CYPRUS 24 / 11


Police security measures will be elevated with the authorities having made announcements and instructions to the fans of the teams.
Defeat with 1-3 from AEL after poor performance. With 10 players Anorthosis from 43 'due to Sheil's elimination and while the score was 1-1. The repetition collapsed. 
Many post-match protests against Zorze Costa's coach. President Christos Poulaidis and his close associates have come into contact with the technical leadership, sending the message that they expect an improvement in the team starting from the current derby with AEK in "Antonis Papadopoulos. 
The Portuguese technician Zorze Costa, apart from Jason Demetrius, deposed Valverde and the penalized Team, can not even count Ben Suisan for the "yellow-green" game after the Israeli has suffered a mid-term split. Kalvo and Antic return to the team and are expected to take the lead. The most prevalent for defense are Abraham and Antic in the extreme and central defensive twins of Zorze and Pavijevic.
The match between AEK and Mercury in GZ ended the match without goals. Better AEK in the longest time of the race showed he wanted more victory than Mercury, who had his own important opportunities to steal the victory, but he seemed to be able to cope with the rank. With the end of the game, AEK fans disapproved the coach and the team players.
Tomas returned mid-week at regular pace without any inconvenience, so he was available to Dimitris Eleftheropoulos. In Friday practice, Bangoura was trained individually, while all other players were normally involved in training without racing problems.

CYPRUS 23 / 11


APOLLON LIMASSOL: Apollon champion passed through Tasos Markos winning Paralimni with 1-0. The match was judged by a penalty shoot-out of the French Merriem at 28. From 68 and then play with a player above. This was the seventh consecutive win in the Humber team's championship. 
As far as the field news of the team is concerned, the technician of the team Christos Christophoros. "Shanghai made an individual in the past days and when we had a day off. Today he did part of normal training without any problems. So is Abraham himself. Stylianos and Froxlias did not participate, who were delayed to return from the Hope and so they took revenge. Shanghai will be at our disposal. Whether to start or be on the bench is a matter of mine. Abraham will be off because he has a few training sessions on his feet. "
AE LIMASSOL: He returned to victories after 3-1 against Anorthosis. Problems in the first place for the team of Petef who already opened the score in 20 with Bebe but in 32 received with a penalty shot the equalizer. In the repeat, however, Pavijevic with his own goal and Orlando Sa gave the victory. 
"We call every AELIST that will be found in Tsirios to support the team as he knows over and avoiding actions that can hurt or punish our team" they ask the guests of their world. 
There are no racing problems in the team of Ivaylo Pettev.

Anorthosis - Apollon

The other big game of the game will be tomorrow between Anorthosis and Apollo in "Antonis Papadopoulos". Home coach Zorze Costa keeps his cards closed with regard to the elephant he thinks he'll line up in tomorrow's derby. The Portuguese technician has increased choices in his mood compared to the premiere race against Omonia, and he has to choose the best possible shape for the team to score two in two and even two consecutive derby. Estimates for the starting lineup are many. The staffing of the defense is the big question mark, since Paulo Jorge and Pavicevic are at his disposal. It is very likely that Jorge will return to the starting lineup, which will be accompanied by Pavicevic or Adic. If Pavicevic and Jorge play in defense, Abraham will be left out of the starting lineup and Adic will play left back. Under the beams will be Valverde, and right back Dimitriou. In the midfield, Alexa with partner Mako, and Garcia in the role of organizer. In the attack, Fofana on the left wing and Kolaouti at the top, while the place of the injured Okka on the right wing may be played by Calvo or Grigalashvili. Ben Siouxian and Ohio took part in yesterday morning's training, but today they will not train due to Yom Kippur. This means that they will only miss one workout. The two Israelis will be on the mission, but probably not in the starting lineup. Galamaz is punished and Sielis and Okkas are injured.

Apollo's footballers are all ready for the derby with Anorthosis. Charalambos Kyriakou overcame the problem he faced in the abs and was counted on the mission, while Gricrière and Merriem were ready for the fitness issue. Perhaps Català is left out, who although he is training at the start of the week at full pace, is still unable to be included in the team's mission. The preparation of Apollo will be completed today and, immediately after the last training, Christakis Christoforou will announce the mission of his team that will stay in a hotel. The only dilemma of the eleven concerns the center of defense, since Merkis played in both games of the National Team and maybe the technical leadership does not want to burden him even more. The eleven are expected as follows. Vale will be under the beams, Dananae on the right, Vassiliou on the left, and in the center of the defense Karypidis with a partner of one of Merki or Charalambous. Guyon and Hamtani will play in the midfield. Robert will move to the left, Papoulis to the right and behind the promoted Garcia, Gaston Sangoi. Meanwhile, assistant coach Simos Tarapoulouzis will be in Trabzon tonight, to watch the match between Trabzonspor and Kardemir Karabukspor for the 4th match of the Turkish championship.

