Euroleague 2019-2020 Tribute

This year's Euroleague is expected to be the most exciting in recent years since on paper, at least, most teams look much stronger than last year.

Increasing teams to 18 added extra matches In the already overcrowded racing calendar, clubs are now required to give the least 34 games in the competition, while teams that reach the Final Four can outperform the 40.

We can say that groups are categorized into 3 capacity groups according to their router but also their battles so far.


The Strong: The Owner, Overcharger and Transfer Champion


We can rank the strong the holder of the CSKA Moscow Trophy, the overbearing Fenerbahce, Efes Oriental and Real Madrid like her champion of Barcelona Transfers.

These teams are the big favorites to be in the Final Four and anything less than that will be considered a failure. Fenerbahce, Barcelona and CSKA Moscow radically renew roster with the Catalans holding the scripts as Dilein, Mirotic, Higgins, Davies and Abrines are now residents of Barcelona, ​​making Pesic's job particularly difficult to find in the team for all of them.

The Russians of CSKA Moscow they also radically restructured their roster as De Kolo, Sergei Rodriguez and Higgins left, with Ioudoud giving the mastermind baggage to the playful but self-destructive many-time Mike James and the Cowboys lineup nuclear.

FennerFinally, he added De Kollo next to Sluka, composing the top two shortstop in the competition and the top forward of the season, Williams, to make up for the losses to Honey and Goodrich.

The strong include n Real with Efes that were moved to similar logic as well kept the majority of the players that led them to the successes of the previous season and were reinforced in vacant positions. The Madrilenes added depth to the Laprivitola periphery and quality to the frontline with Mickey and the Turks improved their threat from the three-point thanks to the additions of Peters and Sigleton.

It is one of the rare cases in recent years that CSKA has not started as a favorite for 4ada and we may see many Russians after the season being called to the playoffs with a disadvantage at home.


Middle layer: Battle for entry into play-offs


The 2 Group is made up of teams that will fight to get into the playoffs and these teams are Panathinaikos, Olympiacos, Maccabi, Basconia, Zalgiris, Milan and Kimki.

The Eternal (Panathinaikos & Olympiakos) a different transfer policy followed as the Greens made strong, name-based transfers with emphasis on the periphery but leaving a large gap near the basket while the reds kept their core and added financial players that could be described as Blatt's bets.

The Maccabi and Milan they seem to have moved smartly on the transcripts and in combination with the financial flexibility that distinguishes the two teams' administrations they seem like the big favorites to get into the playoffs unlike in previous years they went home early.

Η Baskons continues the upward trend of the last few years and with the stunning Sengelia pioneered it is expected to be maintained until the latest racing near 8ada and possibly even.

End, Kimki and Zalgiris are one-star teams with the Russians remaining Svent's team and the Lithuanians being the team where the star is the coach, Sarunas Yasikevicius with both given the chance to fight to the end for the coveted 8ada ticket and more and if they don't, they'll be somewhere around there.

If we had to put the teams in a row then it would be Maccabi - Milan - Panathinaikos - Zalgiris - Baskonias - Kimchi - Olympiacos.


Group Three: The Losses


That's it 3o and the latest capacity group includes some teams that are expected to damage the top but they are unlikely to claim a place in 8ada.

Specifically, after several years the institution returns Alba, Villarban, Zenit and Valencia while Red Star and Bayern are approaching the 2 Group teams in terms of potential but lacking anything more to chase a playoff spot.

In front of us we have the most ambivalent Euroleague of recent years and we look forward to the first jumpball. We're starting ...

See the odds for the Euroleague 2019 / 2020 matches from

Euroleague: With's 1.85 in the big final!

Η CSKA Moscow of our own Dimitris Itoides and Ms. Ephorates of the East (21: 30) in the big Euroleague final in Vitoria. At the same time the Greek technician claims the second trophy of his career after 2016.

