Sweet taste left PAOK yesterday's 2-2 against Ajax, as the race progressed had a great chance of winning, if it was a little more careful in the rebounds and did not fall into individual errors.

Even so, qualification remains open to the Doubles of the North, but it has clearly made its work much more difficult now.

Wednesday today, Olympic Day, which has a very difficult hurdle to overcome. Basaksehir is not just a team in Turkey, it has been the champions of the last three years and reached the spring (it was the first in a long time), but did not drink water.

However, it is no small task to compete with the level and experience teams of Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Besiktas.

An indication of the level that the Turks have risen in recent years is that they have players such as Robinio, Wisca, Inler, Klissi, Elia, Deba Ba on the roster. Almost everyone with a rich career and performances from major European leagues.

In preparation, as the Turkish championship begins on August 18 participated in 5 friendly (1-2-2), where the last one came to draw 0-0 with AEK.

The good thing about Olympiacos, in addition to being better prepared, considering that he has competed in 2 official matches, is that his opponent has changed to a summer coach. Abdullah Abchi, the man with whom 3 came very close to the title, the one who created this group, is a thing of the past. He redeemed his amazing work, taking over Besiktas.

Olympiacos dominated with 4-0 at home to Victoria Plzen and advanced to the next round (0-0 in the first half). A very positive fact that he kept zero in his fireplace in two races, while there is satisfaction for his executive ability in the second part of the fight at “Karaiskakis”.

Bet on I. Basaksehir - Olympiacos

In his first game in the Czech Republic, Olympiacos was set up to score a goal in the offensive, but his main concern was to qualify for Athens. Now that the barrier has grown enough, we believe how to deploy more focused on his defensive duties. The Turks, on the other hand, have quality, but they lack the racing readiness. All this leads us to Half time 2.00 draw at Interwetten.


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Champions League: A few minutes ago the draw for the playoffs was over. 


In the third qualifying round of the competition, the Greek champion is called up to face Ajax, with the first game taking place tomorrow at 20.00 in Toumpa. If qualified then his next opponent will be one the winner of the APOEL-Karabak couple.

Should they fail to overcome the high barrier of the Dutch champions, they will continue in the Europa League playoffs. There his potential opponents are:

→ Ludogorets / TNS

Τι Sutjeska / Linfield

→ Astana / Valletta

→ Slovan Bratislava / Dundalk

Ρά Sarajevo / BATE Borisov


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The "reds" will play with her Basakacheh in the third qualifying round of the Champions League. If they qualify, then they will be called upon to face the winner of the Porto-Krasnodar pair. The worst case scenario and Olympiacos fears were confirmed, as the second case involved the Club Bruges-Dinamo Kiev.

It is worth noting, however, that if he is excluded by the Turks for the Champions League, Olympiacos qualifies directly to the Europa League clubs without having to play a game. 

The Champions League playoffs will take place on August 20-21 and 27-28.


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For backgrounds alone!

If I judge from the messages and the phones I have received, the athis of OFI employs a lot of people. The ace already from 2.10 that is opened is in 1.60 and the logic is simple. For OFI we are talking, in Goudi Koule playing, if the game does not get the world will explode, Kalloni is comfortable, there is the previous one from last year ...

At this point, I would like to remind you that in 23 March for 30 in the last season's championship, Kalloni prevailed at the home of the indifferent OFI with 1-0 and made the decisive step for her stay in the category. At 1.25, 2.50 had "sank" the ace from XNUMX that opened... Indeed, under the microscope of UEFA, as suspicious to be manipulated, came the two teams' matches for the Cup last year.

I do not interfere with all of the above. However, the OFI is in a miserable situation, his roster is inferior to that of Kalloni, the psychology of the players is nil and absences remain important. So the ace could be clear for backgrounds alone. But the point is that in the Cretan team we now have another administration. And for those who know faces and situations in Heraklion, there is ... civilian counterparts on many levels due to the possible entry of Italian investors into the group. However, 7aria I see in Kalloni's double is out of reality ...

In Corfu, the local team welcomes Ergotelis and given that it comes from defeat and follows a race on the Avenue, it only wants victory. The only absence for Michalis Gregoriou is the Argentine midfielder Nayar. In Ergotelis we had the dismissal of Dermitzakis, with the loyal ... soldier of the team Stavros Lambrakis replacing him. I do not know how much he can change to a few training sessions, but I know that the team's defensive function is for laughter and crying. And that was not enough, but today the 3 / 4 of the defensive line is missing. The two stopper Max, Jovanovic and left-back Lykogiannis. Especially in the center of defense, the problem is huge, as Fidellev will probably fight (which so far is or is not the same) and the defensive midfielder of Ko ... In 1.95 the ace is just fine with the above data.

Niki Volou is under scrutiny... The cost of the coach carrying the mission to Veria was paid by team fans and the players are determined to make mass appeals Monday. Major Andreas Patsis left the ship and if the solution is not found in the next few days, the team is likely to follow the path of Panelioukos. Veria comes from defeat, followed by a tough off-home match in Komotini, so she has no room to lose points. Qualities are far superior, with many stacks at their headquarters and the 1.5 handicap (-1.85) is a clear choice.

Atromitos is running out of three games and the game with Levadiakos in Peristeri has become an early stage character. He is not facing serious problems with Sa Pinta, who has begun to feel pressure ... Levadiakos will have problems, especially in the defense, as the main Piper Pierre has been absent for a long time (resulting in the constantly playing 38-year-old Kotsios ...), left from left bac (Mahaira, Projets injured), while the molded striker Milosavlyev was injured. At 1.60 we are good.

In the Football League, Hercules is in excellent condition, is complete and wants to go with the best possible psychology at the top derby with Lamia. Zakynthos will be flown without the top scorer of (Fire) and the best player of the roster as a whole (the midfielder Varela). It can stand in 1.60 the ace.

"One way" is the victory for Apollo Kalamaria, which is obviously offended by the last results and his position. He plays at his seat and can prevail in the renegade of Karditsa. At 2.00 I was calculating the ace, at 2.15 I find it.

Finally there is the double of Olympiakos Volos tomorrow. There is no other result for the Voliotes, who will be compliments and qualitatively superior. I do not like Aeginian. He has no shot at the pitch and there is no chemistry in the roster. At 2.30 I was counting the double, at 2.60 I find it.