The game is open for every result with a slight lead in Anorthosis due to seat. I will bet on the draw because I think it is a result that Apollo will look for since it will not spoil him any more, much more when after 3 days he makes a major match for the Euro Cup with Trebizond.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) 1st Division
  • Pick X
  • Odds 3.50
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 3-1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -5


The first of the two derby will be held today with AEL hosting APOEL. AEL players are ready to claim the victory in the first derby of the season. The team of Lito Vintagall without racing problems will confront APOEL in Chireios and decides to respond to the challenge of the difficult test and to get the three-pointer. The Angolan technician is expected to make a change in his shot against the previous match, and will choose to boost the midfield. The most likely thing is that Edmard will stay out and Saketi will fight in his place, turning his shot into 4-2-3-1. However, nothing has been given since the blue-yellow technician tried two and three shapes in the workouts, even with Babe more backward, but also Modtero behind Cassius and Orlando Sa on the left wing. It is not expected that there will be any change in defense with Fergus under the beams, Airossa and Kiami will cover both ends of the defense and Wu-Gausso will be the central defense twin. Derete, Bebe, Orlando Sa, Cassio and Modtero are also sure, with Saketi and Edmam flirting the other position, without excluding the case of Tarzano, which Vigilgal is counting on.

APOEL's team is campaigning in Tsirios and the only goal in derby with AEL is the winning result in order to gain momentum for the continuity and the confidence of the world. Moreover, a possible success will bring excitement in view of the match with Maccabi Tel Aviv in Israel at the Premier League of the Euro Cup. Paulo Sergio is facing match problems, as Manduca and Benasour, who he expected to be at least on the mission, will be left out of the plans. However, some changes are expected in the lineup in relation to the match of the premiere. Under the beams will be Pardo, at the right end of the defense Mario Sergio and at the left Da Silva. Amorin and Oliveira will be the central defensive duo, while in the midfield Morais and Vinicius will again be the blocking duo, with Thiago Gomez playing the role of midfielder. Aloneftis will play on the left, Gonzalves on the right and Sheridan at the top of the attack.

I think AEL has the potential and the will to get the three-pointer today, playing at its headquarters and finding a APOEL without Mantuqa. It may also affect the game for the Euro Cup. However, the 3.10 of the Ace is appealing.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) 1st Division
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 3.10
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 2-1
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +10.50

APOEL - Apollon (DNB)

Tomorrow's 2013-14 football curtain opens for Cypriot football with Super Cap. APOEL champion and Cup of Apollo will tell the GSP for the first title of the year. For APOEL will be the third official game he gives after having preceded 2 for the Champions League qualifiers with Maribor, and after his exclusion will be with his tomorrow's opponent the two teams that will represent Cyprus in the playoffs of Juventus League next Thursday. What we have seen so far from the champions in both Champions League games and in their friendly matches is that they have difficulty scoring, although they have been boosted (at least quantitatively) this year. Apollon after the end of last year's championship and the conquest of the cup raised the bar. He held last year's trick while taking promising footballers, culminating in the return of the great love of the Lemesians, Argentine Sangho from Sporting Gijon after 2 years. In friendly preparation he faced strong teams - rehearsing for the Euroleague playoffs - including Fiorentina and Livorno. In the last serious friendly he gave to Cyprus lost from AEK with 2-1 without excitement of his fans. In theory, APOEL is more ready than the two, having both official matches and playing at home even though the stands will be split. However, the Ace is not for 1.50 nor the double for 6 +. It is worth the double that I choose with DNB at 4.75

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Super Cup
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 4.75
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 1-0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -4

Omonia - Anorthosis

Bahalo again the first group of the playoffs since after the unexpected victory of AEK where the Apoelists were preparing for a fiesta nothing can be taken for granted. Even the championship, even if the difference is 8 points. Omonia is now fourth (outside Europe) and Anorthosis with a victory today even goes for the title. A game that can sit anything with both teams having to go with all their might to win. I would not choose a point but due to the fact that the odds tilt towards the hosts at 1.83 in X2 is considered satisfactory ...