Earlier (18: 30) will confront the small final the two losers of the Final Four. The pollination of the 10 trophy and last year's trophy player Real Madrid, which was lost by CSKA with 95-90 and the Fenerbahce Zeljko Obradovic, who lost to Efes with 92-73.

Efes Anadolou from 16's position in the regular season he got last year, this year is in the big final of the event.

Η Efes Anadolou with the Turkish coach exorcising her ... curse, will be found for the first time in the trophy claim, in the third Final-4 of the top European cross-country competition in its history.

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On the other hand, the CSKA Moscow will try to conquer the second Euroleague title on the days of Dimitris Itoudis and eighth in the history of the Russian team.

The Russians may have been back in the scoring for the longest period of the Real Madrid match, but they have reached the top of the table and will give the "present" to the final.

In a triumph for Efes Anadolou, the Turkish "civilian" fought against Fenerbahce, with the Cinderella being the top player of Shine Larkin, who scored 30 points.

Predictions for Anadolu Efes - CSKA Moscow


Of the most stable teams in this year's Euroleague, Efes scattered Fenerbahce's Obradovic in the semi-final and is right in the final against the bear. Betting now we are closing on the victory of Efes Anadolou with Seine Larkin, with American Guards doing a great season and a great game against Fener.

Proposal: Anodolos (xNUMX with handicap + 1 points) at 4,5 at

Will the MVP be the Final Four MVP?

Fenerbahce-Efes & CSKA-Real with 800+ bets on and Greek interest due to Slouka and Itoudi.

The time of the Euroleague Crisis came to an end tonight in the two Final Four semifinals in Vitoria, who will judge the pair of Sunday's big final (19 / 5). First 19 jambol: 00 with the Turkish "civilian" between Fenerbahce and Efes, while in 22: 00 begins the second semifinal where the European Real champion faces CSKA. has prepared more than 800 bets for the two semifinals with special selections in scoring, rebounds and assists. At the same time, he offers hundreds of special bets for the entire event such as who will be MVP of the Final Four, the first scorer, who will score the most threepoints up to who will put the most points in each team.

Intense Greek interest!

Despite the absence of a team from Greece, the "seal" of Greek basketball exists in another Final Four. Demetris Itodis will try to conquer with CSKA the second Euroleague as coach after 2016, while Kostas Sloukas wants the fourth cup! Fenerbahce's guard counts the impressive 6 / 6 in semifinals, having passed 3 times in final with Olympiacos and so many with his current team. Kostas Sloukas is the second favorite at to be named MVP of the Final Four.

Euroleague: Final 4 Time!

The time has come to find out who will sit this year on the throne of European basketball. Fenerbahce, CSKA Moscow, Real Madrid and East Efes are thrown into the final of the Euroleague Final 4, which will take place in the Spanish city of Vitoria, based in Basconia, and more specifically in the beautiful Fernando Buesa Arena.

Fenerbahce - Anadolu Efes

The first semifinals (Friday 19: 00) is a purely Turkish affair as 2017 Fenerbahce and Efes will be confronted by the European champion who returned to Final 4 after 2001. Huge interest in this particular couple is the duel challenge, as we have the polish Zeljko Obradovic and on the other hand the particular Ergin Ataman.

Super Performance * at Final Scorer of Final 4 by Kostas Sloukas! *Terms and conditions

Fener's clear leader is "our" Kostas Sloukas, who is the leader of this year's squad in the parquet, as he prepares for 7 his presence at f4. On the other side, the player who has stood out since this year's Efes is Vasily Micic with the impressive run-out.

Real Madrid - CSKA Moscow

The second couple (Friday 22: 00) this is between Real and CSKA. Back to back comes the Final 4 team of Pablo Lassos, when the Russians are ready to conquer the trophy for the second time in the era of Dimitris Itoides. Outstanding interest is the battle in the region between CSKA leader Nado De Colo and player-revealing Real in the playoffs with Panathinaikos, Fernando Kambatso, which will take enough time to participate.