Olympiakos-Panionios (no goal)

Olympiakos welcomes Panionios for 14 and he has no doubt who will win, and the ace is offered in 1.10 at most companies.

Panionios is weak enough away from home and has given everything to the home match with Ofi where he has defeated. This match is out of play and Colombus will play a penalty for yellow cards in this match, but Fountas will miss.

I think Olympiacos will not find any resistance and will win comfortably, the match goes somewhere in 2-0 3-0 4-0 but I am not available to chase Olympiakos goals in the match, and the Piraeus team is not at its best, and the odds are degrading.

On the contrary, I will try a special bet for the winner to beat Olympiakos and the panier will not score, I think that the guest will remain in the game and the concrete beats 1.75, I think it is a good choice.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) superleague
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.75
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Stoiximan
  • result 2–0
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +2.25

Deaf and disorientated by OPHI

Before we deal with the racing we have before us, I want to remind you that Wednesday / Thursday follows a racing match in both the Super League and the Football League. This means that the teams come in one one process mini-championship of three racesuntil the break for Christmas and New Year celebrations. Keep this, we will need it.

Kalloni in its last three games (Platanias in, Niki Volou, Xanthi off) calculated at least 6 points (according to her players' statements) and won only one, while until the end of the championship there are fights in Genoi Koule (with OFI waiting with wild moods, as well as he has a very difficult schedule and comes from home defeat) and Tarla with Olympiacos. Do you understand that in the team of Lesvos they want in any way the three points in the game with Panetolikos and the positive for Yannis Matzourakis is that he does not face any problem.

Panetolikos on the contrary, it comes from winning against Panionios, and there are clearly more difficult matches on Wednesday and next Sunday with Platanias inside and Niki Volou off, respectively. In Mytilini he will be lined up with great absences, both in the defense (Becarano, Malezas) and in the attack (Vivafanii, Moreno). In no case do I say that the Agrarians will not "strike" the game, though their absentees, little Kalloni's great need to come back to victory, lead me to the 2.30 ace.

Panionios will have Marina Ouzounidis for the first time in his technical leadership, he does not face any major absences (the chaos of Hatzisiaia, but the valuable midfielder Kolovos is probably coming back) and he wants a victory at all costs as he comes from two defeats (in Corfu and Agrinio) and follows Olympiakos games except Atromitos.

In OFI, no one deals with the team and the game with Panionios. Fans, players, coaches and managers are waiting for the Italians to complete the transfer and make transfers. In Nea Smyrna, the team of Crete will be literally decimated. The only remarkable goal scored by the roster, Tripotzeris, is punished and Meite - Andeley will fight in the center of the defense (to laugh the world that will go to the stadium). On the left side will be the fierce (but only this) Moniakis, as Millias is punished, while a big problem is also in the middle line with the injuries of Razak - Kalaidzic and the departure of Aponio - Frangoulakis. Problem and the ends of the attack, as Koutsianikolis, Perugamvrakis are injured and Siskic has left.

2.05 opened the ace, who quickly retreated to 1.95 and is now in 1.85. I personally rate 1.75, so from 1.80 and up I'm positive.

Most likely overof the racing is in Pancretan, as Ergotelis wants only a victory and finds against him the molded and very aggressive with Lutscheu in the technical leadership of Xanthi. For the defense of the Heraklion team I have written them many times, do not get tired. There are, however, two problems for that over. The first is the absence of the super-styled intermediate Clayton (punished) for the guests. The second comes from the fact that Dermitzakis changed the group system in Komotini from 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-3, which is essentially 4-6-0. Practically he put another medium (Boginov) in place of the only one (Noskovic or Pamlidis). Now the three foremen will be Yusuf, Hadi, Halkidakis, but none of them are not ...

In the South League of the Soccer League there is a possible low ace in Patras, with Panahaic to welcome her Kallithea. I would, though 1.55+, as the guests again have Nikos Pantelis in the technical leadership and the psychology of the players is soaring. The Paneygyalos - Acharnaikos I do not see how he can get out of it under. Murat Seropian vs. Giorgos Vasakas scored a total of "0-1 goals". On Apollo we have Bosnian's return to technical leadership and this fact alone is able to give players the necessary impetus to reach the 2.25 against AC Chania.

On the north, I distinguish the potential Ace of Pierre against Aiginiakos, at the local derby of Pieria. Let me make it clear that the guests have a qualitative and experienced roster, but I see a team completely absolutist, without a racing orientation, without psychology and without motivation. A little seat, little jersey, somewhat the greatest momentum I see in Pierico, lead me to equal to 2.25.

The question I raised in the previous text was whether PAOK could manage the excitement of the very big double he had just recorded a few days earlier in " Karaiskakis ". In practice, it turned out that no matter how he tried Angelos Anastasiades, he did not manage to "land" his players, resulting in the "cuff" in Pigadia. The fact that the "biceps" does not have in the changing rooms many players who have the experience of winning a championship, may bet points in the future. However, after several years we have a championship again and that's a pleasure. If Panathinaikos continues racing, we may have a ... exciting championship. Let's go to the European!

For Olympic, the goal is clear. Win and wait for us to see what Juventus has done. I recall that the only combination that gives him the qualification in the Champions League phase "16" is victory against Malmö and at the same time defeat Juventus from Atletico Madrid. However, because in football we should not forget ... the doctrine of Nikos Anastopoulos ("if you can not win, make sure you do not miss"), it is also worth remembering that in the case of Malmö, the "red-white" many "will also lose the ... qualifying at the" 32 "of the Euroleague League. Unique absences are Milivojevic's defensive midfielder and the extreme striker Durant, with Mitchell heading for 4-2-3-1 with Maniatis - Edigas on the midfield and Fuser - Dommies - Kassami, behind the only promoted Benitez or Mitroglu). At its head, Olympiacos always creates many phases for goals and given that Malmö has no reason to play defensively (winning is the one at the Europa League), the over1.80 looks good choice.