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Play offs
  • Pick X2
  • Odds 1.83
  • Stake 5
  • result 4-0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -5

Ethnikos Achnas (AH-1.5) - Olympiakos

Without much, the National and Olympic are likely to exchange three-pointers. 4-2 is home to Olympiacos in the GSP and today the odds show big favorite of the National. Winning with 2 goal difference at least my selection at 1.775 from bet365.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Play offs
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.775
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 3-1
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +3.875

Let's Stake CYPRUS A, Sunday 21 / 04

The 2 game of the group A racing game between Aac and Apel. Odell's victory increases the difference from 2 and Anorthosis while AEK with victory will again be in 3's position.

Rating: Apply 67 (28y), Anorthosis 62 (29yy), Omonia 60 (29yr.), AEK 58 (28yy.)


AEK - Apel (GSN - 17: 00)

AEK, after being eliminated from the cup, is now turning its attention to the championship in order to enter 3a which will give her the European exit. Odel wants his first win at the playoffs to increase the difference in 8 points and 3 races remain to be prepared to win the title.

AEK in the last matches is not as good as it was in the league, lost to Omonoia with 0-2 in GZZ and lost the qualification of Apollo for the cup. Apel has still not managed to win at the playoffs, but has also made a difference with his part. But nowadays it has to win otherwise the pressure from the world will start.

Today Aac has significant absences, except for Machci, De Cleler, Pidado and Demetrius. On the other hand, Ivan Jovanovic has all the players and can tie the best possible team for his team.

In the regular time, Acme won the GSP and Apel in GZZ.

The fans of Deel exhausted the tickets they were given, 3000 and are expected to give a thunderous presence to the GZZ.

Appreciation: I believe more in Apel today, but 2,05 is a bit low for the double. And in this game I do not expect many goals, the player would be a choice with performance near 1,75.

Let's Stake CYPRUS A, Saturday 20 / 04

Only Group A games have betting value and we will deal with them. Today Anorthosis - Omonia and tomorrow Aek - Apoel. Score: Apoel 67, Anorthosis 61, Omonia 59, Aek 58. We remind you that after the qualification of Apollon and Ael in the final, the 4th does not go to Europe, so the battle to avoid the 4th place will be great.

Anorthosis - Omonia (A.Papadopoulos - 17: 00)

Anorthosis faces Omonia in Antonis Papadopoulos in the afternoon.

On a field that Omonia has in recent years has a very good tradition. If Omonia wins then he will overtake Anorthosis and will be in 2's position, as he did with AEK in the previous game that won her and left 4. Anorthosis, on the other hand, with the title to move away is now playing for the European exit. In playoffs he has just won 1 rank and 4's position is closer than ever.

Omonoia has been playing in the last few weeks on Wednesday - Saturday due to its obligations in the cup and almost the same in each match. Maybe it comes out of it today. On the other hand Anorthosis had a week to work and improve as much as possible for today's game.

Significant absences for Anorthosis. Besides Duarte and Abraham, basically back in the last games. Except for Cheil for another game. In 20a Izhachi and Rezek but very hard to fight, we recall that they are the two aggressive team. Once again, outside Valverde, the overseer for punishment.

For Omonoia, there are no serious absences, but some changes are expected in the case of the continuing races.

Anorthosis at the 2 Playoffs match seemed unlucky and did not get any results. I think he can win Omonia today but on the other he has serious absences that may affect her. On the other hand, Omonia does not find an open field to run, it is blocked and has problems.

Estimate: Game open for every result. The best point for me though I'm not a fan of the guy, the 2,5 guy at 1,75 about performance.


