Ulinzi Stars - AFC Leopards

It is clear that the AFC has improved after the change of technical leadership with the team having picked up 13 points in the last six games (4-1-1) and has come out quite far from the dangerous zone (+ 6β). Dangerous today's exit to Nakuru where local Ulinzi is undefeated (the only one with Gor Maia who have not lost in) but is not winning and easily (3-6-0). The goal of both is no more than fast securing the stay, so seeing the score, the tie seems to be an absolutely desirable result.

Fortune to score in enhanced odds (Panetolikos - Olympiacos)

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Kenya Premier
  • Pick X
  • Odds 3.10
  • Stake 2
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 0-1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -2

With no margins in Liverpool!

Pamestoixima.gr: Without Liverpool!

Manchester City easily won 2-0 Cardiff and was again at the top of the Premier League. He entered and scored twice before the half-time was scored by De Brouin (6 ') and Xenum (' 44 '). Surely he could have scored more goals in a game that had 27 final actions (11 out of them at the finish). This means that as much as the "citizens" win, Liverpool has no room for loss of points, starting from the tonight's game against Southampton.

Guardiola's team has Cup obligations this Saturday, so the "reds" will catch the top and will re-challenge the champions.

The Battle of the Premier League has faded for good and the show at "St. Mary" is played on Pamestoixima.gr with super odds.

In their previous game, the Reds survived in Tottenham Hotspur (90 'own game) and reached the 4 successive victories in their last official games. Note that it was 13 in the series game that remains undefeated for all competitions, having keep their focus on 6 intact.

On the other hand, it is not the game for Southampton that is close to the relegation zone and wants to "get off" as quickly as possible. Particularly improved (3 wins in 4 more recently) under the instructions of technical Hawkshuttle the "Saints", is by no means an easy ... hindrance to the team of Klop.

Significant loss for the "saints" of the striker Inges (19 / 7).


Prediction for the match Southampton - Liverpool


Southampton loses enough of its momentum to attack in the absence of Inggs, Liverpool gives base in the defense, no matter whether it was accepted in 4 last. Our choice is the under2.5 crash on 2.10.

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114

The revenge of Manchester United

Pamestoixima.gr: The revenge of Manchester United

Η Manchester United visits the "Molo" for a second time in 15 days. The quarterfinals show did not go well for the Solskieer team, leading to 2-1's defeat and exclusion from the England Cup.

The "Red Devils" are re-traveling to Wolverhampton for the Premier League and they are not only indifferent. The battle for the two remaining seats for the Champions League (the first two places are crowded with City and Liverpool) has fallen and United wants to be in the teams to finish in the top four. OR Wolves may have more of a mind in the Cup, but it has been very efficient at home with 10 4 points recently for the Premier League.

At the new Pamestoixima.gr you will find Wolves - Manchester United in super odds and a special offer: Enhanced odds * on the first goal of the game between 1 '- 10'.

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*Terms and conditions.

Pamestoixima.gr: Back to the European Championships

The first two matches for the Euro 2020 qualifiers were exciting.

Betting action returns to the European Championships and Pamestoixima.gr puts you in the Premier League stadiums.

Η Manchester United Welcomes Wattford and the climate is expected to be ... festive! The reason is the signing of a permanent contract on the bench of "red devils" by Oli Gunnar Solskieer. Will the Norwegian reconcile his new contract with victory?

Clearly, over again, Yuewayd has managed to win the character of the winner with the Norwegian on the bench. It is also the circumstances that have benefited man with the angelic face (as they used to call him in the years that he grew up in English stadiums as a player). The obstacle Watford it will not be easy, as the odds suggest, but we think it is easy for the "Red Devils" to win.

For us, 1.44 is not worth the Ace, but we think we will see a game with a good race pace and two phases in front of the two foci. To have at least three goals our game (over) is offered at 1.60 by Pamestoixima.gr. Interestingly, there is g / g on 1.80 on the same site. Can Watford have a mind at the Wolves Cup semifinals but always a game with Manchester is a challenge for the players of each team. Basic choice over over at 1.60, but we also think it is possible over + g / g, like the 1 + over.

The "Old Trafford" match is played with a super offer.

Go to the new Pamestoixima.gr and find Paul Pogba as the top scorer in enhanced odds *.

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*Terms and conditions.