"Final" is PAOK - Ghibabam, with both teams fighting for qualifying at the Europa League 32. "One way" the victory for the "biceps", for two results the French team will play. Which comes from two impressive victories in the Champions League (5-1 inside Caen, 3-2 away from Reims) and seems to find rhythm at the right time… Javellas (arthropod defender), Maduro (midfielder) are ready, in contrast to Stopper Katsika and right back Skondra who remain injured. I estimate that PAOK will enter the field very strongly, trying to take advantage of the "hot" Toumba, to surprise the French, but also to overcome the "shock" of the defeat in Xanthi. Reasonably betI would choose the ace of a half in 2.80.

Despite the tie in "Th. Kolokotronis', Panathinaikos is in good shape and reminds of the last round of the last round. Especially mid-term, with Berg's return, we again see a team with rapid growth, "chemistry" and automation. Given that the players of Yiannis Anastasiou want to win their European victories, I have the impression that Estoril is not a better team and even if the match is scarcely indifferent (both teams have been excluded) I am willing to take the 2.20 ace.

Also notable is the game in Belgrade between Partizan and Asteras Tripolis. I keep the fact that the Arcadians have scored at 10 / 11 this year in the Euro Cup, that Partizan has a rich talent with mediums (and several players being watched by major European clubs) and I choose it over, which I think 2.15 escapes ...

How will PAOK handle it?

At unstoppable pace continues Super League, but we must be careful that the Greek teams are not used to regular games. Particularly small and medium-sized teams that do not have particularly "rich" roster usually choose matches, and very often we have unexpected results. PAS Giannina - Levadiakos 0-4 is a typical case as I believe that PAS players did not have the experience and manage the big prestige victory they had against OPHI in such a short time.

* Veria has relaxed several key ones (Dumitru, Balafas, Kaltsas, Bravo) against Atromitos on Wednesday, making it clear that what is of interest to her is the victory against Platanias. Kaltsas - Dumitru - Ben - Kaboras will normally start the attack, while Platanias will fight without the main enemy Itua and his most valuable midfielder, Agilera. The latter is the link between the midfield and defense and organizes the game of the Haniotis team behind the midfield. At 2.05, the ace has been opened, but at 1.80, at the moment, things are marginal, as my own appreciation is at 1.75.

* "One way" is the victory for Atromitos in Corfu, after a homeless getaway with Veroia (0-0) and Sa-Pinto's thrash in the locker room. The defense has found stability and the Ubedinas - Karamanos - Napoleoni - Papazoglou are players that will hardly manage to stop the defenders of Corfu, especially since the defensive midfielder Cardosos. 2.25 opened the double, 2.05 is currently at 2.00 is my own assessment. Your choice.

* Mitchell chose to leave half the team off for the fight with PAS Giannina in "G. Karaiskakis ". Pablo Abidhal (a matter of time to become a past), right-back Elakedouwi, left-back Mzawaku, midwives Domings, Afelai and Way Moguloglu will be "breathing" (or perhaps a message ...) ahead of the Malmeme confrontation on Tuesday .

* PAOK doubles in Xanthi (1.55), especially since the hosts are visibly elevated with Loutsescu in technical leadership and the "biceps" has defensive problems in the defense (Skondras, Katsikas, Tzavellas). It will be interesting to see if PAOK manages the enthusiasm of the big win in " Karaiskakis "...

* Clearly, Kalloni has the first say in Panthessalikos, but not at 1.66. At 2.00 that opened the double, a discussion could be held. I'm afraid of the team of Lesbos, as it is a comfortable score and I do not have a lot of confidence ...

* The upgrading of UPI developments, which is a step from the change of ownership regime. Italian investors are in Crete on the initiative of Gatuzo and enthusiasm in the supporters' class is great. I do not forget that last year Levadiakos stayed in the category with 2-1 of the indifferent OFI 32η racing, with the 1.85 ace to "collapse" in 1.30, until it completely disappears ... In 2.35 the ace escapes (2.20 my own appreciation), but eventually I decided to pass, more intuitive. Two home win streaks are difficult within a few days for OFI, while Levadiakos seems to find a rhythm.

* For laughter the Panetolian ace against Panionios (just 1.45). I expect to confirm the "blue-caps" to go to X2, but what I have already chosen is goal/goalat 2.20. The Agrarians with Capello - Martini - Vigianpian midfielder score for scoring and the fact that they did not score with Levadiakos and Panathinaikos will convince them. Similarly, Panionios has in excellent condition the extreme aggressors Kolovos - Founta and Fianos Yiannos and I think that at the stadium of Panetoliko will find places.

* Excellent goal/goalin 1.90 and Asteras Tripolis - Panathinaikos. The Arkads at their headquarters create many phases and give a quick rhythm to their games, while the "greens" with the return of Berg in the original shape are another team. Special midfielder begin again to remind the last round of the second round, with automation and rapid growth.

Will Panthrakikos win second in the home within a few days? I'm not sure ... On the other hand, with what heart to support Ergotelis, when I know that the climate in the locker room is ugly and in case of a new defeat Dermitzakis will leave? Its definition no bet ...

 At Soccer League I want to expect odds and team assignments (which sometimes "hide" big ... secrets). At first glance Aharnaikos and Apollon Kalamaria are much better teams than Alimos and Fokico respectively, with the two aces meaningful from 1.70 and above. I'm interested and the ace of Photias with Ermionida, as the Taurus team is not worth it so low in the score and I think that this game ... has it.

Defeat, otherwise ... learn swimming!

The Super League has returned and in the next ... we will be bored to see races. I hope this time to stay in the purely part of the championship, we all need it. Involuntary racing, therefore, with Olympiakos's top-flight derby with PAOK to stand out. Let's take a look at the program.

* Satisfactory the 2.30 Ace's performance in the match Panthrakikos - Platanias, but Igor's absence from the home team, coupled with the fact that the team of Chania has just received a goal in its last five games, is a deterrent. Select here the No.goalin 1.75 performance.

* Low Yield on 2.00 at Corfu - Panionios. The hosts are not in good match and psychological condition and have lost their consistency (with the many changes that have been made lately for various reasons) to the original shape. On the other hand, the Neosmithnians calmed down with the victory against Niki Volou, while Kolovos and Fountas proved to be in excellent condition. Given that there is a draw in the game, I choose X2 in 1.85.