AEK - Apollon

Repetitive matches for the semifinals of the Cyprus Cup today and AEK hosts Apollon. The Blues of Limassol got an excellent result at home, winning 2-0 and today they are called to defend this lead. The hosts are now in a very difficult position as they are in serious danger of being left out of Europe, having lost third place in the league and flirting with the exclusion from the cup. AEK in its last 2 games faced problems in defense, but also difficulty in scoring. Logically, he will start the game conservatively today, without wanting to take risks early. Ben Simon knows that if he concedes a goal, everything is over and I expect that his team will have enough patience in its game. Apollo, on the other hand, will shield his defense and will look for a counterattack to end the qualifying case. A game that will hardly fluctuate at high scoring levels today, so we choose the man.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Cup
  • Pick Under 2.5
  • Odds 1.91
  • Stake 5
  • result 1-1
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +4.55

AEK - Omonoia

Derby against the background of Europe today in GZZ since with the results of the first matches of the semi-final phase of the cup, AEK and Omonia have enough chances to stay out of the final. So the third place that leads to Europe becomes even more necessary. The game is 50-50 since they are two teams that are broadly in line with good football lately, with the exception of their last match for the cup. If I had to choose one of 2 I would have to choose double, more because of the shirt, although Omonia seems strong enough lately. With a performance over 3.00 I see it as an opportunity and I keep it.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) 1 Division
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 3.10
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 0-2
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +10.50

Let's Stake CYPRUS A, Saturday 13 / 04

2 is the playoff game and we have the games of the first Group. Odell - Anorthosis in the derby for the title and AEK - Omonia. After the 1 racing results are all a matter of ranking.

66, 60, 58, Ox 56 and Omonia XNUMX grades.

Apel - Anorthosis (16: 30)
After the break from Omonoia and the defeat with 3-0, Odell wants the victory to increase the difference from the second Anorthosis to 9 points and basically finish the title case. Anorthosis after the defeat with 0-3 from AEK to Papadopoulos, only wants to win with Apel to narrow the gap and have good hopes for the title. On the other hand, if he loses and wins, AEK falls to 3's position. Anorthosis has not yet secured the European exit, as 4n can be found if the bad results continue.
In the races now, Odel wants an immediate improvement in his racing image, with Omonoia going all wrong and lost without resistance. After 8 without a goal, we had a passive goal with 3. Anorthosis made a good effort with AEK, but one red from 17 and a lost penalty at the beginning of the repetition brought the game to the side of AEK. Anorthosis must improve its poor defensive function, readily accept phases, and are prone to mistakes. Apelle will be flown without the punished Moorish and injured Atorne. While Anorthosis will be deprived of the services of goalkeeper Walverde who received a red card and injured Sheli and Iţhaki. The problem in my opinion tomorrow about Anorthosis will be in the offensive. Iţhaji is absent who was one of Anorthosis's best, while Rezec seems to be unwilling to help his team.
This year, the two teams 0-1 Anorthosis in Nicosia and 0-2 Apell in Papadopoulos have one win.
Estimation: A really difficult game for predictions, Apel is also in favor of Draw. Somewhere I get to the game.

Aek - Omonia (16: 30)
In the other game of group A, AEK welcomes Omonia. Aim of both to avoid the 2th place. AEK with a victory leaves Omonia 4 points behind and can hope for the 5nd place. Omonia, on the other hand, if it wins, surpasses the Larnaca team.
Both teams come from a mid-term cup race and followed by a repetitive, Aac lost with 2-0 from Apollo to Limassol while Omonia 0-0 with Ael in Nicosia. Omonoia in the cup game was tired, showed herself locked up by Ael's game, found no open court and was generally moderately aggressive.
Omonia with Apoel was amazing offensively, scattered Apoel and showed the potential it has in the open field. AEK with the right tactics and good attacks got a big victory in Papadopoulos.
For Aek, Da Silva, Aek's best player for me, and the injured Mytides and Demetrius are missing. Only the injured Soras is missing from Omonia.
Acer is slightly in the odds set. 2 counts AEK in 0, winning in Nicosia with 1-2 and 1-XNUMX in Larnaca. With the current team form I see value to the left but the game is open for any result.
Appreciation: Abstain from this game for me.

Apollon - AEK

The second semifinal between Apollo and AEK will take place at 19: 00 in Tsirio. On the one hand, we have the hosts playing at home, while the thirst for something good is great both by the footballers and by the team world. For a long time they have been expecting that this fight is their only chance to distinguish this year and the only way out for the Europa League. Apollo did not manage to enter the first group in the championship and so on Saturday he had the opportunity without being particularly scorched to make a rehearsal to Glory for the race tomorrow. On the other hand, AEK is in the 3 position of the championship, 2 just points behind Anorthosis, which he defeated on Saturday at "Antonis Papadopoulos" with 0-3. He has excellent players, he plays good football this time and is definitely a very difficult opponent for Apollo. Well, on the one hand, we have Apollo who only has the seat in his favor, since he is not a team and a coach does not have a better ball playing AEK. It's hard to get the win though in Tsireos is definitely another team, so I'll just make it to the draw that will surely leave the guests happy. 

