The countdown to the start of the Greek Super League has begun, as the first whistle for this year will be heard tomorrow, Saturday 24 August.

In keeping with ... betting traditions, the INFOBETO organizes a big competition for the Greek Championship, with the winner of each race (and all of the event as a whole) being rewarded with prizes.

Purpose of the game

The purpose of the game is to collect the most points and win prizes.

-The winners will win a sponsorship prize At the end of each race the competitors will be automatically graded according to some rules (see here).

What do I need to do to participate?

-The participants should do simple registration on the site to have a username with which to participate in the contest. Sign up here.

Super League competition gifts

Winner of each competition: 20 €

Overall winner of the Super League overall: 100 €

The prizes will be delivered after the end of each stage of the competition after the first week of contact with the winners in the email you indicated during your registration).

Where does the competition take place?

The competition will be held on its homepage If you have done registration on the site, go to the left vertical task bar and you will find the section COMPETITIONS-SUPERLEAGUE-SL COUPON.

-The contestants fill in the table with the exact final result before the start of each race

-There is no minimum set of predictions that one has to complete to be considered valid at the end of the competition.

-If a match is postponed or interrupted (for any reason and at any point during its duration), the result will be calculated by the organizer.

How do I earn points?

The points are extra points and apply to the final result of each race in regular time.

+ 2 points for each successful prediction with an exact result
+ 3 points for every successful tie forecast
+ 2 points for each successful winner prediction
+ 1 point for every successful home goal goal prediction
+ 1 point for every successful goal score of the score

What are the rules and criteria for equality?

Check out the link below for full membership terms and how you can join and win rich prizes!


Good luck and good fun!

PS Infobeto is still organizing 2 new big Champions League & Europa League competitions, which will be ready as the clubs start.

Premiere with ... betting in Denmark

We may be in the middle of the summer, but in many northern European countries, the championships are either in progress or start in the coming days. Tonight is expected to become the center in Denmark's first category with the showdown Midland-Esbjerg.

Midland: He traveled the title of the champion equally from Copenhagen last year, but Kenneth Andersen's team did not last until the end and eventually finished in 2. At the same time, it has managed for the first time in its history to be a cup winner in a year that is generally characterized as successful. The same coach, small changes to the roster, driver last season and big goal for the championship are the key elements that are worth knowing about the team from Herning, which we would say is rightly described as the second favorite, in front of Brondby, for the championship this year.

Esbjerg: It was the most pleasant surprise of the previous season, since being a "newcomer" managed to finish at 3, winning the direct exit to the Europa League. Neither have there been significant changes in the team's manpower, when team coach, John Lamers, continues his excellent work. Initial goal for this year is to be in the first 6 of the league and to participate again in the playoffs for the champion.

Assessment: Clearly the host Midtown so reason seatas well as reason best roster he's got head Start concerning the winner, which is also reflected in the odds of the match. However, because on premieres there is a tendency for the favorite to have difficulty we will choose it GG to the satisfactory 1,87 of stoiximan. Besides, we do not have to do with new teams, but with quite a lot of working groups who know each other well, while, among other things, Esbjerg in no case not is negligible quantity.

Our modern forum, our new "home"!

"When there is appetite, passion, knowledge and love for what you do, then the result may not be at least wonderful". We preferred to start this article with a message that came to us a few hours later since our new forum was in the air. A sentence that says it ... all, through just 20 words.

Be nice to you, Kostas, your good words about us is something like an extra force that pushes us into even better things.

Of course we are talking about it our new modern betting forum, which now has many features, with top built-in chat that will also play on the main page together! Within them there is plenty of room for any kind of discussion. From betting predictions to soccer, basketball, volleyball and whatever else your mind wants, it has a unity for poker, casino, forex you will find the latest news related to the gambling market, you will find contests up to ... cafe for betting discussions , fun, music, cinema and more, just like we at infobeto know.

The latest technology is found in the infobeto, which once again proves its contribution to the public and its friends, investing substantial funds for its better service through such services as to make life easier and more constructive.

Because every beginning and ... difficult and as we said, it will take some time to learn it well and get used to it. To help we have opened one thread in which you will read some tips as well as you can leave your comments so that some things that - as is logical - need to be dealt with - are improved.