* The Ace of Xanthi has fallen sharply from 2.25 to 1.90-1.95. And while Christopoulos Panopoulos can not forget his hobby to change coach every two months, Loutsescu shows good work. I think he has improved his team much in the offensive and Cleiton - Louserro - Soltani - Captain have found "chemistry". Good Kalloni, but not so high. Obviously it is not a coincidence that he has just scored two goals in ten games, but he has an incredible run. I still remember my last away game in Nea Smyrni ...

* In 1.45 from 1.70, the ace of Atromitos with Veria. Despite the fact that the midfielder Kaltsas, Georgiadis and right back Malkon will be missing from the guests, while Sa Pinto puts his "seal" on the Peristeri team, 1.45 can not be discussed either for joke.

* Correctly divided the set of odds on PAS - Levadiakos, with the ace in 1.75 and the double at 4.50. 0-2-20 is the recent away score of the score, while PAS has found a "rhythm". I will avoid the ace, however, more intuitively. Second home streak in a few days is always difficult for a non-championship team, while the team of Livadia has four goals to win. In 1.65 the under.

* The ace of Olympiakos is still low on 1.55. PAOK's Angelos Anastasiadis is a serious team and he's just not an easy opponent. With 4-2-3-1 the "Reds" and the Fuser-Dummies-Defend behind Mitroglu with 4-3-3 and Salpingi, Goasha (or Pereira), Athanasiadis attacked the "bicepal" he has the Katsika, Tzavela, Mantouro defensive midfielder and the far-off striker Mac. I'll go with it goal/goalin 1.90, as Olympiacos scored for "G. Karaiskakis ", but defensively is unstable and Claus Athanasiadis is ..." hot ".

* At 1.65 from 1.85 the double of Tripoli Star in Panthessalikos. And not unfairly, as Niki Volou remains "headless" (after the vendor's stake) and does not have the quality of being competitive at the Super Liga level. In spite of their absences (Sancarre, Gianniotas punished - Role injured) the Arcadians will have to underestimate the opponent to lose points.

* Correctly split the odds set at Panetoliko - Panathinaikos, but my choice is the one goal/goal at 1.90. Panathinaikos is worrying with his defensive performance, when Capello - Martini - Vivafanii (even if Formo Moreno is absent) are doing pretty things on the pitch. Respectively, the Agrarians will not have Malezas in the center of defense, when the "green" with Berg is another team in the attack.

* For the Ophi ace with Ergotelis I have inexplicably received many messages in the last few days. The thought is that these games OPHI traditionally takes them with the "jersey" and the strength of the seat, while Ergotelis' defense is tragic (I had written them before the match with Asteras Tripolis). What many do not know is that the situation in the black and white locker room is out of control. No one talks to anyone, most players are already looking for a team to leave, half blame the other half for reduced performance and Gatuzo pulls his hair. The fans sent an ultimatum to the players to defeat Ergotelis and Levadiakos, otherwise they learn ... swimming, but the truth is that almost everyone is dealing with the administrative developments that are expected in the next few days. Its definition No.betthe race.

Good friends look at the difficult ...

Giorgos Borovilos is the new president of the Super League. The well-known former referee. To comment? Can I say my opinion "openly"? Let's leave it better because I've already put pressure on it. This choice confirms, however, what I have been crying for many years about Greek football, that the racing and moral outpouring in front of the ... intellectual. I give up. Let's see the racing game, because the pressure is still rising ...

* 16 March, last year's championship, Kalloni is indifferent to the 7-0 defeat by Platanias who ... was crouching for victory, and Yannis Matzourakis writes a story about players outside ... a socket. It is not worth the Lesbos team so high and the performance of the team is not satisfactory. 9/9 underand 4 / 4 at home No.goalfor Kalloni, 4 / 5 games with a total of '0-1 goals' is coming from Platanias.

* Before the end of the championship, Panetolikos was the most "hot" team, with 4 Vidafanias - Martins - Capel - Moreno doing ... orgies in the attack. The lack of playing pace, the injury of the Moreno and the rumors that bring the Martines close to AEK, combined with the Gradient's need of Levadiakos, have a dissuasive effect on the double. I would not give so high (2.10) it goal/goalhowever ...

* Sa Pinto slowly puts his "seal" on Atromitos, with Napoleoni - Papazoglou being one of the super aggressive twins of the Super League. And Xanthi, however, with Lutscheu clearly plays more attractive and aggressive football. Ace can only stand on PRO-PO as well 1.55 has no value.

* Olympiacos will try to entertain the impressions from 4ara in Madrid, with Mitchell heading to make many changes to the original shape. 5 / 5 wins in Corfu for "red-white". Several absences, as well as obstacle preparation for the Michalis Gregoriou band, as several players did not train because of high fever in the last few days. Double from half time and double with handicap.

* Ergotelis, who has the worst (after Niki Volou, who is only a typical Super League team), has no home defeat in the category. Dermitzakis fights him, but the summer defense options were tragic. Meanwhile, there is speed and quality, which was also shown in 2-2 with Veria. In spite of the exclusion from the continuation of Yuropas, in Asteras psychology is heights, as the group's image was excellent. The absences of Bantibaga and Role are important, but the Arcadians are "deep" on the bench. Let's go with it goal/goalin 1.95 performance, as I personally would not give it over 1.80.

* Loss at Niki Volos, with the big shareholder Andreas Patsis putting on a ... shop (600.000 euros), having taken care of his team earlier by saying that he has no world and dynamics. The disciplinary misconduct of five players and the many racing problems in a small roster are simply the icing on the cake, for a team counting backwards to return to the Football League. Any result other than victory will be suicide for Panionios. From 1.50's low mark, I would prefer the XCUMX (-1) to 1.85 (refund of Panionios with a goal difference).

* To avoid the PAOK ace with the Panther. Fatigue from the trip to Belarus, coupled with the difficult weather conditions encountered by the "bicephalos" mission and the absences of Katsika, Gioi, Mac, Athanasiadis make the 1.15 of the Ace sound like an anecdote. New coach to Panthrakiko, Manuel Roka, former goalkeeper of the team and serving on the bench of Olympiakos Volos last year.