Pamestoixima.gr: AEK for the double in Bamberg

AEK wants to come back to the Final 4 of the Basketball Champions League and the last obstacle is that of Bamberg by Nikos Zissis.

The yellow-blacks are fighting tonight (21: 00) in Germany and want to make the first qualifying step. A further boost will be given by 300 team fans at the "Brose Arena" to boost their team effort.

The new Pamestoixima.gr puts you in the biceps game and plays with Vince Hander. The Yellow Yellow Force is offered with 0% rake * at over / under points.

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support Line: 1114 * Terms and Conditions. Applies to buying over / under points until the start of the match.

Pamestoixima.gr: Jake and Fortune score with stronger odds

Η Greece started with the right against Liechtenstein and now she has to show her ... teeth against a much better quality ensemble. Bosnia is theoretically, after Italy, the most powerful rival of our national team, and Angelos Anastasiades' band must be fully concentrated to manage at least a degree from Zenica. In June of 2017 the "blue-white" stood at the Bosnian headquarters and left with the 0-0 on the World Cup qualifiers. 

The Bosnians they did not excite their performance against the Armenians, aggressively they could have powerful ... weapons (Jake-Pianic), but defensively they had several gaps and gave phases to Armenia. We are expecting something like this today, with our internationals threatening to attack and possibly reach the goal, either with Fortune or with the fast Masoura / Dion. So, waiting for a game with both ends will go with it g / g that you offer us at a very satisfactory performance at Pamestoixima.gr. 

Will we see goals this time? Live the big national battle with two super offers.

Join the new Pamestoixima.gr and find Tzak and Fortune in enhanced odds * to score at any time.

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*Terms and conditions.

Pamestoixima.gr: Papapetrou with 0% rake against Kolossos

Happy birthday!

Panathinaikos OPAP returns to OAKA, this time for his domestic obligations. The greens want to finish unbeaten this season and the Colossus is expected to be easy "smooth", although the Rodians are burning for points. John Papapetrou has an increased role in the Peinton team and will probably help in all areas.


In Greece's champions have been in great shape lately, who although they were found with their backs on the Euroleague wall, managed to completely reverse the whole scene and now hold 100% the team's participation in the playoffs of the event in their hands. The result showed that Rick Pittino was the right person to lead the "green", with his contribution to the psychological part being decisive. The last defeat of the team is recorded on 8 in February with the '' clover '' since then counting 12 with successes and of course winning the cup. The bad lies, the minds of most of them are in the upcoming European obligations of the team, since Panathinaikos with 1 win in the next 2 in the home match with Real and Bouductores is preferred but what precedes is the match with Colossus and data no one wants to risk a bad effect that will affect the climate. In the championship, Pitin coach team has secured the first in the regular time, being even undefeated (19 / 19).

Colossus of Rhodes

His own fight is given by Colossus, who is fighting for his stay in the big category. Right now the Rodians are in the last place in the 3 16 wins and XNUMX defeats and will fight to the end with Rethymno, Panionios and Kymi to avoid relegation. Yesterday, the team made a great boost by bringing the former NBAer Denander Liggins to Rhodes. On the track, Colossus travels to Athens with many injuries.

Over 2.5 goals - Over 2.5 goals - Panathinaikos

Obviously it is not a matter of winning the match with Panathinaikos being the absolute favorite. The question is exactly where the ball will sit for the score and the difference. Our appreciation is that the "greens" are able to overcome them 92,5 points and give us over which pays 1,87 to Pamestoixima.gr.

How many points will be scored if the Greek taxi score?

In the new Pamestoixima.gr o Papapetrou Ioannis is played with 0% rake * at over / under points.

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions. Applies to buying over / under points until the start of the match.

The battles for qualifiers of Euro 2020 continue with plenty of spectacle and many betting options.

Without a second thought, the game steals the show from tonight bet slip is that of Amsterdam.

Netherlands-Germany: Memphis Depey, Dutch

The Netherlands welcomes Germany in a breathtaking show. The triangle of "orane" last October for the Nations League has not extinguished from the memory of the Germans and both teams promise a super derby.

The "Oranje" have improved with Cuman on their bench and are ready to play in the next few years. You see, there is also the bounty of players behind them that creates great optimism.

Clearly, it is no coincidence that many players (4 as a whole, 3 from them in the 11th) of Ajax are on the mission, with Ajax impressed at this year's Champions League with his presence and appearances.

