Indonesia - Philippines

Less than a week left for the re-launch of the local championships in Indonesia with an interest in focusing on the National Team, which after the friendly with the Premier teams has received a rival against its measures in order to succeed in winning after long . I quote one of the reasons that I believe will eventually make it happen - and the game will be staggering here.

1. The Philippines may have improved a lot in terms of their football at national level, but the fact that they are above Indonesia in the FIFA rankings is fictitious since Indonesia for over one year had only players from the Premier League because of "Zergegos" has suffered many defeats while coming from continuing defeats, but has faced strong opponents since she was given the opportunity to call Super Cup players. The Philippines, on the other hand, have given several matches in weak countries with the 2013 monopoly alone, without even accepting any end.

2. After the match against Saudi Arabia, this spring will be the first time the fans will fill the field in Solo, which is quite football - as opposed to this one in Jakarta, which is huge but with a strong spirit and is not as hot as it is - to support their team and not the Netherlands or an English team like the recent friends. Anyway, the motivation for the home team is bigger since they desperately want a victory to "take over them" in view of the official agonies they follow.

3. The guests have in their ranks players who play only in the domestic league, that is, they are missing at least a dozen of those who play abroad and who are largely responsible for the rise of the team in the last two years. Among the "famous" attendees will be the Younghusband brothers who competed in both Chelsea academies but now "moved" to the Philippines and Loyola when they traveled to Indonesia with their other teammates who mostly play in the C. Indonesia is not complete either, as coach Jackson Thiago did not include Persib players while he preferred not to invite someone "permanent" such as goalkeeper Mega of Arema to try some other players. However, those who form the core of the team will have the longest participation time, while the absences are essentially 3-4 and at the same time the players have been together for a month since July, when they have gathered for the friendlies with the Premier League teams.

4. The Philippines may not be as physically ready as their championship is over, and 2 months and the only games they have given are - for Gobal and Logilas - for the Singapore Cup. On the other hand, Indonesia, although somehow changed their schedule in the last month with the Ramazan - which ended in the event - is in a better match time of the season for those who play in the Premiers shortly before finishing for Superleague matches.

5. The tradition is with the home side of the Philippines 3 in the last three years with 2 victories in Indonesia in the Suzuki Cup semifinals - with both matches being played in Jakarta - and a draw 2-2 in the Philippines but in essence not the best players for the embargo I mentioned above. If we get past the oldest in the past, the Philippines was a "bag of boxing", which suffered heavy defeats even with a number of terminals, but of course they have changed many times.

Many will change when the Asian companies that have not yet made a return but can not predict whether they will go up or fall as they will also accept bets from the Philippines - where the gambling is free while it is and the headquarters of several companies - which is unknown if they are for their country or not. I personally believe that any more than 1.80 for Ace is worth but because it is a friendly match there is no reason to play enough.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) International Friendlies
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.91
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 2-0
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +2.73

Indonesia - Liverpool (to win both halves)

Although when it comes to betting I'm a bit cautious and avoid repeating something that has gone wrong with me in the past, I will try again to "oppose" Indonesia to lose both halves as I did when they faced the Netherlands with Fan but to prove to be the MVP of the Indonesians and to destroy everything in every offensive action of the Netherlands.

This time the conditions will be even more annoying for the athletes. First of all, they are weakened in relation to that group, as 3-4 are missing the main players while some young people will be tested. Then we are in a Ramazan period where the training and the preparation in general becomes obstructed as well as in the friendly against Arsenal on Sunday in the second half of the National reminded a bit of Pekanbaru, ie from a point and then did not have the natural reserves to follow their "regulars," delivered spirit and received in a relatively short time 6 finishes to ultimately be defeated with 0-7.

In the essence of what I am asking is to get a goal in the semifinals for Liverpool as in the second things will be simplified. Beyond the Koates, Reina and Suarees who are licensed due to their participation with their national teams, all the other stars are in the mission for the Asian tour of Liverpool while it is expected to do its debut for this year and the head of the Stiven team Jaird who did not fight in the friendly front of Preston who finished with 4-0 for his team. This competition is an advertisement of the airline Garuda Indonesia from the Liverpool sponsor, whose aircraft - in the colors of the group - has arrived in Jakarta while she will continue to travel to Thailand and then to Australia. Also, the issue of a credit card with which Liverpool's friends here will have the possibility of discounts when buying products of their beloved group is also launched. Liverpool's own goal - as well as many groups that are friendly on Asian territory - is their opening to the Asian market, where the world is more involved with the Premiership than with the local groups, so that in order to impress their audience it will not be totally indifferent.

Although the examples with Chelsea and Manchester United - Southern and Southern - are recent, Liverpool, like Arsenal, has to deal with a much lower adversary and under favorable conditions. They have come to Indonesia since Wednesday when there is no issue of adaptation both in the climate and the different times, although they have already known the love of the world with Liverpool being perhaps the most popular college in the country still influenced by England was formerly the United Kingdom colonial. The good thing I wish I did not let them down ...