* "Barouti" smells the climate in OFI, with the fans rising up and preparing to get the situation in their hands. Administrative developments are soon to be expected, with the bad climate being transferred to changing rooms. Gatuzo accused Sicic of lower yields against Xanthi and the administration resolved the Slovenian contract, which responded with an appeal. There are also important absences, as George is punished and Kalaidzic, Aponio, Perugamvrakis injured. In PAS, things are clearly better, but the team does not deliver soccer that matches the quality of the roster. Excellent relations are the two teams at the administrative level, while the link is the coach of PAS Yiannis Petrakis, a registered friend of OFI and passing 2012-13 from the Cretan counter. And because the ... good friends in the hard side seem and the team that has the most need (to calm the situation a little) is OFI, I can not rule out anything.

* The probable overtime of the game is on the Avenue (followed by Pangratio), as Panathinaikos with the return of Berg has again found its "paws" and creates many phases, while Veria with Kaltsa - Dumitru - Ben - Georgiadis - Kambora has the speed and quality to threaten. I'll take a little more risk, choosing the combination overand goal/goalin 2.20 performance.

At Football its showdown stands out Panayachis with AEK. Alexis Kougias continues to provoke with his statements, but the truth is that he has made a team with low-budget, youth and speed, you are looking forward to seeing. AEK will not have an easy task, and double odds at 1.80 do not say much. That's itgoal/goalit is more likely and it pays better. Ο Aharnaikos was the double of the race, but it was ruined by the recruitment of Nikos Pantelis in the technical leadership Kallithea. The experienced technician knows the changing rooms from the outside and has already put the weight on the players' psychology. The most likely draw in the game is in Ermionida - Hercules of Psachna, with the quality of the score being balanced by the home. At the rally derby Panayogalou - Apollo, I will give a lead to the ace, but only to 2.20 + odds. The main reason is that I consider Murat Seropian a much better coach than Nikos Kosthenoglou. Armenian will find the way to "lock" the blue-eyed trumpet, "push" it and its headquarters ...

To the north the point that stands out is its double Olympiakos Volos in Katerini. 9-4-0 the recent tradition of "Red-White", 4-3-0 in Katerini, when they have a new coach on the bench, the promising Giorgos Koutsis. With several fans on their side and without racing problems, the Voloiotes. Nothing special Pieric, will fight to prevent demotion. From 2.00 and up we are good. The most likely draw is in neighboring derby of Renaissance Karditsa with Lamia, with the hosts having a powerful seat and the guests a more experienced and qualitative roster. Finally, I will be surprised and I will go to the national league with Zakynthos, but only from 2.30 and up. And I say surprise because the islanders have 4 wins in equal number of matches, without having yet to score goals, while the Serbs are still unaware of the victory. I consider the position of both teams fictitious and perhaps the confrontation between them is the turning point. It reminds me very much of a game of National Gazoros - Fokikos before 2 years, with Fokico to start impressively then the championship and the National to be a lame after the first races. But it was obvious that the situation would change soon. 3.10 opened the ace then, 4-0 the final result, with the Serres finishing much higher in the score ...

Atl. Madrid (-1.5 AH) - Olympiakos Piraeus (+ 1.5 AH)

Olympiacos is being tested at Vietente Calderon against Atletico Madrid with the Spaniards winning to win the qualification round and Olympiacos is looking for a positive result that will take her to the last game with Malmö and play her qualification in the next round.

Atletico's pioneer with the only defeat to Olympiakos at the Fellowship has 3 wins and with 9 points he holds the qualifying affair in his hands. He won Malmö easily with 3-1.

In the championship he won Malaga with 3-1 and continued the hunt for Real and Barcelona. He was ahead of 42 with 2-0, Malaga dropped to 64 but a player above played on 84 and won.

Matzoukic is in doubt but will fight while Miranda will be absent.

Olympiacos in a difficult group tries to qualify and the Atletico game will be a strong test and the result he wants is better than Juventus.

In Italy he did well, he had Roberto in the goal again in a big day, but he was finally defeated 3-2. Juventus was ahead with Pirlo from a direct foul, equalized with Eidiga at 24, in fact it was ahead at 61 but in 2 minutes at 65 and 66 it bent resulting in defeat.

For the championship what we have is that we do not have racing weeks for 2, but the Presidents are playing ball, Marinakis puts them with Melissanidis of AEK with 2 to answer and we have in the depths Thamidis of Skai to look for stacks. In short, we are a very nice atmosphere.

In the last match with Panthrakikos he won with 5-1, even in this show there are also indications that he was set in Asian Handicap.

Now in the races there is no significant absence

Atletico is at its head because 21 matches 19 wins in European Cups, while Olympiacos has a problem with non-racing inaction. He has to fight from November 9. Nice Atletico strong at home can win any one I do not say but I think I think she can look Atletico in the eyes. So why not make Mars No2? Remember? for the Europa League 2010 / 2011 1,10 5,50 tie and double 10 odds, of course, when the Turks were the legal one. Double with 1,5 + advantage at Olympiacos at Asian Handicap. In the event that Olympiacos is defeated with 2 goals and more then we lose the bet.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Champions League
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1.63
  • Stake 4
  • result 4–0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -4

Juventus - Olympiakos Piraeus (+ 1.5 AH)

4 the Champions League and Olympiacos travel to a seat that does not have the best memories at Juventus headquarters.

In the first match with great lead Roberto Olympiacos won the win at Karaiskaki winning with 1-0 with Cassami's finish at 36. The goalkeeper of the red-eyed peasant had pulled down the rolls, it seems that the crisis going on in his marriage (yes, Mrs. Martha has "abandoned him" and he is blowing in Spain for the time being) only good for him in his performance in the other I do not know.

Juventus like last year in a Galatas and Real group this season is going through a crisis, has 2 defeats (Atletico except Olympiacos) and a victory against Malme difficult with 1-0.

The change of coach and the arrival of Alegri seems to have not done so good in the team, well in the championship he does well but not the same as last year, he has not won the game with 2-0 on Saturday, with Pirlo making 1-0 from a direct foul hit and Morata 2-0

Casserres, Bertzali and Hebras will be absent.

I remember was 11 years before I was then Ankara 2003 Juventus to face Olympiakos the home team then they had passed the group and went down with changes. Then talking to friends tells me "How do you see the game" to tell them "The Italians are absent Olympiacos is in good shape (should have been) can X2 get it" not only did not get a goal and did not put the game ends 7-0. I still remember that scene.

