning 4-3, in a match with 55 shots overall and the limit for the OVER to be at 5 goals. 60% of the matches that the two teams have given by 96 'and then have ended up at the OVER.

They are looking for the victory before their trip both today, with plenty of talent ahead and insolvency back. I'm impressed by today's prices for OVER as we have to deal with two teams that have appealed to several goals as they showed in the first match between them. I think the spot will be more judged by the performance of the St.Louis handball player, which is the best team, if it is found on a moderate day then the spot will come naturally at good value.

Total Goals Over 5.5 OT Included @ 2.51, Pinnacle.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) NHL
  • Pick ABOUT
  • Odds 2.51
  • Stake 3
  • result 4-1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -3

Columbus - Dallas (5.5 Total goals)

Heavy schedule usually on Tuesdays at the NHL, and today's match is between Columbus BJackets and Dallas Stars.

Second match in two days for Stars after yesterday's defeat at Nashville in the 4-5 extension. They are now hoping to return Lehtonen's main goal keeper, which is a key part of the defensive operation. 5 / 5 / 1 / 0 except Stars this year, and 9 / 8 / 2 / 0 as a whole, make a relatively modest year. Team without any extras in their back-to-back game tonight I have the feeling that they will get more conservative to claim something from this tonight match as they count 3 defeats in the last 4 as a whole. In addition to Stars, 2.30 scores and accepts approximately 2.70.

The Jackets, despite fighting their away matches, did not manage to get anything from the road-trip, finishing with 5 defeats in 6 matches. The positive thing about the trip is that the defense tightened a bit and managed in 3 of the matches to keep the opponents below 3 goals. They will give a match today inside, and they want the victory as tomorrow they go to Chicago again. At their headquarters this year are 3/4/1/1 and 5/12/1/1 in total. The team does not take risks in the matches as it does not have much firepower and looks to steal the matches by playing conservatively and paying attention to the defense. He concedes 2.90 goals inside while offensively scores close to 2.70.

The gameplay style of the two opponents appeared in the first match between the two teams, with the Jackets winning in with 2-1 in a match with a little more than 50 shots overall. The total record of both under the year this year is 19 / 15. The two teams in 8 last matches that they have given to Columbus have brought under 7 times. Dallas in particular has some extra strong trends for tonight's game showing just a few goals. 38-20 in the 3 under the last years after a match where they received more than 4 goals, and 222 / 159 on the under by 96 and then after a match where they achieved 4 goals. For Jackets, 4-0 stands out in the last 4 total, and 11-7 on the under when playing in the evening.

Matches that need both of them tonight, and I do not expect either of them to take a particular risk because they are not the best of the two teams at the moment. If it was fresh tonight, Dallas would have the avant-garde but the fatigue that would have somehow balanced things tonight. I'm going with a few goals in a match that will reasonably be judged at the goal tonight.

Total goals under 5.5 @ 1.70, Pinnacle.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) NHL
  • Pick Under
  • Odds 1.70
  • Stake 4
  • result 4-5
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -4

Dallas - Anaheim

Just a match in the current NHL program, with a duel for the western region. The Dallas Stars host Anaheim Ducks tonight at the American Airlines Center.

Among the warmest teams in the NHL, the record holders are 7 / 1 / 0 / 1, while 4 is counting on victories. They started their road trip successfully in Colorado on the fourth winning 3-0 and beyond the Dallas today they play with the Blues and Blackhawks making the importance of winning today's match even more important. The team has found good chemistry with coach Boudreau last year and managed to transform the team this year. The revelations to date in the group are the Souray winger who has achieved 4 goals this year, while even more surprising is the amazing start of Goalie Fasth who receives less than one 0.98 finish with a 4-0 record this year, shut-out in his career towards Avalanche. Together with Jonas Hiller they are one of the best twins currently in the NHL under the beams. Outside this year, the Ducks score around 4 goals while defensive is close to 2 passive, with 33% in power play and 60% in penalty kill.

Stars return home for today's "wedge" before leaving for a trip again, which is never easy psychologically especially in professional sports. They made their second comeback against Oilers with 3-2, with whom they are playing again after today's match. Dallas this year is 5 / 5 / 1 / 0 and 2 / 1 / 1 / 0 inside and already appears to be based on specific players making the real difference for them. Lehtonen in the finish must give his best with a defensive defense in front of him, while hot Jamie Benn is the main gear of the engine this year. Defensive in the headquarters Stars receive little over 3 goals with the defense receiving about 37 shots per match! Aggressively they have similar numbers near 3 goals. Low in-home power / play at 25% but it balances the good penalty kill to 72%.

Last year Ducks did not hit the Stars as they were in a transition period and took advantage of Dallas by measuring 6 wins in the last 7 games against them. I have the feeling that this is what Anaheim's players know and will want to start getting revenge today because the timing is good. The Ducks are in form and play good hockey and defensive but also aggressive. Stars are unstable this year and you do not know what they'll do to you on the ice every night with a lot of changes in their game and a defensive defensive play. If you do not find a good day goalkeeper Lehtonen you are probably lost by hand as they do not have a remarkable back-up.

Closer to victory, the Ducks are priced at the money-line and do not show the racing situation of the two teams right now. H Pinnacle offers them Anaheim Ducks on 1.96 for today's match.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) NHL
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1.96
  • Stake 2
  • result 3-1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -2

NY Giants (-3.5) - Dallas

Premiere today and for the NFL with last year's Giants champions to host the Dallas Cowboys in New York.

The Giants won the 4 title in the history of the club last year and start defending the title against a rival who has been riding in the past years. In the last 6 matches, the Giants have won the 5 Matches, and they score a lot, since in the last 6 against the Dallas they score more than 30. Eli Manning in the quarterback position pulls out big numbers and how not to do it when he has a fantastic triple of receivers (Nicks, Cruz, Hickson). Giants defensively always put pressure on the quarterback opponent as they are lagging behind in the open field. Pierre Paul, Tuck and Umenyiora will be the keys to the current match for me, as if they do and 4-5 hit the Romo and push him down his performance will fall.

The Cowboys had a modest year last year. Recently, they seem to have trouble winning big matches. Romo in the quarterback does not fill my eye. The Dallas receivers are of a high standard, but tonight the line comes from injuries. Bryant has knee knee tenonitis, Austin feels pain in the knee while the top Witten who is dubious today hit the spleen at the beginning of the preseason. These attacking problems are a matter of the aggressive piece as the running game for Cowboys is non-existent.

Several rains these days in New York and the stadium are expected to be heavy, so we expect enough passage tonight with the Giants taking precedence over quarterback in this area. Dallas is 0-6 against the spread in the last 6 matches against teams from NFC east. The Giants are 4-0 ATS in the last 4 home and 4-0 ATS in the last 4 vs. NFC teams. In between Cowboys are 1-5 ATS in the last 6.

Worse premieres but small and the handicap that the champions have to cover tonight. Yes they are not famous for their defense against the passing game but today there are quite a lot of problems in this area of ​​Dallas, plus the fact that I do not appreciate Tony Romo. Since the Dallas has not been competitive in big games for quite some time, the Giants always seem to find solutions, and in defense and offensive I think the line should have been bigger. I think they will start with the right champions and they will take advantage of the Tekken's weaknesses tonight. It is up to them to adjust the final difference of the match that will logically over 7 points.

New York Giants -3.5 @ 1.93 at Pinnacle.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) NFL
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.93
  • Stake 3
  • result 17-24
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -3

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