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Cup
  • Pick X
  • Odds 3.15
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 2-0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -4

Omonoia - AEL

The semifinal phase of the Cyprus Cup starts tomorrow with the first matches. AEK-Apollon and AEL-Omonia are the two ambiguous couples that I expect will give us nice games. Omonia and AEL will be the first to say so, specifically at 17:00 at GSP. The hosts after the impressive 3-0 victory over the champion APOEL on Saturday are dreaming even for the 2nd place. The psychology of the greens is soaring, while they are playing the best football at the moment. A full stadium is expected tomorrow that will help them take the first step towards qualifying for the final. The task of the champions is difficult because they face Omonia for such a critical match at the worst possible moment for them (now that the opponent is at his best). They go to GSP to do what they did against APOEL and find themselves in another final, the fifth in the last 10 years. Logic shows an ace tomorrow, due to home, form, etc. If we take into account the way AEL plays, holding more ball and playing, the attacking football that Jorge Costa likes and the speed with which the home team can hit team against, I think the blue and yellows will have a difficult afternoon. Good 2.00 for the ace.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Cup
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 2.00
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 0-0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -5

Let's Stake CYPRUS A, Saturday 06 / 04

First match for the playoffs. We will deal with the first group you play betting on. B is completely indifferent and we will not pay much attention to these games and C is out of bet. In Group A the first is the champion, the second and third the Europa League and the fourth stays out of Europe unless someone in the cup wins the 2nd and 3rd places. The score is, 1st Apoel with 66, 2nd Anorthosis with 60, 3rd Aek with 55 and 4th Omonia with 53.

Anorthosis - Aek (Antonis Papadopoulos - 16: 00)
Anorthosis welcomes AEK for the first playoff game and wants only the win to hope for the title. With new coach Anorthosis after Roni Levi and Pabo Christodoulos left the bench, the coach who led Ael last year after 44 years.
AEK, on ​​the other hand, with a victory enters 2's chasing positions and does not let Omonoia approach her at 3 position.
I expect a reaction from Anorthosis, which is probably playing its last card for the title because if it does not win then things will become very difficult. With the new coach on the bench, I believe we will see her changed on the pitch, more disciplined defensively, known for the good defensive operation of his teams, Pampos Christodoulou. The Lady is without 5 football players, since the punished Alexa and Ilic are out and the injured Galamaz, Sielis and Adic are out.
AEK without Anorthosis's anxiety will play more freely and can cause problems for the home team as he did in the regular time game at that 1-1 draw. 3 absences for Ben Ben Shimon after Mersi and Mitidis are out and Mourigo is extremely dubious. For AEK he has a midweek cup game with Apollo in Limassol for the semifinals of the event.
Rating: The Ace of Anorthosis at 1,75 is my prediction for the game. Last chance of Anorthosis.

Omonoia - Apel (GSP - 16: 00)
At the derby of Lefkosia, Omonia welcomes Ali. They exhausted the tickets given to their friends by Apel. They will get the petals and 4500 tickets and Omonoia will get the other 3 GIS stands.
Apel after winning 2-0 on Anorthosis in Papadopoulos and + 6, he wants to win Omonia and take another step towards the title.
8 continued games with victory for Ivan Jovanovic's team and without a goal. Odel may not be enchanted by his appearance on the court, but he plays with patience and takes what he wants.
Omonoia is currently in excellent condition on its offensive line. With highly molded footballers who can break up each opponent.
It comes from winning with 6-0 on Salamis in GSP. Omonoia follows a cup match with Ael for the semifinals.
The two teams have no new problems. For Omonia, the young Kyriakou is out again and for Apoel, Atorno. The two coaches are expected to line up their teams with the same lineups, the only change that may occur is the position of the midfielder at APOel, which concerns Ivan Jovanovic.
Big game is expected in the GSP, on the one hand Omonia score with great ease and has an excellent offensive line and on the other hand the excellent defense of Apel who counts 8 games without goals.
Apollo knows how to get the results he wants but Omonoia always puts it hard. The 2,33 of the double is a bit low for me.