Great offer from Enhanced performance * on Kosta Slouka as Final 4 first scorer! *Terms and conditions

Great final

We remind you that the big final will be held Sunday night 19 / 5 on 21.30 between the two teams who will be able to qualify for the playoffs semifinals.

You can take part in the big poll organized by Infobeto in his forum for the big winner of Euroleague


PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions.

At Euroleague and NBA rhythms Super Offer at Final 4 with Kosta Slouka

Maybe Panathinaikos OPAP and Olympiacos have failed to qualify for the Final 4 of Vitoria, but Greek representation is not lacking.

Kostas Sloukas is the main gear in Fenerbahce's machine and is undoubtedly one of the great stars of this year's event.

The Turkish team's play maker measured about 12 average points in 31 matches and is sure to claim not only the heavyweight trophy but also the prize for the first scorer in the magical weekend that is coming. puts you in Euroleague rhythm and today offers you Kosta Slouka as F4's top scorer at amazing odds *.

For NBA fans, today's day is special. Giannis Adétocunbo enters the court for the first game of the East Finals final. The fights of "Greek Freak" against Leonard are thrilling. How many points will the Greek ace score in Game 1 against Raptors? opens the finals dance with a super offer: 0% rake * to Giannis Adétocunbo over / under points.

Malcolm Braddon talked about this line and his teammate Yannis Antockunbo.

Deer Guard referred to the "Greek Freak" with the best of words, while stressing that he is absolutely worth the MVP award this season and said about the current game

"It will be a great matchup. I support my own person, I think he is MVP, but he will have a great player opposite him. Giannis showed this year that he not only has a high average score, but he performs extremely well on both sides of the floor.

Every year it is better. He is already shooting three-pointers with much better rates and his leadership skills are getting better. He works hard and has steadily big midfield points, "said the Baks.

Predictions for Milwaukee Battle - Toronto Raptors

Since we are dealing with the 1 final region game, we expect a closed game to score, much less when dealing with two top-down equivalents. So the double + 7,5 point is judged to be satisfactory and can fit into our selections. This option in 1.80

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114

*Terms and conditions.


Al Ain - Lekhwiya

I think here the buck have made a huge mistake in returns. I will be more specific. Let me first of all inform you that Al Ain is one of the holders of the institution (2002-2003). The team from the United Arab Emirates has in its ranks, many notable footballers, most well-known by all Markus Berg. The championship does not go so well, but it fights for 2 at least. In its group it is at 4 with only 2 points in 3 matches.

The point is that the team lost right from Al Hilal to 1 in the game and then gave 2 away from home, where with help and luck he managed not to lose any of 2. This shows that the group looks at the institution and will not give up. Especially now he has to give 2 home match in 3 matches. Opponent of the team from Qatar, which I personally does not fill my eye, and I think it may come out last to the club as 2 is home away from home and in the Al-Hilal, which is not easy to beat.

Panathinaikos OPAP - Real Madrid: Nick Kalathis is playing at with 0% rake in over / under points! *Terms and conditions

I think the buck have made a big mistake with Al-Dahahil's favorite. An ace that my eyes should be in 2.50-2.60 we find him at 6.50 + !!!! We buy it and let 0-3 come the game. We will have played correctly.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) AFC Champions League
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 6.53
  • Stake 2
  • result 0 2
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -2

Ready for a bracelet by Panathinaikos OPAP

Ο Panathinaikos OPAP he missed a great opportunity in Madrid to make 1-0 and become that series driver against Real. The greens approached very close to the end and preceded even six points, but the hosts smiled at the end with a final 75-71 score. His defeat is due to the last three minutes of the match, where he failed to score a single point.


Pittino's team has proved that not only can he look in the eyes of Madrileni, but also leave with the double tonight from the Spanish capital if he can improve the way he defends himself and appears more concentrated in the final minutes of the match.