Memphis Depey continues to be one of the best solutions of the Dutch in the attack. Against Belarus he made an amazing game, scoring twice and playing a role in the other two goals (assists) of the Dutch.

Will Depey be able to score against "panthers" as before 5 months?

It is a reasonable question to answer "yes" from the moment we find it possible "Score at any time Depeche" in 2.85 at Pamestoixima.gr.

Memphis Depey scores at any time in the new Pamestoixima.gr with enhanced odds *.

Probably the one g / g in the 1.57 of Pamestoixima.gr, as well as the over2.5 in 1.70 on the same site, with the two teams having excellent options in their mid-range.

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions.

UAE (0) - Saudi Arabia (0)

The failure of both Asian Caps brought a new coach to the Emirates (Marvik) while in Surando they are still looking for (waiting for Jersey's Jessu).

United Arab Emirates - United Arab Emirates 

As for today's match, we will approach it more with intuition as both teams have completely new faces in their roster. Especially in Saudi Arabia, the players invited are all with ZERO entries! The Emirs were more cautious and called in 3-4 key players, including captain and top scorer Ali MacBoot. In defense they have four zero participations, in the center five and in attack three.

Join the new Pamestoixima.gr and find Nikola Milutinov with 0% rake * at over / under point

Nevertheless, I would appreciate that, for reasons of better quality and a larger tank, Saudi Arabia should not be the underdog of the confrontation. Players may not have any other participation in the National Team, but in their league they play in good teams and, of course, they have the incentive to become permanent.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Friendly
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 2.10
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 2-1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -4

Pamestoixima.gr: Continues after the big double in Moscow

Panathinaikos OPAP certified his racing rally with Rick Pitino on the bench and left with a huge double from CSKA Moscow's headquarters. The terrible triathlon of Kalathis, a few tenths before the end of the show, gave not only valuable points, but he put the "greens" even deeper into the octave bay. The first match of the weekend is home against Baskonia, an opponent who is also fighting for qualification. The new Pamestoixima.gr puts you in the OAKA with a super offer.

Kath Langford of Panathinaikos OPAP is played with 0% rake * in over / under points!

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions. Applies to buying over / under points until the start of the match.


Pamestoixima.gr: The weekend begins with Williams-Gos

Olympiacos defeated Milano for the Euroleague and returned home tonight to face Bayern Munich. Red-and-white players have been on the run since the last negative results, but the favorable program that follows may be giving 4 wins in the 4 matches that are left to complete the regular season. Vasilis Spanoulis's unpredictable injury will give Williams-Gos more time and the new Pamestoixima.gr is playing with the American Guard.

The new Pamestoixima.gr offers you 0% rake * to Williams-Gos at over / under points.

Basketball continues on the other side of the Atlantic. Giannis Adétocunbo was surprising despite the home defeat by the Sicers. "Grik Frick" made a career record with 52 points and shows really unstoppable throughout the season. At midnight, Lamberton and the Lakers are welcoming and promising another amazing appearance. Where will the conter stop this time?

At the new Pamestoixima.gr you find Giannis Atetocunfo with 0% rake * in over / under points against Lakers Lebron James.

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions. Applies to buying over / under points until the start of the match.

Pamestoixima.gr: Aris returns to victories with Juniors

Mars failed to score in Faliro and was defeated by Olympiakos with 4-1. In spite of the defeat, Pantelidis has played good football in the last games, so he has reached 5's position and hunt at Atromitos and AEK. The yellow-blacks will be the first to oppose Apollo with Jonas wanting to return to the goal after several appearances. 

We believe that the Thessaloniki team will come out loud to "clean up" the victory case early, Apollo playing for his story at some point will be liberated and play more freely. With this logic we will choose it over2.5 on 1.80 of Pamestoixima.gr.

Tunisia for Younes scores first in the new Pamestoixima.gr with enhanced odds *!

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions.

Caen - Saint-Étienne

The first game that we will focus on today is this one Caen and St Etienne for the league 1 of France. The hosts fight to stay in the class while the guests are fighting for a European ticket.

The Normenian team did not get a good result either in the away match against Rennes. Although its early start in the game was accompanied by a quick goal, her player's elimination at 35 changed the balance and eventually easily lost with 3-1.

