Players for online betting in Greece but also for online live casino can feel more comfortable now, after final licensing of betting companies started in mid-2021. Those who are looking for them new online legal betting companies in Greece who got final permission from the EEEP you are in the right place. Below you will find the active list of new betting companies and it will be updated with any new betting news. (last updated 22/9/2021)

NOTE: If you do registration in betting from the links of, in addition to helping us, we suggest you write in our forum your experiences, the positives and negatives for each company, and we will help you in anything you need to the extent that this is possible.   

Before we start informing you about the new bets licensed by the EEEP, we remind you that we kept another article with the biggest market research that we kept active all these years and we recorded what was happening in the betting market with the previous regime. When there was the temporary licensing with the 24 legal companies which has now changed. All the new market developments will be updated in this article here and for those who want to be properly informed, come often to be the first to read the market news.

Infobeto, always next to the player for 20 years, has prepared a guide for the player to keep in mind, and to know about every registration in a legal bet that he is going to make, as well as a guide for the Responsible game that you will find both on our homepage. 

Let's see which websites you can play legal betting and live casino. The table contains the betting websites, the betting companies they own, where they are based, what license number they have received from the EEEP and what their validity is. 


Updated September 22, 2021


In the next table we have added what benefits you will find in each betting company to choose the one that suits you best to register. To help you, we have added our own evaluation that results from our own experiences and those of players who write in the forum or in the chat of infobeto various incidents and their impressions. The evaluation therefore comes from players and concerns players. The renewal will take place at this point and will be completed when we have feedback from the new betting that it is still too early to judge. 


Legal Websites Asian Live Streaming Cash out Bet Builder 0% Αξιολόγηση Suggestions* NO 97/100 SIGN UP** 0% 97/100 SIGN UP** 0% 93/100 SIGN UP** NO 0% 92/100 SIGN UP** NO NO 0% 89/100 SIGN UP*
bwin NO NO NO 78/100  
NetBet NO NO 74/100  
novibet 0% 73/100  
winmasters           69/100  
sportingbet NO NO 68/100  
vistabet NO NO 65/100  
pokerstars           * / 100  
betsson NO NO * / 100  
fonbet           * / 100  
n1           * / 100  

* 21+ | Competent Regulator EEEP Risk of addiction & loss of property KETHEA helpline: 210 9237777 | Play Responsibly

Remember that infobeto has been providing you with free tips, services and forecasts for 20 years and you can simply help us with to make your registrations through the links and banners that you find in infobeto. 







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