A lever is expected to be Nick Kalathis again, from which most balls pass in the clover attacks.

Bet on the points of Nick Kalathis

In Wednesday's game Nick Kalathes stopped at 17 points and it is almost certain that he can still offer the most to bring the significant victory. The line at Nick's points today is placed in 13.5 and we think he is capable of overtaking it.

Proposal: OVER13.5 Points Nick Kalathis

Papapetrou, who was good at the previous game and helped enough in the block-off, was also near him.

Nick Kalathes is played with 0% rake * at over / under points!

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
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Al Raed Club - Oud Medina

Oued was also deferred after the home defeat by Feicha, so he will be relegated in three last games. This, of course, makes it particularly dangerous, but as we do, in the last games, the need for points is what makes a game.

Nick Kalathes is played with 0% rake * at over / under points!

Raed is at + 3 from the dangerous zone, followed by two difficult games (one is a sixth), so if he does not want to get involved in dangerous paths he should now get the three-pointer.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Saudi PL
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.87
  • Stake 7
  • Bookmaker Stoiximan
  • result 5 1
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +6.09

Playoffs Euroleague from now on

There are a number of special options for the four couples of the quarter-finals who will judge the tickets for the Final-4.

The cube was played for the four pairs of Euroleague playoffs without having to finish the final day of 30 racing. Fenerbahce, CSKA Moscow, Real and Efes are facing Zalgiris, Bayonne, Panathinaikos and Barcelona, ​​respectively, targeting the four tickets that lead to Final-4.

Euroleague - Quarterfinals - Qualification already offers markets for the playoffs that start from which team will qualify and reach the score of each series and how many total games will be required in the 4 duels to seal the places in the Final-4. And undoubtedly the Greek interest falls on the opposition of Panathinaikos with Real.

Euroleague - Quarterfinals - Total games in the series

The greens do not have a home advantage and will start with two consecutive games in Madrid. Then the series is transferred to OAKA for one or two games, while if needed a fifth match will be held in Spain. We remind you that whoever reaches the first three victories qualifies, while offers the trained performer in an attractive performance Panathinaikos to prevail in the series with 3-1.

Nick Kalathes "leads" Panathinaikos OPAP to the playoffs The "fresh" Kalathis sends the Panathinaikos OPAP to the playoffs

Ο PanathinaikosHe missed a valuable opportunity to seal the Madrid Championship last week, in a game where they were ahead of the score until Ruby Fernandez's incredible three-pointer gave the victory to Real Madrid and so the qualifying took ... a postponement.

However, the greens still keep the luck in their hands as far as the playoffs ticket is concerned and to finish the job, they just need a victory against Budoušnöst for her last game Euroleague. If they do, then the playoffs will face one of Real Madrid or CSKA Moscow, with CSKA - Baskónia taking place earlier (time) will adjust their position on the leaderboard.

In the event of a loss, the chances of qualification are minimal, as they will need a combination of results, such as: Zalgiris defeat and then big defeats of Olympiacos and Maccabi.

Nick Calathes was out of control on the painless defeat, in Greek territory, from Peristeri and is expected to be "fresh" in the big match against the excluded Montenegrins. Kalathis scores 12.3 points on average in every year this game with the "Green" jersey. The chance to surpass his average today and achieve at least 14 points (Over 13.5) is offered to us at 2.14 by

Nick Kalathis is playing at the new with 0% rake * at over / under points.

The complex from Montenegro completes his obligations in the event and turns his attention to the domestic championship. Of course, the fact that he is indifferent does not turn him into an easy opponent as he recently lost with difficulty from Barcelona (93-85) while the absence of stress is among his pro bonuses.

His weak point is in defense (accepts 84.9 points on average) and it is something that Panathinaikos has to take advantage of in order to reach a comfortable and without adventures prevalence. The defeat from Peristeri was a lesson for Pittino players, for whom we predict that they will enter with the knife on the teeth and will be able to overcome the 14.5 points handicap.





PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions. Applies to buying over / under points until the start of the match.

Olympiacos - Zalgiris Kaunas: Milutinov "cleans" Milutinov is invincible with 0% rake

We have arrived in our penultimate game Euroleague and Olympiacos welcomes Zalgiris Kaunas in a very critical game. Reds are determined not to "get down" from the qualification train and only think of victory against the Lithuanians. The absence of Yankees for Janicevic's team will give even more room to Milutinov. Serbian center is perhaps the most stable player of Blatt this season and the new puts you in the parlor of SEF with a super offer.

Nikola Milutinov is playing at the new with 0% rake * at over / under points.

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions. Applies to buying over / under points until the start of the match.

Panathinaikos - Real Madrid: Sold out at OAKA Sold out at OAKA and 0% rake in Kalathi

Ο Panathinaikos OPAP is undoubtedly her hottest team Euroleague. The double in Milan best qualified the racing rising of the greens and automatically brought their qualification to the hands. Expected to be sold out at home with Real Madrid, where Pittino's victory team seals her participation in the playoffs.

Nick Kalathis is the ultimate clover orchestra in the attack, adding another great show in Italy with 27 points in about 39 racing minutes! How many points will score against the Queen?

The new offers you the leader of Panathinaikos OPAP with 0% rake * in over / under points.

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions. Applies to buying over / under points until the start of the match. Next stop ... Milan with 0% rake in Kalathi

Ο Panathinaikos OPAP he has been injured in the Basquonas team as well as could overcome the victory over the Spaniards. Anyway, the greens have scored the 5 pink sheet in Euroleague and continue the weekend with one of the most important matches of the season. Milan also claims a seat in the playoffs, having the same record (14-13) with Rick Pittin's team. Nick Kalathis is undoubtedly the great leader the clover and the new play with the protagonist of Moscow.

Nick Kalathis is playing at the new with 0% rake * at over / under points.

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions. Applies to buying over / under points until the start of the match.

Botswana - Angola

The last match of the clubs and the already excluded Botswana, welcomed Angola with a service coach and with strict security measures as it poses the danger of invading supporters (the Botswana are used!).

Milan - Panathinaikos OPAP in the new Nick Kalathis is played with 0% rake * at over / under points! *Terms and conditions

 Angola (9b) is two points above Burkina Faso, which in turn welcomes the first but indifferent Mauritania and will logically win and reach 10b.

The tie (in 10b) favors Mauritania, so Angola has to chase the victory it can get as it excels in all areas.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) CAF Nations Cup Qual. Group I
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1.8
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 0 1
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +3.2

North Macedonia (-1) - Latvia

And yes, it's time for Northern Macedonia with its new name to fight. So I have the greatest honor in the infatuation of firstly bringing up the neighbor with his new name, from which the Greek state has benefited. Do not hear about selling and selling. These are bad tongues and people piss against the progress and prosperity of the peoples, killers of the peoples of America, with NATO's own union and the laborer who wants bread and roses, bought not in the EEC monopolies. I covered you. Who will remember the Prespes and the names in ten years of madness? Do not eat fairy tale and hay. Everything for the benefit of the nation is made. Do not look at yourself that you do not see far.

Join the new and find Nikola Milutinov with 0% rake * at over / under points.

Football matches have played with non-existent (outside Norway) and have gone well. So there are. The Latvians do not think they are far from the level of the North-Macedonians (but what a great name this is). In the context that two cafes play together, I like the Balkans I will support the neighboring friendly country that it has acquired, name, entity, language and history Macedonian and Macedonian halva, Macedonian wine, buffalo sausages and dare no courage to say that these are not Macdaden products. We call Greece or Macedonia; Who are the Macedonians now? The North is redundant. I appreciate it being eliminated so we do not get tired when we write a match. Suggestion if we do not want to quit the North .. Break the part of our Macedonia and become Southern Macedonia. How do you explain to someone who listens to Northern Macedonia that there is no South for not looking? 