- Ask that it makes it difficult for you, to give you instructions to make it easier

- Ask for your missing to create it

- Make suggestions to think about how we can do them

As we said, patience in its use, and we still do not know it well, it is new and modern our home and it wants a bit of searching and repairing. But we are not worried why "We love it, because under the roof of it we are all we, and let us have the wrong color !!"

So good ... and we are waiting for you!

Secondary coupon with interesting choices

Several interesting matches include football Monday coupon, with three games from the top European championships. Arsenal is tested at Watford and Real Madrid in Leganis, while Atalanta seems to have an easier task (as it is fighting at home) against Emblelie.

Helsingborg - Hammarby

Lookup code: 812

Helsinkarg started with an impressive victory over Gothenburg, while 2 was defeated with the limit 2-1 against the strong Hacken. A result that in no way is capable of spoiling the very good climate that exists within it. Hammarby started with 2 draws, the latter especially hurt, having as sole goal the victory against Kalmar. Helsinkorsk is quite strong at its headquarters, Ace is an option at Interwetten's 2.62.

Atalanta - Empoli

Password: 818

Atalanta is hunting for 4 and with victory today it catches AC Milan at 55 points. At the point where we have arrived, Empoli has nothing to lose (-3 from salvation) and we think it will give it all for a positive result. It will be hard to have at least three goals in the game, which is also reinforced by their latest results. Over3.5 on 2.20 on Stoiximan, like the over1.5 half time. Both can be an option, we (because of more instinct) will choose the second one.

Paris - Lorient

Lookup code: 819

Following the results of the last game, the tie seems to favor both teams, which are currently equal. They are not expected to take a particular risk, as with one point they go to + 3 from 5 and Lance. We will go with the 2.80 tie on Price is one of the best in the market.

Watford - Arsenal

Lookup code: 820

They are crazy these English. Arsenal is fighting the fifth consecutive game in Napoli for the Europa League but is forced to fight for the championship just three days earlier. As you can see, the mind of its players will be in Italy, and fatigue will play its part. In awe of happiness Watford after the epic overthrow and the conquest of the League Cup. Does it make sense against the "Norman", with the ace being offered at Betshop 3.27 and being a good choice for surprise hunters. For the most prudent, there is Double chance (1X) on 1.76 Betshop, like the 1DNB (no bet bet) at 2.44 of the same company.

Legagnes - Real Madrid

Password: 821

Leganese, having a distance of 9 points from the relegation zone, has achieved a great deal of salvation, while Real Madrid has no tangible goal beyond 2's position for which it is not burning. In good shape for days Zidane, it certainly has a lead but the odds of our double are indifferent. No bet.

YH On his home page Infobeto you will find a very interesting survey of questions about Online gaming and related approaches regarding the product and the behaviors / preferences of each user. Take part in research that aims to further develop the services and product of the various betting websites / sites!

Nordsjaelland - Esbjerg (Skov Olsen over 2,5)

The NND 19 aggressor, Andreas Skow Olsen, has been crazy for the statisticians. The youngster, in his first professional appearance, is in the second place of the scoreboard with 20 goals and has broken his team in a lot of fights. In particular, he has scored 10 of the last 14, while in the other four he did not score, his team remained completely unspoken.

Liverpool win with 2-1 or 3-1 or 4-1 in enhanced odds (Liverpool - Chelsea)

Apart from the "gold shoe" in Denmark, the young man is hunting for an incredible record. To score in one season against all teams in the championship and not only. He has already done it with 12 from the 14 teams of the championship, but also with all the European teams played by Nordsjaelland for the Juventus League (Cliftonville, AIK and Partizan). The only ones that have not been defeated by Olsen are Esbjerg and Alborg, but today the young man has the opportunity to correct one of his two "mistakes".

The "score any time" performance in @1,83 is logically low, although for greater risk there is the option of "scoring first" or scoring 2 +. I say I want to ask for 3 + that is his first hat-trick.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Superliga
  • Pick Scorer
  • Odds 15
  • Stake 1
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -1

Now starts the NBA (long options)

Now starts the NBA! They say the NBA starts when the playoffs start. So it's time! Eight teams from each region are ready to fight for this year's champion's ring. John Adodokunbo led the deer not only to the top of the East but also to the whole liga. This means that by the end of the "street" they will have a seat advantage, as against Pistons on Sunday night.

