Mitra - Arema (Goal until 28th minute)

After we have seen some things about Mitra in the previous series, we have to see what exactly happens with Arma.

Therefore, Arema has the advantage compared to 3 remaining teams to finish under Persephone. Although the off-home games are not the only 4 winner in a total 13 racing, at least it does not lose much, mainly due to its defensive line. This succeeds in lowering its composition with a reinforced center and in the only one promoted by Christian Gonzalez, while the other two aggressors used - Beta, Gobbis and Greg - helped more on the side of the middle line and struggled more like a horseshoot, 4-3-3 looks more like 4-5-1 with a plan to control the match in the first half, trying to keep zero in the defense and to hit the second half by betting that its opponents will be out of focus and will open up in their effort to keep the score. Today they are facing some minor problems due to the fact that 6 players have played with the National Time while Kournia Mega goalkeeper of the team and Viktor Iguenofo the backgammon center played almost 3 90 minutes against Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool are expected to be used normally by the time they were incorporated with the rest of the ship coming from Friday night. By playing and not believing that the game will not be particularly dynamic, and for one more time her main concern will be to keep zero in the defense at least at the start of the match but to hit the match with counter-attacks.

3 will be overwhelmingly overwhelmed by the friendly player with Chelsea, and especially the hassle of the trip, apart from the rest of the players (the reason for Greg who scored the goals of Indonesia, Mega and Igboneho ) and on the basis of Arma's program (by comparison with the schedule of the remaining 2 players and especially Perseb, which seems to be the most difficult one) with a draw will be pleased when it is difficult to risk special early on to take the victory with a risk of losing even this one, which will be slightly less than the other contenders while keeping 5 and Mitra safe. Mitter is not a "fresh" player, but Hanson is able to rebuild them completely.

This one-time defeat during the first half-time, the RD - the proponent of Armenia and the national Neon - has often revealed it in press interviews and before the match against theoretically subordinate teams from their opponents. In the last two matches, he did not "go" against both Sriwjayja and Pelita, but I believe that he will put it back in again once the conditions are necessary.

Anyway, the classic paragraph is missing - at low betting, etc. - as the match that was going to happen on the 31 of the month after the sudden death of Sek Kamaras yesterday is probably going to be postponed.

A and the pit is to get the first goal after 28 ', be careful if the game ends 0-0 the choice is gone!

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Indonesian Super League
  • Pick NG
  • Odds 2.20
  • Stake 1
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result (Spagogol o scout)
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -1

Mitra Kukar - Arema Malang

The biggest game of the day is this afternoon tonight in Indonesia between Mira at the 5 position of the score and the Armenia that is at 2 and will judge very much which of the two will continue to benefit or disadvantage particularly compared to the rest (plus Sriwjayja and Persby) to win the 2 position, which is likely to be a part of the AFC Cup of the coming season.

Forecasting for the winner is not very easy as the match is expected to be particularly ambiguous as it will consider much for the future of both collections. The athletes did a good year for their "cubic" but they were expecting a lot of money to boost their team. Having a Swedish coach have many players in the middle and in the middle, but especially on the second round - which have been further reinforced - they are facing scoring problems. Franjipane, Bustim, Zoulam, Jazang, Matimo is a very tough four, but very rarely all of them are on the field since the first one is often facing serious injury problems, Zoulam is coming to a halt with his coach, with the exception of Matimo the rest do not have as good relations with defense. In the attack dominated the names of Esbana Erera and Ilija Spasojevic, who nevertheless show that they have not "got" between them and the second has come to the club in June, marking already several crucial goals. The paradox is that in general Mitra does not face any adversarials of lesser strength in the last months, he does not play especially aggressively especially when he is fighting outside. Anyone who saw the match against PerspiB in Bandung would understand that he only made 1-2 opportunities while defending himself throughout the game. The most paradoxical thing is that he started the championship by playing "all out attack" scoring the following - with Zoulam being the revelation of the championship after he appeared from nowhere - and seeing the early peak mainly due to 3 outside of the winning championship, for the Indonesian data. From the beginning of the 2 round and after stopping with 5ara from Bariton - with the double falling very low before starting the match - out of the seat it seems to have shorted and thus lost many of the hopes which had previously terminated 2. It only makes sense to win the match but I doubt how much it will do on the basis of what you have seen last. In order to get an idea with Mitter in the first 5 games, 16 ends -1 against Persina and 3 + on the rest of 4 - while the 8 following managed to score only 11 times. In recent games, however, he has a particular problem with strong defenses, and even when he wins, he succeeds with the soul in his mouth, and he ends up in the end of the match, mainly by relinquishing Spasojevic, who justifies his squadron as Spasogol.

Tonight I am waiting again for a game with the hosts to be parallel and very careful, having against them one of the top teams in the league - here is an analysis for it in a short time - which with great difficulty will be able to score comfortably. Arema will probably play first for X and will emphasize how to ruin the home team's game and I see the few goals being more fortunate than the odds given which are particularly high. If he is there shortly before the start of the match, man 3 in any bet365 is much safer since he gives 1.75-1.80 if of course he decides to make odds. If not, the "under 3" goal can be bet "manually" by breaking the bet on under 2.5 and under 3.5 in such a way that if 3 goals are scored, there will be no damage at least.

Follow a second analysis for the match by writing some things about the Shame this time.