Match Info

  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.67
  • Stake 1
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 3 1
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +0.67 Milutinov leads him to 6 position with 0% rake

Bayern did not manage to threaten him Olympic and the Reds will normally be in the Euroleague playoffs. The Blatt team wants to take the 6 position to avoid the theoretically stronger teams of this year's Fenerbahce and Real Madrid. The upcoming obstacle of Gran Canaria does not seem high, having Nichola Milutinov in a terrible competitive situation. The Serbian center breaks the conter in the ratings and is expected to be the Olympic column under the baskets and the Canary Islands.

Join the new and find Nikola Milutinov with 0% rake * at over / under points.

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions. Applies to buying over / under points until the start of the match.

UAE (0) - Saudi Arabia (0)

The failure of both Asian Caps brought a new coach to the Emirates (Marvik) while in Surando they are still looking for (waiting for Jersey's Jessu).

United Arab Emirates - United Arab Emirates 

As for today's match, we will approach it more with intuition as both teams have completely new faces in their roster. Especially in Saudi Arabia, the players invited are all with ZERO entries! The Emirs were more cautious and called in 3-4 key players, including captain and top scorer Ali MacBoot. In defense they have four zero participations, in the center five and in attack three.

Join the new and find Nikola Milutinov with 0% rake * at over / under point

Nevertheless, I would appreciate that, for reasons of better quality and a larger tank, Saudi Arabia should not be the underdog of the confrontation. Players may not have any other participation in the National Team, but in their league they play in good teams and, of course, they have the incentive to become permanent.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Friendly
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 2.10
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 2 1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -4

Auburn - New Mexico State (+ 6.5)

Good morning in his company Infobeto. It is a fact! It starts! Today is the day! We have March Madness! They settled and the last two tickets of the First Four round for entry to 64 of March Madness, which took the North Dakota State College and the Arizona State college was yesterday's proposal here on the main page. All details are sorted out and the curtain of the institution opens at 18: 15 GMT time. We will deal with the third time series game involving 16 teams in the Midwest where his college Auburn will face his college at the Vivid Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City New Mexico State for the first round of the 64 phase of March Madness. A game that I would be one of the "surprises" of the first round with both teams having difference in seed (favoritism) provided by the host but which is completely subjective, with the College of Auburn attributable to 5 (seed ) of the Midwest while the New Mexico State is attributed as 12 (seed).


It is here with a record for the 26N - 9I season while the Auburn Tigers' record for the South Eastern Conference is 11N - 7I. In their last game they broke the Tenessee Volunteers with 84 - 64 in a game where they had the absolute dominance and showed they have talent and is a credible team for the tournament. Tigers measure an average of 79.6 points per game while accepting an average of 68.1 points per game. Group the Bryce Brown lead with average points per game 15.8 and 1.9 rebounds per game and Jared Harper averaging 15.2 2.6 points and rebounds per game.

New Mexico State:

It is in the process of 64 and the first round of March Madness tournament record for the season 30N - and 4N 15 - 1 the Western Athletic Conference where in 2 from 3 recent games given prevailed over 30 points. He has been on the 7 tournament for the last 8 years and has just won the position of the first Western Athletic Conference seed. New Mexico State Aggies measure an average of 78.1 points per game while accepting an average of 64.1 points per game. Offensive leaders of the Terell Brown team averaging 11.3 2.6 points and rebounds per game and Eli Chuca averaging 9.8 6.7 points and rebounds per game. Milutinov leads him to 6 position with 0% rake