Olympiacos (I know a lot of friends will remember but the truth is bitter) after he headed Marinakis and the referees, supervisors, observers all in the bay to take the double from Tripteli and with the supervisors to raise the flags and as if flags and cut off 5 cases for offside, and referee Spathas eliminated Aster's player from 2 cheap yellow and Olympiacos was "unable" to push the ball into the knit. What else can Spatha do to you? To write on 0-1? Unfortunately it is not. So 0-0 result and -5 from the top

In Italy went and Vajel Marinakis, of course, does not have a good deal of arbitration in Europe so it is difficult to do something.

Benitez is the only one absent.

Juventus wants victory at all costs. Juventus I saw last year in Galatasar games what I always look for is to score first the goal and then to roll the game and find 2o at some point. so he did with Galatas last year and almost lost something that happened to 2 in the race where he lost with 1-0, I do not think he has changed anything in the game style and with Malm the same did in the first race 1-0 which was enough. On the other hand, we have said well about Olympiacos in Greece but in Europe it has a different face in the game with Atletico and Juventus, and Roberto may have been the main hero, but the other players did not make the mistakes they waited for . I think Olympiacos hopes if he loses not to lose by far more than 1 goal and what Juventus is looking for first is the victory and after the others and if it succeeds 1-0 will go some way like that. Double with 1,5 Asian handicap at Olympiacos. By defeating 1, we win with 2 we lose and with Olympiakos we win and win.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Champions League
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1.90
  • Stake 2
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 3–2
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +1.8


3 final of the championship with 2 teams to be at 1-1. The race will start at 19.45 and will be broadcast by NERIT.

In the first match at OAKA we saw a closed game that was judged by the errors made by Olympiacos players in the last 4-5 attacks. In another OAKA game the 2 teams did not exceed the 130 points and Panathinaikos made 4 / 4 opposite his eternal opponent for this year at home.

In the second game Olympiacos disbanded Panathinaikos with 89-64 in a game that opened the pace early and the hosts had very good triple places with 13 / 25.From Panathinaiko Gist was absent, leaving 3 players at 4- 5 (Lasome, Mavrokefalidis and Fotsis).
In today's game I will bet on Panathinaikos and write below the reasons for doing so.

1) In the last 20 years, Olympiacos has not doubled in the OAKA in a match that qualifies. Panathinaikos has 32 with home winning victories in league finals, with 25 being opposed to Olympiacos.
2) The last time Panathinaikos lost by a big margin in Moscow (78-51), they responded with 2 consecutive victories over CSKA to send the series to the 5th match where they experienced the crash again.

3) I expect Panathinaikos to get a lot of headaches.

1.82 on the screens sounds pretty good.

Match Info

  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1,82
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 64–69
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -4

Olympiakos (+ 2.5 AH) - Real Madrid

8's third Euroleague game with Olympiacos has made 2-1 and wants another win to make 2-2 and go to the 5 fight in Spain.

In Spain he ate good "wood" losing 2 fights, but in Athens he hoped to make the cut so he did. Since the start of the fight he has been very strong and especially in the first half he was in charge of the fight, he raised the difference up to 10 points. In the 2 part Real reduced the difference to 4 10 minute reached 65-60. In spite of his attempts to escape from Sergio Rodriguez with Reyes, he was very close to the game and 1 stayed in the game: 34 had the whole fight there, since both teams went on strike and bet on one in the other. Real has more to do with the failure of Olympiacos without a definite result.

Leading to Olympiacos Donald with 21 points.

The 2 game for the Olympics in the SEF with the power and the world made 2-1 and now you are calling to make 2-2 and go to a final game in Spain. The Spaniards probably considered the 3 fight "easy" and would leave with the victory where they came close when they made 73-74 a minute before it ended with Printezis making 76-74 and eventually winning Olympiacos. I believe that in this fight with their passion the players of Olympiacos and with the help of their world to resist Real and not to lose at least 2 points and top difference for this ace and + 2,5 handicap points to Olympiacos

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Euroleague
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.85
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Betshop
  • result 71–62
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +3.4

Giannina (+ 2 EH) - Olympiakos Piraeus

PAS seeks points to lock the issue of residence to Olympiacos.

He did not get what he wanted in Crete, losing to Ergotelis with 1-0 and then 72 fought with less player. So now looking for 2 points to go to 39 to save. Last match goes to Mars.

Significant absences for Petrakis that in the last 5 matches has 2 draws and 3 defeats. Korovesis, Lila and Akosta will be missing, and the main goal is Tzimopoulos, while the loan from Olympiakos, Leonrod

In Olympiakos all their minds have it in the Cup and the repeat. Against Paoque they found 2 fast and then after helping and the river to stay with 10 Pawk after 2-1 failed to find a goal above to be more relaxed.

Mitchell left off Matthew, including Salino, Holeb, Papadopoulos, Papazoglou, the midfield players Masados, Enging, Samaris, Perez, Dominguez and Olaitan

PAS is looking for the points that will give salvation and Olympiacos for the mind in PAOK. Vanjel has a good relationship with PAS, and Dean also gives De Vicenchi the point that he would not want PAS to be more serious than that, and PAS's court is not the best, so the Olympiacos players do not think they are putting their feet and injure when PAOK waits for them to be the most important. So an Ace but with 2 ends an advantage in PAS. Here we want to win Olympiakos with less than 1 goal or even draw to catch, well with PAS victory we catch the other.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Greece Super League
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.50
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Opap
  • result 2–0
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +2

Olympiakos Piraeus (-1 AH) - PAOK

Cup game semifinal phase first match in Karaiskakis between Olympiacos and Paok

Olympiacos in another game of aggression continued with victory against demoted Mars winning 1-0. Mitchell rested several players in the game with PAOK.

Marinakis visited the facilities to tighten the straps because he was very relaxed and he does not want to suffer with Panathinaikos where the players were loose and the "3-0"

All players are in the mitches of Mitchell.

In Pauk before the game with Olympiacos, Georgiades lowered the reserve and almost paid for Kalloni. Kalloni was ahead in the first half with 1-0, forcing Georgiades to put his "weapons" inside Shot and Vukic. Vukic equals and one 18man, Koulouris, has scored the winning goal.

