Burnley - Southampton

To return to victory after a negative turn of three defeats the "Agioi" want.

Southampton played in turn with Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United. And if against the "citizens" lost right, against Arsenal and United had to get at least the tie, if not the victory. Burnley has a chance to win back, as hosts show their teeth only against teams that are low on the score. What made me particularly impressed by the Southampton team was the pressure put on by the players in all games, even against teams of world-class players. It kicks the opponent and scoring is a matter of time. 

The double is not a very nice but it is one of the best points in the game. 

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Premier League
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1.75
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 1-0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -4

Testimonials for everyone in Premier ...

Instead of clearing the things in the Premier, they start and get more complicated because this racing game hides traps and a lot of trials for the first four teams.

The first in the fight is the champion Chelsea, which remains undefeated after 14 racing and this time it is tested in Newcastle headquarters, with the latter being able for the best and the worst. It is worth mentioning that in the last two hits of the London Team at St. James's Park he suffered similar defeats.

A test awaits Arsenal as well, as it will face Stoke. The difficult program of the "potters" continues, as after "Liverpool" and "Manchester United" come the "gunners".

The City welcomes Everton, with "sweets" not to mention anything in last year's team that was steadily close to the quartet. The Ace, however, is extremely low.

Extremely difficult is the work of United, which continues to be absent, although in recent games it seems to have a pace.

Apparently the KPP has a small lead in the home match against Burnley, but the game is harder than it looks as Burnley is quite molded and remains undefeated in the last four.

Classic epiphone for the stay is this between Hal and West Brom. Both count a series of negative results, but the home team is closer to a good result. 

Burnley (0,5 goals) -Aston Villa

Burnley vs. Aston Villa and it is 2's worst class attacks, one with 6 and the other with 8 goals on 12 racing and 2 with 14 goals scored in 12 races when it does not surprise any one being 16 and the other 19n.

Burnley after 10 games and 4 draws and 6 losses we were wondering if it is a Premier League team and if it can beat someone and yet made 2 consecutive wins (with Stoke and HAL, both quite weak teams) and is now treated as a favorite please for the first time times this year against the villa. Theoretically, Burnley is in a period of form and it is good for a formidable team not to oppose it, but maybe a team that 1 month ago we were wondering when will make its first victory, now to be given a favorite for the 3rd consecutive?

I consider it excessive and I decided to beat it and the villa after several unfortunate results the last 3 racing seems to have started to turn a bit. In the first phase there is X2 in the very poor performance of 1.75. I was thinking that the villa would have this x2 when its defense is relatively good but it does not score anything. Then the most sensible thing for me is to keep a zero and if he finds a goal, he finds it in all these games, he plays defense and if he finds a goal this is welcome.

As I said, 2 teams are very bad at scoring and the villa is famous for her defensive layout, and finally I did not find it and I found a very interesting beet in the 8 not to score Burnley with 3,64
that is, something that happened in several matches this year (in half the matches, to be precise, Burnley did not score this year) and on the other hand, Villa managed to keep the 0-0 in the formed West Ham and conceded a goal from the 2nd and also terribly formed Southampton goal in the 80th minute of the previous match, that is, after 6 consecutive defeats, Villa shows a relative defensive stability of the last 2 matches. Also the under 2,5 and under 1.5 are exceptional but I will risk in a big performance to make something not so unlikely as to keep the guest zero.

I see a closed match with enough chances to be judged on 1 goals or still stay at 0-0. Andter1,5 and 2,5 as I said are great, but I will prefer a great performance believing that the newly-defeated and weak Burnley will not be able to score and win for 3's continuous racing against a team with clear defensiveness and defensive attachment.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Premier league
  • Pick Under
  • Odds 3,64
  • Stake 3
  • result 1-1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -3

Outright trials for Grand Prix ...

After the midweek feast of play and finals in the Champions League and the Euroleague games, we return to our regular weekend program. I start with the West Ham game with Manchester City. "Citizens" seem to have important issues in the defense line and with the aggression shown this year the "hammers" will probably have a difficult task. Alarway's team was known for trying to ruin the game of its rivals, but this year it is a pleasure to play football as an initiative. To score both gives 1.66, well above the underestimated double.