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Friendlies
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1,95
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 0-1/0-2
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +3.80

Indonesia - Liverpool (-2 EH)

After a long time away from the central one and we are in a period where there are not many games and the ones that exist are not offered to many companies it is time to re-cast some choice. Indonesia, which is the national team, and not "selective", after the Arsenal match last week, is coming to Liverpool in a game that is expected and has little to do with the same end for the home team.

First of all there are not enough players and tests from the Indonesian coach who is looking to find out who he can take in view of the match with China next fall. In other words, once again, zero chemistry. From the boards before the Arsenal match, "If we win some of Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea I'm looking for a world champion in Premiership" surely now it turned it to "something to change in the team, maybe to play more defensively because by accepting such goals it does evil in our psychology, I may occasionally give it to some other goalkeeper because our base needs to be supported "and such other nice ones.

Whatever it is, however, this is a showdown, for various reasons I do not think Indonesia can play defensively, it will be safe to defend it all the time but it will not have 11 players back from the ball with overlapping etc etc because every time will have the ball in their possession will be excited by going forward hoping they can do something. Generally, Jacksen in Persicura has created a solid set but the national team does not have the units to do something like that, and the opponents they have to deal with are much stronger than the Indonesian Super League teams. Another issue is that in the championships for one more time the overwhelming majority of supporters will support Liverpool and not their homeland team to "destroy" the game of its opponents will outrage the public who will have paid a respected amount for to see the match - the cheapest ticket is about 6.5 euro, not very affordable in the middle of Indonesia - which is more a show of football than friendly.

This is the second part of the analysis with 2 the choice for the same match in a few ...

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Friendlies
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 2.02
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 0-2
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -4

Indonesia - Netherlands (to win both halves)

I will try to be quick because I am afraid that they will give it a hobby - one and a half both the proposed point and an alternative - which is my main stake - and will change the odds.

The odds are wrong, the difference in capacity between the 2 teams is huge, there are companies abroad that offer double at 1.02 so you can imagine that the corresponding odds of this special bet would be much lower but at the moment most companies do not even over / under do not offer much more something like the above. However, the victory of the Netherlands at halftime gives a maximum of 1.30, which is far from the 1.50 of Stoiximan who certainly does not know the "something more" than the rest.

Additionally, Indonesia has only just started third light training as a breakdown and will start regular pace from Wednesday on Wednesday when both the coach and the core team of the 5 players of Persicore, only a few hours was playing in Porsica - and all news was played by 90 minutes and their coaches will be redeemed both in the club and in the National. This is only 2 when players from the Super League are recruited to make the National Championship the first to be before the match against Saudi Arabia and then 58 players were initially with another coach having too few days to " tie "between them. So, from the point of view of preparation, the Indonesians are ...

The Dutch on their part have begun preparations since Wednesday, with the exception of De Gusman, Kuiter and Fan Perci, who were incorporated from yesterday for another license received by Fan Gaul and Robben who, although meeting the rest this morning, was satisfied with " cycling "as she was tired of picking up the last buckles (so NVAR is also good for me). The Dutch are already in the air now and will land on Wednesday evening in the middle of the day, having all the stars except for some of the juniors participating with the 21 team at the final stage of the European Championship.

In general, the Netherlands is a second country for the locals, who could have a half-way ahead of them as "former conquerors", generally the Dutch enjoy different privileges, especially in the case of minions where the national team will have the best possible deal- when it struggles against Indonesia in a strange way - and it will not be hostile to the climate against it. Especially the most well-known players in the Premier League are expected to record more than all of them who wore the most in the streets, RVP (even "beggars" wore fan clubs here ... only "luxury" is not Then the fact that the match is friendly on his own will help to make a clean match, as Indonesia is not even a dirty team to break the Dutch with a tough foul and as Jaksen Tiago (coach of Tim's ) awaits the players to "enjoy the game and try to imitate what the Dutch will show them so that they will become better afterwards."

Lastly because I will be present on the field if I see that the climate is bruising I will make them lame (the security measures will be strict because Indonesia is a rebellion and in the case of episodes will be automatically punished with the exclusion of its headquarters) simply notify the embassy and explain what and how :)

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) World Friendlies
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1.90
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 0-0/0-3
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -3

Indonesia - Saudi Arabia (-1.5 AH)