I chose the New Mexico State Aggies double in a game that I think Aggies will keep "close" the score with the Auburn Tigers. A game of detail where Auburn has the talent and capability but the New Mexico State momentum and the frantic victory race since January gives us an additional incentive to support this team. We can not rely entirely on the numbers and statistics of the New Mexico State as it comes from a "typically" weak-to-quality region but it is a team that has the experience (73's oldest in NCAAB) and has depth at its counter with 49.8% "bench minutes ". He is a team that has tremendous energy while possessing the 8's best offensive rebound and 4's best defensive rebound rate in opposition to Auburn ranked in the 330 rank in offensive rebound and has the 48 position in defensive rebound. Auburn's Tigers are clearly the favorite here but the event does not "understand" a favorite. Let us not forget the megaton bomb that threw last of the Loyola College in a fairy who lived flying out of the organization in the first round No1 the favorites to win the title, the Cavaliers of Virginia. I think the score will not open much and the New Mexico State will keep close to the Tigers with + 6.5 giving a strong chance of double confirmation. For the very bold there is value in the double without the handicap (with a few units being understood)

Auburn - New Mexico State -----> 2 (+6.5) (1.76) Bet365 4u (Units)




Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) NCAA March Madness First Round
  • Pick Win Outright
  • Odds 1.76
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 78 77
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +3,04 Continues after the big double in Moscow

Panathinaikos OPAP certified his racing rally with Rick Pitino on the bench and left with a huge double from CSKA Moscow's headquarters. The terrible triathlon of Kalathis, a few tenths before the end of the show, gave not only valuable points, but he put the "greens" even deeper into the octave bay. The first match of the weekend is home against Baskonia, an opponent who is also fighting for qualification. The new puts you in the OAKA with a super offer.

Kath Langford of Panathinaikos OPAP is played with 0% rake * in over / under points!

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions. Applies to buying over / under points until the start of the match.


"4 at 4" aims at Olympiacos, career record for Antockunbo The weekend begins with Williams-Gos

Olympiacos defeated Milano for the Euroleague and returned home tonight to face Bayern Munich. Red-and-white players have been on the run since the last negative results, but the favorable program that follows may be giving 4 wins in the 4 matches that are left to complete the regular season. Vasilis Spanoulis's unpredictable injury will give Williams-Gos more time and the new is playing with the American Guard.

The new offers you 0% rake * to Williams-Gos at over / under points.

Basketball continues on the other side of the Atlantic. Giannis Adétocunbo was surprising despite the home defeat by the Sicers. "Grik Frick" made a career record with 52 points and shows really unstoppable throughout the season. At midnight, Lamberton and the Lakers are welcoming and promising another amazing appearance. Where will the conter stop this time?

At the new you find Giannis Atetocunfo with 0% rake * in over / under points against Lakers Lebron James.

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions. Applies to buying over / under points until the start of the match.

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Great Competitions!

Infobeto organizes 3 new big competitions for the Champions League, the Greek championship and the Euroleague!

Check out the link below for the terms of participation and how you can take part and win rich gifts!

Statistics Tipsters

  • Profit-Yield 2021
  • Profit-Yield All Time
  • Hot Tipsters (Streak)

Tipster Profit Yield
MITROPOULOS +125.02 + 12.92 %
ΚΑΛΑΜΠΑΛΙΚΗΣ +44.33 + 9.05 %
SOLAR +5.85 + 0.69 %
RAPTAKIS +1.74 + 0.38 %
ERTZAN -1.24% -5.17%
FOUNTOULAKIS -19.49% -2.36%
PRAGUE -53.51% -17.96%

Tipster Profit Yield
SOLAR +1061.76 + 11.69 %
PRAGUE +203.39 + 13.04 %
ΚΑΛΑΜΠΑΛΙΚΗΣ +130.48 + 12.57 %
MITROPOULOS +75.65 + 2.58 %
RAPTAKIS +71.84 + 1.58 %
ERTZAN +14.37 + 0.32 %
FOUNTOULAKIS -43.10% -3.78%

Tipster Won Draw Lost

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