Aggressive Mazurek (Panetolikos) and Akpom (PAOK) score at any time in the game with enhanced odds * .-

Last played for St Etienne, the home defeat against Lille with 0-1. In the last eight her record is 2-1-5, but the five defeats came against the "strong" of the championship. Headquarters can be called St Etienne, since far away it has won only three times this year. Typically, Kaen's capacity groups easily or hardly manage to win, but today he will have seven absences of key players, most notably that of the incumbent Kazri.

Kain wants it very much, fighting in every match, but one win at 20 matches it all. However, absences for St Etienne are very important and a better chance will not be found by the host to get the three points. My choice will be 1DNB with 2.50 performance on bet365.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Ligue 1
  • Pick 1 DNB
  • Odds 2.50
  • Stake 2
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 0-5
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -2

El Masry - Smouha

From 7-10-18 and 0-1 on Vandy Ngulas, Xu-Xxx-0-9 has won and 6-0-3 has scored just one goal in the last eight (5-6-1). On the other hand, Massi has lost only two points (0-XNUMX-XNUMX) and scores all the time.

Aggressive Mazurek (Panetolikos) and Akpom (PAOK) score at any time in the game with enhanced odds * .-

The issue of today's match is the return of Josh Hassan, who last week took over Smuha. Former PAOK player was for many years a coach in Masri, but during the period she gave up her money for Piradon from where she was fired before 20 days were completed! And can the team get on top of it as soon as Hasan leaves but still keep it on Port Side and if they find the chance they will do it as well in 3-3 with Pyramid where they had been reunited!

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Egypt premier
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 2.37
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 4-2
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +6,85

Pamestoixima.gr: Favors for the Champions League cup

The couples of the quarter-finals came out for the top club competition! Juventus will find Ajax, Liverpool is called to overcome the Oporto barrier, the English civilian will be between Tottenham and Manchester City and finally Barcelona finds Manchester United on its way, perhaps in the most interesting octave game.

In addition to the great matches, the lotto showed the way the teams will follow to reach the final. The winner of the pair Ajax - Juventus will face the winner of Tottenham - Manchester City, while the Liverpool - Porto couple is on the same side with the Barcelona - Manchester United pair.

Which team is for you the winner after and today's draw? Join the new Pamestoixima.gr and find super odds for the winner of this year's Champions League!

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114

Newcastle United - Everton

30 is coming from the premier league between Newcastle and Everton.

Four consecutive home wins count the karaoke and now have a six point difference from the positions leading to the demo. The hosts gave three matches in one week, winning the two games at home against Huddersfield and Burnley with 2-0, while in their away match with West Ham, though they fought they did not get a positive result they were defeated by 2-0. Strong blow to the injured Lungtaf midfielder during the match, the experienced South Korean and Sung-Yong will logically be his substitute.

New Pamestoixima.gr: The game resumes with super odds!

On the other hand, Everton is in the middle of the scoring without a scoring motivation. The last game was the big derby against Liverpool, which gave them everything to cut off points from Reds and managed to take the draw with 0-0. Sweets since December have a record of 4-1-8 while Marco Silva's position is only secured.

Interwetten.gr: Win a latest Smartphone technology and many other gifts!

Everton's anemic, I'm not convinced, and I think Newcastle, with the help of home and strong motivation, will even be able to reach the three points. My choice will be the 2.80 Ace on bet365.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Premier League
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 2.80
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 3-2
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit 7.2

Washington Wizards - Toronto Raptors (-4.5)

Pretty nice match schedule for the NBA today and the fact that East Coast games have been set in friendly times for Europe is increasing our interest, since it is different if you can see the game that is subtler and different to wake up and have the stress what happened while you were shaving the pillow. The first time showdown takes place in the US capital, Washington, where local Wizards welcome Raptors from Canada.

The hosts are claiming the title of the most unlucky NBA team as they have lost three of their roster's top rookie, superstar Walsh and the very useful Howard and Morris, leaving alone Bill's other star. However, many will say that injuries have been beneficial to the Magi since, as long as they were full, they had serious chemistry problems and many, but many, squabbles between the stars. Now Bill is the one who has the absolute control of the team and with the roster players to frame it as well as they can show a decent image with 5 wins in 7 matches.

New Pamestoixima.gr: The game resumes with super odds!