Apollo - Glory (Tsirio - 16: 00)
Apollo receives the Glory in Tsirio for the 2nd Playoffs Group. The game is indifferent on the scoreboard. Apollo with a difference of 11 points from 5 Ael and 10 from 7 Union will hardly change his position. The important thing for the blue is to get a rhythm of racing as midweek follows the very important cup game with the AEK. Glory is at 8 and the goal of the year is celebrated with the team's stay in the category.
Both teams without the stress of the result will play to have fun and any fans on the pitch.
In such a match it is expected that you will see goals, so select my goal / goal at the very good price of 2,05.

ENP - Ael (Tassos Markou - 16: 00)
In the second game of the second group the Union welcomes Ael. Same data in this game. The Union remained easily in the category that was the target of the team and Ael wants to conquer the cup to save this year. He did not get into the quadruple, so he wants to win the cup for an exit to europe. In order to do this, Omonoia must pass the semifinals, a game that follows.
Both teams are expected to make changes in their turn.
In their regular games we had 1-1 in Tsirio and 1-2 in Paralimni a week ago, in the same irrelevant last game.
Appraisal: And here's my choice of goals / goals and even with 2,12 performance.

Omonoia - APOEL

1st match of the second phase of the championship and we have the Nicosia derby. Omonia and APOEL clash in the GSP with the goal of three points each for their own reasons. The hosts want AEK to reach the third place in order to have Europe secured and Apoelistes to maintain the difference they have from Anorthosis and to take one of the last six steps left for the title. Both teams count consecutive victories and surely one or both of these series will stop tomorrow. Omonia plays good football, attacking, making many phases and playing perhaps the best football at the moment in Cyprus. So he managed to overturn the data, to surpass AEL and Apollon and enter the quartet. APOEL with a weapon of its good defense managed to get a series of difficult games and although it did not play great football, taking advantage of the gels of Anorthosis not only climbed to the top but also has a difference of 6 points. In such a derby the odds must be split under whatever conditions they take place. Especially in tomorrow's game that will take place with the world of Omonia and at a time when he plays the best ball. The most difficult game so far for APOEL that will hardly win tomorrow. 

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) 1 Division
  • Pick 1X
  • Odds 1.67
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 3-0
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +3.35

Anorthosis - AEK

We are entering tomorrow in the playoffs with the two games of the first group standing out since they are the only ones that are of interest and rankings. In "Antonis Papadopoulos" Anorthosis hosts AEK, which finished third. The hosts have been self-confident since they had the championship on their feet in 6 to lose 12 full points and from + 6 on top to be at -6 now. Theoretically nothing has been judged, and with the change of coach Anorthosis hopes to overturn the data. Ronny Levi after the mistakes he made and scored a lot, took a foot and a new coach was taken over by the last champion with AEL Pabos Christodoulou. We expect to see another Anorthosis tomorrow, more due to psychology, as with just 3 training the new boss of the bench can not change much. AEK is perhaps the best of the year this year, finishing third and seeing even higher after winning tomorrow has good hopes to finish up to second place. Both teams will want the victory tomorrow but I'm betting on the change of home team's psychology, headquarters and tradition. Besides, the guests have a very important match for the semifinals of the cup on Wednesday with Apollo. Ace...

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) 1 Division
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.80
  • Stake 5
  • result 0-3
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -5

Let's Stake CYPRUS A, Saturday 30 / 03

Last day's regular daytime races with 4 matches. Betting only you play only one match and we will deal with it.


Omonia - Nea Salamina (15: 30)

Omonoia welcomes Salamina to GSP, 4 is Omonoia and wants 1 to lock the quad. On the other hand, Salamina is in 9 position, that is 1's position of the 3 group. 

Omonoia, having in mind the economic problems as it struggles to meet the criteria so as not to lose its team if it fails to win. In the races now, after 15, every player is in the shots of Tony Savievsky, except for Kyriakos, who was disturbed and cut off from the mission. 

Salamina without absences for the game. The goal of the team, as stated by the spokesperson, is the victory since they want many points to be able to stay in the category. Salamina did very well this year against the "big ones" of the championship. Defeated Anorthosis, Apollo and Aek.

Appraisal: Omonoia is playing for the game today but 1 is too low and with Omonia only one step to get four, I do not think it deserves any bet. A point that may be verified and with a very good price I believe is the goal / goal with performance near 2,45.