The match is under the 2015 Asian Cup and is part of 2's racing group in which Iraq and China are still participating.
For Indonesia, this game is a landmark, since after one year FIFA has decided to allow the national team of the country to call players who compete in the top league of the country, Surling, ending the blockade up to the preference since it did not recognize it as an institution because of the fact that it was governed by the same groups and not by the federation. Thus, enthusiasm prevails in the country as everyone hopes that the team will become competitive and that it is hoping to conquer even one of 2's first positions in the group that will lead it to the next stage. Tickets would have already been exhausted but have not yet circulated since it will be on the morning of Saturday few hours before the start of the game. The addition of the Dutch - even with Indonesian origin - Fan Dyke in the attack as well as the Nigerian Iguenne in defense helps the optimism of the fans waiting to win in today's game. But is it so easy for this to happen? Of course, no, the preparation was not under the best conditions for a number of reasons. Initially, 51 players called out 2-3 4 (!!!) since the rest of them had racing obligations with their teams. Thus, the majority of the players were in the lap for just one week, during which 51 became 28 (with most of them leaving the Premier League, who preferred the national round because of the blockade) to finish Friday 23. The coach of the team is already trying to justify any shame by saying that he did not have the right time to work with his players and that in the next match against China the situation would be much better. But will he be in the world of nationalism until then? In February, the federation announced the recruitment of Argentinean Blanco as the coach but who, after removing 14 players from the National Division, was appointed by the federation to the post of technical director, while outside the group he was found the full service he had with him. His post was handed down until someone else Darmaguan, who was preferential in the world of Armenia, has been a former assistant coach in the national team and coach of the Elvises of the country.
But let's leave the last piece to the extreme and let's deal with purely racing themes. Saudi Arabia is one of the traditional great powers in Asian territory with frequent presentations in large organizations. He has a very competitive league with "petrodolara" attracting big names of the world football but also big players in the ages who want to close their career by doing a good "tang" before the retirement. The Saudi Arabians were preferential in their entirety, who was dismissed after the club's bad performance in the Kolp Cup, and Lopeth Karo was the coach of both academies and Real Madrid, coach of the Spanish National League of Hops. In Saudi Arabia he was originally a technical advisor, but he was coached by Gennaris after removing Rafard from the steering wheel of the team. Karo shows confidence to the young players and has made a whole that blends talent and experience. The results so far are particularly encouraging as the team won China in the first game of the group with 2-1 and in recent friendly to Malaysia prevailed in its national country relatively comfortable with 4-1. The Malaysians are somewhat on the same level as their neighbors - and their fanciful enemies - from Indonesia, having a lot of recent successes against them (before the time of the "blockade" of Surprise players). The hosts are very well prepared for the game as they are preparing for this one month and a month in Malaysia to get used to the weather conditions that are similar in the neighboring country.
Unfortunatelly until the winners of all known soccer picks companies have already won the victory, and nowhere else 1.50 is losing its full value. However, there is some value in the victory of Saudi Arabia with two or more terminals, possibly having a lot of chances since there is a clear difference between 2 teams. Besides, the optimism that exists on the side of the athletes can very easily turn bummer into a racing field when they see both players and fans alike that things are much harder than they imagined.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Asian Cup
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 2.31
  • Stake 2
  • result 1-2
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -2

Iraq (-2.25 AH) - Indonesia

Race for 1 in the Asian Cup qualifying round, held in Dubai within the 3 Group. In the next round 2 first teams are eligible automatically and the best third (5 groups in total) with China and Saudi Arabia are 2 other groups that complement the group.
Indonesia is by far the weakest team not only in the group but also in general in organizing one, and apart from the fact that it never constituted any particular force, it is forced by FIFA not to use players from the Super League. You see in the country there are two championships, the Premier League and the Super League, with the second one being the one that attracts the biggest names of one and has more sponsors. The national team is essentially the "Olympic" team in the country since it is mostly composed of players who are under the age of 23. That's where the biggest problem is in the attack where it is made up of young players with little experience of international races. The only thing pleasant about Timna, as the locals call their national team (by Tim Nasional), is that it will have in its ranks after a long time Irfan Bachtim, "Beckham of Indonesia" (originated from the Netherlands ) who is one of the most recognizable athletes in the country but not necessarily for his racing performance. The reason is that Iphan is now a member of Tsunburi who plays in the Thai-recognized FIFA championship. In the last friendly preparation, Indonesia was defeated by Jordan with 5-0 despite the fact that the game was played on a very bad pitch and under heavy rain. Even if the weather conditions were better, the defeat would be even more severe.
Iraq on its side is made up of players who have experience with many international entries with the national team and are generally among the most recognizable teams in the continent. The Iraqi will chase the victory but also the many scoring to take precedence either in the event of a tie with China or Saudi Arabia for a place in the double or worse case to be the best third group of 5 clubs to qualify for 16. In their last friendly, they faced Malaysia (a group of similar capacities with their Indonesian -monglings and beloved neighbors, and probably better after the embargo imposed) and without encountering any particular problems they were easily enforced with 3-0. Similar and perhaps easier prevalence I expect in their official game as the motivation will be much greater.
For this game, many companies have not raised odds for special handicaps, but I expect when the odds are low enough since they are already in decline. So I will bet in Iraq to win with 3 goal difference by returning the bet if they beat 2 goals.
Since Wednesday many international fights are expected to make predictions from many at the forum or on the prognostic page either in the Forum Tipster League section where they will be accompanied by analyzes.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Asian Cup
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.65
  • Stake 1
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 1-0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -1

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