Most couples in the first round are pretty ambivalent. Will Peers manage to trouble the Celtics without the injured Olantis? Can Brooklyn be harmed by the ambitious Shakespeareans? How many games will the series play between Rockets and Jazz? Will Ngetsch continue their good course against San Antonio?

Playoffs in the NBA magic world are played with super odds. Get on now and find many long-term choices up to the finals!

We on our side here at Infobeto we are all ready and we look forward to the start of the post-season, which this year is expected to offer countless emotions to the fans. At the same time, studying the series of the first round, we picked out some long-term choices that we think deserve the attention of the players.

Initially, the Warriors, who finished in the West End, will be called upon to face the 8 Clippers. The difference in the dynamics of the two teams is huge, and as previous champions have shown in the playoffs they know how to "turn the switch" and dominate against any opponent. The chance to win the 4-0 range is offered at 1,85 and will be a choices.

Finally, a very interesting pair is this between Blazers and Thunder. Thirds and Blazers have an advantage, although avoiding the Thunder's Warriors and Rockets trail. Significant the absence of Nurkic in the series and in combination with the form and the "star power" '' lightning '' leads us to choose their preference in 1,65 performance.

Texas Tech - Michigan (-1.5)

Good evening to his company Infobeto. Continue with March Madness and Sweet 16 as we are in the 16 tournament group phase that will fight for a ticket that will lead them to the Elite 8 phase of the March Madness tournament of the NCAA. Interesting is the West region and we can not keep playing the game between college Texas Tech against his college Michigan who are fighting for a ticket at the Honda Center, Anaheim, California for the 8 of the event. A strong matchup between 3 and 2's favorite (their favorites) in a game that is expected to be judged on the details.

Texas Tech:

It is here with a total record for the season 28N - 6I. For the region he fought at the Big 12 Conference with teams such as Kansas State, Kansas and Baylor and scored a record 14N - 4I. In 5 last games scored 4 wins and 1 defeat where it was for the region with West Virginia. For the March Madness he played in the first round with North Kentucky where he won 72-57 and qualified in the second phase of the event where he fought against Buffalo College where he prevailed with 78-58 and is currently here at the sweet 16 stage March Madness and is claiming a ticket for the elite 8 of the event. Buffet Bulls was the champion of Jarrett Culver with 16 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists for the Red Raiders, while Noresne Odiase with 14 points and 14 rebounds.

Hannover 0% rake at over / under points (Bamberg - AEK)


It is here with a total record for the season 30N - 6I. For the region, he played at the Big Ten Conference with groups such as the Michigan State, Purdue and Maryland starring in the March Madness tournament, and recorded a record of 15N - 5I. In 5 their last games the Wolverines count 4 wins and 1 defeat that was noted for the Michigan State periphery. For the March Madness, she fought for the first round with Montana College where they won 74-55 and took the ticket for the second phase of the event where they met Florida College and prevailed with 64-49 to reach phase of the Sweet 16 of the event. Florida's Gators led Jordan Poole where he scored 19 points, 4 rebounds and 1 assists for Michigan's Wolverines.

Prediction: Predictions with handicap

I choose the Michigan Wolverines double with -1.5 handicap. A game I believe will be judged on the details with Wolverines having the experience as a team to manage this game. The March Madness finalists have been faced with the very good attack by Texas Tech's Red Raiders on an all-in-game Michigan game that has more depth on the bench and players' experience that can be of great help in this track of the organization.

Basket Tips: Texas Tech - Michigan -----> 2 (-1.5) (1.90) Bet365 5u (Units)

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) NCAA March Madness Sweet 16
  • Pick Win Outright
  • Odds 1.90
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 63-44
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -5
31 May 2020
The action of the 29th game of the Bundesliga continues today with two games. At 16:30The Gladbach hosts the Union of Berlin. The hosts are in a privileged quartet and ... Read more


Comp. Event Tip Odds Units
USM Alger to win Algerian Ligue 1 Win Outright 8.00 2/10
ES SETIF to win Algerian Ligue 1 new Win Outright 8 2/10

Great Competitions!

The infobeto organizes 3 new major competitions for the Champions League, the Europa League and the Greek Championship!

Check out the link below for the terms of participation and how you can take part and win rich gifts!


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