AEL - Anorthosis

Another derby for Anorthosis who managed to drop from the top and be in -1 after staying at 1-1 with AEK. AEL lost to APOEL last week and will very hardly manage to get into the quad because not only has to make 2 wins, but also Omonia. Anorthosis certainly wants more victory today as new loss of points would be devastating. It is a better team this year from AEL, which will have some basic absences. Double at 2.50 is good enough ...

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) 1 Division
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 2.50
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 1-1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -5

Let's Go Betting CYPRUS A Category, Saturday 16 /

2 turns before the end of the regular duration of the championship and with 25's racing today. Only 3 races from 7 on the racing we find for betting and with them we will deal with our analysis today.


Aek Larnaca - ENParalimni (GSZ - 16:00)

Acak welcomes the Union this afternoon and wants the victory to stay in 3's position and if Ael loses to secure the quad. At 3, AEK, but with distances diminished, needs victory today. Her opponent today is indifferent to 7 position after having secured the B group and her stay in the category before the playoffs.


The two teams fought on Wednesday for the Cup on the same field and AEK won the qualifying win in the semifinals with 2-0.

AEK is a better team than the Union, with more and more quality solutions. He is fairly in 3 position and today has the motive in opposition to his opponent.
The Larnaca team will be deprived of the Catalans and Serans due to punishment, both of the group's main defender. In addition to the mission for the Union Kolanis and Stathakis. The players remaining in the Union are expected to use footballers with little time and young footballers.


Rating: AEK's win is low on 1,30, I personally like 1 / 1 half-time / final with 1,95 performance. I believe Aek will look for the quick goal that will make things easier for her.


Olympiakos - Omonia (GSP - 16: 00)

In GSP, a common ground for both teams, Olympiacos is hosting Omonoia today.

Omonoia is in 4's position with the same points as Ael but prevails in the tie. He will surely chase the victory today and in the case of Ael's defeat playing with Anorthosis he will finish the quadruple today.

Olympiacos is at 9 with 22 points and the C Group is expected to be a tough battle for relegation to the playoffs since the 4 teams divide just 2 points.

Omonoia dominates Olympiacos in quality and performance in the last matches. Olympiakos is not in the best position in the last games, from where it has a difference from the other teams, with constantly bad results, he was well-suited for the paramount battle. On the other hand, Omonoia counts in the last games that brought it to 4. 9 match without winning Olympiacos in the championship while Omonoia counts 5 to win victories in the league and 2 in the cup.

Olympiacos will fight without Elder Castro while Omonoia without Kyriakos and Skaramojinos the two main right and left backs in his last match.

The Omonoia can count in the game but it does not have a consistency in the defense, a goal it receives with a high frequency, in the last 7 matches only 2 did not end with goals from the two teams in the Omonia matches. In 2,08 the goal / goal is my choice for the match.


Ael - Anorthosis (Tsirio - 16: 00)

Ael welcomes Anorthosis to the game of Derby in Tsirio. 5 Ael welcomes 2 now Anorthosis. Both teams retreated to one position in the previous game, Ael after defeat from Odel lost 4 position and Anorthosis after the draw with AEK is now 1 degree behind Apel.

The big game Anorthosis - Apel follows the last game.

Ael hardly will be able to get into the quad because he has to make 2 at 2 but also lose Omonoia points in a game. Anorthosis is forced to return to victories to stay close to Odell, who has easy task against the last Paphos.

Ael with Odell was better in the entire match but did not manage to score a goal and paid off with Odell. With defensive inactivity the goals of Apel since the first undisturbed Alexander in the area succeeded 1-0. Anorthosis also played very well but failed to win against AEK, Anorthosis lost several chances to win.

Several absences Ael, except for the punished Arousa and Woolen, main defender of the team (right and central defender) and injured Miguel and Parpa, Eleftherios. Apart from sending a correction to Rezec, he was the first scorer of the group.

Anorthosis is undefeated this season in Derby and outside derby only counts victories. Ael this year changed his philosophy with Zorze Costa, no longer having the tight defense that gave her the championship last year but playing more aggressively, wanting to impose her rhythm and leaving several gaps in the defense when she attacks. This game suits Anorthosis as it is extremely dangerous to the open court with its fast mid-range players. It can dispel any opponent if it finds itself in its day.

The odds now lightweight is now given to Anorthosis with 2,50 and Ael with 2,80 at the highest odds. The odds were opened with a slight lead in AEL. You seem to drop the double.

Appraisal: I believe in Anorthosis's victory today and with good performance.



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14 Jun 2021
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