Once again low stakes, personal and 3 choices as a whole are less than 2 / 10 to understand better.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Indonesian Super League
  • Pick Under 2.5
  • Odds 2.40
  • Stake 1
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 2-1 (in progress)
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -1

Mitra Kukar - Persiwa Wamena

Waiting for one more time to get offsets from the Surprise games companies but in Indonesia I'm preparing for the analysis and I hope the Asian when the good one appears to be worth betting and not to be scratched or not, alert, alarm clocks, odds alert, alert alarms for such a happy gesture ...

Mira Koukar has started very impressively in the game now and now with Arma and Persepar are the 3 title contenders. It is very possible in the attack by having two Indonesian players in the "fter", a fact that is common as all the positions in the attack are covered by the hosts, while Esteman Erera is fighting in the center. However, the most valuable player in the group and specializing in the staged performances is another Argentinean Frangipanese, who with his vertical moves towards the triple of the offensive is a permanent source of danger. The participation time is also high enough for this time Australian Scoric, but still shows to be at an adaptation stage and has not offered the expected. The homeowners are coming from 2 continuing defeats away from home, but they continue to be the only team with 3 victories (we have headquartered in Indonesia is the biggest player to take a look at the table and will understand) away from its field.

On the other side, Persia wants to repeat the last year's sport when it finished 3η in the championship. This was largely due to the amazing performance in the home games of 16 1 and 17 in a total of 18 races (and it was not the best record in the league, although none of the 5 teams made any more than 6 defeats on the field all year long), although it had quite a lot of performance out of this. In the last year's games against the opponent he knew the crash with 1-4! This year has started the year in a similar way, measuring the absolute with 4 / 5 at the headquarters of the non-headquarters in XNUMX games has only one grade without dealing with (apart from Perseb and at a time that was in crisis) some of the teams who are in the top positions of the score. Even in her field, with the exception of Baritos (who is also rebellious and who is based on the rest of the team), she did not have an evaluation team against which we can say that her position in the rankings can be described as fictitious.

I expect Mitra to return to the path of success against an ineffective away team and approach Arema and Persipoura who are ahead in the standings, with the latter giving very difficult matches later against Persisam. I hope that the performance that will be given to the ace will be satisfactory (possibly the previous sentence will be deleted since it does not play a special role in the analysis of what we expect from the game). At 1.65 in the end, just like Barito's match yesterday, I hope for the same ending. For better or worse, take a look at stoiximan later if a performance opens there as well, like yesterday, which was a little late.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Indonesian Super League
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.65
  • Stake 6
  • result 4-2
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +3.90

Mitra Kukar - Persib Bandung

Race for the Indonesian Super Cup in a group that has generally been in the past years against some of the big names that have already won the title in the recent past. Let's look at things a bit better, though not as analytically as in basketball picks.
The home team this year is the surprise of the league being at the top of the table mainly because of the ease it shows in scoring having Indonesian Zamrun in shape (strange in general for a team to have a "local" scorer with the majority of forrs being from abroad) also Indonesia Jatzang (both of them are the extremes of the team and move to the edges of the attack, often changing sides) and as center for the "do the Kaftanzogleio Bobonera" Esteban Herrera (known to Greek fans from his transfer to Heracles from where the slogan, OFI and Veria where he played as a defensive midfielder!). The coach of the team, the Swede Hanson (with a tenure in the national team of Seychelles, among others !!!) seems to have done a good job and they probably have ambitions to stay high if one considers that they made a public offer to Shevchenko to return to active action and join the team (the Ukrainian star had come with a team of Milan veterans to play in a friendly against a select team from the country, showing that he is still a source of danger especially against Indonesian defenders).
Percyb has not started the championship in the most ideal way despite the fact that he was one of the favorites even for the title before his start. This bad start has prompted managers to spend a fortune to bring the team to Daddy, a player more than good for Australia's first Australian 2011 scorer while leaving his team Adelaide provoked reactions of her followers. The Dutchman even comes from Indonesia and if the FIFA embargo prohibits the national team of the country from having players belonging to the Superliga clubs - and not recognizing it as a championship - will be able to compete with national Indonesia . This is followed by the steps of Cristiano González, even looking quite like players, who also made a career with Percyb before to become a star in the country. In addition to Fan Daddy, there are still Cameroonians Giovanpho, Herman and Messi (aggressive, defensive and average), with the first two having already been in the country for several years, playing in several teams with success.
The odds that have been opened by the few companies currently on the track are reminiscent of Milan - Barcelona, ​​which is considered to be an unjustifiable favorite one group despite the fact that there is not so much difference between them. If the match was to be played in Bandung, Peripsi's headquarters would go with the "dry" ace because the headquarters factor plays a very important role in the championship. Now, even if I'm out of reach, X2 is covered at a very high price. Besides, Mitra comes from 1-1 within Persina, a group of not very high-capacity. Percyb will not stay for long, he has played just 5 matches, and this is the first with Fan Dakk in the original shape as the Dutch striker has changed in the game with Pearsaram even managing to score even though his team was eventually defeated with 2-1.
The match from the local media is characterized as particularly difficult to predict the final winner and if there was a local book - which does not exist since gambling is explicitly prohibited in the country - the odds would not look like the "setaki" 1.40 - 4.00 - 6.50 currently offered by bet365, one of the few companies that has made odds for the match.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Indonesian Super League
  • Pick X2
  • Odds 2.75
  • Stake 1
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 4-2
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -1

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