The Raptors, on the other hand, travel to the capital with high confidence as they are at the top of the NBA and want to extend their 4-game winning streak while counting a total of 7 wins in their last 10 games. The fact that Lowry is back in action greatly improves the Canadians as the experienced guard is the conductor who guides his teammates and generously assists them. If we add Cowie Leonard, who is included in the favorites for the MVP based on the year he does, as well as the many auxiliary players who offer quality solutions from the bench, then we can understand why the Raptors are at the top.

It is certain that the show will have many difficulties for the guests but it is a better team and I think they will be able to win. Double with more than 4 points in 1.69 performance from Pamestoixima.gr

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) NBA
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1.69
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Opap
  • result 138-140
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -4

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OPAP Group has exclusive rights to operate and manage Numerals, Athletic Betting Games, Mutual Racing Betting, Lottery, Instant Gaming and Gaming Machines in Greece and is a leader in the industry for integrating the Global Responsibility Gaming Authority into its activity .

OPAP SA was founded in 1958, has the largest distribution network and its acquisition of 2013 by the Emma Delta Hellenic Holdings Group has provided the necessary impetus to ensure the future growth and competitiveness of the company at international level.

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We at Infobeto.com were browsing the OPAP renewed betting platform, the pamestoixima.gr and we bring you our first experience.

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Interests in the play piece!

  • We start with odds, which is the NOXX criterion for many on a platform. By comparing them with the rest of the companies within Greece, we find that it is highly competitive in both pre game and live betting!
  • Betting options for each event have grown and are satisfying to meet the wishes of Greek online poker players.
  • We also see enormous improvement in live betting with a very fast and easy to use menu especially if you do not have to change tabs to find items you need, but you always have a live tab with live stats next to you.
  • In a prominent position on the home page are the main leagues that the average player bets more for his convenience.
  • It is very positive that there is a service Cash Out * because it is now necessary for a large portion of internet players.
  • The Live streaming * it still does not cover a large share of races, but it is assumed that it will be enriched in the course as this is demanded by modern times.
  • Very important and helpful also that there is service live chat from 07: 30 - 23: 00 (of course in Greek).
  • Finally, we saw that the ways of depositing cover everyone as the player can choose to make a deposit with cards (Visa / Mastercard), with skrill, with Paysafecard and by bank transfer

* (Terms and Conditions apply)


Mobile application "pamestoixima"

OPAP has made sure to invest even in the very important for the modern era, mobile, by creating a mobile application for players to have access to from each device.
You will find it mobile application for pamestoixima.gr and for ios and for android. At first glance the application shows fast with easy navigation, and user-friendly.


User comments

In the forum of infobeto has already been opened by our members special topic transported players' first experiences on the new betting platform of OPAP. You can read them and add your experiences or even ask for anything to improve or develop the product and be sure that everything will be read by the people of pamestoixima.gr who would like to hear your views.



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Great Competitions!

The infobeto organizes 3 new major competitions for the Champions League, the Europa League and the Greek Championship!

Check out the link below for the terms of participation and how you can take part and win rich gifts!

Statistics Tipsters

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  • Hot Tipsters (Streak)

Tipster Profit Yield
MITROPOULOS +72.61 + 12.54 %
ΚΑΛΑΜΠΑΛΙΚΗΣ +17.20 + 5.07 %
RAPTAKIS +14.34 + 3.89 %
SOLAR +7.04 + 1.40 %
ERTZAN -1.24% -5.17%
FOUNTOULAKIS -12.79% -2.65%
PRAGUE -53.51% -17.96%

Tipster Profit Yield
SOLAR +1062.95 + 12.17 %
PRAGUE +203.39 + 13.04 %
ΚΑΛΑΜΠΑΛΙΚΗΣ +103.35 + 11.65 %
RAPTAKIS +84.44 + 1.89 %
MITROPOULOS +23.24 + 0.91 %
ERTZAN +14.37 + 0.32 %
FOUNTOULAKIS -36.40% -4.57%

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Betfair Volumes

Wales v Switzerland € 6972568
Denmark v Finland € 1509330
Belgium v ​​Russia € 1387152
Sandefjord v Molde € 195627
Kristiansund v Odds BK € 71146
FK Sputnik v Dinamo Minsk € 39227
Orgryte v Jonkopings Sodra € 33885
Acropolis IF v Vasalunds IF € 19133
Landskrona v IK Brage € 14334
Breidablik in Fylkir € 9668

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