PAOK has already begun parade and announcements for the referee. Instead of looking at what they will do after Tempi passes, where every time they go to Athens, their tsambukas and their mogai stays in Thessaloniki they "have bothered" that Kalogeropoulos will run the fight. They forget that apart from Karaiskakis they lose 2-1's headquarters with 0-2 from "childish" defense defenses, in Ergotelis from 2-2 to 0-3 well for Apollo-PAKO from 3-3 to XNUMX-XNUMX not to say anything they were set very nicely giving the draw, because if they were to win and win would all get them all, they are not looking for what is blame in them but each time the arbitration is blamed. Yes, surely, it is the arbitration but not the arbitration.

In this case, after what was done in Toumba, he did not leave the team so Vanjel did not put his hand on the arbitration issue, so he would do something and that but he will not only play that but the players, PAOK down the Tempi is nonexistent. Olympiakos's win opened at 1.57 and is now at 1.40. With the players being seriously arrested, with an arbitration to play, Vanjel wants a big win because Tumpa knows that it will fall and with PAOK under the Tempi being non-existent we will go with Olympiacos victory by a bigger difference from 1 finish, so I get the Asian -1 Olympic. If Olympiakos wins with 1 goal difference we have a bet refund if the match is over or Olympiacos is defeated

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Greek Cup
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.77
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 2–1
  • WonDrawLost Draw
  • Profit +0

Olympiakos Piraeus - Aris

Olympic Champion Welcomes Deprecated Mars 3 Turns Before The End

The Olympiacos and this year's Super League champion will not tell you and this time it will be. He is champion and racing looking to finish the championship. Midweek is playing Cup with Pawk and Mitchell is looking to guard several players in particular, the players on the mission are Megeri, Roberto, Bong, Dominguez, Pele, Vergos, Campbell, Enging, Maniatis, Holeva, Sepovic, Peres, Papazoglou, Papadopoulos, Salinos, Samaris, Valdis.

ARIS last year with the help of Vanjel you know this Olympiacos and with a lot of loan and other aids he stayed in the category, but this did not happen the same because Vanjel decided to "help" others as I imagine and others did this and after 1 day he completed the 100 years since his founding fell and mathematically after defeating Ergotelis with 2-0 within. The recipe with the return of Shakra as president and the return of Souli Papadopoulos as coach did not catch up. It is past Souli Papadopoulos from the bench.

In the races, Poulido and Tato are not counted like Agantho

In particular, the missions are: Diodous, Gounaridis, Aggeloudis, Vlachos, Vangelis, Giannitsis, Golias, Iraklis, Kaminiotis, Karagiannis, Karagounis, Manias, Bakassetas, Bougaidis, Damarlis, Economopoulos, Sounas, Triandafyllakos, Tsiaras and Psychogios.

For Olympiacos, what matters now is the Cup game with PAOK midweek and with the communicative trick that Ivan does not want anything to go wrong with Vanjel on the other hand ARIS has now dropped what players play to go a walk on the Acropolis to have coffee in Plaka and then go play and play loosely. So I do not think Mitchell is pushing his players to get down to Mars when he plays this important game with PAOK at ARIS. I do not know if he will score if I do not see him going with the Under 3.5 and the Cup midweek with PAOK and do a few tests and Mitchell play and loosely do not get tired of the kids

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Greece Super League
  • Pick Under 3.5
  • Odds 2.00
  • Stake 2
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 1–0
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +2

Manchester United - Olympiakos Piraeus (+ 1.5 AH)

Repetition for the Champions League with Manchester United to make an effort to overturn 2-0 in the first match with Olympiacos in Faliro.

Ferguson's wish at the beginning of the year after his withdrawal must have come as a curse more. This year, Manchester is set to break that negative record. He lost from teams who had lost 20, 30, 40 years and besides being in danger of staying to not say for sure will stay out of Europe after 1991. If someone searches google on "Negative record with Manchester with Moji", he will find very nice stats because the numbers like the English too.

In the first match Manchester was not on the pitch, Rooney was playing in the hav where he was non-existent and gets the biggest salary in the team even Fan Persey complained about the system in the team.

The championship is 18 points away from the top and 12 away from the seats leading to the Champions League. Unique goal; Go to the Europa League. Liverpool lost 2 to 0 and 3-XNUMX to Old Trafford, Ferguson still stands for Moyes and the particular coach has become the favorite of all rival fans.

Moyes at the press conference said his players would do everything to overturn the score and as he himself said We will have to work to guarantee a night that we all remember"now if a negative record is added and everyone remembers it is not at all unlikely.

In the races I read that he will start with Giggs (if he also has Canton Attack to complete the frame). Mata is not eligible to participate

Olympiacos and Mathematics have won the championship and are now thinking of the Champions League and Manchester. In the first match they "extinguished" the English from the field and won fairly with 2-0.

The match in England will not be easy as 11's visits to Olympiacos have equal defeats, the games are as follows:

03 / 10 / 2012 Arsenal - Olympic CHL 3-1
28 / 09 / 2011 Arsenal - Olympiacos CHL 2-1
29 / 09 / 2009 Arsenal - Olympiacos CHL 2-0
05 / 03 / 2008 Chelsea - Olympiacos CHL 3-0
16 / 03 / 2005 Newcastle - Olympics UCUP 4-0
08 / 12 / 2004 Liverpool - Olympiacos CHL 3-1
01 / 10 / 2002 Manchester C. - Olympiacos CHL 4-0
23 / 10 / 2001 Manchester C. - Olympiacos CHL 3-0
07 / 12 / 2000 Liverpool - Olympics UCUP 2-0
25 / 10 / 1972 Tottenham - Olympiacos UCUP 4-0
24 / 11 / 1965 West Ham - Olympiacos CCUP 4-0

2004 Olympiacos in a game for the clubs then with Liverpool in England wanted a win or defeat not more than 3-1 to qualify for the next round. In the first half, then Rivaldo held the 1-0 qualifying, but in the repeat, Sinamas who entered the gap equalized the score, while Melon at 80` laid the ground for qualifying. The case ended with Gerard at 85`. The defeat of 3-1 "Reds" has shattered red-white dreams, coupled with Monaco's great victory at the Riador on La Coruna with 5-0 in the group's other game, English and Montagnes were the ones who qualified. Olympiacos, on the contrary, continued in the UEFA Cup. That is left to my mind.