 Then I find 2.30 overpaying under in the Liverpool match with Hull. The Reds have difficulty scoring this season when Bruce's team is quite tied. With Balotelli not playing, Liverpool will have to look for goals from elsewhere and are not expected to see an open game. Performance in under is extremely tempting.

After the impressive start of the season, Swansea moves to mediocrity, and despite being ahead of Newcastle and Stoke, it ended up taking only one point. Leicester remains a tough team, but aggressively does not fire and is a team at the "swans".

I close with Everton's double at Burnley headquarters on Sunday. The newcomers have a lot of trouble as they have not yet celebrated three times when Everton raises, the truth is slower than expected. The home side has a tremendous difficulty in scoring and I think the "sweets" will make a comfortable victory.



WEST HAM - MANCHESTER CITY            G/G      1.66

HAL - LIVEPUL          UNDER 2.30




At normal rates again the Premier ...

After the break for the national teams, we return to our regular weekend schedule. Newcastle is looking for its first victory and this game faces the newly-leveled Leicester. The hosts are in a dangerous zone, although in the last games they have shown a soul, especially in the away draw against Swansea where 2-0 has reached 2-2. The game is at Newcastle's pace and with Papi Cisse to find his form again he is able to break the pomegranate. We continue with the unstoppable Chelsea that is being tested at the headquarters of Crystal Palace. The excellent image and stability shown by the Mourinho team gives us the chance to go to the double with Asian handicap 1,25. In the event of Chelsea winning only one goal we lose only half our bet. I continue with the Burnley match with West Ham. The "hammers" have risen to a level this year, and they look as strong as possible away from home, a field they have been in trouble for last year. Burnley is doing pretty well with respect, but he will not have an easy task in this game. With the odds set, we go to the right. I close with Everton's showdown with Aston Villa, where I'll risk right. "Sweets" do not convince this year against Aston Villa, which is making an impressive start. Yields definitely underestimate 'peasants', so it's worth the double at + 1,25 with 1.65 performance. Even if Aston Villa defeats a goal difference, we win half the bet.




CRYSTAL PALACE - CHELSEA 1 (-1,25) 2,025

BURNLEY - WEST HAM 2 (+0,25) 1,60

EVERTON - ASTON VILLA 2 (+1,25) 1,65

Fighting fights early in the Premiership

Saturday is probably the least impressive in terms of program since the big matches are absent. Where everyone's interest is focused is on the battle for survival. One of the two most important games takes place in Leicester with the local team hosting Burnley. Both are known since last year when they gave their battle in the Championship for the direct promotion to the Premier. Eventually Leicester got on a train and Burnley followed it second. Their course was then anti-diametric, as Leicester chose to strengthen the moment Burnley was left more or less with the same roster. As we said in the last game, the goal is the huge problem that Burnley is facing, and the absence of key executives in these first games does not help, in contrast to Leicester, which has a pluralism in scoring and is strong at home, since bent against Arsenal, Everton and Manchester United. After this mountain program the "foxes" face a team in their measures and are close to a significant victory.

In another important game for the battle of staying, Hull of Steve Bruce welcomes Crystal Palace. Hull spent enough in the summer and everyone was expecting it even stronger after the highly successful last year. Instead, he is making a modest start unlike Crystal Palace, which was not hurt by Tony Powys' sudden surrender. Neil Wurnock is doing just fine and has just brought it over the middle of the scoring. I think Hull is a lot better than his ranking position and against a team like Crystal Palace can prove it. For a more secure bet, the ace can be selected at -0,25. So in case of a tie we lose half our bet.

I close with West Ham's Sunday match with the KPP with the "hammers" having made a good start, contrary to the KPP, which has been showing since the beginning of the season that it will fight to the end to avoid relegation. Ace in 1,90 is acceptable and the absence of KPF away allows the "hammers" to get the three points of victory.




HALL - CRYSTAL PALACE 1 (-0,25) 1,75

WEST HAM - KPR 1 1,90


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