In the rounds except Olaitan, Sivas and Sowovic, the rest are available.

Olympiacos has a great opportunity at his feet. Manchester United's Mojes do not see the devils this year became messy has written one negative record after another. I think Olympiacos more mature than ever has all the stuff to get more than this game and Moyes to write another negative record. Double with 1,5 Asian Handicap at Olympiacos

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Champions League
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1.62
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Opap
  • result 3–0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -3

Olympiakos - Milano (+ 7.5 AH)

For Euroleague ninth, Olympiacos faces Armani Milan in search of a victory where in the fight in Italy he was defeated with 30 points.

Olympiakos without Spanoulli lost to Turkey although he fought very hard but did not lose by 78-74 but with the difference he had won in the first race remains 3 that defeat was the second consecutive defeat.

The latest news is not the best. Spanoulis did not train where he stayed outside today and he will not play. I read that Brice also faces a problem in the middle but will fight.

Armani Milan in the championship is doing well as well as in Euroleague. He has 5 wins and 3 defeats and is in the 2 position and is more relaxed.

I read that Lancetto has a problem and the chances are half a half to fight or not.

In the first round he made a very nice "discount 30%" in Olympiakos winning him with 30 points difference.

Without Spanouli, Olympiacos is different. Turkey may have had Mantzaris, but Turkey's defense was a little "playground". Today Olympiacos has to win but with the problems that I hardly believe I will win I will go with + 7,5 points with the Italians where they may have problems and they are more relaxed.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Euroleague
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1.85
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Betshop
  • result 86–88
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +2.55

Fenerbahce Ulker (-2.5) - Olympiakos

The second round starts with the Olympiacos touring where last year he picked up Euroleague and faced Fenerbahce in the crowded Ullker Arena.

As well as Fenerbahce's start in the first phase of the group making a big run and being unbeaten for the longest period of the races, it started so badly at the 2 stage. The defeats in the first 3 fights began and the murmurs slowly but no one expected from the very first year Obradovic to lead to the conquest of Euroleague, but classically the nagging is nagging. After the 3 defeat, however, he eventually met and won Panathinaikos initially within 77-72, then defeated by Armani Milan in Italy, followed by 2 victories either against Efes and the other against Caha Lamboral.

Fener strengthened the team, although Obradovic did not make frequent transfers in the middle of the year, but some injuries and something that forced them to go on with Pierre Jackson to tell the truth I do not know the gentleman.

Fener is in the 5 position with 3 wins and 4 defeats. In the first match in Athens he was defeated with 95-82.

Olympiacos is now a bit better than Fener, although it has been knocked for years, but this year Euroleague has a staggering performance. In OAKA, even with foreign referees, he could not win Panathinaikos in a game that was better than marginal yet again. And as I wrote in the forum, Olympiacos is like Federer facing Nadal. Can the Swiss tennis player be undefeated for a long time, but when he sees Nadal there is neither undefeated nor nothing, so the Olympiacos undefeated is very good but in OAKA to Panathinaikos he will eat it like that lost 66-62.

Olympiacos with 4 wins and 3 defeats is in the 4 position.

I read that Spanoulis had an injury problem but would normally fight. He returns after 1 time and Serdantini where he was injured.

Fenerbahce's announcement was released for fans, where the pitch will be packed tonight, and after the developments in the football club where the 1 slogan team was penalized behind closed doors and because it has become entangled in sports policy, the club has called for the club from the fans to be careful do not come and some punishment in basketball.

Olympiacos is more tied to Fenerbahce and hardly showing character, on the other hand Obradovic is trying to put the ball into the group and the system he had for years in Panathinaikos. If his players are on a good day they even win Barcelona as they did in the first round. Tonight with his world on the side I think Fener will impose the pressure he wants and leave with the victory. Fener, therefore, with a -2.5 disadvantage

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Euroleague
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.82
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 78–74
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +3.28

Olympiakos - Manchester Utd

I close with the CL game tomorrow. Surely in the other match I will not play anymore since Dortmund, although favorite, is not playing with 1,85 when it is more than obvious in the German Championship that it is ready for a bluff at any moment as the M / W pass.

On the contrary, seeing how modest Man.Utd goes and being fooled is just easy. Now the English Championship may not have top4 teams in Europe but it has the most competitive league and players playing in groups located at 4 or 6 are not available in 3 of Spanish or 2 of German or 2 of French, no matter if Bayern. Barcelona, ​​Real and PSG show that they stand out in Europe.

With opponents such as Chelsea Playmakers, City of the Millions, Arsenal of Cohesion Years, Liverpool Super Aggressors and Everton, Tottenham and all the rest of 6-8, Manchester might not have been better off being the 1's post-Ferguson season, or so many injuries he had throughout the season.

But after a long time he has found a form. The 4 front flies back and forth have corrected the childish mistakes that continue to be the Achilles heel.

Evans and Jones did not travel with the team.

On the other hand, we have the OSFP that was considered at the beginning of the 16 phase the weaker team and perhaps the companies are not unfair. But what I think is more important is that the OSFP has now slept in a fake league that gives it the illusion that it is invulnerable. Unfortunately for him either the huge difference with the rest or the arbitration, he never gets a cue, which will make him shake and become even better. Besides, his course as a present, was a little bit more identical with the name of Mitroglou and after him a small mess. Now there is no Mitroglu, but neither Valdez's replacement nor Saviola. Now left Scepovic and Olaitan and that these 2 players are the aggressive twin team at the 16 stage, looks like a bad joke.

I do not know what else to say but I judge 2,2 very high when we all saw last week that the best teams went through 4 2 just by the 1 round. So with Real, Dortmund, Man.Utd and Chelsea going to 4 lower dynamic opponents, coming 3 or 4 2 yet is not unlikely. And if I would put what has the least chance I would definitely put that of Dortmund.

Most people stay in Utd's bad course, but the difference in level is huge and if the CPO does not make a grand prize in the center and if Roberto is not in yet another perfect European night, then 2 has a huge chance.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) CL
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 2,2
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 2–0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -4
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